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  1. Lori Lempicki

    was merrick on amricas got talent?

    1. Save The Turtles


  2. QueenSky

    Oof 😓 finally the comments are actived

  3. Juley

    Gianina is so cute!!!☺️☺️☺️

  4. Obassi A-n

    Make a guess the post video with Loren gray, or Kristen hancher or hollyh

  5. alice hyland

    comments!! i love gianina, my fave on season 8

  6. Egla Sallaku

    They finally activated the comments😃Yayyy

  7. Kimberly Sun

    His voice literally dropped 10 octaves


    Русские,вы где ?

  9. T K

    Here before they turn off comments

  10. Jinelle Tauro

    Hi famous birthdays cud you please add me to on your show my tiktok account @jinelletauro2

  11. Marvelous Mei Mei

    (●’◡’●)ノ 𝓱𝓲

  12. Raelle Hall

    OMG the comments are activated 😮hi ya’ll

  13. Hanna Kren

    When I was 11 I started chatting with this guy, he then had 23 k subscribers and he dances Robot Dance*, we talked with him for about a year and then he became more popular and we stopped talking

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  15. AaliyahMarie


  16. Mohammed Ali


  17. AshtonJDE

    Omg the first time I’ve ever seen them activate comments ❤️

  18. Emily Lamb

    Oh are they doing comments nowM

  19. Ami Patel

    Early 8 minutes

  20. Sara Jedidia


  21. Pilar Guerrero

    oh wow they actually activated the comments.

    1. Juley

      Yeah!!!! WOW

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  23. Molly Balabon

    you guys are my fav

  24. Karlie Kowitz

    Early yay!!!!💓💓💓

  25. n. pascar

    Hello l live in Russian ❤️🌸✨😹🇺🇸🇷🇺

  26. Lorenny Diaz

    3 minutes ago SECOND TIME EARLY

  27. Lenka Kosovac

    3 min omggggg

  28. Sara Jedidia

    From DANCE MOMS ❤️❤️

  29. Sara Jedidia

    GIANNINA 🥰🥰🥰!!!!

  30. Sara Jedidia

    Love them ❤️

  31. Casey Farmer

    10th comment 😂

  32. joan duckworth

    Follow my op tiktok xxliefsunicorn

  33. Limon 123

    Если смотришь тик ток, то с тебя лайк!!!

  34. Niamh Murphy

    Hi im early

  35. Macy Strausbaugh

    Hiiiii 2nd commenttt

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  37. Pepa c

    Sooo earlyyy OMG ILYSM ❤❤🤩🤩

  38. Raneem Almasoud


    1. hAlO ‘.’

      Raneem Almasoud u are first

  39. Its MyTime

    Second comment

  40. Ashely May

    2nd comment omg hiiii



  42. Pepa c

    ILYSM guys 🤩

  43. Melissa Barros Villagelin

    i Love youuuu!!

  44. Melaher Habtu

    I’m second

  45. Itsyourbaeee M


    1. hAlO ‘.’

      Sadly u are 2nd

  46. Des_ired

    1st comment love ya guys :)!

  47. Elianis Patricia Tapias Torres

    Mackenzie you like to dance with abby after

  48. Selin Tabea

    It‘s your fav french youtuber

  49. Poppy83

    This would be an awesome song if a talented artist sang it 😂😂

  50. Penny Jordan

    Dang matt smith is 30 y'all are weird

  51. Nick Rakos

    You guys were wrong about DangMattSmith's age. He was 29 at the time. One month away from turning 30.

  52. Jordan McGurer

    Tana mongeau I’m a rapper!!!!

  53. Misty is not cool

    This is too cute! Good voice too!

  54. Tinley Guthrie

    I know Emily

  55. Edward Cullen

    Hit the Like button if you were one of those people who didn’t know half of them!!! 👇🏻😂

  56. Ada •

    Kenzie looks so old

  57. Billieeilishfan Love

    I just love the part with billie🥰🥰

  58. Saira Arellano

    Every blonde must have a brunette by her side🤗

  59. bri schira

    what's up with her orange hair?

  60. Caroline Bromstrup

    I watch dance moms

  61. Just Stop

    Omg Sissy and Jillian going against each other in this vid is just too much 🤣🤣

  62. Brianna Hatzel

    I only got 3 correct Lol

  63. mervia tiking

    mah fav french youtuber back at it agin in famous birthday auuuuuu

  64. Bilikis Tijani

    I love you so much i rosie

  65. Itz Mais


  66. ThaddeusPhish

    Why are so many of your comments disabled???


    It's funny how they say Ruby rose turned is the cutest when she's only a year younger than them.


    SSSniperWolf LOVE YOU‼

  69. Zoey Sattaur

    If they got Billie wrong tht would have been bad

  70. Ritika

    Jemily shippers where you at?!

  71. Betsy Carrillo

    Is it just me or does Emily remind you of Sabrina carpenter

  72. Kishyah thatkid

    Can I be on the most famous birthday I sent it to u now I got to contact u

  73. Kerri Jackson

    Both of you do you have a crush on tall me 😘

  74. Teresa Nikkibigsis

    If u love Rosie like this comment

  75. Teresa Nikkibigsis

    Your amazing 😉🧸😍❤️🎄

  76. Julia Townsend

    i was so supprized whne i saw ssniperwolf!!

  77. Leopard LDT

    Emily should know Asher Angel’s Age

  78. your girl

    Oh look it's the boyfriends stealer

  79. Emily Countryman

    this video was posted on my birthday

  80. Smart Side

    Sabrina Carpenter is 20 years old

  81. asgrimmer

    They are laughy

  82. felicia awazi

    Mackenzie sisters name is maddie

  83. Helena Kumah

    No offense but Mackenzie Ziegler’s nose is so big

  84. Gracie Rutherford

    Got most right

  85. Ramón Ramirez

    I love her

  86. Brianna Duncan


  87. Alyssa Patterson

    The guess their age one they turned the comments off but this one is on lmao

  88. Delaney The unicorn


  89. Karina not real Kurzawa

    Wheres Coco?

  90. Yvonne Pruitt

    Watch the video Emily not no chaser the other girl next to her is cheating

  91. Yvonne Pruitt

    Watch the

  92. COOK WITH Bushra

    Sophie: unfollow people who do not inspire you. Me: ok. BTW THIS COMMENT IS NOT IN THIS VIDEO 😂

  93. COOK WITH Bushra

    You Know Who Is Most Beautiful And Cute Percent In This Whole World Look at the first word😊

  94. COOK WITH Bushra

    You got all correct 👌 nice good great 👍 😀 love you sooo much I am biggest fan of Sophie Michelle says.😊😘😄

  95. Jannat Plays

    3:57 Mackenzie Literally Looked at Emily’s Whiteboard so she can get the Answer, anyone Noticed? it was kinda funny for me

  96. Rhea kymar

    Are u gay

  97. Hellothisismylife guys I swear check her out she gotta be noticed her phone is bad but she’s got a great voice

  98. Sofina Jagirdar


  99. Sydney Hughes

    Who misses Emily on Andi Mack I love that show

  100. Maya Armstrong

    I want to meet you kenzie and be friends