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  1. Albireo Cygni

    Very interesting palette, the result of the make up is special, the colours are sparkle in a dark way, and the quality of Jeffree Star's products is high!

  2. Corgi &me


  3. Ross Rivero

    Hey Nikkie i got an new challenge for you go to Robert Welsh he just challenged all makeup artist to do the my makeup in real life challenge 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💄

  4. CiCiMar

    What’s the primer she use?

  5. Ola Fasola

    Hot chic!

  6. Pixel Rose

    "Red cabbage so a red?" Gurl Red cabbage is purple 🤣

  7. Isabella Loignon

    Agggghhhhhh bringing back memories of my late friend

  8. Keily Raggio

    Would you say the palette is to die for

  9. Andy Lynn

    OMG‼️‼️😱 STUNNING‼️ The GRIJS shadows make you EYES 👀 POP‼️

  10. Mahak Kh


  11. Skylar Adele

    I love the colors.

  12. Sabrina Bennett

    People get cremated all the time 🤦‍♀️

  13. Maria Laura Castellano Climastone

    how old is her? that package style are a classic from the 90s

  14. Yasss Qūëëñ

    Yeah people are just dying this year people die all the damn time so people are overreacting over something as simple and natural as death he planned this out ahead of time he didn’t know there was going to be a global pandemic y’all need to chill

  15. Ashland.crites


  16. Luna Xoxo

    The palette looks amazing but it’s way to expensive for me to afford

  17. Freda-J. Johansen

    He did good, but I love the pinks & the blu liner, wish I could do makeup like that 😍💖

  18. Ayla Here

    Ppl look for a reason to hate anything I love the theme and I think it’s a coincidence because like she said it takes a long time to develop makeup , anyway can’t wait to get it when it’s back in stock it sold out in seconds

  19. Brandy Bellmann

    I really like this pallet you can make So many different neutral looks. Thanks for the two fab looks.💚

  20. Aspectrabund

    Its bridal makeup its 50 shades of wannabe gothic just 10x the price

  21. P S

    Ok, so packaging? If there wasn't coin on the end of it? It just looks cheap,... like these old lip balms for kids... There are cheap lipsticks with better packaging than this one, just personal opinion. Sorry not sorry.

  22. Mackenzie Rae Preston

    Yall so fuckin sensitive about the God damn name. It was all chosen BEFORE the pandemic happened. Plus I think its hilarious anyway. I love dark humor.

  23. Nahla Aly

    I love how honest and raw you are.

  24. shir Wish

    I LOVE the theme. yes. death is part of life. a beautiful part. like the palette :)

  25. Liliana Ibarra

    Super bello nikkie ❤👍

  26. Hannah Loesch

    “If you get can just disregard everything this palette stands for including it’s name and names of the shades which were so carefully chosen by Jeffree over months and months and just focus on the shades then this palette is amazing” - Nikki (No mama! I want the whole package! I was that weird kid and to even insinuate that this palette is even being slightly slanted toward all of the virus deaths is wrong. Thanks have a nice day)

  27. Teddy Fredriksson

    He looks like a male version of Harley Quinn 😁

  28. mk tmy

    You should do the the one dip challenge were you dip your brush only once in the product!!

  29. Annika Van Oosten

    Ik ben zelf Nederlands

  30. Jen Mack

    It's embarrassing how sensitive people are 🤦🏼 although I bet most of these "offended" people are just looking to cancel another successful person. That's usually the "tone". Get over it.

  31. Merfgan Perfery

    I wish she went and got those products it told her to try. That would have been cool to see!

  32. Zoe Rose

    They are almost identical 😂

  33. Ashley W

    If anything the name is more iconic for the times were in. Also had a grandparent die. Also cremated. Listen to the people effected. It’s ok.

  34. Misha Johanna

    I actually think that it came out in just the perfect timing.

  35. Itzthatgirl_zii

    If I get this I hope I can make it work for my skin tone👀💀😂 you rocked this look tho girlllll😍🔥

  36. Evča H

    all the things you said here, everything was gorgeous, thank you for this video, you are great :)

  37. Justyna Krygiel

    These women inspire the fuck outta me 🔥🌈❤️

  38. Lexy Cassell

    anyone know where her shirt is from :(

  39. Alexandra Gonzalez

    Why are you endorsing something that clearly triggers you??

