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  1. Dennis Sharpe

    Cocaine is a chasing high. Crack is more intense. The hit is quicker. Mentally breaks you down so you rationality makes you want to get that next hit and that next one and again and again and again..... chasing the high and the cycle is vicious. Then you go and get the money ANY WAY YOU CAN. ROB, CHEAT, STEAL OR EVEN KILL. Anything sounds like a good idea to get that fix. Anyone who smoked crack, smokes over and over and that is the evil. Just like the chips "Bet you can not do just one"

  2. Kent Wilson


  3. littlejoemayo1

    @PowerfulJRE If you want to get together and shoot your buddies try magfed paintball

  4. Vimar Vikerland

    Get Rich Fronning on the podcast!

  5. Bacon Pancakes

    Joe "Cataclysmic" Rogan

  6. Bryant Ahn

    It's always the best podcast when Redban is there LOL. They just spend 3 1/2 hours of talking about random shit.

  7. Shawn Hambler

    Greek use of drug and wine mixture in a small cup. Bread made from fungus Arigot on the rye and went tripping balls

  8. Bilbo B

    Joe “doesn’t show the clip” Rogan

  9. Bilbo B

    “Wow look at this CRAZY video. WHOA THAT WAS CRAZYYYY” *doesnt show the fucking clip* wtf joe come on now

  10. Woody Cox

    Joe “are u scared of dragons” Rogan

  11. Alek U

    Joey Diaz wears BJJ shirts every time on JR podcast, hence he's keeping healthy.

  12. Nino Bless

    Redban’s hair is trying to tell him something ... but he ain’t listening

  13. Mark Johnson

    Joey Diaz says "we got greedy". God bless him. Rogan says its the least of our worries. smh.

  14. Greg Bucknam

    Pizza Camo

  15. Frank Anderson

    Marijuana is essential in oregon lol

  16. SugaryPhoenixxx

    28:37 Funny thing is, when I was a heroin addict, I was very successful. I was a very happy person (up until the bitter end) & I had more friends than I ever had in my life. My social life was on point. I had a great boyfriend who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was in peak physical shape, as I was an avid runner. I would do some Heroin or take some morphine pills in the AM & go running before I dosed again & went to work. I was the star employee at my workplace & I always got so much accomplished. I was awarded at work for my efforts. Sad thing is since I have been clean (4.5 years) my life has drastically gone down hill. I have barely any friends. No boyfriend. My job sucks & I suck at my job. I am miserable. I don't necessarily want to go back to drugs, but it makes me wonder sometimes if my life will ever be as good as when I was on opiates. The last 2 years have been the worst years of my life. & it looks like it is going to continue to spiral downwards despite what I feel are my best efforts.

  17. Luis Zamora

    I don't understand how Bernie's thinking on Insurance companies and medical costs doesn't translate to universities and education? The cost of universities have risen exponentially in the last 20 years in relation to wage growth and inflation? How can they do this.... because the US government subsidizes them... absurd thinking.

  18. Nick Malone

    Every new friend Joe has on this week I change my mind about who the one in the closet is.

  19. Andrew Norris

    Joe is not good with numbers. Yes 62,000 people died in US of flu last year. White Houseis predicting 100,000-240,000 deaths in just the next 2 weeks from Covid.

  20. Dieter oficial sau nu

    I would give up everything to go through these teachings and experiences

  21. GeQuan Fletcher

    Me: "listening" 1:55:20 : "whhaaaaattttt" 😅😅😂😂😅😅💀💀💀

  22. Daniel Randerson

    Nice outfits joe. CV19 is not f**King around.

  23. surfmotor

    It's Ironic that Snowden supports Sanders when Sanders is the only president on record that supports the Gov't running everything. Freedom under Sanders? Not a chance.

  24. Lordestroyer

    Hantavirus is the reason I tell people that mice are not cute.

  25. FreeRoamFantasy

    I'm an atheist and I take massive doses of psychedelics. It comes with the understanding that it's a drug which stimulates the brain. I have outer worldly existential experiences nearly every time but never have I felt like anything was "supernatural" or "spiritual" whatever those words mean.

