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  1. Double M

    Do Nothing Democrat Half Whitmer hasn’t done anything but point fingers !

  2. Stilltippin2020

    Everyone in Michigan should remember how trump treated you on Election Day

  3. R. W.

    rep are MORONS always have and always wil be. just plain stupid low iq MORONS. let them do wat thea want, we wil be rid of theas MORONS in no time. FUCK THEM

  4. G. Strauss

    @0:57: Trevor, what has that to do with Europe or Germans for that matter? Look at the daily line-up of zombies at those 'press releases' and ask them how to do butt-smelling. Munchies and VPoodle's noses are turning brown before our eyes.

  5. barcelonnette

    In Belgium we are also divided and now we have an interim gouverment because of corona. The election was 300 days ago. A miracle.

  6. Tertius Peter

    Trevor your jokes are on another level bro have.nt even started with the news content the husband and wife April fool's prank got me already lmklaaa all the way from South Africa

  7. Hypogonadism

    This is the difference.. When the cult write this shit online, its kind of looks normal and cool to them. When confronted face to face,, they look exactly as dumb as their words...

  8. TREBOR070607

    All this guy does is to try to convince the viewers to hate the President. Propaganda BS.

  9. Ben Davalos

    Trevor Noah's portions are probably like can I paint the virus and crayons! LOL

  10. Nii Adjei

    So a president who demands autocratic rule during this crisis, another who refuses social distancing rules and recommends a bogus solution to the pandemic are comparable to a leader who got the population of Seoul wrong? Seriously, I understand you have your job to do by downplaying the President. However, following these orders at such times makes you look like a social wrecker. This isn't the time to be foing this. We need to stand together and fight this as one people. Making the man in charge (I don't care how you feel about that) look bad when he's actually pulling his weight is a terrible thing to do at this time. God have mercy on you.

  11. LinkMann1000

    Im German and i can say: Yes, this is the way we talk all the time.

  12. David B

    Buffalo block party 😆😆

  13. Enrique Alcazar

    More social distancing doesn't mean less quarantine, the better we are at it, the longer we are gonna be trapped! If we flatten the curve the curve will be longer 😁

  14. Naz Hamid

    It’s all because of Obama, he collaborated with wallstreet bloodsuckers and made China strong in many ways , because of him China grow bigger than ever ,now they are the source of all disasters !!!

  15. B H

    That last guy! I can't. LOLOLOL

  16. Shaharyar Ahmad

    It looks weird without soundeffects

  17. shod01

    Thank you Trevor. For all you do.

  18. Roentgen8

    Really loving the graphic inserts and lack of an audience - very down to earth. how do you go back after to the old format after?

  19. petelee hk

    The reason Hong Kong has a 'second wave' is because students rushed back home from the UK and US in mid March, and brought the virus back with them. We had around 150 cases then. 766 today (4 deaths).

  20. Michael T Balonek

    Good, maybe we as Americans will soon take it seriously!! Here is my son's video on the Lockdown in India, using actual data! Hint: it's working!

  21. paw paw esilva

    them pls don’t ever ever ever do that men pls ok #trevornoah

  22. k10

    His supporters r as dumb as he is.. Can't believe people know he is a criminal but still vote for him.. Wow

  23. Playfulpanthress

    Why do the reporters always ask republican presidents soft questions? Especially the current fat fuck? When it was Obama, he and his team had very tough questions. Many were fair, the rest were from faux news. Why are reporters scared of republicans? I am sick of republicans never getting tough questions, it’s bullshit. If reporters can’t be tough on republicans like they are on democrats, they should leave the profession. Being afraid of losing access means did fly if you’re too scared to challenge power when they’re there.

  24. José Arcadio Buendia

    Meanwhile, Trump's approval ratings are at a record high... Americans are weird.

  25. Israel Macias

    Hahahahah. They should wait to Trump. Hahahahah. But now they. Said ?

  26. Susiana Wijaya

    Shit, your german accent is on point 😂

  27. nzlemming

    Technical point: Shit load of mic popping through this segment.

  28. Tare Madzima

    Its not the Corona only its this 5G + the Coronavirus that they give at the testing, so sorry to but Trump is right on this one.

  29. FoxFireUnlimited

    Only came here to get this out of my feed. To hell with Noah...he'll say anything about anyone if the price is right. SEsels should promote their actual creators who've been covering this for over three months while getting completely demonized and buried.

  30. James W

    Democrats are Angels and Republicans are Satan in US.

  31. David Lucas

    Time and time again Michigan citizens have demonstrated their strength and resolve when confronted with a crisis. This latest challenge is only made worse by the ineptitude of our "president," who has consistently shown his total lack of comprehension and responsibility and inability to be an effective leader. (Hinting her middle name is "half" was particularly demeaning but hey, it's "half" more than what he's got.) People will continue to die from this plague as Trump fiddles. Stay strong, Ms. Whitmer! We're with you!

  32. Buff

    And after today's presser he decided it's a good time to reignite the 'war on drugs' and send military to the Caribbean.....okay.

  33. OldPlaces

    it's not a new tone, it's a forced confession. fuck that toxic pos mostly because his 'environmental policies'. don't forget the planet, bitches.

  34. Antoi Pepper

    Everyday a new hoodie. Luv it!❤

  35. jimmy Ryan

    Remember the before times. Ah, the before times.

  36. Rainer Unsinn

    There will be more than a million casualties end of May when the health system crashes in two weeks...

