The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

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  1. Tapper Zukie

    Everyone has a friend like Joe. Super chill 99% of the time but for that 1% of the time he has too much of a buzz on turns full dick.

  2. Fact or Theory Live

    Evidence against TRUMP is anicdotal! But he should be impeached? Joe doesn't even do any research! He has a guy there to bring stuff up. I don't know how many times I watch and hear Joe say " I never heard about that." Just to have his computer guy to pop it up and show Joe he is wrong. He REVELS in his ignorance! LOL!

  3. Mercedeh

    Joe Rogan uptalks..! wtf. 1:49:40

  4. Simpaticus

    1:22:49 listen to Muse - JFK + Defector,

  5. D H

    "ain no nigga know the laws!" - Lil Duval

  6. gino king

    Got some serious maths going on here.

  7. drewc1011

    Yeah I had a black triangle hover over me in corpus christi.

  8. Thomas Kishman II

    Joe Agent 47 Rogan

  9. 2099Darius

    Really insightful what they said on institutionalized racism and oppression. Something should indeed be done to improve those areas that were decimated in the past by racist policies and laws. Kudos for speaking the truth Joe!

  10. stevosal91 #

    Hey just curious, Is one of these gentlemen by chance, a combatives instructor?

  11. Fact or Theory Live

    It funny how Joe thinks HIS personal opinion is more reliable than documented evidence! What a douche bag! He is stoned and drunk and mocking his guests.

  12. Michael VIENS

    Joe missed the four ball talking about how easy it is to hit a ball in! Check my credentials

  13. billyburr

    Joe does a phenomenal job here

  14. Conor M

    Totally disagree with that percentage breakdown in the first part. Either way is of phrasing that is misleading. Say the 13% and then the 16% figures and then it’s totally objective. Joe was very biased on this debate I’m sorry

  15. James Hawkins

    This is why any presidential debate should go through Joe Rogan

  16. Tyler TheToker

    I'm from buffalo because everybodys broke from being rapped by taxes. A few lucky ones get out. Im working on it

  17. Rëëwïï Vęö

    "No ones going to kill over Catholicism" IRA: hold my beer

  18. Delta-Jungly 810

    This guy is smart. I dig it

  19. Daniel Davey

    Laughing my ass off: Letting bitches know

  20. gary lee

    interesting he looks good for his age I am confused how or what all happen between them LDS have a few alien type of beliefs also,

  21. tony j

    I train like Moose and Squirrel.

  22. PillsburyHoeBoy

    You KNOW Joe is high af when he says “I wonder how many... wait let’s guess!” 😂

  23. Edduin Casanova

    This guy is Glenn Beck’s brother , sounds just like him !!!

  24. poot

    1:29:50 I listened through this podcast sober for about the first hour and 20 minutes and then I hit the weed pen. Obviously I laughed and pondered like I always do when I listen to podcasts like these but when Lil Duval said they got people morphing into animals in this bitch and I absolutely lost it and was crippled from the lack of oxygen in my body from laughed so god damn hard omfg Lil Duval you have gained a fucking fan for life! SMILE BITCH!!

  25. CBR Fireblade

    Didn't the world leave Rollins in the 1980's and his irrelevance....

  26. Prateek Mehrotra

    Would love to see Dr. Rhonda Patrick and James Wilks have a debate on a vegan diet vs. Rhonda's diet.

  27. God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body

    God entered into my body, like a body, same size. and God forced me to ride the mide

  28. Edward Walker

    5:58 the comments section are NOT AN ECHO CHAMBER!!!!! chamber!! amber! ber r

  29. sosi co

    It's about time

  30. Mark Tudor

    Can’t believe Joe had no idea till this time about the 16th century Dutch Tulip Mania.

  31. I crawdad

    Or a lot of people are scammers, check your zodiac

  32. brian bradley

    satanic verses

  33. SargentandGreenLeaf

    Was this recorded before or after Steven Crowder didn't pay Sven computer the 50 thousand he owed him and had immigration send him back to Russia, before or after that occurred?