  26. a rosa

    Joe, please if you can bbn look Mike Maloney

  27. chad greiner

    Willie out-smoked Snoop

  28. Lordestroyer

    I worked for a pest control company years ago. We had a customer almost die from it.

  29. Hollywood

    I can explain Noah better than any human alive. And I can show you it wasn’t a matter of knowing rather than observing. I can show you with physical science. But I’m a nobody so I won’t be on your show anytime soon.

  30. Ryan Trevis

    please name a patient zero not from china,since aids from africa.

  31. jesu cristo

    I wish to god that I could pet my dog and my wife but, nooooooo I work in an essential industry (hydrologist in agriculture) what a waste of an apocalypse 🙄

  32. Sean Haug

    1:25:31 "If they did Doom Eternal, in VR, and you--you put it--you put that bitch in a warehouse? And you run through the game in a couple hours. D'ya know much COWERS you would burn? The world would be ripped!" -Joe Rogan, on 'Virtual Reality and Burning Cowers'

  33. Che1seabluesdrogba11

    Keep hearing the new half life is really good

  34. Lordestroyer

    We've had hantavirus here in the US. Its not new.

  35. Karlo Soze

    Joe needs to take a break from his routine and this podcast. The amount of time that he spends repeating himself is getting ridiculous... i.e lenovo keyboards and fucking solar flares.


    I’m 99.99999999% certain this pandemic will pass, the lock downs will be lifted, the government won’t keep us locked up or enslave us to build alien structures, everything will go back to normal like it was, the economy will improve....and the human race will learn nothing and go back to being woefully unprepared for global pandemics and the US will continue to spend stupid amounts of money on war weapons collecting dust.

  37. zombieworld63

    The talking cigarette voice is back

  38. Tcmpolk88

    Every time Bryan is on the show I immediately realize how the non mma fans feel about the "MMA SHOW"

  39. Ana SanJuan

    Why brian still has his hair the world may never know

  40. Michael Todd

    Think this scared me more the second time. Watched this when it came out and again now to see how much is happening. So weird.

  41. Jay Rohrssen

    What the actual f*ck, this guy is totally nuts, he's hard to even follow, jumping all over the place

  42. JoelAmbrose

    2:08:10 Bryan “I love blow” Callen

  43. Ababab Brown

    2 big baked potatoes making the world happier

  44. Benjamin Pörnbacher

    1:12:00 Theo predicts Corinavirus

  45. laeeque nadvi

    (4) Evolution Or Qur'nic Account of Creation A Comparision of the Argument Fallacies of Theory of Evolution Even in Darwin's time, fossils were already posing a big obstacle to the theory. Darwin himself accepted the lack of the fossils of " intermediate species. However, despite all paleotologists' efforts, the fossil records continued to remain a serious obstacle to the theory. Though all that has been written by scientists and researchers against this theory is voluminous, a few samples will suffice; The Encyclopaedia of Ignorance published by by the Oxord carries articles from 60 noted scientific scholars. One of these articles has been titled as " Fallacies of Evolution Theory". It concludes that the man's knowledge about evolution is nil and to regard this knowledge as ' factual is a fallacy. It's author Tomin writes in his article at the end: " The present impasse in evolutionary thinking productive of so many fallacies, Is due chiefly to the interpretation of biological fact in terms of out-of- date physical theory.(3) Another biologist, Chardin writes in his book entitled The Phenomenon of Man: " No amount of historical research will ever reveal the details of this story. Unless the science of tomorrow is able to reconstruct the process in the laboratory, we shall probably never find any material vestige of this emergence of the microscopic from the molecular, of the organic from the chemical, of the living from the pre-living.. " (4) Lecomte Du Nouy, the noted French researcher and author of the marvellous treatise Human Destiny dismissed the theory of chance and Genesis by itself ( Spontaneous generation) through a massive mathematical analysis and says that the biological origin can not be solved without accepting a miracle. He goes on to prove that even the exciting age of the earth is not sufficient to produce a molecule by accidental accumulation of various elements in a particular proportion. He wrote: " However, if this happened and we maintained our confidence in the calculus of probabilities it would be equivalent to admitting a miracle, and the result would be : ONE SINGLE MOLECULE, or at most two or three. Life itself is not even in question but merely of the substance which constitute living beings. Now one molecule is of no use. Hundreds of millions of identicl ones are necessary. (5) He further writes : " In the second place, it has been shown that, on the basis of our present knowledge namely, by using the same method which have been proved so useful for the interpretation of our inanimate world, it was impossible to explain, or to account for, not only the birth of life but even the appearance of the substances which seemed to be required to build life, namely, highly dissymmetrical molecules. (6) Another among the noted researchers Dr. Isaac Asimov while discussing the mysterious constitution of DNA, stresses that there are strong relationship between the origin of life and religious faith: He writes: " Without DNA, living organism could not reproduce,and life as we know it could not have started. All the substances of living matter - enzymes and all the others, whose production is catalised by enzymes - depend in the last analysis on DNA. How, then, did DNA, and life start ? (3) Duncan, Ronald & Westen-Smith, Miranda, eds., The Encyclopaedia of Ignorance , Pergamon Press, 1978, p.234. (4) Yusuf, Mohammad Ali, Masraud Darwiniah, Darus Shrooq, Jeddah, 1403A.H.,P.36. (5) Ibid., p.270. (6) Asimov's Guide to Science, Vol. 2, The Biological Scìences, Pelican Books, Middlesex, 1978,P. 172-73 (7) Ibid., p. 174.

