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    We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of pizza. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which pizza was the best?
    Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/chef-sim-cass-dough-recipe
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    4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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    1. miruna268

      okay i think i'm the only one who likes sim lol

    2. Ezekiel Chacko

      I like how they all think there food is good

    3. Aldous

      Food scientist is so cute

    4. Trzntxn

      The third chef is the type of person to eat a PB&J with a fork and knife

    5. Keagan Juice

      Chef is the title of the head of a restaurant

    6. HRW721

      Why do all the pizzas look so deformed

    7. TUNA

      No lorenzo bye

    8. KAI

      Level 1 Chef: Newbie Level 2 Chef: Homecook Level 3 Chef: Pro Level 99 Chef: Grandma Level 100 Chef: Gordon Ramsay

      1. Mr Madden

        Gordon Ramsey

    9. Divya Kurdia

      I'm just jealous of Richie

    10. TC} Asma

      level 1 gets you a good meal level 100 gives you a a free 6 man meal

    11. Jaden Lawson

      Level 1 chef:This is store bought sauce and doe. Gordan Ramsey:YOU WHAT!!!!!

    12. michelle torok

      "You can't put too much cheese on a pizza" *finished product has almost no visible cheese*

    13. michelle torok

      I'm really impressed with Stephen this time... And his Tinder profile 😂

    14. CuddyTG

      I'm not here for any of their toppings but

    15. Shampoo Master

      That sourdough pizza might have a bit too much flavor for some.

    16. Harshith

      Level 0.5 Chef: Lets heat up a frozen pizza

    17. GNORK_standard

      I can't watch the level 1 guy cutting. Every frickin time it looks like his fingers will be the next ingredient.

    18. Matrix

      Stop using child labour

    19. Tasha

      I would love to eat Beth’s food she cooks with love

    20. Lynn Lee

      Level 0 chef: "Hello, Pizza Hut...yes, I'd like to order a pizza please...!" :-D

    21. SD Familia

      If they ask me what to choose to eat I pick the grandma :D And don’t say she has a bad looking pizza Atleast she tried and it’s good :D

    22. SD Familia

      Pro chef: I put my dough outside not in the refrigerator Me: it’s gonna get attacked by moscitos and it’s gonna Rott

    23. JAYDOB

      I just dont get it why modern pizzas cant be perfectly round.

    24. ЗлатомиР АлександроВ

      6:51 dear lawd...

    25. spider man

      Omfg its very bad...

    26. joel

      the part about this video is that there pizza shape is kinda weird

    27. Cassandra Nyerges

      I would not eat the one from the Lvl 3 chef ...

    28. Lainkspecteur

      To be honest, Stephen’s pizza is 100 times better than Beth and Sim pizzas.

      1. Havcon W


    29. ChapstixProductions

      Beth is so pure ❤ I just want the best life for her haha.

    30. Bradley Gibbs

      None of those look appealing to me...👀

    31. john bernard llovit

      level 1 chef's pizza is more presentable than 3 i guess.

    32. Alejandro Tarín

      Ok guys so you just need a good goopy glo of whsthcsctr sauce to add more flavuh to your holy 2 year dough

    33. lucas

      The 2nd one looks like the one my mom makes 😋

    34. Jonathan Perez

      Lvl 9999 New York pizza Boi Lvl99999 Italian Pizza Boi

    35. Stefano

      Just FYI, in the Italian tradition you don't cook the sauce before topping the pizza. You just mix the sauce with salt, pepper and basil and let it rest for a few hours. This way the sauce has a fresh quality to it when you eat the pizza.

    36. Mulla Kamara

      REALLY LIKE THIS 3 COMBINATION!!!, the level 1 guy really helpfull to make undercost pizza!, the level 2 grand ma really reminds me of my mother, and the pro chef, its so cool, like this episode a lot!

    37. Molag balles

      Ok so even the level 3 chief's pizza look bad

    38. Janey Egerton

      Che schifose!

    39. rimmersbryggeri

      How can you be anything other than a pro CHEF? Chef doesnt mean cook.

    40. Luke White

      Richie is so lucky

    41. Rice Is Life

      Level 3 chef: Flavor

    42. Mickaël Music

      Stephen’s pizza is the beautiful one 😂

    43. Sharina Ivanna Frias Jimenez

      I'm the only one who skipped The scientific part?

    44. Chicken

      Level 1: Buy Everything Level 2 : For My Husband Ritchie Level 3 : FLAVOUR FLAVOUR FLAVOUR

    45. Anamaria Denisa Stoica

      That level 3 chef made the most horrific pizza a professional chef could make...

    46. Arjit Mehra

      Best cooking series on SEsels handsdown!

    47. Ty game Vlogs

      The expert one looks disgusting the armature one looks bad but good

    48. DaL

      Lvl2 vs lvl3 reminds me of the episode where spongebob had a burger cook off against neptune lmao

    49. Adits hyper

      SIM CA... whatever.. makes Frank like a child born yesterday.

    50. Woken Artist

      Level 0 : "Hello Dominos?"

    51. rajasekar g

      Can I order a pizza please sim cass sure it's gone take three years

    52. L3Skellie

      Tell me why lvl 1 looks best

    53. Taki_Se _Ziemniak

      Level 1: i wan't food to look butifool and taste good Level 2:my pizza is the best....... It even LOOKS DELICIUS Level 3: ...amatours...

    54. Mobius 1

      3:36 uh what

    55. Sowm 910

      Level 3 just roasted his pizza

    56. Lost_God

      Me and Richie are the same

    57. Enrico P

      I really like that channel but from an Italian point of view ( io sono italiano!!) I can’t consider this things as “pizza”

    58. Fyprie

      I think the level 1 cook did the the best!

    59. Jordan Whitewolf

      When the level 1 guy's pizza looks the best in terms of presentation lol

    60. Michael 52

      Mama mia they destroying a pizza