2020 iPad Pro Review: It's... A Computer?!

5mn visningar982

    The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?
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    1. Wholesome Tech

      I prefer the macbook to an ipad

    2. Oj Simpson

      I hate that Marques didn’t follow the 180 rule. Shit is REALLY off putting

    3. Dandamudi Phani Krishna

      it supports 5g or not

    4. Neilski Angliski

      The only man with a mullet I trust.

    5. BugFound

      Oh nice. I'm buying when they release 15"

    6. Rohan Anderson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="229">3:49</a> sneaky Tesla Model Y I see? Doing a video on that?

    7. Nelo Costa

      hello Marques Brownlee.I'm Nell, I'm from Portugal, Lisbon ... I'm a fan of the channel and I have a question, will the new keyboard be compatible with last year's iPad Pro ... thanks

    8. Matt Playz


    9. Shreyas N

      Goddamn it's been a while I watched your videos but holy shit the color grading is fantastic.

    10. Doru Valea

      Why am I looking at something I will never buy?

    11. Nazia Shah

      ONLY $300 bucks my iPad 5 was $550

    12. Khang Trần

      wow skit

    13. Khalifa Al Qubaisi

      thank you for the review , iam just waiting for the magic keyboard

    14. SoulSnatcher OP

      Send me the iPad pro 2020 I never had an apple product I want to design some esports t-shirt which is hard in Android phone Please do gift this lovely product to me 😢🙏🙏🙏

    15. sagar patro

      Why u need a trackpad for touchpad !! Why u need a pointer when ur pencil works perfect .. they would have given macos on it

    16. Sunny Lyndis

      I'm excited about the keyboard. That's what will be the game-changer. It sucks it's such a steep price Q.Q

    17. Paul Cortez

      So... Do you think Apple will get rid of the MB air for the iPad Pro? Or is that too farfetch?

    18. MrCrimAngel

      Lamo it's a surface

    19. Julian Clariá

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="514">8:34</a> my pinky is hurting

    20. Omar Fuzzy

      But who would take pictures with an iPad Pro ....

    21. Kevin Kruger

      "What's a computer?" that was such a perfect response !!!

      1. Jamar D

        Garbage repsonse.

    22. Peaceful Mind

      give it to me plsssssssssssss

    23. Mel_222

      Omg your pinky is so strong to hold that iPad up lol

    24. Abdelrahman Abdelbary

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="586">9:46</a> today I’m going to review the quirks and features of the new iPad Pro and then I’m going to give it a Doug score

    25. Skrbb Mngust

      i have previous gen ipad pro and it is really really a monster.

    26. haddad mousav

      I'm curious what phone he's using lol

    27. Pratham 11

      _* Coughs * _*_goOgLe_*_ * coughs *_

    28. Aditya Solanke

      Apple gave i pad a trackpad and keyboard But not gonna put a touchscreen on mac book

    29. Himanshu Sharma

      Marques is a type of guy who watches doug deMuro in an ipad review

    30. BOKSHIE

      It's just a bigger version of an iPhone 11

    31. Timmy ate Bill.

      Who checks the time to know what year it is?

    32. Roberto Ribeiro Oliveira

      I was thinking here... if even the new Smart Keyboard has a backlight, why the keyboard (space grey) doesn't have yet?!

    33. seannnyx 123

      surface pro apple version

    34. Ayyaan Rafiuddin

      Does it have siri

    35. Bors Farago

      Can I play the normal version of world of warcraft, tanks, ships not the mobile version (blitz)?

    36. MichelZelf

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="229">3:49</a> is that a roadster or a model 3 ;)

    37. MichelZelf

      Marques is like the Apple of tech reviewers Unbox Therapy is the Samsung of tech reviewers.

    38. Onur Y

      350$ for a case and keyboard... and you just glossed over it like it doesn't matter. Been a long time subscriber since 2012 and honestly you've lost touch with reality since you started getting more famous and targeting your videos for mass market!

    39. Richard N

      About a week?

    40. pizzaparallevar

      ame esa intro

    41. SlighceTUNES

      Hey that’s Doug

    42. chandra shekhar

      I wish i can also have ipad pro

    43. vishal kumar kashyap

      All the stupid unnecessary upgrades at the cost of both human kidneys

    44. Munhib Ahmed

      Why tf do u need a touchpad on iPad... Like I get keyboard but WHY trackpad

    45. Abhijith Haridas

      It's been all those years, still unbox like a monkey

    46. Gortt

      Is the screen better?