  46. MrBobbystyles

    It’s DNA not a living organism , but a protein molecule covered by a protective layer of fat .Once absorbed through mucus it mutates into an aggressor and multiplier cell . -John Hopkins University

  47. The Lid

    Communism is about a collective ownership of labor. You can't be libertarian, and also believe your labor is owned by everyone else. Tim is talking about Anarcho Capitalism. Libertarians, individuals, saying "fuck you" to society, and going to live by themselves in a mutual self sustaining community. You CANNOT be a Libertarian, believing you are an individual and your labor belongs to you, and ALSO be a Communist, believing labor is collective, not individually based.

  48. Harry Wall

    What about pork rinds (chicharonnes). Are those good?

  49. israel ramirez


  50. Eduardo Carrillo

    Relevant even today. We're cramming for a vaccine in regards to COVID-19

  51. blue coture

    I'm a bit scarred when I come across people who are as straight edge as this guy. It's off putting, but hey so is the guy whose on the opposite end. The underachiever alcoholic/ weedhead. To each his own.

  52. TheGO61270

    lmao We have to use our creative imagination he says.... Dude fuck you youre a pos vaccine pushing sellout....

  53. Milbro

    Great to see Brian again! Would have loved if he showed more of his childish antics that made him and Joe split up in the first place. :)

  54. william nilliam

    I can''t believe it took 47 minutes until Joe brought up elk

  55. Skup Media Group

    you're always under water on salvia. i was screaming for towels when I came back.

  56. ShroomFactory


  57. Adam King

    Great to see Redban agin on here!

  58. Rob Newton

    “Dave Chapelle can do a backflip?”

  59. Juan Ledezma

    The predictions are already far behind what was initially said. It's not as bad as we thought then?

  60. flowery xxxis

    18:25 M I N D B L O W N 💥


    yes, Jermaine De Randamie beat a man, but have you seen it, looks like he never fought before in his life. let's not use this as an example, worst dude possible vs world class female fighter... he needed Edmond Tarverdyan, head movement, head movement....

  62. Alan Che

    Mommy was gaging.....ROFL

  63. Sizzlin Moe Szyslak

    this whole pandemic is a worldwide exersize. just look at the video "event 201 highlights" here on youtube and look at the date it was released. it was 100% planned without a shadow of a doubt.

  64. sam driver

    Bet Brendon shaub is on next

  65. feelred

    Rogans so spiritualistic but hes taking NAD drips to live longer. Dude is everywhere.

  66. Lord Vader

    ...17 DAYS WTF

  67. Milbro

    Great to see Brian again!

  68. Buffalo Soldier

    Joe's pushing for a 1 world order. You salty fuck

  69. GLG

    Donald Trump is a criminal. He committed campaign-finance felonies, mortgage fraud, extortion, bribery, obstruction, tax fraud, violations of the emoluments clause, etc (I could keep going).. He is also incompetent and only added 1.2% employment to the economy as oppose to Obama's 8%. And yes, Biden with dementia is a billions times better than that incompetent criminal douchebag known as Donald Trump.

