12-Year Old Resa Sings Love Me Like You Do By Ella Goulding - Breathtaking

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    Resa Van den Berghe - Voice Kids


    1. Nimbona Elvis

      I will let you set space

    2. CycleDave

      Ellie Goulding NOT Elia Goulding

    3. Jonathan Trocones

      Resa the best

    4. Dikshika Mishra

      Second wali so cool

    5. Vada Rhoads

      Love it

    6. Suzie Paris

      Never heard anymore bout her

    7. Steven Ancel

      Resa blows them all away. Cant wait to see her become a woman. She's absolutley beautiful

    8. Ruby Stone

      first girls out of tune

    9. F.A. B.M.

      tatu? xD

    10. Don Dee

      RESA'S little pug dog at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a>. He knows that voice on THE VOICE.

    11. kavya tamil movies



      Red jacket voice is awsm.. .

    13. Perky Aidah

      Nice voice

    14. Rasel Ahmed

      nobody can sing like ellie, she puts a lot emotion in her voice during singing this song.

    15. Tonya Rollerson

      That first girl can not sing

    16. Omkar maurya

      0.30 ooo wow. So cute😘😘😘.. Only u can set my heart on fire.... So love me like u do.....

    17. Slowed Songs

      The one that started singing third and first are the best

    18. seli yani

      Resa the best

    19. รังสิตแกรนด์ คอนโด

      ชอบมาก เพราะมากๆ sesels.info/video/video/nWieb6-6vq6ChqY.html

    20. Sanket Patil

      1.33 when she said " fire "....OMG.. im in love.... 🔥 🔥 🔥

    21. Alex Dakota

      What is her Facebook account name

    22. Nici Es

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> How cute this little girl is! 😍

    23. music44

      is this the right song for 12yo`s

      1. Suzie Paris


      2. esha tyagi


    24. John Doe

      The girls have pretty voices, but wtf do I want to listen to little girls sing 'Touch me and love me'...Sing about flowers, animals and rainbows.

    25. Kumudu Bandara

      The girl in the middle has a lovely voice the others are incompatible with her

    26. IAF DJÄ

      Ich finde es so schön.... Höre es zum 134 mal an...

    27. Winnona Campbell

      I kept waiting for it to get "breathtaking." I expected Resa to just slay the other two, but she kinda got swallowed.

    28. Bictoria Kolomvou

      Resa is the best...😍

    29. Karan Thakur

      I just can't stop playing this song. it's awesome

    30. sahi11asdfghjkl22

      Amazing voice !

    31. Kyla Lafferty

      In the title it says Ella Golding when it’s really Elle golding

    32. Deda Santos

      Inprecionante maravilha as vozes dessas meninas

    33. Mulle K

      Resa is the best

    34. Chr1st1na

      Resa sings clearly more powerful , mature and steady than the other 2

    35. Jeffe D.

      Zo'n schattig hondje

    36. Sons of Thunder

      I thought this was Resa not two other girls jamming with her.

    37. Scotty Davlin

      What's up with foreigners singing American songs?

      1. Scotty Davlin

        Ahnya Christieson just wondering why non Americans sing American songs mostly. I love songs in people's native accent, it's so beautiful.

      2. Ahnya Christieson

        Scotty Davlin Excuse me?

    38. Tobacco John

      It's Ellie Goulding, dumbass

      1. Ahnya Christieson

        gecko guy Dont be mean!

    39. Kai Marcad

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="95">1:35</a> OMG That was so damn perfect. Goosebumps.

    40. Sarah Michelle Baumann

      Resa is the best😍😍

    41. Hassan Shaikh

      She want to be like more attitude person I love her so much

    42. Linda Cap

      My daughter isn't singing that song......LOL Resa has something deep and special about her so she is a bit of a mystery which is good. It's what she sings and what she say's with her eyes.

    43. Maissa Marchouhi

      Echt leuk ik ga blijven kijken 😙😙😙😵

      1. Ahnya Christieson

        Maissa Marchouhi English please!

    44. ejsclatincrew

      Cantan desafinadas estas niñas...

    45. Lee J

      Autotune kicks in at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">0:34</a>

    46. Ola Korytowska

      Wooow amazing

    47. Aya Ben Salah

      Its Ellie Goulding not Ella goulding

    48. armandabable

      resa is good

    49. Chris McNeill

      I really love this song and her voice is very beautiful

    50. Gail Barnes


    51. Shirley _

      It Ellie Goulding not Ella Goulding, just pointing it out, not trying to hate or anything.

    52. charli

      It's actually Ellie Goulding but-

    53. bonnie bianco

      girl group ?

    54. bonnie bianco

      girl group ?

    55. Steve Lolz

      Did Resa win this season of the voice kids?

    56. Lyudmil Nikolov

      that Pug....

    57. Maddison JS

      The blonde sings really well

    58. jose galindo

      Nos vamo pa Russia

    59. bubgum00

      Why are they having young girls singing a song about touching them.

    60. RAndrew Ohge

      Leeka, I Shared The Video With THIS [I Think You's Agree]: Epic Three Way Battle Round On "Voice - Kids"...So, WHY Doesn't America Have A "Voice Kids"? We Just Saw 1st & 2nd Place Of AGT Occupied By A Nine And Twelve Year Old - And LAST Year It Was Won By 12 Year Old Phenom, Grace VanDerWaal. It's Time Our Stodgy Out-Of-Touch MSM Gets In FRONT Of A Phenomena Before It's "Ancient History - You THINK? [sesels.info/video/video/gIqhaYm9u697qqY.html] 12-Year Old Resa Sings Love Me Like You Do By Ella Goulding - Breathtaking [Resa Van den Berghe - Voice Kids]

    61. R van Dyk


    62. Pee MaK

      Reas love love facbook

    63. INM3R G

      resa la mejor

    64. Brittany S

      I like how the second girl steps in to help the first one gain confidence

    65. Jb Sharma

      i was totally fan of Resa listening her on nothing else matter of metallica

    66. Jb Sharma

      'so much so much'...starting voice..it feels kind a strange to me...

    67. Jb Sharma

      i love u RESA...i feel like saying...will u marry me????

    68. Scarlett Maison

      The first one is not that good to be honest...

    69. Ernesto Javier Aguiar

      Che de que pais son estas voces???

    70. Gelu Matcasu

      Cu iubire i-ti spun !

    71. Gelu Matcasu

      Stiu ca piesa e grea,dar nu inseamna ca trebuie sa falsezi !

    72. P D

      the second kid sing the song so..nicely

    73. nat val

      Like 2nd girl's voice

    74. Joao Manoel

      Resa tem uma voz muito linda e um grande talento para cantar... Parabéns ❤❤

    75. Shirley Quintana

      Amé a esa chiquita aplaudiendoby bailando jeje

    76. Brittany S

      Did they pick this song?? Cause if not I'm concerned

    77. rrrusty49

      Resa! The 1st girl was pitchy all over the place. Resa reminds me of Cody Frost. Quiet but STRONG.

    78. Anish Guragain

      Middele 1 no other

    79. Valerie Dearie

      Jemina why is she there? LOL