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  1. Jake k

    Josh is miles Leaps and bounds better than Schwab!

  2. ab7films

    I feel Joe and others are threatened of Stephen A. Smith. He's way more entertaining to listen to. Hands down. It's a scare tactic calling him out like this

  3. Actor Kunal

    19.01 to 19.20.... RDJ said everything about Joe rogan. Even Joe rogan said everything about himself. And that's the moment of this interview.

  4. MrTekbiz

    Joe: Lets talk about Tony Josh Thompson: He cant win vs Khabib (90 seconds later - basically says Tony can win)

  5. Kurt M

    so there's no science behind ANY of his methods?! 🤔

  6. Gino Josepa

    joe for president

  7. DRATER469

    RDJs tonality is so similar to Elon's. His timing of sentences and everything. Did not expect that these two personalities would share that. Both legends.

  8. Ashley R. Mayfield

    I love you Ben Shapiro!!! ❤

  9. Jay Davis


  10. Daniel Bell

    Joe Rogan talking to Terrance Popp; that would be a good conversation.

  11. Dan Cash

    Danm mofos tow the line...wingman Dan the jit out ...let it die....cover it up...pull his coat ...always help a player up, and always help a player player up...u dig player? Wingman Dan here....i got u ...embracein everyone

  12. Roy Munson

    You won't see Eddie Bravo voting 'Bernie'... He knows better.. Joe is officially a sell-out to Hollywood.

  13. Themandan52

    Have dan John on

  14. jason vasquez

    Scooter Baker... sounds like a car


    If I was a voter bernie would get my vote But he wont get to the final election and that's a big part of why I dont vote We dont pick who we want We pick who they want us to pick Trash THATS what they need to work on fixing FIRST imo Fix that and the rest should fall in place

    1. sakaya987

      VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL but if you voted for him, and everyone else who thinks the DNC rigged the primaries he would win.

  16. Dan Customer

    Always thought you were a true American Joe ! Backing Bernie Sanders who is a communist liberal piece of crap ! You literally are going to vote for a communist in an American election ! f*** you Joe I'm unsubscribing right now and I will spend the rest of my life telling everyone I know that you're a traitor is communist piece of s*** !

  17. The Dude

    Dr West is such a great person.

  18. Samir dzLuxI

    I like her but she has to stop using botox, she can baraly smile. Besides that. Badass woman and the topic is so interesting to listen too

  19. Goondock Saints

    There's nothing wrong with being a gold digger. There is something wrong with pretending to love someone for money. These are definitely not the same thing. I know guys who date gold diggers because they get treated like kings 'while she's with me' and that's all they expect. The bad part is when only one of the two know the score. Of course, they don't have plans to marry (either way) but they know what role they are playing and they both are getting what they want from the other. It really can be done where no one gets hurt - but it's incredibly rare.

  20. Dan Customer

    Always thought you were true American Joe... Bernie Sanders is a communist liberal piece of s*** ! You're going to vote for a communist in an American election ! unsubscribing right now I'm all done with you and will spend the rest of my life telling everyone I know that you're a traitor to our country !

  21. Oliver North

    If you don't know who Josh Thomson is... he beat Nate Diaz so bad his corner literally threw in the towel

  22. Chuck Farley

    Well the whole Libyan thang didn't work out. Neither did Bourdains third career and third wife.

  23. Aryscene Violabian

    Watching Jordan Peterson as i establish dominance over the domain that is my room 😤

  24. GoodnessSake

    Confused as to why Ben Shapiro said Joe Rogan has been cancelled.

  25. Breyonna Morgan

    Where do I need to go to help develop sonic force fields? What university do I need to enroll in?

  26. James Gant

    Unemployment is low cause everybody can work in fast food...

  27. Pizza Man

    Your vote for Joe Rogan Experience with Troy Sanders & Brann Dailor

  28. Hector Vasquez

    Dan: "I'm capable of monogamy" Me after goin thru his ig: ....ya okay

  29. Lance Gomez

    It's not a surprise at all that a gay man hates women, tbh.

  30. nuper

    I'm Romanian and I find this hard to understand

  31. Lars Porsena

    Wow! Lots of Hamas listeners didn't like this video!

  32. James James

    I think Joe has now crossed the path of smoking one too many blunts in his life. He's lost his mind and I think more people agree with me than don't. Look at that thumbs ratio......

  33. Old man

    Graham seems like the kinda guy that got picked on in school... I was the kinda guy that protected guys like him.

  34. Timothy Wood

    Can we stop acting like sticks and stones is it just Chapelle doing an impression of George Carlin?