  70. Albert

    CoCo talking about working out while being 1,000 lbs and smoking a cig makes me laugh...

  71. Brad C

    wish I could afford at least one thing he spends hours talking about every episode

  72. Daniel Sherwood

    3rd grade level debate, making mind blown sound effects lol

  73. Steven McDaniel

    Eat Healthy Redban!

  74. Wtom 403

    Holy shit ive been listening to this for 2 hrs 😎👌

  75. Zach Hall

    This is an awesome episode. Dan kind of looks like he is about to change into a zombie and eat everyone.

  76. Zakanater 19

    dam joe is tripping out near the end of this one, but dam he does have a good reason too

  77. jesu cristo

    Hell yea!pandemic movies zombie movies GO!

  78. Bmw 8 series

    We don't have to struggle no more he says but he was driving a porsche 🤔🤔🤔

  79. Revanchist Piru


    1. Revanchist Piru

      ok. from what i know. we have been... trapped inside a bubble for a long ass time. inside the bubble we have been attacked by the seven archons. outside the bubble in outer space, the bubble has been guarded by logos. logos has been controlling this in our bubble for all our existence. the point behind this. thanos. thanos thought their was some kind of tribeam necklace here and he wanted it so he set a trap. THERE WAS NO FUCKING NECKLACE! I assume he forgot about logos. since its been EONS! logos according to my data used to be one of the most powerful entities in the WORLD! shit has changed. shit has really changed. I can only assume thanos rules most of the world at this point.

  80. Corey Hart

    Kudzu Vine?

  81. Vox Daze

    3:43:14 "I don't want to die when I'm 55 of a heart attack."

  82. themajorahole

    android has an equivalent to everything Apple has, plus open source apps. apple is overpriced for what you get, across the board

  83. Flowmasta Flam

    Thank you Jordan Peterson. You may not feel it right now, but you are important.

  84. Adam Weber

    Just like doctors and nurses, they will force us all to be vaccinated to be allowed to work again. Also likely, a tax penalty similar to not having health insurance. Edit: BE FEARLESS

  85. Foraging Squirrel

    Carrot juice. Your eyesight will improve, albeit a small amount if anything, but it will help.

  86. GLG

    Donald Trump is a criminal. He committed campaign-finance felonies, mortgage fraud, extortion, bribery, obstruction, tax fraud, violations of the emoluments clause, etc (I could keep going).. He is also incompetent and only added 1.2% employment to the economy as oppose to Obama's 8%. And yes, Biden with dementia is a billions times better than that incompetent criminal douchebag known as Donald Trump.

  87. TMCicuurd12b42

    Hmm, not age well this will...

  88. Bees After Dark

    This just makes being in a cartel seem way too cool

  89. CatnamedMittens

    Joe Rogan's idea of what the president is/does is comical.

  90. Straight Fire

    Joe If a wind can pick up a semi and make it fly through the air why can’t a virus tornado just slam you into the wall Rogan

  91. Clayton Bigsby

    thank god for you, Sir Graham Hancock

  92. Adam DeGennaro

    Chloroquine live trial in NY 10,000 people

  93. H MAN

    It's 5G bro, trust me, coronavirus is the common cold family

  94. uselesswoodenboy

    l love it when Joe get to stoned lol

  95. Jelena Veskovic

    Hey Joe, interview this guy

  96. The Audio Files

    Jocko needs to get Joe on his podcast to discus how he navigated this fuckin minefield 🤣

  97. Dsi1ver

    Tanks driving through cities? Is it related to the navy ship?

    1. Kardo _

      Dsi1ver the ships are to help rescued children who were trafficked. Tom is a pedo as is Spielberg. Wishing a few weeks this will be disclosed or they will “die” from corona.

  98. Kardo _

    Redban fresh off the set of Philadelphia.

  99. Alysa Murray

    I’m from Bangor, Maine and that shit is funny 😆

  100. Here we are 2020

    Biden is prob just tired, and done from politics... he does not have a chance to win