  37. Thaveesha Weerakoon

    More people need to watch this show💓 Trevor is brilliant as usual and he's doing the best he can to make sure nobody falls for Trump's lies again. Listen to him, America, nobody can survive another term of Trump's presidency. 🙇🙇🙇

  38. Archie Saskara

    More oxygen for us

  39. Peter Nicolaides

    Trumpelthinskin blaming his impeachment trial for his lack of attention on the corona virus is really stunning, since he was the reason for the impeachment trial in the first place. And didn't he shut the government down, so he could get money to build his wall, that Mexico was going to pay for? The Marmalade Mussolini just had to keep all the bad people from entering the USA all the while having friends like Jeffery Epstein, and Harvey and then saying I never was a fan of them. The man is a habitual liar with lies on top of lies with intermissions of grabbing pussy, and forcing himself on women who wanted nothing to do with his ugly fat ass. So I will not take anything coming from his mouth as the gospel truth and I sure as hell do not want him giving medical advice of wearing a scarf or face mask. I say you first, Mr.Prezident.😱

  40. Ieva I.

    The whole 2020 is a joke

  41. Greybeard

    That’s the problem. Stop going outside around other people. Doesn’t matter if you stand several feet away. Just DON’T CHANCE IT, period. Stay the fuck in.

  42. missmelis825

    Thats our women from Michigan! ❤️

  43. Sarthak Panda

    You are the Kunal kamra of usa

  44. Self-Rewarding Qbits Under Human Control

    It's " Osama Bin Barak. " And Trevor, please try not to be less intelligent.

  45. DarkKnight

    People try and stay the furthest ever from society that is the best way to get away from Covid19

  46. J Tini

    Trump stacks up higher than biden, that's for sure. Vote Bernie!!

  47. Laura F

    What about the "King of Thailand" in Germany??? No German news is covering,...

  48. Niels Toppenberg

    Trevor needs to work on his German accent tbh.

  49. Life of Gina

    I love the part where she said we’re not fighting one another because the enemy is the virus

  50. Trey Indica

    AWESOME !!! #FirstRespondersFirst Take care of those who take care of us. Total raised: $61,639 !!!

  51. Tyrone Saldanha

    Can @benshapiro and @stevencrowder shed some light?

  52. Frankie Brockway

    How kind of that nice reporter for giving Trump an excuse for a slow response. No fake news there?

  53. Ramani Visvanathan

    MF Trump has blood on his hands

  54. fäp

    Shes doing a terrible job right now

  55. Ed Schafer

    we did have this warnings in germany? did not notice.

  56. Ferret -007

    He keeps saying 2 weeks but it's going to take what it takes. He will soon be rolling back this statement, again!

  57. Salam Falasteen

    He’s the last one that cares about the American people and their well being, his priorities are the economy and winning a second term in the upcoming elections.

  58. PoorManTravel

    #Event201 #followthemoney

  59. Hoai Nguyen

    Hottie MILF governor

  60. Caroline's Here

    He did not act quickly with this virus because there was too muchinsider trading going on by those two senators that decided their money was more important than other people's lives and I believe these two senators should pay for that they should be charged with murder wanton endangerment premeditated murder the whole worksthe families of those that died should be able to sue these two senators for everything they got

  61. 823Smiley

    Everytime Trump doesn't like something someone says he can't control his hands. 😂😂😂

  62. Bilal Ahmed

    That book of OBAMA

  63. Sizwe Zwane

    ekse Trevor hamba uyoshefa bozza aingeke phela manje kuyabheda

  64. Denise Villanti

    SEsels plays a Trump commercial from the "Make america great again commercial" before the video. Trump is a mysonogyst "that woman from Michigan" is his childish ploy to belittle her.

  65. R Wags

    “2 weeks”, “light at the end of the tunnel”. He can’t even get somber right without bs. There is no imminent light while figures are exponentially multiplying nor is there just 2 weeks of hardship... his advisors would have told him that, yet he persists. WTF America.

  66. Lightning strikes twice

    She scares Trump! Oh no! A Attractive smart woman! Someone I can't bulshit! Oh what am I going to do! I'm going to run home to Melania!

  67. Roy Vowels

    Maybe trump finally realized how retarded he is.

  68. Drake KL

    I would like to stay at home (except buying food in the supermarket), even not only for 15 days, maybe for 20, 25, what you want, but my parents don't let me do this. "You need to do a little bit sport." Yeah...

  69. reign fury

    Even Will Smith's laugh is rich $ lol .. really dope interview great energy both ends and very natural gotta love these 2 fellas.

  70. Socorro Benitez

    Awesome. Informative video.

  71. Ora Broughton

    Trump said if they impeach me, see what will happen. It happening.Do not be surprise.

  72. Eleanor Zhao

    Little fact, Hong Kong is not one of the Asian countries. It is part of China.

  73. Red Button TV1

    that woman is d best

  74. Natalie C

    I'm from Belarus and I can say it's true. Sadly. People are now signing a petition to start a quarantine in the country. We understand everything but cannot force our President to listen to WHO. A lot of people are now in self-isolation and many businesses allow working remotely. We're trying to help our doctors and nurses with housing and money but this is something that must be done by the Government in the first place. Hope everybody stays safe!

  75. Roy Vowels

    A new wave of infections! Totally saw that coming....

  76. Kyzer

    That light is scary, some thing from Lord of the ring, evil tower

  77. Rosa Spangenberg

    Yes, Trevor! The perfect German accent is back! Love to start my day here in Germany with your show, especially when I can't go outside and have nothing to do! Your show gives me like a schedule, so that I have a reason to get up and get my phone. :) Thank you guys so much!

  78. GrayLine

    25% about things that are topical and 75% about jacking off to Trump. He is sure making writers job easy ain't he? #TiredOldMaterial

  79. Flik

    I feel like the US just wants to be number 1 in everything: Italy's got 100,000 contaminations? We doubled that!

  80. Kalle S

    0:40 How he simulates German accent. :-) Really amusing. I am german.

  81. Yoshi Nakamura

    Hong Kong is a country??? wow, that's something new to know