25 Small Details You Missed In Joker

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    Things you might have missed in Joker movie.
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    HELLO SCREENRANTERS! The Joker film has done pretty well. Well, at least with the vast majority of fans. Critics can be a little...critic-y. And with the film’s success, we wanted to put together a trivia filled video all about the Clown Prince of Crime. We poured over the film, frame by frame, and put together a list of all the hidden details and Easter Eggs. References to other moving pictures, to the comics, and even some real-life events. There are loads! You can annoy so many strangers with all the information you pick up from here! Yeah, ScreenRant! Making the world more cinematic day by day.
    But can we give you more detail on what’s in the video? Heck yeah, we can! To start with, there are quite a few references to the filmic library of Martin Scorsese. And not only due to Robert De Niro being in Joker. We also have some info regarding Arkham Asylum. Which Arthur Fleck helps us out with! DC comic stories may not have been adapted for the film. But there are some influences from a couple of Joker’s iconic moments. Who’s this Debra Kane character? We shall tell you where she’s from and what she represents! Why does that Thomas Wayne fellow look familiar? Well, we’re going to tell you! And it involves another Warner Brothers epic...and maybe it’s related to Batman...suspense. So, join us today as we fill you up on some Joker goodness!
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    1. Screen Rant

      Check out this playlist for more on Joker and Batman! sesels.info/video/video/aZlnmnepvISvhtQ.html

      1. aljanat5

        18:01 I am perplexed by the cast of "writers" that were surreptitiously noted to dilute creative ownership. I wrote this story, whole and complete. I only asked for Scott Silver to take my place as a name was needed to satisfy corporate salarymen, also I thought Id die or Phoenix would get too old for the role.

      2. SiaGyal K

        This the greatest film in the world! Can anybody say something about the theme-soundtrack! Wow!!! 🎹

      3. Funny Kyra11

        Why this got 5 likes hahahhahahhaha 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂

      4. Aly Darmody

        Sure thing

    2. Shuku

      As much as i liked heath ledger's joker (bless his soul) I must say i've never cared as much about the character as with joaquin phoenix's iteration.

    3. Dragon Fly

      I have only seen Joker twice,- and soon will be the 3 time. Best film ever

    4. The Big Bad She Wolf

      I’m happy that they showed his back story and didn’t glamourise it like they’ve done with so many others!

    5. DarkCode

      Hospitals have different wings with different purposes and wall colors and lights. It could all be real still.

    6. wes

      at 0:50 you said you dont know what happened there? Have you even watched the movie lol

    7. Nicolas W

      Don't ̶f̶o̶r̶g̶e̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ smile

    8. rick smith

      He never meets wayne in the bathroom.

    9. eric13upinriop

      Team Phoenix

    10. Robert St. Estephe


    11. kevin staples


    12. Mental Mike

      "25 Small Details".... You're about 3 details short there, bud.

    13. Templar blood slovkia

      Guess again..he is the Joker in Batman 2021

    14. Milo Gj Gaming

      Heath Ledger was good for outstanding performance and so was Jared Leto

    15. Timeless Factions

      I thought the joker movie was a amazing comedy I couldnt stop laughing the whole time. You really have to get the message it sends.

    16. Inês Costa

      can someone tell me what kind of gun randall gives arthur?

    17. Dee Love

      I cried through the whole movie. Damn Joaquin Phoenix is Excellent!!!

    18. chubbs peterson

      Travis banks? Dafuq 😂

    19. Koen Huisman

      This youtube video is absolutely rubbish and an insult for the movie

    20. Abhijith CS

      Did you notice that all the clocks in the movie show the same time. Maybe he was imagining the whole thing

      1. Abhijith CS

        @ilmojk whoa. I didnt notice that. Thanks bro!!

      2. ilmojk

        Not all clock in same time! in Murray show clock wasn't same

    21. Ndn OfLight

      Its pronunciation is Score say zee

    22. Nate Lucid Carter

      2:54 Ironic of you to say that considering Joker tells Murray that comedy is subjective

    23. Dean Smith

      Why did you not mention that everytime you see a clock in the movie they all say 11.11. Read the bile and read revelations 11.11 doh

    24. Evil ThanosPS4

      This movie is good for one watch, after that , just skip ahead to the last 29 minutes. That’s what I’ll be doing.

    25. Tay b

      Comment 900!!! And here to say you were inaccurate a lot. Love you though!

    26. Tomer Israeli

      The second fact is a lie. Just because you choose to smear Goetz as a racist doesn't make it so. And it's pronounced Gets

    27. El Didith

      Remember this : in 2020, when the oscar award ceremony begins, outside the building there will be many people standing wearing clown masks. Until now, many people doubted and considered many robberies occurred at the event.

    28. Kolbe Penick

      I don’t know if I was the only one that saw this but The jokers makeup for his smile is in the same direction as his arms were when he was on the car at the end of the movie. The right side of his face has more of a upwards slant and his right arm was raised higher then he left

    29. Audio Andy

      hey bro in tas the movie they was leaving was the grey ghost , also in the joker movie he was on a street name jerome..anybody get that 1?

    30. Jay Kay

      So it may not be that he imagined it all, ad he is in a hospital at the end. It may be that he was remembering it all. And that hospital scene is after batman captured him and he is in the asylum getting ready to escape. Food for thought...

    31. Eliza Gaskell

      Joaquin Phoenix 's portrayal of Joker does have scars....only on the inside.

    32. Matze Gehtdichnixan

      Am I the only one who thinks Arthur Fleck isn't The Joker who is Batman's antagonist but the inspiration for another dude who becomes The Joker because of the big difference of age? So that he - The Joker - is immortal because he lives on in different human beings.

    33. Emit Levart

      every time you see a clock in this movie it is set to 11.11

    34. Walt Winner Productions

      You missed one. At the end of joker when he is standing on top of the crashed car, there is a pornographic film titled,” Ace in the hole.” This is a possible call back to the line heath ledger says to Batman, when he is hanging off the building in the dark knight.

    35. Vivian Muliira

      Best comic book movie ever forget endgame bye bye

    36. nekuf4 dead

      the joker movie is how a genius looks at life, he is not delusional, he is making his life his art.

    37. Holly Owens

      John Wayne neutron bomb gay sea James fucked this up putting the sex first, that has nothing to do with building our nation

    38. Holly Owens

      Penny is a prostitute nope, Brennan

    39. Holly Owens

      George soros

    40. Christian Niño Jaralve

      heres my theory on the ending it could be the arkham asylum you can see arthur has white hair it could be the future maybe in the new batman film.