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  1. Steve Young

    For good or Ill I believe the vote should be anonymous. It could make sure of no political fallout either way

  2. sabamacx

    Richard Epstein is Epic .... a brilliant legal mind... and cuts right to the chase

  3. Todd Krainin

    Puzzling. Yoo and Epstein challenge the transcript as unreliable hearsay, but ignore that the ‘quid pro quo’ in the transcript has been corroborated again and again. By Sondland. By Vindman. By Fiona Hill. Even by Mulvaney, who accidentally told the truth... Then they blame the impeachment committee for not getting testimony from Bolton, even though it was Bolton who said he’d fight a subpoena. Are these esteemed lawyers even paying attention?

  4. Mobius

    Great work. Loved the whole presentation. It’s wonderful to listen to brilliant, thoughtful, considered, and balanced opinions. Thank you.

  5. A OK

    DemonRats do something wrong every single day !! most should be in Prison ...

  6. John Doe

    Most politicians and bankers belong in prison

  7. Caroline Krieger Comings

    If President Trump "were" to benefit from exposing the Biden corruption, so be it; is that naive of me or will we find he had the right?

  8. Joe Buck Coker

    I am left speechless....

  9. Kevin Smith

    I think it was a mistake for Democrats to include Lev Parnas testimony with their impeachment articles. It reveals that the investigation into Hunter Biden and the firing of Shokin began before Joe Biden ran for President completely throwing their whole argument out the window. I don't think this will be a partisan line vote. I think you will have 2 Republican Senators who vote to remove, and 11 Democratic Senators who vote to acquit. This isn't like the house were most of the Democrats are on the coasts in safe blue states. There are quite a few in the middle of the country that solidly went Trump. Trump's base has only grown since then and the Republican Party has become more unified. Something like a vote on removing Trump from office will be something that sticks on election day and they will be held accountable for their vote, much like with Kavanaugh's confirmation. The vote will also happen after the primaries, so they won't have primary challenges.

  10. Marrowbones

    This week the GAO produced a report and opinion on Trump's action regarding the alleged with holding of funds approved by Congress from the Ukraine by invoking the 1974 law. They conclude that Congress was correct for Impeaching Trump because of this violation. However, it has come to light that not only has every president violated that same law, Obama did seven times and Joe Biden's video taped action was based on such a violation. It is clear that nothing is going to come from this GAO opinion because nothing ever has come of their past similar opinions. In tact, some commentators have said the law it is based on is unconstitutional and should be repealed. However, if Trump can be Impeached over this, then Obama should be as well.

    1. Marrowbones

      @Kevin Smith It's not wrong. It is just non-applicable for use in any impeachment. But you've touched on the problem with its constitutionality. The 1974 legislation it is based on is unconstitutional. And since it is completely impractical, every president since 1974 has violated in the course of their regular activities. As I noted, Obama did at least seven times, according to reports. So it is a useless law and cannot be argued as a reason for censure, let alone impeachment. But if they want to play that way, then it is possible to go back and impeach all of those presidents for the same "violation."

    2. Kevin Smith

      GAOs interpretation is wrong because it ignores the time table in which the President may release funds and circumstances in which he can hold aid. In both cases Trump had the authority to hold the aid and released it in the time he is restricted to hold the aid. The GAO is still headed by a political hold over who decided to ignore the complete power in which the President has in the matter.

  11. PlantmanDan Reimer

    love these guys who can disagree and have fun and be people!

  12. raccoon

    Never a crime Pelosi should be in jail.

    1. raccoon

      @Adam A she and her man are crooks.

    2. Adam A

      Ask how she got so wealthy... It wasn't by serving the people

  13. Cathy VanAtta

    Thanks Epstein for some exciting dialogue. It can't happen for real, but it would or be "real" to non legal minds.

  14. John Townsend

    Enjoyed the old title music!

  15. My Movers Inc Moving

    Oh look, another Epstein that didn’t kill himself.

