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  1. Caitlin W

    Don’t Wake Daddy was one of my favorite board games growing up!!

  2. mamamia88

    Put the cupcakes in the freezer

  3. SiLenT366


  4. Stephan D

    yes, the monarch butterflies do fy through LA. they flew past my work in NoHo and it was the scariest/coolest experience. I don't like butterflies.

  5. SiLenT366

    Booksack? Link knows words right? Also can't afford a PS4 GMM? That's PSNow lol.

  6. Hayley bourgault

    Ben&Jerry's is good but my favorite is Haagen Dazs definitely

  7. Lunarツ

    3:22 PEace

  8. MLG Gamer alday

    "Slow ass squirrels "😆

  9. Taste The Rainb0w

    *I like my eggs toasted*

  10. mamamia88

    Redo this but go to Aldi.

  11. Emma :D

    Squirrels can climb trees faster than they can run on ground

  12. bart2567

    Keebler actually makes the girl scout cookies (my dad works for them)

  13. native J

    Those eggs are overcooked

  14. Dirty Laundry

    You’ve never peeled eggs in water?

  15. Cami

    the struggle is real in this one

  16. Betty Moss

    I would not be able to deal with Link on a daily basis. I want to punch my screen from home...lol

  17. Melissa

    Egg kazoo

  18. Diana Neuman

    The spoon method, done right, is perfect. You still need to roll them, and you need a smaller spoon.

  19. TheZooDude

    Alright, I’ll say it. They’re wrong about the gold fish. That might be correct for fancy man made goldfish but a common 7 to 14 inch pond comet goldfish (aka your standard fair goldfish) has some real giddy up.

  20. Deidre John

    When Ben asked when does the audience stop watching I laughed bc I had skip some of the video…😂😋

  21. Fox moore

    I love that Rhett is 80% right on what that sonnet means

  22. Miah

    How did I miss this episode? so funny! the Matthew part was hilarious!

  23. Kristina Glasgow

    Watching this after moist burger vlog. Link still sticking with burger.

  24. andrea

    7:04 they really be vibin to the music

  25. CryoNerfMods

    Sour patch watermelon is the best one!

  26. SixRaven Eight

    Of all the colourful glues they pick that yucky shade. People seldom think to softly stroke places rarely touched. The back of the knee, the crook of the arm, the ankles. So much pleasure denied based on the cold sentiment of time served.

  27. Game Warrior

    I already know who it is I saw his SEsels channel

  28. Sajag Pradhanang

    The Facebook thing happened to me too. Omg it's so embarrasing

  29. Jeannine Cournoyer

    You realize that Rhett hit it exactly if he was dyslexic it was 647 aaaaand he said 746

  30. Anna P.

    who doesnt know how to pronounce habeneroe? The "h" is not silent!!

  31. Rin

    I sprinkle my leftover (cheese) pizza with lemon juice, garlic powder and sea salt and pop it in the toaster oven

  32. Defensive Wounds

    0:40 - No Link, he just likes superior fantasy. Much like preferring Game of Thrones over Lord of the Rings. 1:49 - If you had a decent smartphone such as anything by Samsung, then you'd never need to "up the saturation" because their screens are literally the best. Just like everything else in tech that they do, they are the bar that other brands such as Apple copy and try hard to reach, but always fall short! lol

  33. Maram H

    Hahaha thank God the ending was happy

  34. SixRaven Eight

    Thin mints are yucky, I agree, but I do like mint and chocolate.

  35. Deep hug

    The “egg film” is called a membrane. It’s the same thing as the sacs that puppies are in when in gestation.

  36. MST


  37. unanimous_YTr

    Link everyone was related once

  38. Dannys Vlogz

    “You know what day it is, it’s Thursday and Thursday means mail”

  39. Evelyn Sidayon

    some running man 4:19

  40. Drew Pflaumer

    I would buy a "I've been moonlighting on the egg council" shirt.

  41. MST

    These eggs are too boiled. Good hard boiled eggs are still mushy inside.

    1. Deep hug

      Lmfaooo I love how gingerly they both put the egg in the cup

  42. MST


  43. Tyler Johnson

    ben is the type of person who KNOWS he’s hilarious but ACTS like he’s not. those type of people are close to the best

  44. Kristin Craig

    Bring them back in the show!

  45. OMGJaGeRBlieber Boss


  46. Emil Eldhose

    Link didn't talk much 😞😞😞

  47. Jetske Ypma

    Three sneezes means good wheather tomorrow! In the Netherlands...

  48. Dixie Rae

    This is when they're at their funniest. They should stop trying to produce every episode and just act like spastic little boys that they want to be.

  49. SixRaven Eight

    expendable people? damn

  50. Whimsicalcorgi

    Top 5 guests by far! He was hilarious and awesome! I love how well he got on with Rhett and Link! Well done!