  34. Dean Mackenzie bell, dmb

    Lol turn the air con up for the guest an Joe puts on a coat

  35. TheStevenfernandez

    Why do I remember this having wayyyyy more views then this ??? I feel like it was 90 mill or so

  36. David Mccrea

    Now I need to come up with 4 other dinner party guests

  37. Dinkasaurus

    took 9:23 to mention the superiority that is hemp. this is why i love joe. cracks me up in this one way friendship we have.

  38. Matthew Jerome

    Bert "I can run a marathon easy" Kreischer

  39. Egras

    Do another podcast with Les Stroud. Ask him what the hell he was thinking about when he made his Bigfoot show.

  40. Jacob Mull

    If Joe Rogan learned enough discipline with MMA to not say a word about the clicking, then I need to start training :) Great show though!

  41. Dan Lynch

    You're STONED! STFU with numbers and math. It's not going to end well. You should know that.

  42. Chris Arnau

    Every time Chris talks, James starts breathing and making noises in the mic. He isn't listening, just waiting on his turn to talk. What a jerk.

  43. Sharpies Adventures

    give me a shout out please, i love your show man. I'm just a DUDE trying to make videos. Disabled veteran willing to do anything to help others.

  44. jmaggs 543r

    5 years ago. Did joe go hunt ?

  45. cyclopath

    they snuffed those ppl out like a candle.

  46. Chris Miller

    Australia isn’t a country Joe...

  47. Tone Malik

    I love the conversation but if this nigga clicks that shit one more time!! Lol

  48. Vanessa Lea

    James Wilkes is playing quite the psychological game of semantics here...

  49. Dingo Fucfb

    47:02 what are drugs😂😂😂

  50. King Of The Ozone


  51. Finder Outer

    What kind of life leads to looking at the most powerful people in the world, thinking "y'all getting black mailed. But first I need to find me some children."

  52. Stacy Duncan

    Think about how much South Park ISN'T allowed to put on TV 🤬😂

  53. Delta-Jungly 810

    Good episode 💯

  54. marco garcia

    GSP " i know your for the weed" lmao

  55. CLB



    GLENN is awesome I watched the whole thing very interesting

  57. Pittige Salami

    Wow. A smart dude who actually says 'im not qualified to talk about x'

  58. Zadeel dotcom

    I got q shit ton of housework to do. 5th time to listen to this 🤣

  59. Clay S.

    Drone strikes: You’ve said several times about the number of civilians killed in drone strikes. I can tell you that YOU ARE WRONG. Yes, civilians sometimes happens but nothing even close to the stats you give. Please stop repeating it.

  60. Jason Troglin

    My absolute favorite episode

  61. Bernardo Lopes

    Please some MD write this "dude" some testosterone prescption and force-inject in his butt so he can speak properly as a man and not with this tranny voice. Thanks.

  62. Ryan Bamert

    Most people who don't like bernie have never listened to bernie speak

  63. Ray Wade

    Stick to MMA Firas, your reasoning with regard to the discipline of science is greatly flawed.

  64. Texaswelder

    I've been pulled over for license plate light out and license plate light dim its definitely a BS reason that Police use

  65. freduardo fredrico

    when he said complexity my brain went *click*

  66. ToastySloth

    2.3 trillion. ffs.

  67. Jonathan Rath

    Graham is so articulate and knowledgable -- his speech is like listening to an audiobook.

  68. Callum Smith

    It blows my mind how much information alex jones knows. What a legend.

  69. dill316TV

    Joe “ I see what your sayin” Rogan

  70. The Salty Walrus

    The problem is this is a debate between two non-experts. Chris attacked the arguments and stayed calm, while James attacked Chris and somehow was able to stay heated for almost 4 hours. James is a cunt. Bring on actual experts... not a clown and an acupuncturist. I can’t believe I wasted my time watching this. Like, really, an acupuncturist?! Wtf. And some MMA fighter that gets punched in his processor. What kind of intelligent debate did I expect?

  71. JK. BOWLING.

    30:29 Joe's impression hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahah

  72. Sreehari Nair James Wilks won the debate against Chris, but the movie is still misleading.

  73. Michael Hernandez

    I’m gonna have to google how to read a forest plot.

