2020 Moto RAZR Durability Test! - Will the Folding Icon Survive!?

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    Its time to durability test the Moto Razr! Get your first audiobook and two Audible Originals for free when you try Audible for 30 days visit www.audible.com/jerryrig or text "jerryrig" to 500 500! Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video. The new folding Motorola Razr phone is here. That same iconic folding flip phone that all the cool kids had is BACK. And this time it has a fully flexible 6.2 inch folding screen. But how much abuse can it handle? Will the new razr break in half the first time you snap it shut for a phone call? What happens if you accidentally try to bend the Razr phone back the wrong direction? Is the Motorola Razr Dust proof? All these questions and more will be answered in todays durability test.
    Galaxy Fold durability test: sesels.info/video/video/qJB3pJSuyGSQZNg.html
    Flexpai Durability Test: sesels.info/video/video/jJqrg5m-ua-ah8w.html
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    1. BIGGD214972

      Why is no one ever talking about his disgusting fingernails

    2. First Name Last Name

      This hurts so much. I have an S 10 + and guard it with my life.

    3. saverio luppino

      What is wrong with people.?

    4. Kianush


    5. Xebo

      When I'm stressed i watch your videos , cause your voice is just too relaxing

    6. Ben Smart

      The worst part of this video is that he said hot dog style when it was hamburger style

    7. Neto Brightman

      I want one of these but I think I rather wait for them to iron out some of the problems with them. Mostly the fact that you can scratch it pretty easily and there are no screen protectors, unless there are.

    8. Aesthetic Vibes

      Don’t buy motos 🥳

    9. Richie Rust

      JRE videos in a nutshell: when you break something, it becomes broken D:

    10. Shawn Nelson

      11:35 something is broken inside. Aren’t we all? Wow he gets me 😂

    11. Killer Meme

      0:22 guess you had the wrong teachers because thats totally a hamburger fold

    12. christopher daniel

      I’m... im confused. Isn’t it still hamburger style folding? Not hot dog?


      Voice is Asmr. Amazing 😍

    14. John Tungul

      The Galaxy Z Flip has a Snapdragon 865 but the design is boring The Droid Razr have a stylish design but it only has the mid-range Snapdragon 730G

    15. N8TIVE GUY1518

      Act like Lisa Moses😂😂💀

    16. Tom Clerke

      I think Moto-Moto likes you...

    17. A lonely person

      Oh my god that poor poor phone

    18. Existential Soliloquy

      Sell my Tamagotchi? NEVER!! What's next, my Pogs? You Sir, forget yourself.

    19. the commenter

      Me: flexible phones are stupid Jerry: it has a retro skin that makes it look like the old Razr Me: I'll take your entire stock!!!

    20. Kai Farkas

      Not really talking about these fancy motorola phones. But I'd say they are amazing low budget phones. Really sturdy, can withstand a lot. The plastic back does look like crap after a while but I personally don't care. I don't spend more than £100 on a phone, I just don't see a reason to spend so much on a phone. I've had the same motorola for 3 and a half years, I'm really clumsy, I've dropped it soooo many times, it's fallen in a puddle, just rough and tumble and it's fine, looks worn but thats about it. Most of my friends have iphones, and have went through so many because they break, or the screen cracks, and iphones are expensive af. ya no thanks, i'll thick to motorola.

    21. Sungjin Hong

      samsung is no.1. i think

    22. Coolguyx14

      Imma just wait for more durable screens

    23. Talentless Big pp Brain cult

      Eat your cereal

    24. Disuko

      I love that retro mode

    25. Cosmonauta Juggernauta (Cosmo_013)

      Does it have torture lessons?

    26. TwinAsians

      You destroyed it

    27. Wop God

      You should keep doing vids with not ur face in it

    28. Antonio Gates

      Garbage..the screen breaks in a week

    29. Karénina Nicolaievna Krecul

      I cry 😭 just give to me 😆

    30. Big Socks

      My name is moto moto yah ya say it double

    31. derek kras

      1500 dollar phone, being destroyed for 13 min video clip ? Jerry you really need a manicure

    32. Weekend_Logic

      Dude, you should really consider using some hand lotion

    33. Wes Oss

      Do you visit the most umcomfortable beaches in the world. Look at the size of those grains.

    34. therealzeee

      The box

    35. Scott Leung

      You have it backwards. This one is the hamburger folding phone. The Galaxy fold is hotdog style.

    36. uhtjzkxkdz sbbyg

      Made in India, never seen that before.

    37. kingofkings89pl

      It's not usuble. It's for rich people. So I leave that to them to be a testers heh. And I will wait like 10 years for update on that technology, lol :D

    38. pornoninja

      Just kill it already, I can't take any more! :'(

    39. Vito Scott


    40. Tivis7

      NO... this is the Hamberger way bro... the Galaxy fold was the Hotdog way...

    41. Boxing Your Brains Out

      Everytime Jerry scratch them phones with that utility knife, I have to turn my sound down 👂🏼

    42. 킴이쁜이

      Thank you, I will choose samsung. Samsung phone still works after all the tests done. Samsung phone screen can be replaced once every year if the screen is damaged only for 100 dollars for a life time.

    43. This Is JesseJ

      smacks a hammer on the phone and is suprised by it beeing totally destroyed! makes sense NOT

    44. 킴이쁜이

      Screen is also scratched at level 2

    45. Professor

      This phone sucks

    46. Honklerton

      POOR PHONE!!!!!!! I HATE WATCHING THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS!!!!!! But it IS still good to know the limitations of these devices - and I MUST SAY - this device held it's own WAY MORE than I EVER thought possible! Shit that Classic view on this Star Tac has me HOOKED baby! I USED TO SELL THESE PHONES WHEN I WORKED AT THE RETENTION DEPARTMENT OF MCI WORLDCOM WIRELESS!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE SO BAD! The Star Tac sold for a LONG TIME - and it had MANY versions!! They were all ANALOG/CDMA aka Code Division Multiple Access (Verizon's tech)/TDMA aka Time Division Multiple Access (AT&T Tech)/Sprint PCS. Re-Programming those old cell phones to change it's programming (for cell network data / Tower changes / etc) WAS A FREAKING BITCH!!!! But we did that shit to get them working so people would not cancel LOL.

    47. Ian Zainea

      I did learn the hot dog vs hamburger folding methods in school. Great call back

    48. Lyraxhaze

      We are all broken inside! LOL..

    49. Sixty F P S

      viewer description is adviced im not joking

    50. Dziubson Piotr :3

      So, thanks for test this in case i will use knife to operate this RAZR phone :D

    51. Gordon Grigsby

      When someone says can I see it I'll say there's no see to it it's all dry land lol😂

    52. Gordon Grigsby

      I bought one but nobody is touching it but me no nails on my screen. 😆

    53. PatMoss

      I've been watching Jerry for like 3 years now and I gotta say...I've never been able to surpass the anxiety this man can cause on me when scratching screens and using that GOD DAMN razor cutter.

    54. Zarxas

      whats that note10 case? it looks awesome

      1. Munjee Syed

        It's not a case he removed the coating from the back panel

    55. Ivan Milisic

      Please educate yourself. His name is Zack , not Jerry

    56. lauren138

      Not a hotdog fold

    57. Monsta M

      6:29 I thought you would draw Batman😂

    58. Nicholas Stankiewicz

      That actually folds hamburger lmao all good

    59. DrWIN7er

      This was both painful and intriguing to watch

    60. Gavin

      Feel like it’s a gimmick at this point, they will definitely have to improve on that technology if they want folding smartphones to stay.