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  1. PeterTheSAGAFan

    The Show Director : “ jump in there guys, have some balls..”

  2. Yuri

    Remember- if you’re going to exchange numbers with someone, wear a condom.

  3. Green T

    Earthquake for Trump!

  4. SJ

    Yes, hand washing; I've traveled to mainland China on business (Guangzhou/ pr. "Guan-jzoe") and hand washing is not what it is here... unless in a westernized building (like a Marriott), there's rarely soap, paper towels, tissue boxes, or even toilets, much less those little sanitary seat covers. I was directed to a stall with a hole in the ground to use the ladies room. This wasn't a campground, it was a huge factory in a big city, making all the cheap products you & I use everyday. This is how SARS spread like wildfire. This virus can quickly turn into the Modern day Plague.


    Ok why does Pete's moment remind me of what happened to Ninja at New Years? Ninja: *Starts flossing* Come on guys I'm not seeing enough movement Me: It's happening again but to someone else *Facepalm* Also Bezos got hacked by Saudi Crown Prince? And it was because of a simple number exchange? See this is why you don't just take any and any persons number. And don't use "Oh it's for business" as your excuse cuz it can still happen.

  6. opticalcanine

    If I have to see that "what's rumblr" ad again I'm probably just going to kill myself

  7. luv roxie

    Beautiful Couple..💝

  8. Alex Boricua

    Why the scientist have to name the virus after a beer? Damn it... Why Corona? Couldn’t they put something like .. mouthgingivitistinkygumlungcavery virus or some shit like that? Why the 🍻 🍺 🍻🍻🍻🍺🍺 ?? Ha ? Ha?

  9. Violet Phoenix

    I'm a Christian prophetess and 3 years ago God gave me a vision that twenty years in a future, there would be a really virus that would start in China and would kill them in the millions. I remember hearing God say it would be "worse than.the bubonic plague".

  10. Björn Emil Karlsson

    Handsanitizier does NOT replace proper washing of hands, it's simply the last step of the process!

  11. Tracey Wingfield

    That three but we still going to war with Iran. 1. 15 of the 19 911 attackers were Saudi. 2. Several Saudis completed a mass shooting on a military training base in the US. 3. And now this.

  12. Lord Shelby

    Woah news in the US is trying to scare people but news in europe and Aussie looks reserved and prepared.

  13. Matthew Wease


  14. BTsMusicChannel

    How is Hillary Clinton still relevant?

  15. OhZordan

    Of course the people on the hill don't like Bernie. He doesn't do deals, he doesn't mince his words, he doesn't sell his ideals and he wants to end the gravy train for politicians that are for sale. The disease doesn't like the cure.

  16. Kaligraphy's Hub

    No way Jose 😅😅

  17. jon jonson

    This ehore makes me sikkkkkk

  18. steve mean

    Dad is a fucking bitch.😂

  19. Sudev Sen

    Lol MBS is Mr Robot

  20. Amin Sahid

    I love this show. ♥️

  21. stephen roldan



    Jeff Bezos is lucky! That journalist was killed and dismembered by the Saudi’s - allegedly.

  23. xavieryannes

    How can Trevor misrepresent the facts around the hacking case so much? There is no logical jump from MBS sending the file to him personally creating the malware. In fact it’s generally understood that the same malware has been purchased by Saudi Arabia and deployed on thousands. I usually like Trevor but the reporting is just sloppy here.

  24. Ottiss EG

    "Unsolicited malware infected file"... seriously? That's all you need to hack Amazon's CEO phone? No antivirus or any firewall, or any short of security?

  25. Xaadi Chaudhry

    Thats a saying in my culture. To cover up 1 lie u will say 1000 more. Its not worth to lie in the 1st place to avoid embarrassed in the end.

  26. cemeter

    Washing hands is the first and foremost method to prevent the spread of pathogens.

  27. Eremiophon

    The press is absolutely clueless about the process of malware distribution. Fingering the Crown Prince personally at this stage is laughably naïve. How many people have access to his phone? How many people this week have innocently passed along infected files w/o realizing it? Cyber-hygiene is better than it used to be, but most people (including high-ranking national leaders) are still very bad at it.