  74. Badoocee

    I know this is 2 years old....but Leah Remini.....DAMN SEXY and Intelligent....A Real Sparkplug. I can appreciate her blunt perspective. 💫

  75. Tyler Box

    Need to get Matt Stine and Trey Parker on the show

  76. Jared Bly

    Eternal recurrence of the same..

  77. Republic Lands

    Ben is an anti-Trumper moron!!!

  78. T- Bone

    Joe: have Chris vs Dr. Collin Campbell (China Study) THAT would be interesting! I also think Joe was very fair and unbiased. Also loosing weight via plant or paleo is NOT the definition of health or healthy living. It’s the long term aggregate effect.

  79. DinoH8sU

    Jamie should be the guest one time

  80. Nathan Kocis

    Everyone’s missing a huge issue - differences in GENETICS. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) involving methylation genes CAUSE B12 deficiency. MTHFR (Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) - a rate limiting enzyme with the C677T variant messes with the bioavailable folate used at the START of the the genetic building process of enzyme/proteins. Through this and combined with other SNPS involved in methylation, the individual will be low in various nutrients, especially B12 and vitamin D. First principles: start at what’s known and work up from there. All studies need to take this into account with regards to deficiencies. Our genes are the program used to create. If you have a bug in the program you should probably fix that first. Folic Acid is like poison to anyone with MTHFR as the body can’t break it down into its bioavailable form methylfolate. There is a lot of information out there for anyone to learn. The learn if you have one it’s a simple $200 dna test. Follow all the evidence. Simple diet changes and bioavailable supplements can help.

  81. tdhh vdghb

    This dude is not the sharpest knife in the drawer... That's for sure!! It's like Joe is talking to a kid

  82. Solomon Faulkner

    37:40: The first digital documentation of Pavel smiling

  83. gbiota1

    claiming that the united states had pirates that were cruel to muslims is a complete reversal of history. The barbary pirates were muslim.

  84. steffi baxter

    Really was the J R show


    The most dangerous animal is man . I live in the bush and it's way safer than LA , guarantee it dudes .

  86. DeezyAfro

    Joe you gotta get micheal franseze on here

  87. Ranny Bunny

    Honestly, I have been lisrening to Keessers claims from the start claiming things that are just wrong so this is like a beautiful symphony for me.

  88. Sandarbian

    No conspiracy that Joe doesn't love....and a billion is 1000 milllion

  89. The Homie

    jesus christ why invite tony on the podcast if joe is going to talk the whole entire fucking time.....

  90. LBC213

    Great to see Artie doing better.

  91. 3PM

    Two of my favorite ppl in the world!!!!!

  92. c c

    That is one angry nerd. Hes an alright guy but something about him rubs me the wrong way.

  93. Phil Daub

    i love these two guys talking. Ok, highest mountain isn´t "K1" (actually its K2) its Everest:-)

  94. Old Wives' Tale

    I know where I’d like to shove a red-hot branding iron when Jeremy bends over to put a saucer of milk out for the aliens at night.

  95. Peter Welsh

    So, Crack was a Whitey conspiracy to destroy black. So shame on Whitey. But then Whitey tried to crack down on the Crack destroying the Black Community, so racist again. SO first crack is not cocaine. Way more addictive. And it's destroying the black community. Super plot by Whitey to destroy its tax bass and start a welfare state. So then, to end the genocide, they put way harsher penalties on this stuff which was hurting The Blacks. But that is also racist of Whitey, to try to discourage people from being involved with crack, because The Blacks live it the most, even though it is N0 different than cocaine. And it was racist to say there is any difference between the 2 different things we are discussing (pulling out of the butt

  96. Robert Frost

    Got to call BS on the Pink Floyd DSM and Wizard of Oz. You could play that album with a bunch of movies and say the same.

  97. after369369

    Low IQ

  98. Joel Davidson

    Never watched a whole Rogan vid just clips, but I couldn’t turn this off

  99. MeadowShoreRecords

    Lol Joe is mad at a 16 year old girl

  100. Marco Ramos

    1:20:57 Peaked stoned Joe