  16. Chris Brew

    Why is it considered amazing these days when someone speaks with succinct candor, telling us all what we already know/should know. I think these are volatile times of the Strauss-Howe generational theory and why willfully ignorant, "right-think/speak", seems to be perpetuating the very problems we rail about. I hope we transition into the next cycle as soon as we possibly can because I think the longer we linger in the current cycle, the cumulative harm to the people may reach irreversible levels and potentially inhibit the species meaningful progress or of addressing a major non-manufactured threat. Comedy and tragedy are linked for a reason. Observe the past and note the end result of "bread and circuses". May the Universe have mercy on human-kinds insanity(not likely, regretfully) It feels like I can only depend on chance lately. My 2cents. What do you think? SPQR forever?

  17. nitla asalp

    Peter help save Southern California we are dying from liberalism. The people are robots white man is dying yes I said it the white Southern California surfer is dying. A lifestyle a culture a way of life white people created. That's the greatest place on earth Southern California. Please help we are dying no one cares no one

  18. oslang1

    This is interesting, but I think the biggest news here is that clearly Epstein didn't kill himself. Oh...different Epstein. My bad.

  19. Gary McMichael

    Wow, John Yoo really shows off that GOPe/RINO stench from his Bush years, no? Listen to him as he weasels his marble-mouthed bs about what he CLAIMS Trump did not what ACTUALLY happened. Yoo best exemplifies the deep state "republicans" that are pushing this bs trial thru the Senate in order to HELP THE DEMOCRATS stain Trump. John Yoo, you are nothing but a lefty academic P.O.S. On the other hand Professor Epstein NAILS the FACTUAL BASES of this debacle and actually makes Yoo look like the idiot he is.

  20. S0chan

    The whole farce is just sad. Democrats can impeach Trump and do whatever else and he still will be re-elected, because anyone with two neurons to rub together sees that this is just partisan bullshit.

  21. Joseph Killeen

    Freakin' awesome analysis! Loved that!

  22. truthcrusade

    Richard Epstein never disappoints! Outstanding interview with two legal scholars. Thank you, Peter Robinson and the Hoover Institution for providing exceptional interviews!

    1. Gary McMichael

      Yoo is NOT a "scholar" sorry. He's an establishment pinhead and closet liberal dressed as a Bush rino.

  23. Suitably Concerned

    A bit too much Peter, not quite enough Richard.

    1. Gary McMichael

      That's what Peter's wife said!!

  24. Mike Foxx

    Epstein would be my pick for defense.

  25. oslang1

    A video by Redman called "Slap The Sh*t Outta You" has 1M more views than this and came out about the same time. Yay, America. So proud lol

    1. oslang1

      @Gary McMichael The point was, of course, dismay at such a fact. This is a land of cretins where something that actually matters, like this video, is apparently approx 200 more times less interesting to the youtube audience than some ignorant sh*t like that. And it popped up in my feed--although I needn't really explain why I was in both places. The point is, clearly we're doomed. Ultimately, anyway. When these snowflakes get older (I'd say grow up, but, you know) and wrest control from the old guard, that's gonna be a wrap. The constitution as we know it will be a distant memory when this social media generation is done implementing their identity politics and other socialist nonsense. Conservatives are a dying breed, sadly. We could very well have power for the next eight or so years, but when the pendulum swings back the other way it's going to be ugly.

    2. Gary McMichael

      And you brag about being one of those million? Most if not all of the viewers here have no idea what you're talking about - so not really "America" then.

  26. Michael Roberts

    The transcript showed nothing wrong with what Trump did.... Biden on the other hand is on video bragging about, how he pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor... I have to be able to read Trumps mind to infer criminality, it's easier just to read Biden's lips..... One Justice for democrats another for republicans..... Now tell me do the senators running for president get to be jurors also?

  27. ThePolarised

    Grammar error in description. Should be The proceedings have or The proceeding has.