  51. grunge_ irl

    I'm on a trip or something

  52. iLiekePie

    always thought these two were so weird

  53. Da Challenger

    can we hire trry full time

  54. Giann 3250

    Wow Ben fits in really well, natural chemistry

  55. Marc de Boer

    11 km/h being about 6 mph?? Even as a European i know that's false. 7mph probably closer.

  56. igunzOsick

    teaching his buddy bout ghosts dont matter if youre 40 shuuuuute

  57. Roee B

    drink ur calories, it can be dangerous

  58. Gii

    Loved this!!!!!! Ahahaha

  59. Manly Bean

    Just saw a kit with these for 70 bucks

  60. yxmmy

    Why am I watching this i’m a vegetarian

  61. bobo 206

    9:00 did he say “it’s like being gay”

  62. Clinton K

    I use the third method all of the time. It's the easiest way. It's hilarious watching you guys trying to do it. 😄

  63. Chachacha Cat

    I agree with Link! All kettle chips are TOO crunchy for me!

  64. anthony addario

    For what it’s worth I’m still tuned in at 12:00

  65. Ronald Raimey

    I love the show watch it as much as I can but this guy is kind of an a-hole almost makes me not want to watch the movie now I don't know just don't like them

  66. JesseJamesVlogs

    One of the funniest videos of yalls!!!

  67. Dixie Rae

    I'm 60 and I remember those Rock'em sock'em robots from when I was a kid.

  68. Bori_ 08

    This is THE funniest video I’ve seen of them

  69. Kelly St. S.

    Josh's appreciation for all food and very obvious joy for what he does, is what dreams are made of.

  70. Nicolaus Volentius

    That was clearly a mother holding a baby, Link...

  71. Izomatic

    I’m in middle school but somehow I didn’t know a lot of these

  72. Isabella Banuelos

    The question is: “How fast can a tiny go?”

  73. ghostbooger

    ben is so witty i cant take it

  74. Ginger Holiday

    Is Jordan low key a brony? 🤣

  75. Jessica Wolf

    12:59 you're supposed to use a fork for the hair! 😂😂

  76. Letrikon 999

    Thisn ohnee looks brhuused lol the way he said it

  77. Jeffrey West

    Ben Schwartz looks like the perfect mash-up of Rhett and Link.

  78. abbi murphy

    Y’all need to go back to saying don’t forget to like. I always forget!!!

  79. Barbara Danley

    I prefer the Sentra, vey reliable. Although my mom had a Pulsar that was pretty nice.

  80. Bonnie P.

    This was great & strangely relaxing

  81. Jessica Wolf

    Could anyone else just imagine the tik toks these men would make? They'd be the best and funniest

  82. Mr. Sir01

    14:56 Rhett said the number backwards. Damb

  83. Rainman

    That last one was some arts and crafts bs lol at that point i'll just peel it straight up

  84. rjwiggins

    Sous vide eggs peel the best for me plus you get the perfect yoke that you’re looking for.

  85. idk idk

    Ngl I washed my for 5 minuets after watching this

  86. KJ Armstrong

    Ants on a log was *my life*

  87. Fishlegs

    at 5:34 i think Rhett he had a stroke

  88. Frig Off

    I usually sit on them so I can feel like I hatched my own

  89. remo6241

    You say boomer like it's a bad thing and in the same breath talk up Twitter where messages are tweets and no one knows that symbol is a pound or number sign.


    Is it just me or was there actually rainbow sour patch kids they are called sour patch rainbows I think

  91. Danny_Devito

    Rhett looked and said the number backwards lmfaooo

  92. teewhytract

    5:05 shepherd winked HAHA

  93. LIl Trash panda potato Oof

    “Bucket of beans” that is my new nickname

  94. Bobby The Globby

    I wish I never watched this

  95. K. A. U.

    I guarantee that a common squirrel can go faster than 12 mph - Because I had a cat growing up that ran faster than any cat I have ever seen - and a cat can run up to 30 mph in short bursts, and we had a squirrel once that was an absolute menace and used to chase our cat across the yard. So even if my cat wasn't going at max speed, I'd say the squirrel was getting up to at least 15 mph - likely above. My father and I combined have never seen a cat or a squirrel go so fast before or since these two individuals.

  96. Vladimir Putin

    Two Xoomers making fun of Boomers.

  97. Jesse Ausling

    What's the chicks @

  98. Aziah Gudinez

    Ben looks like a combination of Benedict Cumberbatch and Steve from Stranger Things

  99. Dave Rees

    After you've learned a new way to peel an egg, and after you've cleaned up after trying it yourself, why not treat yourself to some Presidential Fiction? DONNIE'S GANG from Amazon tells of Donnie & his friends during his first triumphal term. Putin even has his Own Story, "A CLOCKWORK DROOG" a deep tale full of mystery and depth..... 292 pages for US$10.99 from Amazon..... cheers & don't overcook the Eggs!

  100. SLS Reaction and gaming

    Link is cute...