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  1. Macrodee

    Great family, Jon! How's Benny, is he coming back?

  2. Leo Abrahamsson

    Jon Olsson kan inte du göra en video på svenska någon gång

  3. Sokar80

    4:09 only swedish guy can buildd Ikea stuf so fast :)

  4. Audhal H

    Where is this looping

  5. 12 SAS

    Is it Japan? amazing! I'm Japanese. And I like jon olsson!

  6. 2016013023 Baptis

    thank you brother came to our country and has traveled to the Komodo dragon. I'm from Labuanbajo Indonesia

  7. OTIEmpire

    This whole time I thought Richard and Jon were friends and that was how they knew each other not because hes jannis dad

  8. JK JK

    Miss Benny tho.

  9. Avery Blackburn

    This gives me A Handmaid's Tale vibes.

  10. Gavin Hix

    Bro just hit it

  11. Sigge Sundberg

    Du är så jävla bra!!!!

  12. Kiko

    I miss Benjamin Ortega so much!

  13. Gijs Dams

    I love this vlog but you should really look into getting more colors around Leon, it’s important for a baby’s development!!! So maybe think about what he thinks looks good in his little head instead of what looks cool to you! Good luck!!

  14. Peter Stegman

    Van Houten chocolate. Better come to The Netherlands.

  15. Luís Felipe Figueiredo

    I am far from being a strong person and I can easily get up from the floor this way. Maybe it's some constitutional stuff some people can't do it 😂😂😂

  16. Kabir Bhandari

    What a cozy home

  17. R Reiche

    Wo sind die Kopfstützen mega gefährlich 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Rodrigo Romero

    You are welcome in colombia I would to help if I can

  19. Ismael López

    Yoo Jon i live in front of your House in the flats, that's crazyy

  20. Lemmy73

    Ho fatto l abonamento del tuo Canale.Mi sei molto simpatico

  21. 247Metal

    18:46 Your are welcome

  22. Sebastian Riege

    Awesome Slowmo, perfect video! With which cam did you do this? GH5?

  23. はな

    1:59 靴でボタン押さないで😭

  24. Dominik Kaňák

    Is it really that good the powder?

  25. abbez

    Ni visar för mycket av eran babys. Det kommer inte att bli så kul för hen när hens vänner ser det. Ge hen ett privat liv.

  26. GG Melodysmusicgroup

    I miss Benny ortega

  27. Inglete

    that is a very very nice watch id also be looking at it like Hans very expensive also :O around 32K €

  28. Inglete

    So no more Benni ?

  29. Danny Britto

    Double A yachts.

  30. Glen Lipkens

    13:29 shes sooo cute <3

  31. Елена Соколова


  32. David Fetta FM

    Yesterday I dreamed about meeting Rickard in his Mansion

  33. TomteSwag

    Så j*vla söt😍😍

  34. Gigi

    Perfect interview with Richard!!!

  35. KinG FeRoX

    why don't you live full-time on Marbella like rickard? very good place for Leon to grow up

  36. Jose Dellepiane

    Show us the progress

  37. Murati FILMS

    These day kids are lucky when they grow-up they will see how they born..only scary thing when nurse pull baby from throat looks choking that scary,

  38. Ell

    Rubber strap AP is a beauty. Allegra’s watch isn’t to shabby either

  39. henq

    The cars stuff starts at 19:00

  40. m.e

    check out @unbreakableshaped on tik tok or instagram, she did the one leg get up with BOTH hands easy!!!!

  41. Chass -

    Aaron seems chill, gonna miss Benni tho 😭😭

  42. dario D

    Spoiler alert from Benji! "Jon and I will be reunited in Colombia to build an other school, and I cannot wait 🤘🏻"

  43. dario D

    Spoiler alert from Benji! "Jon and I will be reunited in Colombia to build an other school, and I cannot wait 🤘🏻"

  44. Hardik M Shah

    I miss this glorious sound!!!!!!!!

  45. Matteo Stucchi

    That NASA hoodie 😍

  46. Marcüs Mayer Rothschild

    Ya que el bebe ha nacido en España y es Español, le tendreis que enseñar a hablar castellano no ?

  47. Flying Dutchman

    Live life to the Max Jon ..... But when do you start to do an overkill in being sustainable!!!!!

  48. cxintyy

    Det där var typ den sötaste bäbisen jag någonsin sett!! That was like the cutest baby i have ever seen!!

  49. Antonio Carlos Da Cruz

    Brasil são paulo thau thau.

  50. 延边迷笛乐园


  51. Pablo

    IM missing benny's touch on the videos...when is he coming back?!??!?!?

  52. Estelle Audrey

    Wow Janni’s Wish happened 😁 They have now Beautiful Leon 🥰 the dog is missing tho!!

  53. Joseph Ulbrich

    Instead of Hola hola hola, you can say, "Hola Mi Amor". 'Hello My Love' :) It sounds a little strange in English, but it's completely normal in Spanish :)

  54. Tony Carroll

    Ohhh Nice To See Alex &Mrs Fru Tc

  55. MRarth

    You Are #flyingbeast of Marbella from India 🤩🤩🤩🤩🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  56. Andy M


  57. Shemar dunrod

    WOw no more Benny, I'm done with this channel.