  28. Michael Roberts

    As we all know, he threatened to hold aid to Ukraine... For damned good reasons.... And we all know that too... Impeach a president because he didn't just hand cash over to a corrupt country... Meanwhile the last president handed billions in cash to mullahs...... Nothing in this country makes sense anymore....

  29. Kelly McNichols


  30. Kelly McNichols


  31. Kelly McNichols


  32. djan959

    The one Professor Egghead here said something about Donald Trump mouthing off in the call. the other egg had Professor here had something to say about the president's intention

  33. Daniel Duerst

    How much would Bloomberg, be exposed in tax liabilities, from non deduction tax donation status?? About time he paid some, REAL TAXES!!!

  34. Conor Breen

    Hong Kong should claim Divine Providence Mainland China’s response: Lmaoooo

  35. Matthew Phelps how John Yoo says "if the Dem's had done their jobs"...this is the problem, they do nothing.

    1. Gary McMichael

      Sorry but listen closer IMO, Yoo is an establishment hack. Epstein is the brains here, Yoo is a slimy bush/RINO sleaze.

  36. drstrangelove09

    "as we all know, he threatened to withhold aid" Do we? When did he threaten to withhold aid? Maybe you're not saying that he threatened Ukraine as a quid pro que...? Just that he considered withholding the aid because of various unstated or legitimate stated reasons...? Yeah, that's probably whet you mean. I also disagree with your assertion that Trump was "mouthing off"... I read the transcript and it all seemed completely reasonable. I think that it is now becoming fashionable to almost always characterize what Trump does as somehow extreme or outrageous... that is not good!

  37. Bon Summers

    Interesting, PBS/NPR is the refined-classy-intelligent radio, FM stations, and the radio stations Limbaugh is on are regular advertising based, and not as refined-classy-intelligent sounding in the coverage. And so, I highly recommend the AM Limbaugh type stations go in the more refined-classy-intelligent character of which Hoover Insitution is a superb example. Limbaugh, Hannity, and various other such commentators can continue on those stations, but it would be great for the overall character of those stations to be at the level of Hoover Institution and PBS/NPR.

  38. Michael Willever

    Would have like to have Epstein able to get a whole thought out without interruption.

  39. jk08

    Trey Gowdy stated it best earlier in that the rotten Dems just want a select few Republican senators to get knocked off come November based on their acquittal vote. They've done shit his whole term except try to impeach him via bogus charges. All the while Trump has done far more for the country in his three years than the last ass did in eight. China, trade, economy, ISIS, stock market, record the Dems

  40. chilllzone

    Great interview, it’s a good breakdown of the situation from a legal point of view.

  41. Tim Kennedy

    Every time you're talking over each other is a waste of time I can't hear any of you

  42. Jack Da Money

    So Epstein didn't kill himself?

    1. Gary McMichael

      What if Epstein killed Epstein but not himself??? **MIND = BLOWN**

  43. slappy happy

    Omg I love these guys

  44. FonkyHonky

    ITS OK TO BE WHITE! Right?

  45. James Spaulding

    Cool interview.

  46. Joseph Mellen

    John Yoo is absolutely wrong. I wonder if he is a never Trumper. He puts words in the mouth of the President that do not appear in the transcript. The funds did not have to be delivered until September 30, they were released on or about September 12th. The only one of the three that is objective is the Richard Epstein. There are entirely too many interruptions by Peter.

    1. Gary McMichael

      Joe - Yoo is an establishment rino hack.

  47. billybob

    The way lawyers can twist the truth into an abortion is why I would not be surprised most in prison are innocent.

  48. just me

    This is the best information setting on the internet. Thank you Hoover Institution.

  49. Dwaine Castle

    John Yoo belongs in jail or worse.