  35. Erik Andrus

    I am not a fan of Ann Coulter's books or her views, but despite that, that portion of the Rob Lowe roast where they went after her was brutal and disturbing.

  36. P


  37. goof verdinus

    3:00 that part was so fucking pretentious/retarded/nonsense lol. ideas being lifeforms, And he suddenly jumps to squids. Classic joe rogan

  38. Kevin Knickerbocker

    I like to imagine Luis j Gomez freaking out watching the clip of joe calling him Luis Gomez

  39. FynePrint100

    Robert Downey Jr. is one of my favorite people and actors. His rise to the top, battles with his demons, etc.. Glad life worked out for him. 💯👑

  40. kaewonf8

    It speaks volumes about the DNC that they feel they had to smear this crackpot.

  41. Daniel

    If you like horses go to

  42. Sam Williamson

    You guys have one of the most concentrated camps...

  43. Common Sense NOT too common

    People do NOT trust the media because they are proven LIARS! The FAKE NEWS is not real news.

  44. Troublechutor

    Yeah, we're in Afghanistan for rare-earth minerals. O.o You realize we could have bought 100% of all their natural resources for a tiny fraction of the cost of a 20 year war we didn't ask for in the first place? You fucking dunce...

  45. Logan Heringes

    Joe and Duncan called out 2019/2020 shit 5 years before it happened wild af

  46. Rio Riggs

    Love Paul, possibly the only "star" I would actually hang with! Unfortunate that Ace and Peter simply don't have the required IQ, the self confidence, the self respect, the pride, the courage and the motivation to be on the Kiss train. As humans we constantly need to improve, learn, overcome fears and doubts, surpass ourselves, etc. and not find excuses, be lazy and rest on past accomplishments.

  47. Aaron Sarfati

    Great Pod Cast.

  48. Further Moore

    Yang saves wangs

  49. Zach blount

    If I made a million a fight I would put 25 percent of that back for that rainy day when I can no longer fight.

  50. Bubba LW

    Obama is a horrible speaker lol

  51. Dan Richardson

    I like Rogan, but he often resorts to simple talking points of the left as his stance, without much critical thinking. Despite his bravado and talk of personal responsibility, he fundamentally seems to agree with the leftist “victim” mindset.

  52. Omid Norozi

    That guy needs to change his number and run away from you LMAO 😆

  53. James Gant

    @29:00 noouu those people not being vaccinated doesn’t actually endanger the vaccinated because they’re fucking vaccinated.

  54. Actor Kunal

    This is just awesome...

  55. bigb748ify

    Fuck ya thoughts RDJ gets a pass on blackface

  56. Drake Phegan

    Im very curious wtf happened 5 months ago that is everyone to want him back on?

  57. Monty Daniels

    @PowerfulJRE. Joe, the actor's name was Bob Crane. Great show...

  58. Gaëtan Heuzé

    Does it rain acid in California?

  59. smelly cat

    Now Obama wanna stop this man because Bernie is everything he pretended to be.if Bernie becomes the president, America's history will be viewed as pre n post Bernie Sanders (in a good way). Obama is afraid his legacy will be overshadowed.

  60. James Gant

    @28:00 vaccine safety is not eventually likely when there is a profit incentive. Dollar signs over the lenses... They’ve been using other vaccines as the control in the last couple decades which means that each batch is drifting because it is at least as safe as the last batch. This is bad science though because it should be a blank that the vaccine is being compared to. But no wonder it is this way given that vaccines were taken off the not for profit scheduling in the 1980s.

  61. Jack Carvis

    This poor guy is going to discover one day he has Type 2 Diabetes

  62. Lightup Darkness

    Josh Thomson's worst enemy was his hair position mid fight :D

  63. Lightup Darkness

    Joe rogan vs Stephen smith trained by Floyd :)

  64. Common Sense NOT too common

    Taibbi acts like he is not ultra-liberal at times but he is. He even lies to himself. Great to talk about it AFTER the fact but during the moment he is ALWAYS liberal. He just is. Taibbi is not honest but ACTS like he could be.

  65. Libs Hate Montesquieu

    You gotta love watching two leftists complain about divorce outcomes from judges when it was the feminists in their own party that organized and lobbied for such policies and laws. When you are a leftist you are incapable of grasping the concept of liberty.

  66. festive destroyer

    Sodomy is illegal her in Texas so I'm a criminal

  67. Dylan Chase

    Drinking game idea: Everytime Joe or Josh say "he's a great guy" take a shot

  68. Milo K

    32k haters.