  40. insecure Msp

    Y'all need to not be so tense. It's a eye shadow pallet, it's not hurting anyone in anyway shape or form. You guys are just acting as if it's going to kill you. Let's face it, if this corona virus wasn't going around & people weren't dying this wouldn't be a problem to most. You need to calm your horses.

  41. Leo A-Y

    I'm not phased by the pallet. Personally I just think it's a strange name for a pallet. I can understand why people are upset (you don't know what people are going through) but I do think Jeffree should have at least postponed so there wasn't as much backlash plus we're all running out of money and bringing out an expensive pallet called cremated when people are broke, scared and mourning sudden losses of loved ones without being able to say goodbye was probably not wise on Jefrees part

  42. KC Rogers

    I think the pallet is beautiful just not wearable in my life with my style 🖤🤍

  43. Dominique

    Deze video is zooooo leuk, kan niet wachten tot jullie nog meer video's gaan maken <3

  44. Krista Davis

    I can't believe somebody would do that it's new times people are allowed to be who they want to be they shouldn't have to make a video stating I'm trans or anything like that they are who they are you love them or hate them and leave them be

  45. Kayla De Luna

    I'm over Jeffree and it's not because of the name 🙄

  46. 李碧畵

    Ok but I can’t be the only one that never realised anything right? But ur strong for being able to do this 😔💕💕

  47. elle

    We all die someday. Get over it.

  48. Karia Campbell

    Omgggg davina's viice tho


    Gurl your complain about fall out it's becoming like a shade

  50. Jasmin Flower

    5:27 my ears are blessed

  51. Andrea Beth

    I love the palette! I do wear colored shadows too, but I have always gravitated toward black, grey, brown and white shadows. This was like an answered prayer! So gorgeous!

  52. Selma Mehmed

    Kamer ❤️

  53. Mohima Haque

    Hey Nikki, i think you should make a video with the less voted ones.. It'd be great 😁 we'll get to see something different and things you hate :p

  54. Golden Barbx

    Was this a Pr Package ?

  55. Nala 305

    My issue with the palette is purely that I don't think a grey and super muted tone palette needs to be that big; cause realistically people won't use those colours that often and it's real big and a lot of money 🤷🏼‍♀️

  56. Moun Guddo

    This mother's day I give my mom lipstick

  57. Amy lynn37

    I’m in love with this pallet! It’s stunning. I have one gripe, I’m over 40 yrs old and I know how he does giveaways. I don’t have all the sites. 😢🤬. This is by far my favorite.

  58. lydia Gould

    I love your right side makeup❤❤

  59. Miki Vicki

    Then WHY the F*** you put yikes on your video title!!!???

  60. Lina

    Me clicking on this video already knowing what I'm getting into. Here we fucking go.

  61. Fatimah Ashraf

    Please recreate this look

  62. Lorraine Lee

    Too beautiful love this look so much ❤️

  63. Maykha Alexa

    love her so much "even though its 6 feat away now' en ik ben ook hollander

  64. MommaShawna

    I lost my Pomeranian last week due to kidney failure and I first watch JS video and balled my eyes out and then now I’m watching yours just enjoying the tutorial and here comes a Pomeranian and here comes the tears. My heart is just so broken.

  65. Wella Taburno


  66. rayhanah mullisi

    ......... very inspirational. but not if your religion restricts it and says that u cant do that. yayyyyy

  67. Pamela M

    Am i the only one who sees doja cat in her face?! Omg

  68. rayhanah mullisi

    the contacts look the same colour as your natural eyes

  69. Emma Peters

    Super leuke video💖

  70. Mimosa Mounia

    One eye with make up you look like terminator 😭😭😭 love you Nikki

  71. Ghost

    No offense but you look like a Barbie doll and not in a good way maybe if you took all that make up off ud look good

  72. alfie thompson

    although the pallet is AMAZING i don’t think it should of been brought out in the pandemic, this would of made an amazing halloween pallet

  73. Nheil Ramirez

    she's gigantic 😍

  74. Kehaulani Harris

    NEE 😂😂

  75. Kehaulani Harris

    We love this so much 🤕❤️🥺🥰 so beautiful.

  76. Michael Scruth

    Guys I’m all gonna tell you what school Nikki the 👑 went to... A school that had a name.Duh.

  77. J De Jonge

    nikki: teaching people normal words me: teaching all my non dutch friends drutch cusswords

  78. Paige Preston

    I thought she was gonna say that it is causing trouble because people might not be able to afford it at this time..not that it's about death

  79. region gayoso

    Your fiance looks like Adam Lambert!