    1. Jay Landman

      Woo from Berkley say no more

  50. Mitia_k

    John Yoo looks fine damn

    1. Gary McMichael

      Whu????????????? 😒😒🤔🙄

  51. Wheeled Skeptic

    So sad to see the Hoover Institute covering this bullshit. Waist of emergency

  52. lil rice cakes

    Not surprised a thundering war criminal like John Yoo is the right wing’s confidant amidst a constitutional crisis. 17 (repeat 17!) of the Watergate prosecutors have called for Trump’s impeachment. Finding two Bush era hacks to defend Trump’s blatant record of corruption isn’t going to drag you out this mess you put the country through.

    1. Gary McMichael

      Wow, 17....17!!!!!......seventeen.....SEVENTEEN!!!!.....that's ONE-SEVEN PEOPLE!!!....establishment hacks "called for Trump's impeachment???? Holy shit!!!! Are these the same scumbags that "called for Trump's impeachment" the moment the election results were announced? With the utmost respect and honor due to you, Little rice cake - you truly are an imbecile.

  53. Barbara Maj

    This is messed up as the possible "what if's" are too numerous and unreasonable to count. READ the damn CONSTITUTION as it is, not as you imagine it! STOP reading fake news into the law! Otherwise you will find yourself relisted as a fetus and I'll have you aborted by 9mm.

  54. Rusty Shackleford

    Yoo and Joo

    1. Matthew Phelps

      Plant that flag anti-semite

  55. Spinonemaster

    Richard Epstein is Epic .... a brilliant legal mind... and cuts right to the chase

  56. Spinonemaster

    Richard Epstein is Epic .... a brilliant legal mind... and cuts right to the chase

  57. Geoff Morgan

    So they Want to impeach Trump for" Saying something" But The Democrats can Get away with " Practically Everything they do," Being a Crime against the people of the US . I can clearly see what the democrats are doing, And I'm from NZ!!!!!

  58. K Kampy

    Another excellent and very informative program from Peter Robinson. I learned more about the impeachment watching this hour long video than I have from the last six months of television news

  59. Beyond my Purview

    All i know, the House of Representatives has not done any work in almost 4 years, they go to show, that those 500 plus people are NOT NEEDED!

  60. Chulhyun Ahn

    An impeachment is a political act. You can impeach a president for jaywalking by saying that he intended to undermine the rule of the law, which is basically how Dems are playing it.

  61. Linda Adelleio

    follow the money it will lead right to the Dems, the usual suspects...

    1. Gary McMichael

      ...and those sleazy GOP establishment hacks like Yoo.

  62. lee dufour

    Thanks all.

  63. Scott Tovey

    The democrats demanding that Senators be unbiased is unconstitutional. In the American Judicial system, the accused is: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN guilty. This INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN fact; requires that every individual that sits on a jury in a case, whether criminal or civil, has a fiduciary responsibility to be biased in favor of the defense. Thus, the assumption that a person is guilty because he or she was arrested and charged is unlawful, unconstitutional and criminal. This same burden of proof is required during an impeachment trial as well. Hence, the President is innocent until proven guilty. In all justice, the case should and ought to be dismissed with prejudice as the allegations are set forth with no real evidence to prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. In fact, if such a case were set before a judge in a court of law, a just judge, would dismiss the case with prejudice by reason of the fact that assuming a persons intent, does not prove a persons intent. No judge worth his robes, would entertain an allegation in which, the totality of the allegations, and the evidence presented, necessitates the prosecutions ability to flawlessly read the mind of the accused.

  64. Bryan Tittle

    What I take away from this discussion is how smart and insightful I was in 2015. After jumping on board the TRUMP TRAIN...!!!!

    1. Kevin Smith

      Choo Choo~

  65. Logical Music pro

    I often wonder if long term this impeachment will set the bar for or was intentionally set up to weaken the government from inside out. I never really thought this was about Trump in the first place. I think this was the president they could experiment on are up story's on ridicule& accuse of any made up crime but also to see if laws can be broken or changed because they the democrats believe their the real power .

  66. The Better Wave

    Absolutely go after the LEFTIST FRAUDULENT behavior!!! Combine that with the protection of the Presidency.

  67. Annabelle Betancourt

    The Left is probably getting their great ideas from listening to these guys.

