Det här är Melodifestivalens officiella SEsels-konto. Här får hänga med backstage, träffa artister och se saker som du inte får se på TV. Men du får även tillgång till första parkett vid stora scenen där du kan se bidragen, mellanakter och sketcher om och om igen.

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  1. Filip Pagot

    Jag önskar verkligen att Hanna Ferm hade vunnit Idol 2017 så hon skulle ha haft Treading Water som sin allra första låt, alltså tyvärr så tycker jag att hennes nuvarande låtar inte är något vidare alltså.

  2. Filip Pagot

    Jag önskar verkligen att Hanna Ferm hade vunnit Idol 2017 så hon skulle ha haft Treading Water som sin allra första låt, alltså tyvärr så tycker jag att hennes nuvarande låtar inte är något vidare alltså.

  3. Max Waller

    Älskar er

  4. Rainbow Surfer

    Hannas låt är bäst den låten är min favorit låt BRAVE 💞

  5. Nina Jacobsson

    Dotter är bäst

  6. Katarina Ernö

    Since when did Sweden become a f*cking gospel country?! Igh, this certainly won't win Eurovision.

  7. Vixikie

    Fortfarande lika kul nu 😂 I år sög mellanakterna.

  8. Julia Lovato

    This song is amazing

  9. Ella Larsson

    😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I LOVE YOU DOTTER

  10. henry riley

    Something has to be up here! It just doesn’t make sense. No way was The Mamas better than this masterpiece

  11. LW



    Dom var bäst och därför vann dom. Så enkelt är det! 😊 Stort grattis till The Mamas! 💐💐💐

  13. Leo Magnusson

    She won.

  14. Daniel Lawson

    I love this and I loved Anna too.I really don't understand why people expected Dotter to win.I thought it was mediocre at best and her voice was sometimes out of tune.I found the lighting effect very distracting.12 points to The Mama's from The United Kingdom xxx

  15. Åsa S

    Austria´s favorite song.

  16. Jimmy Belc

    Ok i am shocked 😳😳😳 nobody expected this win big surprise

  17. christopher -

    That note at the end ❤️😱

  18. Ramo Fenty

    Shame on you Sweden! This was masterpice 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Felicias Bookland

    Bäst ikväll!! ❤️ Förstår inte hur hon inte vann! But your my Queen Anna ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  20. christopher -

    Love it ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Γιώργος Βαβάτσης

    Was there a problem with his earplug? Cause I could see his struggles on stage!

  22. Alejandro González Pintos

    I'm literally crying, Dotter was the winner!!!!

  23. fabrizio d'ambrosio

    Sweden will be nq this year, Mark my words

  24. George Delavinias

    Just 1 point. You're the true winner

  25. sweden gamer girl

    Instead of hating in this world! Show love ❤ the mamas did a great job! But i starting to get real tierd of all years every been some love for all the songs , guys come on we are not haters we are people that loves music ❤

  26. Blaparty

    Those 14 points though, i certainly thought he would get atleast 40 just because he was very popular, but i guess not

  27. EndlessFX

    I think starting as number 4 was bad :( It got lost. But it improved sooo much since the semi! He should be proud! Him and anis gave the best shows I think but yeah, understandably it didn't win but last place was not deserved :(

  28. Blaparty

    Top 6, not bad at all

  29. jatojo

    If she had performed 1% better on stage, she might have earnt that extra 1 point.

  30. Emmanuel. Jean

    Let’s hope dotter returns next year stronger than ever♥️ this is could be the road to something greater to come..🤔

  31. ZH Viola

    Att hon åkte ut i andra chansen usch

  32. Blaparty

    I literally thought no one had a chance against dotter, as a mamas fan i can't say that im not satified but it feels weird, dotter was so favored in front off everyone

  33. Sannoz

    Is it just me or does this sound abit(in some parts) like a of copy of David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia? Dont get me wrong this song and Dotter is good and i wish she would have won!

  34. Bartek9260 Kowalski


  35. ritchardlondon

    You were totally amazing. You deserved to win. Now we must continue to celebrate the song, performance and the energy it provides. Electric. Thank you for being the BEST in MF2020.

  36. Sylwix ESC

    How she didn't win uggghhh

  37. yinloveyang

    2020 eurovision the year of lost chances.... first Czechia then Poland now Sweden.... maybe this is really the first time I don't watch the show in May.

  38. paalwendy

    what a shame! this is "the Winner" og esc 2020

  39. Darius Coroian

    The real winner...

  40. Matheus Rodrigues

    Imagine releasing the best song in Melodifestivalen for two consecutive years and not winning once

  41. Anders Krusell

    vilken låt

  42. Kimmy Larsson

    Bara jag som får Muses vibbar från Herkules? :O

  43. Yam Matt'

    Just return next year ❤

  44. Hannez!

    Dotter could be the one that got the most televotes, beacuse the votes is divided in 8 categories by age Groups!

  45. Flixey

    For people saying she was robbed, its worth pointing out that the jury vote was actually tied between her and the Mamas AND she only lost the televote by literally ONE point. The two songs were basically 50/50 between the swedes and the jury both.

  46. nosse

    hur kunde den här låten komma så långt ner?

  47. Nerea

    I don't know if it was just me but she seemed to be lowkey emotional like teary-eyed and HOOOO, I WAS TRYING TO FIGHT THOSE TEARS

  48. Rui Santos

    My winner! Won't be voting for Sweden this year!

