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  1. Saim Avancena

    Hope Sweden make the right decision and send Dotter to eurovision. I do have high hopes that she will win, but still PLEASE VOTE FOR HER..❤

  2. Don’t mind me

    Omg she has 39% winning chance on The odds! WINNER!

  3. gustav hegethorn

    winner winner chicken dinner

  4. Vicente Silanen Zorilla

    Hej mello

  5. Mitralize

    Dotter har en super fin röst men låten är inget esc bidrag enligt mig. Hur tror folk att detta kommer slå alla andra länder? Förstår inte, det låter som vilken låt som helst. För att vinna behöver man sticka ut och vara annorlunda.

  6. Stefan Khoo

    This will win, mark my words.

  7. Ted Ted

    Sweden - LIVE - Dotter - Bulletproof - Grand Final - Eurovision 2020

  8. Black88Halo

    Yes it's an amazing song and the presentation is out of this world but it's a mixture of Sia and Halsey...

  9. Evert von Bischopink

    Her hair is satisfying, 😂

  10. Scott Humm

    If she wins Melfest (and I hope she does) I predict this will win the whole contest

  11. Master

    Can't shake feeling that i'm listening to mix of SIA songs

  12. nono

    When is the Final?

    1. Fridaaa Lundiin

      7 mars on my birthday🥰😅

    2. nono

      Michelle H thank you!!

    3. Michelle H

      In 2 weeks

  13. Gili

    This should win but it is also not a good song. Sweden disapoints this year

  14. Ryan B

    Love her but some of those notes.... questionable

  15. Linnéa V

    ok between this and anna bergendahl this is more artsy, unique and different!!!

  16. CaMiLLa D

    It seems Hanna Ferm is Dotter's biggest threat. But her performance and message of the song is really nothing compared to Dotter's and I really hope the international juries will get behind Dotter and not Hanna or even Anna. If they don't then Dotter will be in trouble in the final. Because I fear in the televotes she will be 2nd or 3rd. So remember to vote!! First in the betting odds with 39% chance of winning is not something to be sure about when it really matters!

  17. Spyro

    In the past 5 years i HATED Sweden at ESC, but jeez, this is a fucking bop. Dotter for the win. It's the only option

  18. Johan Rungberg

    I will learn

  19. SuperFilip333


  20. 1000 subs with no videos challenge

    varför låtsas alla att de är utländska

    1. ᖴᗩITᕼ

      Låtsas? De vill att andra engelsk-talande ska kunna förstå ens kommentar? Alla kan inte svenska...

  21. Konstantinos Stav

    Give this woman the ticket for The Netherlands, we need this freshness. Good Luck from Greece.

  22. c_mnz_

    Don't forget to actually VOTE for the song! Good songs keep on getting rejected because people think it's gonna be the winner anyway. No, YOU make it win. Vote!

  23. Theres Zetterlund

    Snyggt nummer och grymt bra låt. Lyssnar sönder den på Spotify😅 Hon måste skickas till Eurovision alltså!!!

  24. Tobias Euphoria

    If this doesn't win im done with life. I hope my country don't make the same mistake like they did in 2017 with Loreen's Statements. VOTE VOTE VOTE for this amazing song and performance <3

    1. CaMiLLa D

      Yes. And omg if we send Hanna! All she does is showing herself on stage. This has some meaning at least. And I hope the international juries support Dotter and give her a massive push before the televote reveal.

  25. Martin Lyubenov

    Amy Adams vibes❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

  26. Bo Markus Olofsson

    Can we just move straight into mello 2021? From stage to song this year is a complete mess of someone given to much influence. I blame it on Bjorkman as he’s been busy selling what he calls Eurovision to US but really is more similar to Mello.

  27. Иван Левшуков

    Очень интересный тембр у девушки. Еще бы поработать над кульминацией, взять ноты повыше и будет шикарная заявка на победу в Евровидение.

  28. Ismayil Kerimov

    Omg fantastic music 😍 my fav from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  29. Meme Squad

    I dont really see whats so good with this song. I dont hate it and her voice is good but i just dont see it. But whe all have different opinions and thats good.

  30. Neilas

    Please Sweden send this to Roterdam this will get high place greetings from Lithuania ❤🇱🇹

    1. ᖴᗩITᕼ

      Agreen above, outdated and all she can do is to look promiscous on stage.

    2. SuperFilip333

      Hannas song is outdated, not for 2020.

  31. Claus Dejligbjerg

    This is Dottertastic !! :P

  32. Don’t mind me


  33. nina björling

    Sveriges enda hopp i ESC

  34. Don’t mind me


  35. Don’t mind me

    Sweden is popular in The juryvoting. This song will do well in televoting. So they will win both votings with this song! WINNER OF ESC 2020

    1. ᖴᗩITᕼ

      @suck634 I´ve been right on the jury´s votes in melodifestivalen since 2012 :) This will get the good votes from the jury.

    2. suck634

      Nah this song will not go well with the jury

  36. N O

    This doesn’t do it for me and it won’t do well in Eurovision so I’m not voting for this.

