$3 Takeout Vs. $129 Takeout



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    "This is like if there was a garlic bread jellybean"
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    Spoon By H
    Ototo (order through their sister restaurant, Tsubaki)
    Kogi BBQ

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    1. Jemima Ryan

      Steven's house is so gorgeous!

    2. mirka

      thank you for showing Asian businesses especially!!!

    3. TheFemBIZ

      aww i really missed my fancy bois. i love you so much.

    4. qopoy dnon

      The editing is honestly top quality I didn’t notice that Steven and Adam weren’t in the car.

    5. Lisa Lynch

      Hi Steven..I love that tee shirt! Hate is a Virus... What company makes it?

    6. Sara Mendiola

      Thanks yall this video made everything feel normal again for 15 minutes ❤🤍

    7. DisKid Doe

      I feel fancy when I drink from a jar like Steven

    8. Maggie Sloss

      So happy to see this video!

    9. Jackiee Card

      Truly appreciate this episode. I am not a restaurant owner but rn is the time where we def need to support our small businesses 💕

    10. Warmasti

      keep the moustache andrew

    11. Ybox

      They need to do wings.

    12. 100k Subs Please!


    13. Allison McNaughton

      Adam I think you spoke to much hahaha also love the headphones still on!

    14. Eirini

      This episode makes me happy

    15. Angel Sharma

      oh man, this made me so happy :) It's the little things that hold together my sanity hehehe

    16. kunezu

      "Adam is a guy of few words"

    17. Romdhona Fitria

      Steven is so handsome oMG

    18. Merlin EASTHAM

      There should be a Try Guys and Worth It collab

    19. zerary fitrah

      i can have those week menu in one sitting 😂

    20. laxman vanjani

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="649">10:49</a> It says vegetarian curry but has egg in it! :-) (*/ω\*) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    21. J Thamm

      “Watcher” made me miss this trio! I wish I had friends like this.

    22. Wanna Hatchu

      Guys, does Adam talk or is he just a silent Bob????? 😮👌😏 I feel like adam needs more video time. It's ok to be silent man some people like silence

    23. Chad Hunter

      Adam is adorably awkward 😂 🤣

    24. Fruit Loop lol

      Steven drop ur matcha latte recipe

    25. Alejandro Ponce

      What kind of Buzzfeed Unsolved is this?

    26. Ian Cryar

      I understand why they didn’t award a winner but honestly I was hoping that they would

    27. dirttowater

      Spoons food looks so good!

    28. Ahnaf Raihan

      1) i missed you guys 2) the editing here is phenomenal

    29. Sanketh Bhaskar

      I really thought $129 no way, but hot damn I'd kill for that family pack right now

    30. Wil

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="662">11:02</a> Watcher Entertainment :D

    31. Albert Bror

      What happened to all the leftover food?

    32. kyivstar kyivstar


    33. Lokesh K

      Do on Indian restaurants man

    34. Jazmin Desprez

      so no ones gonna comment on Steven asking to change his pants?

    35. sehhi vooty

      2 : according to National restaurant news chicken wings ranked as the most ordered fast food in the US you're welcome😂

    36. Vytel

      Worth it and unsolved series are the sole reason buzzfeed exists

    37. Jane Doe

      Am I the only one that heard that vomit like sound when they ate the garlic toast right before switching to the next food?

      1. sehhi vooty

        Put adam in the video more. He's the most honest person about food!!!

    38. Zoe101

      This reminds me of the part in ratatouille movie where the rat pairs the cheese with the strawberry. Weird combos but they can pair well together sometimes.

    39. cahl1337

      the real question is what brand matcha he uses for his latte

    40. Dawn

      🖕on social distancing! The government lies, as well as CDC, WHO, and big medicine! Take your Constitutional freedoms back!

      1. Jimin


    41. Brandon Guzman

      I’m happy they still doing worth it

    42. Melissa Murray

      I have missed these guys so much.

    43. safalafagins

      This is so so creative. I love this episode so much.

    44. Amira Empire

      You should put the laptop where you connect the video call by your side but on eye level, so it will look like you're looking in to each other's face just like irl. Haha!

    45. Lisa Hoshowsky

      I love that Adam has embroidery in hoops in his background😍💜 Also never in my life have I ever desired a saki jar but now I really really want some!

    46. Black Bird Noodle

      If these guys leave.. people will buzz off for sure.. bye buzzfeed

    47. suddie parry

      LOOL "Ototo" was the whitest pronunciation I've heard

    48. YoYobruh _

      Where the takeout facts at???

    49. ShinningCrys

      steven's bowl for his ramen, is legit the exact same bowl i use for my ramen

    50. Kshitiz Singh

      If memes were done professionally, this is what it would have looked like.

    51. The Rockwellers

      plot twist .... they just eat while sitting in front of each other ... lol

    52. Ye Chen

      “Himawari” Me: NARUTOOOOO

    53. shivani dean

      Put adam in the video more. He's the most honest person about food!!!

    54. Mixy Bell

      Love Stevens lil watcher mug v

    55. Em F

      i am so SO HAPPY they included adam in this.

    56. Yaniv Cohen

      only naruto fans know himawari

    57. Theme Song

      Andrew: "ill see myself out" Corona: *Its free real estate*

    58. Glen Kim

      That episode surprisingly worked well despite doing via Zoom or whatever video chat program. Can't wait till this whole thing ends and they do a legit episode. Great job, guys!

    59. Shlok Iyer

      Missing all the andrew puns....🥺😅🤷

    60. QuasarAlt

      Yass thank god its back. Pleasee keep them coming. Missed worth it so much

    61. Rania Karam

      Wow! I like this version of the show too!

    62. Nova Been

      Why was there no takeout facts?

    63. Akmal Hisyam

      Ohh man...how can i miss this one...

    64. Chikhosale Thingo

      The three of them together.... ❤

    65. Selena Martinez

      It feels strange hearing Adams soothing voice talking about the food 🤔 but it’s a good strange!!! 🤤

    66. Lillie Glenney

      Adam is adorable and i love him

    67. grapes win

      no facts? :(

    68. A6Daddy's Sugar Baby

      I would have really liked it if they did takeout from places they haven't been to before:/

    69. soiung toiue

      I luv how they’re representing Asian restaurants especially during these times because of all the racism and xenophobia out there.

    70. Devin Jiang

      Even in quarantine where it makes their job harder, they still carry buzzfeed

    71. Amina Raja

      Why did this come up when I searched up "worth it"

      1. Amina Raja

        @soiung toiue that's cool but I wasn't hating LMAO

      2. soiung toiue

        Respect steven for the shirt that he is wearing, couldn't be more true.

    72. Eli mtz

      This was nice 🙂

    73. Daniel Lin

      Thank you guys

    74. SlothsDontSleep

      Andrew with regular earphones and Steven flexing the airpods

    75. anto escobedo


    76. R S

      Andrew is the essential

    77. hannah b

      It took an entire quarantine and global pandemic for Adam to get his own serving

    78. Neil Smith

      The moment they realised how much they miss each other...😪💔

    79. Clean Eating清食

      looks so good

    80. lil slump

      I actually love this soooo much