  28. shubhal gupta

    Sounds like jared Leto's joker laugh🤣🤣

  29. Simon Beaufont

    The crown prince of Saudi Arabia is probably dust sad The Tick was canceled

  30. maanda phophi

    I want a 'Patricia segment'

  31. Sudev Sen

    Classic Payo Mete

  32. Kpoop

    Bruh I swear “socialism curious” so what is socialism like a sexuality now

  33. Bunny Bro

    Bruh,this virus outbreak has gotta be the most overpublicised thing after ebola

  34. Cody Johnson

    Trump is the great divider! Worst President, ever.

  35. JFB

    That...wasn't funny.

  36. truth light

    Better you guys watch the original

  37. Alexander Bluhm

    Oh my god ... Why do you think America is the greatest country in the world???? Ridiculous

  38. Nathaniel Gomez

    Why do they funnel them through the biggest cities where they could infect the most people.

  39. Tyler Short

    I get that this is a parody, it's funny, but at the same time it was too good for me. I couldn't handle 10 minutes.

  40. ana s

    Noah the peanut 🥜 man died 2020 flipping out of his peanut 🥜 van he sadly 😢 had to let go to save the other 2 guys with him so yeah your right he didn’t die from a peanut 🥜 allergy R.i.p. peanut 🥜 man ⚰️

  41. Alignedandpositioned

    Special place in hell for you Trevor! U wrong for that!

  42. Marat B

    delta CEO is probably giving himself 1.5 billions dollars bonus and the other 0.1 billion is shared betwenn all the other employees

  43. soheila y


  44. Diamond dust

    3:46 this is racist and islamophobic. I didn't expect that from you trevor


    Ifeel like they have already covered this why do they keep reporting it #milk

  46. Lupe Arismendez

    Ubi is a terrible idea.

  47. Azra xox

    Oh coome oon, this whole virus news feels so exaggerated. People just have a flu🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Christel Headington

      People die from "just a flu", too.

    2. xander witt

      Azra xox wait until you get this one

  48. Lenox W

    Drop out Pete, its over.

  49. Nadine Smith

    No stupid all cops aren't Rascist why is white people so eager to take up the black causes to get ratings. ? Remember white people àll this started the day you decided to take the ÀFRICANS to AMERICA'S you people didn't do us any Favors OH HOW MY ANCESTORS SUFFERED

  50. Callie Masters

    McConnell's wife works for Trump in his cabinet. Anybody see a conflict of interest there?

  51. Alignedandpositioned

    He is a brain surgeon not a realtor. Please note, you would never have placed any other neurosurgeon in that seat.

  52. Tesla 101

    Everyone should watch Bernie Sanders on the Joe Rogan Experience.. You won't regret. If you doubt his policies , this will help you make a rational decision

  53. Meelek Edits

    Funny video trev's . I would like to know about a follow up to the virus and bezo's phone hacking, is it known already what caused the virus and what bezo's gonna do?

  54. Willie Combs

    Pay who?

  55. costa rican guy

    Biden sucks

  56. Ivone de Figueiredo

    Wrong subtitles. Please fix it.

  57. Shana Simmons

    Bad reports they can't take control of the conversation from this lunitic Rudy is a disgrace reporter's need to learn reporting 1,0,1 always take control of the conversation fox news kid show

  58. Carolyn Pagliuca

    Even though they are loosing their royalty they are still involved with illuminati crazy disney corporation which probably leads you right back to the grandmother!

  59. Bobby Cash

    The fact he called them "Sheep" & it showed saids alot.

  60. Jarno L

    Racism is fun when it's not towards you?

  61. Dornel Philip

    No such thing as white privilege. Idk why continue with this narrative

  62. wss w

    This guys needs help with dancing for real

  63. Dan Strayer

    THIS is Fox

  64. Darrell Saunders

    Lol this coming from Hillary is funny as hell...Hillary is literally one of the most deceptive person in politics

  65. Admiral Firespammer


  66. Deku Uchiha

    I like your stop and frisk idea. Take some of that campaign money

  67. Jenny Lee

    Your Scottish accent was very well done--I couldn't understand a thing--just like with real Scots.

  68. polkapo

    Whatever, Pete seemed pretty normal to me. You're reaching a bit to mock that moment or his laugh... It was a pretty normal and acceptable interaction to engage with an audience, whereas Bush gave an awkward command to clap.

  69. Jeff

    Why is it geared only towards black women. We can't heal the black issues without first fixing the issues between black men and women.