    1. Gary McMichael

      Listening to Yoo maybe

  68. Dig Byck

    hey John, shut up! let the man talk! You embarrassed yourself and lessened what could have been learned.

  69. TheMad Country Woodsman.

    Trump, has the duty to protect the money interested Him Congress ex.x.x.x

    1. Gerald Rogers


  70. Dig Byck

    I stood up and clapped both times the Epstein guy argued both sides of the case. He is big dog I would want on my side.

    1. Dig Byck

      @Bman Chu can go fuck yourself! I am not as eloquent as Dr. Epstein

    2. Bman Chu

      I hope you didn't literally stand up and clap. I don't want people like that in my world.

  71. ONE WOLF

    ⭐️⭐️TRUMP 2020 ⭐️⭐️

    1. Gary McMichael

      Well said.

  72. L C

    Didn’t Obama fire every single ambassador? With no reason other than that they weren’t his own people? Trump should have done the same immediately upon taking office.

    1. Michael Roberts

      @Bon Summers yeah leave that the other side, their good at it...

    2. Chad Martin

      Mr Yoo couldn’t be more wrong, the constitutionalists were posing a question not a constitutional law.... the constitution is clear on what is an impeachable crime. Not a single one thing President Trump said of did broke the law. This is a hoax!! Period and should be illegal every single 195 Democrats who wasted tax dollars should be arrested for doing so. Can you imagine a executive staff doing this and chairman’s of the board not firing them????

    3. Chad Martin

      Bon Summers you use a Facebook “fact” check??? Try again

    4. L C

      Bon Summers M’kay, but he was still allowed to do so, right? As POTUS? Right? I know several Presidents did the same without reason.

    5. Bon Summers

  73. Bman Chu

    Trump's presidency has been fantastic, why does this toad still think Trump should have resigned in 2017? 0/20 hindsight, or perhaps... hubris?

  74. Leonardo Davinci

    I am just soooooooo tired of hearing about this!! I really do hope these Democrats get booted out their seats this election!

  75. 555Trout

    If the D party is not severely punished election day then this nonsense will continue with future presidents.

  76. glenn kane

    This quite sums it up. Richard Epstein: 51:10 "I regard it as a disgrace", in regard to the House Democrats all voting in favor of the second article for impeachment.

  77. driver8m3

    I love these guys...always very interesting. If you're not aware. Yoo and Epstein also do a regular podcast called Law Talk.

  78. Red River

    There is always plan Z too.... We knock all the blocks down and put them back up 1780s style.

    1. Steven Light

      Ok let's talk about that

  79. Jayson

    Good discussion , thanks!

  80. BearClaw

    Yoo should be in prison.

    1. Elliot Hacker

      @glenn kane see my other comment

    2. Elliot Hacker

      @Will Cheung Yoo authored the legal memos that were used as justification for the surveillance state (CIA/NSA deep-state) to spy on US citizens (when the NSA turned off the filter and started listening to everyone), as well as the "enhanced interrogation techniques" for the 'War on Terror'. He is a Bush flunky and neocon. I assume he is/was a never-Trumper.

    3. glenn kane

      Yes, please explain.

    4. Steven Light

      Who ?

    5. Will Cheung

      elaborate please, educate me, I am serious.

  81. Agere Tube

    Is there honest politics without looking the pendulum?

    1. Gary McMichael

      Can a face smell at hubcap? Intriguing questions abound!!

  82. Tim Stein

    Hoover Institution is the reason i have stayed a conservative. It is a confusing world out there with the media making everyone seem like a liberal.

  83. Magatism

    Whats with the name, Hoover Institution. Are you a mental asylum or simply trying to impress us with highfalutin names. Come back as a regular Joe, Bill or Randy.

    1. Denii MacDougall

      Magatism It's called the Hoover Institution named after the really incredible American vacuum cleaner 😊‼️

    2. Magatism

      Steven Light I understand too.