  58. Helen A

    How were doctors reacted when u said: “Oh, we will filming birth! It’s ok?! Cos we are bloggers!”🤦🏼‍♀️ i am sorry but it’s just freaking me out!! bloggers who filming SUCH AN INTIMATE moments for everyone to watch😑 .., whyyyy they do that , can’t und! It’s INTIMATE! But couldn’t mention this : respect to JAnni for her unbelievable CALMNESS 💪🏽

  59. Jedd Hernández

    Missing Mr. Ortega 😫

  60. Tiff Nidell

    Title sequence starts at 18:57.

  61. Vegas Driver

    Cant wait for the C8 RS6 avant to be available in the USA market and for me to be able to afford one of course

  62. Vegas Driver

    Just gotta say Janni is the perfect female, shes gorgeous and shes into racing

  63. niko v

    Love the video and I totally agree about the furniture but you may want to cover up the sharp corners for Leon, especially on that low lying shoe rack! Glad to see another video much love from USA

  64. Amanda Gibellino

    Tim, you are magic 💫 I’m going Bonnie & Clyde Without You 🔥❤️🎹🖤🌪⚡️✨💋

  65. ChopStickZero

    I for one dont care if Benji ever returns. Marcus war great,warn, humble, this guy now Erin<Aron?> is nice and humble, while Benji was always only after his own. No appreciation,sense of loyality, never humble or seemed grateful <despite never ending void "wows" every 2s>. They might claim "mutual" but if one of my best friends and also business parters who definitely needs my help just had a baby <and who made his life better x 10>, i surely would not split for months for my own gain. Id be there. Jon is nice and helped out with the rationalization but Benji is a geinuine douchebag and not the good kind you buy online.

  66. MidiFire

    Video shaking made me sick... at least stabilize it with software? Forget 4K, crop stabilize... Until you get a firmer hand :p

  67. MOURID VLOGS abdelrhani

    Thanks for all support to m'y Channel SEsels m.sesels.info/video/video/h3mum57emHyEocw.html

  68. AUTO TV

    Great garage Jon!

  69. In Go

    279.000 € for George....

  70. Cynthia Leaf

    Good for you guys for getting Leon's vaccines! Very important

  71. Tim Zuidinga

    Benji come back!

  72. Tomas Ericsson

    Vart har ni gömt mr Ortega?

  73. Connor Lipke

    I don't even have the mobility to grab my foot like that anymore :(

  74. Vinskys Qc

    his benjamin not with the team anymore? he was a great addition to your entourage.

  75. Lutz Koll

    How and where do you let produce all your clothes and shoes. I really like what you do.

  76. Sheran Voogd

    Wheres benni?

  77. Dharma

    Where's Benni?

  78. Dee Znuts

    Guess douchebag and douche means something else in your country lmfao hahahhahahahah

  79. Drew Roper

    what happened to benny?

  80. Santiago Linares


  81. Santiago Linares


  82. Ludo Kermann

    When benny will be back ??? 😁

  83. FaZe Fanboy

    where the fuck is benni?????

  84. McBen Phynn

    Lovely family ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  85. Roman Archinov

    Good family. Well done Jon! When i started watching u, I didn’t have a family, now i have a wife and a son. We r starting to build a house too 😁. Wish u all the best mate. Don’t stop 🤘

  86. MemoryLaneCinema

    just another internet-baby. sad.

  87. bustedfreckle

    "SICKEST GARAGE" at 19min...

  88. FlicFlacEntertaiment

    Vlog starts at 18:50

  89. Mohamed El Demery

    Welcome Aron don’t forget to have fun Fun = gold content

  90. Superbike Racer

    The price for you car is too high. Better buy a house with 290,000 €

  91. charlywilde


  92. Robert Carter

    This my own opinion but this don’t feel the same as i watch his old videos but its not bad though.

  93. Dj without Name

    Song Name 4:25?



  95. DerLuc4

    Thanks for not cutting out any of the sports part. It tought so much about your mindset. I would have given up after 2 retries 🙈 you are like "i won't end this vlog without making it" 👌

  96. F Ardenti

    I find it very strange that as soon as Janni was pregnant, Benny left and hasnt yet visited them to see their baby as normal "friends" would do, also the baby looks really like Benny, he has the eye shape, the hair, everything. LOL just saying, obviously cannot be true!

  97. Thorsten Theete

    I think this was no time laps hat the beginning because guys from sweeden can build that fast thinks from Ikea

  98. sajzsdob

    Aaron seems like a nice guy! I see potential. Good job with the editing too

  99. Teresa La Marquesa

    Enhorabuena Q pareja y bebe tan lindo, un saludo desde España.

  100. Sebastian_vikse v1ks3

    I have a empty feeling every time Benny is not in the Video;(When is he coming back?