  70. Jacky Walcott

    I am with you Meghan and Harry♥

  71. Objective One

    Wow! She’s going to positively impact plenty of people... I’m sure she already is! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  72. Aelita K

    A lot of students from my country (Kazakhstan) are studying in Wuhan and I can’t imagine how they or their parents must feel. It is also scary to be that close to China, but it seems like whenever people will choose to go the virus is already there.

  73. Large Soda

    Me: *moves to greenland*

  74. Old Woman

    What corporate media won't do is the only thing that would effectively remove Trump, which is to cut the air time they give to this fascist, because corporate media is also fascist and Trump's outrageousness draws the crowd that brings them viewer bucks. Follow the money. Always follow the money when you want to figure out who the criminals are.

  75. Üzun

    I don’t understand what his joke is supposed to be

    1. Dylan Smith

      Don't worry he's really not that funny. Honestly he's a fucking liberal sheep who jokes at the misfortune of others .

  76. Chi chan

    If you think about it, the timing of the Virus and the Chinese New Year where alot people will be traveling, this sounds like a sabotage.

    1. BOwZO BEtsiq

      @Meelek Edits you have no idea about the CIAs History. Assassinations, Sabotage, regime change and Assassinating another country's economy. A virus during a mass migration is a perfect timing to target China's economy and destroy their image.

    2. Oldman God

      @Meelek Edits Eating or not eating wild animals, the Coronavirus virus will still be in the animal, and probably spread to other animals then to live stocks then the province where there are few medical equipments and medicines. More people would die. In the province people go to the forest all the time, they could step on their feces, breathe air, breathe their fur, go to rivers and be infected just by touching things such as leaves, trees and soil.

    3. Meelek Edits

      Nice conspiracy asian girl, if something bad happens in china its westerners sabotaging china. True.

  77. CPL, MP, C/O, CPT CL

    😂😂😂 Love my flip phone.

  78. ᴋɴɪɢʜᴛ َ

    keep in mind ( Bezos ) is also the owner of the Washington Post that's the same newspaper that published critical stories about Saudi Arabia those articles of course written by ( Jamel khashoggi ) And this man( Bezos ) has a $600m deal with the CIA..

  79. The Simpsons

    Bernie is the biggest loser. His wife should be jail along with all the Wall Street folks

  80. Taregh Tah


  81. The Simpsons

    Bernie bros are assholes. Fuckers went to school and got shitty liberal arts education and cannot get jobs. Useless assholes

  82. Sparsh Garg

    Whatever spirit did to Trevor was their worst mistake ever

  83. jaime delgado

    Bin Salmon sliding into my DM's: please accept this cute picture of a bone saw.

  84. BuildingCenter


  85. W M

    That Pete Buttigeg guy looks a lot like The Master(Richard Saxon) from Doctor Who.

    1. Bonnie F

      You know, now that you mention it, I can see the resemblance. I always thought the Master was the creepiest of all the Doctor Who villains.

  86. John McVey

    I know this sounds like the ultimate batman like conspiracy, but what if the Trump impeachment, the Corona virus and Giuliani's evidence against the Deep State are all interrelated. Everyone has been asking why are the Democrats going to all the bother of trying to impeach Trump when its obvious the Senate will dismiss their attempt. But what if the Corona Virus is man made and could wipe out millions of people. Who has their hands on the vaccine? The patent for the Corona virus vaccine was registered November 2018 ​@t Are Senators going to be bribed to impeach Trump and Giuliani told to keep quiet or millions will die! The timing seems suspicious and the media are covering up so much! Look at this video. They don't want Giuliani's message to get out.

  87. Richard Servello

    I was expecting Pete's laugh at the end.

  88. radnukespeoplesminds

    but seriously washing hands is not an established practice in china, that recommendation to wash hands is serious.

  89. Supahfly Spidey

    High pitched giggle wtf lol

  90. Benjamin Jensen

    The Saudi Price was like “if we expose Jeff Bezos’s infidelity, then his wife will get a divorce and half his money; and I will remain the most wealthy man on Earth”.

  91. alpha omikron

    South Africa is the easiest by far country to find in a map. J.O. couldn't pull that trick off.

  92. gelo almario

    No way jose🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 wwe

  93. Supahfly Spidey

    Krusty 😂🤣😅

  94. Hackermann

    Redditors somehow predicted the plague. Hopefully we survive with minimal casualty.

  95. Gash Iran

    Why can’t people just cut them hands off, they won’t have to worry about washing them at all 😂🤝

  96. komodo drag

    Dr king and all he done and stood for is just a joke huh black Americans🙄🤨