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  1. Get 100 subscribers with no video challenge

    Hold up Cardi Blood? And blue face Crip?

  2. Klorx

    Not gonna lie lil Teccas part gave me weatherman vibes

  3. Molcamp Tube

    Big boy Eminem!

  4. Asish Thomas

    Was the making of this music video rushed? I can see some really bad screen replacement VFX shots, It really kinda kills the mood on this awesome song for me.

  5. Basty Villagra

    This is Shape of my Head update


    Hey you guys can u go check out me and my brother reaction to this on my channel

  7. Mr Gamez

    @Madara no matter how old he is he is still a fire rapper.

  8. Allison Segura

    Addison ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Dakota Wilson

    How you gon be shorter than yo girl dawg

  10. diorboy


  11. Алексей Губар


  12. JuJu Tv J Wall

    I got mixed personalities 🤔🤔

  13. CC : Hort-jannik-YT

    wow you were srcolling so long you found my comment

  14. Ethan Engebretson

    When I’m low, Acid boot me up 😞😞

  15. Gane Nushi

    Make 500 replies on this comment for no reason

  16. Raafje van Eijck

    Lil mosey was at the hype house?

  17. Theif

    Put it on 1.25 and u wont see a difference the rapping is same. (Im obviously kidding)

  18. Get 100 subscribers with no video challenge

    Is he from the south?

  19. akram Uchiha

    Anyone notice he is in the hypehouse

  20. RHEC 01

    Anybody notice juice WRLD when he says if they sleep in on me bro he is in the background

  21. Mohammed Ahmed

    If u dislike u r a banana

  22. Jerry Jackson

    Lil Durk for president

  23. Allister Kohler

    Mosey shooting a music video: Random dude walking down the street😐😮

  24. KrewPlaysXbox

    Filmed at hype house

  25. Gus Campbell

    mellys favourite call of duty is number 4 but didn’t understand friendly fire😣

  26. Ramona Horta


  27. Delayz ???

    3:11 listen at 2 speed

  28. Grace Goodwin

    No fucking way the hype house is in this oh nooo omg

  29. DS_Colbster

    Tik Tok makes this song popular Lil mousy: ok bet music vid at the hype house

  30. Deni User harith

    1 april 2020🖒 Belike

  31. Niko Gpsy

    Lil mosey is trash Look at him to

  32. Karen Carvallo

    Did anybody else realized that he's in the hype house?

  33. Heighton Covey

    Lil mosey is the hottest rapper tho

  34. Travel2K

    90% comments: Lil mosey is the whitest black person 10% comments: Other

  35. Kasual Elate

    He said the n word his white

  36. Ruben Ilisoi

    here from Matt D'Avella

  37. sarah garcia

    is that the hype house

  38. Josué Martinez

    Did he just drink vodka. So he is Russian

  39. Swifty

    1:14 dis dude says n word even tho he white as fuck

    1. aidan mendoza

      Hes mixed you dumb anime lover

  40. lisa rose


  41. Natasha Jones

    Juice WRLD WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  42. Rick Davis

    Kid laroi I see u nigga 🧑👀👀

  43. Carl Johnson


  44. Ernesto Reales

    Snitch nine: see judge he has more 10 people at one time

  45. Pedro Chavez

    Please follow me on tik tok

  46. Super Max


  47. Eduardo Anaya69

    I’m gonna tell my kids this was the magic school bus

  48. Badjoraz

    such new cool music, nothing like any of the other lil rappers ever created

  49. Kayky Honorato

    Addison: wait, did u just make a song with my name? Laroi: shit, she a diva! Fucking leave her

  50. ybn steven

    nigga looks ugly asf 💀

  51. Abdiel Cruz Mendez

    r.i.p Juice WRLD

  52. DrippyJ Drip shop

    Did no one see Tony Lopez

  53. Antoine Dresdell

    Lil pump is the type of guy that listen to the couch on his television

  54. Momo Fatima

    Fucking beti 1:57

  55. asar davis2

    Anyone still jamming this during quarantine?