  69. JB Burger

    It's not for oil gatekeepers, it's for Israel. Grow some balls

  70. Newyorkdavinci

    this guy get lies about the study.... this dude is not a real scientist

  71. Johnnie Helton

    Anyone else notice Joey said his daughter singing music he likes gave him a boner? Like ik what he really meant but that’s just a wild thing to say.

  72. David Gerritzen

    Whats funny is seeing how he thinks that capitalism is only certain people can do certain things. He probably says this because he thinks anything America does is capitalism which is retarded. Capitalism is about free markets and the right to own the fruits of your labor. Also fuck off with that cant be creative because of technology, what the fuck is animation and video games you geriatric fuck. God forbid someone lets you know photoshop exists or zbrush.

  73. Newyorkdavinci

    ive had a lot of experience with these drugs.... this guy is wrong

  74. Bryan Daugherty

    Joey Diaz always #1 but this woman is GOLD!

  75. Bird


  76. random youtube guy

    Khabib vs gsp to open a 165 division would be my dream fight

  77. al becerra

    Joe you never fought in the ufc what the fuck are you talking about , how do you have any right to speak on ufc fights when you’ve never been in the ring ? You and Stephen a are equals in that sense , that’s why you’re with them and not other fighters ,joe doesn’t even realize what’s going on lol

  78. Matt List

    Joe “I change my positions based on who’s on my show” Rogan

  79. james davis

    .....steady politicking.....

  80. e g


  81. Spark Zuckerbum

    I love that this whole episode is basically Joe trolling his buddy

  82. AIR24 Air Conditioning

    Joe.... dont want to kiss your arse but after this podcast, I'm seriously considering as to whether or not you are borderline genius.

  83. Brendon Ching

    Josh got robbed of countless fights in the UFC via Decisions.

  84. Chris Parkey

    We do have an improv in Arlington

  85. Philip Corrado

    Joe's upper lip grosses me out every video and I have no idea why. It's like an unmoving way too large patch of gray haired skin flap. Eww

  86. Atur Zura

    Don't know this guy. Joe should invite me and let me test his Marie Jane. :-)

  87. Dustin Williams

    I hate these edited, non-live podcasts. Great podcast, but I miss the unedited, raw, uncencored, live days.

  88. brandon gilles

    If "Privileged Victimhood" was a term, this woman would be the definition.

  89. thepropertypusher

    Nice guys finish last. This guy DESERVES the presidency. Reward him for a lifetime of effort.

  90. steveumall

    Anyone else binging the full JRE catalog? FML

  91. Jerrid Roberts

    Why so short? I wouldn’t of expected him to come on this podcast for an hour. Especially after what they covered. Kind of a bummer that it was so quick.

  92. tennaj

    Just remember this..... Her job give her a platform to spread her ignorance! which is VERY dangerous! Everyone has a right to speak,. but when they're wrong they should be called on their ignorance. The problem is that many people play the victim (especially some "Jewish" people claiming antisemitism!) if you're wrong you're wrong. I don't give a shit what your "religion" may be. Now I'm going to go vote for my favorite person in public life.. The Jew named Bernie Sanders 👍👍😊. Sanders 2020. Peace

  93. Shamlise G


  94. Common Sense NOT too common

    So Clinton is a KNOWN womanizer since he is of record PAYING off many women. And now he was on a fight 26 times. No there is just one cover-up and it ALL about the liberal media and the Clinton's machine. Just look at the Clinton foundation fraud. Now look at Biden and the crack addict son and the fact Biden Jr is saying he is broke to not pay a dancer he had a child proven by DNA by the courts. Good grief!!! What more do the Clinton and Biden clans need to do before the press shouts the facts? They are all liberal so they ignore the facts.

  95. Myron Gray

    Great Podcast. Real Talk!

  96. Mr_Monrovia

    No ever alien visit to afrika! To scary

  97. jeremy arroyo

    Why they always hyping up Ed Ruth he was a monster in college but it didn’t translate well into mma he got subbed by a neiman Gracie

  98. Mohamed Oubella

    Pocahontas was a real person dear Joe

  99. kristy ann

    Dumb. Slandering Trump and acting like he's on drugs. Lies and bullshit. He sleeps no hours some days as president. He gets tired. Fuck this loser.

  100. Shlm el

    Dear JRE, Joe Rogan & Josh Thomas (shout out to Brendan Schaub), are giving one of the most Powerful Shows for business transformation I've ever heard next to Les Brown's 'You Gotta Be Hungry'