    3. Steven Light

      Relax ,I understand

    4. Magatism

      Steven Light Do you really think I will go through that trouble, just coz you posted something. I would rather talk to a regular youtuber than a pompous non entity.

    5. Steven Light

      Relax ,do your research.

  84. chrisx2k6

    John Yoo was quickly outclassed here.

    1. Gary McMichael

      Yoo is a sleazy bush/rino establishment hack. He flails and claws his way thru stupid argument trying to claim Trump did SOMETHING wrong.

  85. MAGA ZOG

    This channel preaches about Democracy, the constitution, limited Federal government and empowering local governments while praising Abraham Lincoln of all people. And you wonder why Americans are so divided. Because we are two completely separate people forced by unlawful tyranny to remain in a Union that will not work.

    1. Steven Light

      It's all about money, power ,

    2. Will Cheung

      Time to change your name to KAG 2020

    3. The Dave

      Abraham Lincoln should be praised. If the United States had split into two separate countries, we've would have been weakened as a confederacy eventually breaks into proxy wars. You have a very odd atavistic opinion. I'll say that.

  86. M

    People are still paying attention to the impeachment nonsense?

    1. Frankincensed

      Being informed is critical for any voter or citizen. Ignorance is the very source of our political injustices

    2. Brain Silver

      its fun for legal eagles to shoot the shit, and this is what they do it about.

  87. Purple Drogaan

    Impeached for a perceived thought crime. Nice work, Democrats.

    1. Gary McMichael

      Yeah, and the idiot Yoo argues Trump committed a crime, just not impeachable. What a pinheaded horses ass he is.

  88. Will Cheung

    I see the Hoover Institution, I click!

    1. Will Cheung

      Frankincensed damn you got me!

    2. Gary McMichael

      "Everybody have fun.........everybody Will Cheung tonite!" **sorry couldn't resist**

    3. Frankincensed

      Try to be more original. Mimicking is for liberals

    4. Denii MacDougall

      L C Couldn't have said it better!

    5. L C

      Will Cheung Yes, for educated opinions from both sides! Rare these days when the entire MSM has forgotten that actual journalism is supposed to be fair and unbiased presentation of verifiable FACTS! Not opinions!


    The Liberals have committed suicide

  90. Derp ToTheMax

    Absolutely savage breakdown of the clown show that the left has rolled out. Thank you for your work gentleman.

  91. Vero Nik

    Loved it 😊

  92. Star_1_Man

    I would love to hear Warren say "it is YOU", when asked, who is paying for all the free stuff! Warren would never tell the truth! Why do we have to use the government, as a middleman for insurance? If the government would just get out of the way, we would have competition and lower prices!

  93. Reid Taylor

    This video can be taking place today ......... Liberals have never changed and always fuck things up

  94. Prague Shared Flats

    she ought to speak some sense into the head of congress woman OMAR who is also Somalian

  95. P W


  96. Nicole Kinzonzi

    ... If it pays to be a single mother, then you will find more single mothers... If it pays to be sexually obnoxious, gender fluid, nba all star, president of us then....

  97. Eric Johnson

    This woman is a hero, she has put her life at risk to tell the world about the dangers of Islam. Islam should be classified as an evil cult and should be banned in the west.

  98. Egidio

    @11:00 "The British did not gave us Democracy. Democracy is only the means to the end, the end is Freedom.`` in a nutshell, beautifully explained.

  99. Furrowed Brow

    EFFORT is not distributed equally. Why should income be? Only 12% of U.S. adults scored in the highest literacy proficiency levels, and only 9% scored in the highest numeracy levels. While 52% of Americans score below the minimum literacy required for coping with the demands of everyday life and work in a complex, advanced society, and successful secondary school completion and college entry. Gone are the days of a high school dropout getting a job at the car plant making $25.00 an hour tightening lugnuts. People are not being left behind. They are falling behind. America is becoming an ever increasingly technologically driven society and people are failing to put forth the efforts to keep up.

  100. Whenpigsfly

    Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV) 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.