  56. Sof!a Matochkina


  57. Swerve

    *It’s funny how this song gets another million views every time I come back*

  58. Tru Kay

    I just saw behind the scenes on TikTok and apparently it was at the hype house

  59. Jonathan Valdez

    I'm 12 years old and this is my favorite music video!!! (Do not tell my mom about this)

  60. ğØđêń øŘéø

    *Tik Tokers have entered the chat*

  61. JogOnYaChickenNugget

    I ain’t gay but he good looking asf

  62. Zoe Duarte


  63. Cameron Lisowski

    Nobody :😱 Eminem 🤪😵🤪

  64. Braedon Collins

    49% of comments: "Lil Mosey is the whitest black guy" 49% of comments: Comments like these 2% of comments: actual original comments

  65. Momo Fatima

    Pimp to how's bf he beat they ass :

  66. hentai god

    3:02 here take an athprin

  67. Peyton Jones

    What’s the colorful jacket with the p on it

  68. Eyeluvsallnotjustafew

    Fake virus lockdown

  69. hashbrown burger YT

    1:29 Eminem breathes

  70. Hallo Weenie


  71. Onurcan Kılıç

    juice wrld legenddd my menn please (türkelr gelin bi sarılalım bi abone olun kanala 310 olayım bari)🇹🇷🇹🇷


    -Lyrical lemonade: exists -Me: Thinking it's aptly named -Me(after watching that videoclip): drinking lemonade to imagine the lyrics I don't even know how to write. But, pls like it. I'll feel good.

  73. Chanta Walker

    Yep those kids hearing something eles

  74. Cheese with 30 subs

    I kno t

  75. Mr. Weeb

    Ooooooooooooo a black guy said nibba

  76. Donavon Lanfair


  77. brisket12

    First, Juice now.. now Kobe

  78. lorenzo de la o

    Shout out the the Synchronized swimming sport they need more attention 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    1. SBE

      lorenzo de la o can you give me bro some feedback too?

    2. SBE

      You right I can’t even swim at all 😭

  79. 박승민

    아 노래 뒤지게 좋네요 씨발 쌉니다 싸요 하하하하하하 나 박재흠 댓글 남기다 2020년 4월2일 ㅎㅎ 질~~질~~쌉니다 노래에 흠 ~벅 반했습니다 ㅋㅋ

  80. Kyle Berkemeier

    the video is fire

    1. SBE

      Kyle Berkemeier what about ??

  81. alexis kearse

    I feel bad for the hype house

    1. SBE

      alexis kearse can you give this some feedback??

    2. SBE

      alexis kearse 😂😂

  82. The Cre4orYT

    This nigga said he sold his soul in the beginning, oh he’ll naw

  83. Vicki Crethers

    1:03 Me and the boys when a group of another boys start messing with us.

  84. Jefrey Bobo

    Hi did you wash your hands PEOPLE ARE DYING THIS IS NO JOKE

  85. Jen Bourne

    93 million views in 3 weeks but Eminem is irrelevant now right wake up people he will always be the rap god

  86. Jonny_Grigg

    Play the fast part at 2x

  87. Haramguez

    Didn't this man get robbed and do nothing about it.

  88. Madam Bad

    Everyone: lil mosey is the whitest black guy Obama: excuse me but I think you forgot someone

  89. Jenriel Urchin

    0:43 He’s the guy who acts on Dhar Mann’s channel!

  90. Adewale Salako

    1:15 when someone has an RPG and allyou have is a pistol

  91. Jason_1

    Why does is look like FaZe Rug's house?

  92. the1andonlyRibaldo

    Good contender for song of the summer this year

    1. SBE

      the1andonlyRibaldo can you give him some feedback also?

    2. SBE

      the1andonlyRibaldo just maybe 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  93. Ren

    He said he was clean but he drank

  94. Xxstrayed

    Thos is recorded in the hype house you can see some of the members like addison

    1. SBE

      Xxstrayed can you give my bro some feedback too?

    2. SBE

      Xxstrayed wait till tiktok find this song 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  95. hardcore

    Я знаю ты меня хрен поймешь, но это чудовищно песдато

  96. Michael Cornelius

    Go Vote for Eminem on RAP Instagram story. Em in the finals and is losing to lil Uzi vert

  97. Raxor

    golf car > upgrade > mercedes

  98. Tanya Boyland

    I am so sorry to bother 😔😥😞😥 fk

  99. Xavier Harris

    ON GOD i aint gay but this nigga hot

    1. SBE

      Xavier Harris YOOO 😂😂😂


    plzzz support me i have made cover in this song only plzzz help me to grow