    47. Nick Yang

      Is it just me that got the 11 inch model, idk I think it’s a lot more convenient and the screen size is actually pretty great and sufficient

    48. Shawn Evans

      Also the great camera on the iPad allows you to film great interviews, some teachings. I would use it for photography too! Plus your able to do all the editing on the iPad!

      1. Shawn Evans

        I’m also able to get a tripod for the iPad on amazon.

    49. Shawn Evans

      Are you able to use the web browser from a computer on the iPad now? Before...the iPad always brought up the app browser? I heard apple did change that, but I don’t know?

    50. Depressed Weeb

      Do samsung galaxy tab S6

    51. Not Important To You

      So...it's less capable than my $700 laptop, has a smaller screen, two or three more parts depending if you include the pen for my laptop, and the only real advantage is that it has a TB of storage and can use cellular if you're willing to pay $1650 instead of the already steep $1500? Ridiculous as always, Apple.

    52. Claudia Saraii Jean Pierre

      Does it support Final Cut Pro ?

    53. gangsta99

      great review

    54. Life RN

      Do I need to buy the new pen with this? Or, can I just use the previous one?

    55. Life RN



      Am unable to watch it in 1080p why?? It’s showing upto 480p 👨‍💻

    57. Hadi Elhussaini

      Ahem google 😂😂

    58. Xiyang Chen

      Dave2D, he stole your hoodie lol

    59. crystal

      Does the 256GB one have 6gb ram?

    60. The Forefront

      Anyone who bought this with 4gb ram? I guess its all 6gb ram on all devices!

    61. Harrysound

      You can afford 300 can’t you

    62. ItzGamerE

      So this is my science class now! (For cameras)

    63. Ahmad Sohail Wahab

      not everyone has the privilege of attending concerts, some of us work as a designer and creator dude

    64. Aashish Malhotra

      Where is the Part 2 for ipad pro as a computer.....?????


      50 rupaye kaat overacting ke...

      1. Rohan preet

        Sahi bola😂

    66. abdul basith

      i really love iPad from now

    67. Eugene Timez

      May I please hve an iPad pro please please... I'm begging please

    68. 千里单走骑


    69. Βασίλης Ξυλογιαννόπουλος

      Will the new case work with the previews iPad pro?

    70. Benno Oh

      I’ve always wondered how well this would work with Citrix with the improved trackpad support. Could this replace a Mac for using Citric to use Windows?

    71. Lucifer

      Dream 🤦❤️

      1. Constantine Vorobyov

        Of an idiot

    72. No need to know my name

      3.7k dislikes from those PC which are slower than this beast

      1. Constantine Vorobyov

        Well at least they can work on it, ipad are best for adults with latent dementia

    73. iiIDUOA7Bii

      apple in 2007: :) apple in 2011: >:) apple in 2019: >:( apple in 2020: :| samsung: Ayo, I know your angry because of the flat display but.. its to make the chance of being cracked lower. sorry not sorry :))

      1. iiIDUOA7Bii

        @Harry Sanjaya Samsung

      2. Harry Sanjaya

        fanboi samsang💩💩

    74. chinmay giri

      no buying this device

    75. μ Ted

      Still doesn't support any desktop applications. Still is a massive waste of cash.

      1. Hamgamer YT


    76. Kevin Antony

      Us creators who do stop motion animations will definitely need that camera...

    77. Frankieworld

      2020 iPad Pro is slower then the 2018 iPad Pro. Benchmark it and you’ll see what I mean.

    78. dayzdukes

      I have the iPad Air 1 . I think it’s time to upgrade. This video helped !

    79. UdoSan

      Hey guys. Need your help. I don’t have a notebook, just a 2013 IPad 😅 Now I‘m thinking of getting a notebook or the new IPad Pro in combination with the new Magic Keyboard coming out in may and a mouse. I’ve to admit that I love the Ipad so it’s a little hard for me to look at things rational. I also need to write texts and essays on Word for my studies. Especially my Bachelor thesis in June. Would you recommend the new IPad for studies working with Word? Thanks for your help and stay healthy. Greetings from Germany :)

      1. Constantine Vorobyov

        if you don't see hindrances with ios, but I find that work always needs work arounds to do it well which ios will not provide. I wouldn't consider ipad for anything aside browsing (i have rooted tab s6, wouldn't use it as pc replacement too, it's called looking for big headache)