  49. bj0rn

    So generic.

  50. luddigaluddiz


  51. ElenaDiamond

    Her voice is flawless and crystal clear.

  52. Rui Santos

    Very well done, Anna! Should have got Top 2!

  53. Starix GamingZ

    Att vinnaren nästan har hälften så många dislikes som likes säger allt...

  54. Anton Barkland

    Lite roligt när han studsar runt och man märker att det inte inte lyfter riktigt :-D Hyfsad låt och framträdande dock. Den här och Anna Bergendahls var nog bäst i denna final.

  55. nosse

    usch vad dålig

  56. yinloveyang

    You lost your chance well hasta la wista or On the fire will win and you're gonna be 5th again. 😘😘😘😝😜😜😜😜😝😝

  57. maarit gneleah

    Great voices, great stage presence, great production... BUT... the song/melody is not so great. This year, no hopes for a win, Sweden.

  58. Rui Santos

    This wouldn't get the final in Eurovision if it wasn't from Sweden.

  59. - Bourovision -

    This was me and my boys's reaction when she lost

  60. ESC NATH

    Some negative comment and likes from Dotter fans

  61. plutan

    är det så här du låter live. helt sjukt du gick till final med den rösten

  62. Corentin Bon

    Sweden... What the hell have you done ? I'm so sad

  63. Marko Kojic

    I don't understand why people don't like this 12 points from Croatia❤

  64. Oriol99

    Mohombi: Winners Audience: Last :__

  65. Violet Ericson

    it's going to be satisfying to see them win ESC2020 when everyone says we wont because "dotter was the best" 🥰

  66. Aviva V

    outstanding <<3

  67. Jaime Morales

    I'm so sorry Dotter for the Swedish bad taste. You are more than welcome to the PreParty in Madrid as robbed queen.

  68. YaKuraee

    Eh. I am not bulletproof, you know. I can't stand this eurovision year. I don't have a single song that I like enough to add to my playlist. Dotter was my last hope. I'm literary crying. Johanna have the best performance she could and she was stunning. I'm so sad...

  69. sagaanastasia

    Svara förfan🤬

  70. sagaanastasia


  71. Anton Barkland

    Finally a song that I felt something when I heard it... Quite powerful as well, even though a bit repetitive.

  72. Deni Rocks

    WTF? I hear this song for the first time and it would defiantly win the Eurovision. HOW DID U NOT SEND THIS SWEDEN??? Deni from Israel.

  73. Max Ma89

    I am from Russia. My friends and I like this song and today we consider it to be the best at Eurovision 2020. That year, we immediately liked Norway's positive song. In the end, she won the people vote. This year this song. It is unfortunate that she does not go.

  74. Maia Götulf Stjärnkvist

    Helt klart 100% rätt vinnare ❤️ riktigt bra låt och sångerskor 🙏🏽❤️

  75. alarik36

    This is a high-quality song by a somewhat immature diva..! But Bulletproof with Dotter is even better, with a song and act worthy Beyoncé!😌🎤👍🇸🇪🎉

  76. George Kanev

    Unbelievable that Sweden doesn’t wanna win Eurovision ! Dotter was their best chance it was my top 1 song form this year

  77. Movie studios

    The choir sings forever, Rest in peace

  78. Affe

    Liked it but dotter is the winner like what is dis

  79. - Lemon_exists -

    Asså jag dör. Jag var där och höll på att tappa rösten för att skrika så bra hon var🥰 lite ledsen att hon inte vann för hon är Queen 👑 men the mammas är stjärnor ✨

  80. Shellos31 Oeste

    just for 1 point im so sad from spain

  81. Movie studios

    I voted six times!

  82. Linos Mamadovv

    Something was really off with this performance. She did not feel it either... you can tell the vibe is uncomfortable

  83. Portakal Suyu

    Sorry baby.. The mamas are better :)

  84. Wilmers Schlager Kanal

    Vilken resa Anna gjort! Hon är den värdiga vinnaren!❤️❤️❤️

  85. dankargo

    Are we all surprised Sweden did this dirty? Happens every single year

  86. The Black Cat

    Should have won

  87. Kennet

    I can't believe Hanna Ferm got more televotes than Anna...

  88. 666hoseok

    borde vunnit

  89. Miladin Rakovic

    I love you girl. Your song, your voice, your performance. 💚 I'm very disappointed.

  90. Cooper Sluka

    Little did The Mamas know they’d be on their own the next year...

  91. vol. sha


    1. Dee Dee


  92. Ayane Bautista

    Victor is the winner of our hearts 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  93. Kyle McCracken

    Such a bland, basic song and performance. Dotter or Anna should have won by far 🙄

  94. Eirini Del

    No hate to The Mamas but THIS QUEEN WAS ROBBED. Period!!!

  95. GRATISraspevavanje

    such a cliche of a song and also the name of the group. Sweden lost its chance for win because Dotter is not going to Holland. Dotter would have won by a milestone.

  96. MatRiket

    Bra kämpat!! Du vann i våra öron iaf💪🏻

  97. Jake Low

    Listening to all the songs apart from the winner and got to say this is my favourite! What a banger, would have gone down well in Rotterdam

  98. tittilkpg

    Lätt Bästa låten o grymt framträdande, synd att den inte vann!

  99. Ali

    the chemistry between them is unreal! they elevate the song with the performance

  100. ESC Lucia Slovakia

    This would have won the whole Eurovision 2020. What a pity.