  37. Ambely

    If she doesn't win I will hate Sweden forever. She is perfect, her voice is amazing and the song is beautiful, SHE NEEDS TO WIN PLEASE SWEDEEN :(

  38. Nelson Salgado

    I preferred "Cry"... I find this song quite meh.

  39. Данис Саматов

    Ну это взрыв победы

  40. Yakub G

    What a great song! It was the best in the 4th semifinal in my opinion...Pity they paired her with Felix because he has such a huge fanbase so it's obvious he will win the duel with Frida...but she is better than him this year imo

  41. Mi. Mi.

    Please Sweden we need this. Greetings from Serbia ❤️ Dotter is my favourite

  42. Joey Smith

    I like Dotter and Mamas. Hopefully Sweden chooses one of them.

  43. Steven Murphy

    She'll win Melfest. Eurovision, struggle to make Top Ten. Melfest been awful for last few years.

  44. Stefan Koch

    She or Robin will win MF 2020 :)

  45. Gökmen Dinç

    Sweden stop sending hot guys and send this beauty this is so good!!!

  46. Guille Moreno

    Hope Sweden sends this year a female singer bc The Mamas, Anna Bergendahl and Dotter are amazingg😍🇸🇪❤

  47. M k

    Average melfest song with a messy staging as her hair

  48. Cameron Hamilton

    Wow! How good is the staging? And a very good song to go with it. 12 points from Australia.

  49. Euphoria Dr.

    Dotter Dotter Dotter

  50. EurovisionWorld

    This is the clear winner of the year and one of the best songs in Eurovision history🏆🏆🏆🏆

  51. Irina Bran

    I guess Sweden will be sending a female artist this year

  52. Wham!

    Weird pronunciation in the verses

  53. ᖴᗩITᕼ

    1:20 - 1:25 one of my fav parts on this stage <3 She´s so cool

  54. cecilia svensson

    Hon måste vinna!!

  55. joaquin montaño

    Dotter is very nice.

  56. Simen Hasselberg

    Best entry in Melodifestivalen 2020. Sweden you know what you got to do. 12 points from Norway🇳🇴🇸🇪

  57. lilpoundcake

    why does everyone love this so much? the staging is incredible yes, but the song or the vocals arent that special🤷‍♀️

    1. henry riley

      Sam oh 😮

    2. Sam

      henry riley The mamas's vocals are not theirs.They have back-vocals. Back vocals sing The mamas's song.

    3. henry riley

      Nikolai Møller i think her vocals were fine tho tbh yeh maybe her vocals aren’t like The Mamas but I think her vocals for this song fits the mood perfectly.

    4. Nikolai Møller

      It's not an easy song to sing, but she slayed <3

    5. Sam

      lilpoundcake it is a catchy song. lcyrcs are pretty good.

  58. CigalASMR

    Just do the right thing Sweden! Dotter for ESC 2020.

  59. Olivia Ahlgren


  60. MrBloxPie

    Är jag den ända som inte förstår varför den här ska vinna? Men jag har ändå inte följt melo det här året så det är nog inte så konstigt...

    1. MrBloxPie

      @Amanda Jag tycker inte det men om det är den bästa låten så ok.. då har vi väl inget val

    2. Amanda

      För att Dotter och denna låten är det bästa vi kan skicka till esc i år helt enkelt. Plus att hon och låten är jävligt bra

    3. MrBloxPie

      ᖴᗩITᕼ Det var nog inte det svaret jag var ute efter..

    4. ᖴᗩITᕼ

      För att vi har bra musiksmak :)

  61. Sam


    1. Sam

      Edvinas P. SO IT IS DOTTERBURG!

    2. Edvinas P.

      It's time for Gothenburg to host

  62. Melassassin :D

    We NEED this song in eurovision, this is not the typical Male pop song, this is unique and i Want this in Eurovision

  63. Jesús Alfonso

    what a powerful performance!! this really have to win, please Sweden vote her!!! Greetings from venezuela

  64. Jose Uribe

    Sweden: we can’t match Ireland’s 7 wins Dotter: Hold my Bulletproof vest

    1. Criskv

      Merqbro Dotter is better than The Roop in my opinion.

    2. Merqbro

      Don't forget about Lithuania.

  65. Henrik Larsson

    Vinner Hanna över Dotter och får representera Sverige kommer jag slå av ljudet när vi tävlar för Dotters låt är ett musikaliskt mästerverk..

    1. Fridaaa Lundiin

      Henrik Larsson Yesss!! Kommer bojkotta Mello om Hanna vinner

  66. Alejandro Prada Lozano

    Yeah ok this is clearly the winner

  67. Diogo Sevilha

    MY FAVORITE 🤩 hope she wins! love from portugal 🇵🇹 ❤️

  68. kon kon

    Sweden: "we need one more victory to catch Ireland's record of victories" *Dotter: hold my bulletproof*

  69. eurofanserbia

    my winner. simple as that.

  70. Julia Mulher

    Its a great song voice and performace a MUST WIN

  71. Liam Steen

    Tänk er nu Kygo och Dotter. Skulle bli en sjukt bra låt! Kom igen nu da!

  72. EatMaTreat

    Low key Guillotine - John Bellion Vibes

  73. yinloveyang

    Yesterday I said I hadn't got one favourite song yet cause I was angry after they sent a different artist from Poland but I was wrong after the second listening this is easily the best of the whole Swedish competition and I won't mind if she actually wins the whole thing in May. Please choose wisely, people of Sweden not every country has to pick a winner I'm not happy with.

  74. robbert89rl

    What a terrible woman. Too many manners and gestures. Be natural!

    1. Joel

      You are terrible

  75. WVC

    Wonderful song Wonderful singer Wonderful staging 🎶❤️🎶❤️ She deserves to represent Sweden this year in Eurovision. Please, vote for her!!!!!!!

  76. Roly

    You could have a Eurovision winner with this one Sweden! 💜💜

  77. Grey Guerilla: The New Cronus600Gaia

    Dotter, Robin, and Mohombi are my three big choices! However, I like all the remaining entrants in different ways. ☺

  78. listentomusic now

    Why it gives me a sense of 80s or 90s ?

    1. ᖴᗩITᕼ

      the outfit hehe

  79. avatara82

    This is my absolute favorite in mello (and also esc so far). 12 points from Finland ❤️

  80. Андрей Белобородов

    Anna is the best!

  81. Mena Emem


  82. Emelinn Löf

    No i really don’t like this song, it’s nothing special for me and i don’t get it.

    1. Emelinn Löf

      ᖴᗩITᕼ No but I rather see her as a winner than Dotter. Dotter can sing, yes but the song is nothing special.

    2. ᖴᗩITᕼ

      Just bcs you want anna to win xD

  83. Tommy Angel

    Anna and dotter should win.Especially dotter😍😍

  84. Simon Andersson

    If she wins in Rotterdam then is continues to be Rotterdam, she don't make Rotterdam into ''Dotterdam''

  85. unpopular

    So typical, how can u say it's a winner?

  86. Luca Smn

    I love this song so much and can‘t stop listening to it! Sweden, please vote for her in the final of Melodifestivalen!🙏🏻👩🏻‍🦰🇸🇪

  87. Chris Wang


  88. Chris Wang

    Anna Bergendahl needs to win 2020!!

  89. Avalon Daly

    I would vote for this song just for the visuals

    1. a Seri

      Avalon Daly RÖSTAAAAA

  90. Pubcrawlers Sweden

    1 Anna Bergendahl 2. The Mamas 3. Dotter

  91. Dreamer

    Bästa i år! 🙌🏻

  92. GurlSheThicc

    Isn't it weird how every single direct finalist has either taken part in Eurovision or Melodifestivalen before

    1. ItsJustAnotherSwede

      That's because Melodifestivalen has turned into a popularity contest. You cannot win if you aren't a household name in Sweden yet. Sanna Nielsen competed 6 times before she won in 2014. Måns Zelmerlöw won on his third try. Loreen on her second. If Wictoria had been known by the general public, she would have easily swept the competition in 2016. But unlike Frans, she didn't have a previous radio hit or a cute background story that people had fallen in love with.

    2. SuperFilip333

      @David Galán Not everyone is into this shit eurovision thing. Many are bored. But I love this song ♥️

    3. David Galán

      @Joel because sweden is nº 2 in europe's musical industry and it's the same singers all over again.

    4. Joel

      Why is it weird?

  93. Hiskaya lol

    Producers: Hey, anything special you would like to decorate the stage with? Dotter: I'd like to have a disco ball... Producers: A disco ball? thats all? Dotter: Yes, well actually, I want to be the disco ball. I mean why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hope she wins!

    1. Beatriz da Silva Coutinho

      Hiskaya lol listen to the lyrics and you will understand the outfit better

  94. Daniel Turley

    I don't want Sweden to win Eurovision... they are too close to Ireland's record. I'll vote for this happily tho... best song of the Eurovision season to date! 🇸🇪🇮🇪

    1. Don’t mind me

      Daniel Turley sooner or later Sweden will pass Ireland tho 😅 The 2 most iconic countries in ESC! 🇸🇪🇮🇪

    2. YallaDaDonald !

      Well someone has to beat them...😅

  95. Jake Borg

    This song has a great chance to win , mostly because there isn’t a stonger contestant like previous years where there was a lot of songs that were of winning material for sweeden.

  96. Irma Edbom

    Snälla låt denna vinna, snälla!!<3<3

    1. Irma Edbom

      @Tobias Engelin jaa har till o med gjort flera konton på melloappen🙈🙈

    2. Tobias Engelin

      RÖSTA så mycket det går i finalen! Det ska jag

  97. ROK

    Here's my winner! Sweden please send this amazing song to the Eurovision this is so good!

  98. Niklas 99

    Queen of Eurovsion 2020, for sure

  99. Hanna Sillanpää

    Är Det bara jag som inte gillar denna låt??

    1. ᖴᗩITᕼ


    2. Korinago Salliba

      Ja det är bara du hela universum till och med de döda tycker att den är bra men det är bara du som tycker att den är dålig

    3. Joel

      Japp. Det är bara du... i HELA VÄRLDEN