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  1. Moses Jones

    My friends are inanimate objects. Are you ready to meet them? Cool. This is weed that's alcohol and that's cigarettes and porn. And oh yeah this is smartphone. Say hi guys.

  2. Morgan Goodman

    I love that this channel is so learning centric and in the best way. I can watch a video 10 times and learn something new every time. They are unique and fresh and stimulating but simple enough that I can learn about elementary particles as a 20 year old who sucks at math and physics. And I loveeee that you do these introspective videos. I want to know everything and understand everything but happiness escapes us all. Maybe in just some small way, but kurzgesagt changed me. The world IS more beautiful. And I'm grateful you are all in it.

  3. Game D

    Meus parabéns se quiseram fazer um vídeo MUITO ruim e com MUITOS preconceitos as brasileiros

  4. moises gomez

    God bless you, and your work.

  5. Abraham Gomez

    I hate your channel

  6. Leonardo

    How about vegan? Is they healty?

  7. ZekeTheBeag

    I just wasted my time watching this video.

  8. Jerry The Jerk

    I havent heard any anti-vaxxers so far in 2020🤔. Where did they go?



  10. Hits Power

    You could make a channel in Brazilian Portuguese pleaseeeeeee

  11. 11B10INF

    An CME, comets, meteors, and intense heat will take it out and restore the universal natural balance.

  12. Teru-Dale Wilson

    Watching this on SEsels at the same time it's playing on TV.

  13. Trini Red Devil

    Holy shit I want some phages

  14. Charlie Fry

    Didn't anyone notice that this guy made a video last year saying why meat is the best thing in the world and now his saying is meat unhealthy, ironic.

  15. Moses Jones

    I really feel bad for all of us because we have to be here and we were never properly prepared for this experience. Life is overrated. It's almost as if we seen someone else do it then thought to ourselves "I can do that" then boom we are here.

  16. Rajesh Kumar

    Best video ever watched

  17. DiscreetKid

    If phages evolve... Wont they evolve so much to the point where they can attack humans?

  18. Craig Murphy

    Wow cool story bro

  19. matt8863

    3:09 "7.7 billion human beings in a single sugar cube"..My brain just went supernova.

  20. Hugo Ceja

    This is so reassuring.

  21. Vegan Mexican Teen


  22. Ka

    If this is a simulation then why wasn't there a customization option?

  23. NIO Electric Vehicles

    Ah yes good old racism

  24. Greg Cox

    Loma Linda University study confirms that milk causes Breast Cancer and is highly suspected in prostate cancer. Harvard study confirms dairy causes osteoporosis. Milk=death

  25. eleda edumers

    All you need is to throw some money making scheme into the midst human will make it work.

  26. Manoj Jain

    OMG. I never realized that body cells also know the art of "sacrifice". These cells are great warriors with true team spirit and fantastically organized. They just need one thing from us i. e. CARE. Love your body, nourish and keep it well.

  27. xxCrimsonSpiritxx

    So I recently was told by my ex herself that she doesn't believe in vaccines and that she didn't vaccinate her son, when I tried to explain to her how dangerious that was she said "his immunity system will take care of it" when I tried to explain how stupid that was she threw the "I'm his mother and I know what's best for him" card.. Suffice to say; I'm glad she is an ex, I'd hate to have to be going through courts for custedy right now if that kid was mine, still can't help but feel bad for him If you're a mother or a father, don't be fucking stupid, and vaccinate your fucking child, no excuse in putting their lives at risk just because you're stupid and ignorant, it's not fair for them if you are

  28. Arcamster

    What is life?

  29. johan indra Permana

    Let's grow probiotic

  30. ashekeef

    why don't we just use phages.

  31. GameCube The Object Thingy

    8B-1Qua years?

  32. eleda edumers

    That bird that press the nuclear button is like hoops have forgotten that I will be fried as well.

  33. GameCube The Object Thingy

    1.200 hours?

  34. EnthrallingBass140

    At some point some of these theories just feel made up. Love the video though!

  35. Captain Ireland

    People with autism just got a lower frame rate

  36. Moses Jones

    Ever see some horrible shit happen to someone and be like "better you than me"? This video changes everything. I don't want to be that guy who gets eaten alive or have his balls cut off or the lady that is raped by her dad or forced to bind her feet or any of that horrible shit. Life is overrated. And to be fair I don't want to be the billionaire playboy that have sex with different beautiful women every night. Im good with not even existing if that's the case. Why would I sign up for this? FUCK! I'M TRULY TERRIFIED. And why is earth the only setting we incarnate with all the environments in the known universe? Why can't I live on another planet? This is so dumb.

  37. Patricia Handa

    Watch a video of a child with whooping cough, then tell me you won't vaccinate. Video of a child with measles also exists, not as gut-wrenching, but still looks very not fun.

  38. UXSpecialist

    Guess what people, global warming is caused by the sun 🌞. The Earth and sun are too massive, just like they were for the bomb to make any noticeable difference

  39. Lu' Vic


  40. TanGGo 007

    I hope that the voice of kurzgesagt stays on for a while and more cause his voice is as important as the info he's giving


    I need all 15 thousand in single blast including hydrogen bomb, Not 15 hundred.

  42. Abdul Ahmadi

    is this based on theory not reality ! right.

  43. Talentless Asian

    Just like my brain

  44. How to Bright

    Well explained!

  45. 정현수

    한국인 소리질러~~

  46. How to Bright

    Well explained!

  47. LeighCameron Playz

    ;-; meh country is infected too :<

  48. Ka

    *My left ear every hour* 2:35

  49. How to Bright

    Well explained!

  50. Youry Descardes

    Osmosis Jones!!!

  51. TanGGo 007

    Damn my body when infected is like a horizon and call of duty crossover

  52. RzVids

    Someone please tell me how a virus that starts in fucking China end up worldwide..??

  53. NZ WOTB

    My great grand father Had 12 little shits and 6 died

  54. eleda edumers

    I used to live and hide at the bottom of the earth but IRS and Child support found me

  55. William Siwini

    Application is key

  56. oreos4all

    Not to be weird but that bass line at around 3:13 is pretty banger bro

  57. NightRem3

    Lol is he a sperm

  58. Reed Saniraa

    "So i'm Johnny Sins?" "And all every lady he shagged?"

  59. Victoria matthews

    The Coronavirus experience is going to change societies worldwide. Through decades, the very rich were always valued/recognized whether their wealth was inherited or was accumulated. The unskilled, the uneducated, the starving poor created the unsanitary conditions to make this deadly virus that affected the lower class, the middle class, and the rich as much as the poor. The concept of caring for the “Universal Family” will need to limit the amount of money that a billionaire can accumulate in order to rescue the very poor who scavenge for food and shelter in every country. Universal health measures will need to be regulated in peoples’ interaction with animals, food, environment, and fellow human beings. A new world order is coming where value will not be based on age, race, sex, or money, and the world will be at peace to preserve us, earthlings.

  60. MarlonPlays_ ٛ

    Why the fuck would you throw an elephant off a skyscraper???

  61. Hayden Hoodless

    Can we use bacteria to kill viruses?

    1. GTA and Apple channel

      Hayden Hoodless maybe if we can actually modify everything from size, Speed, Resistant,… - Just Like Hack in video games there aren’t any limited unlike evolution which is it has to give up something to get something

    2. Hayden Hoodless

      GTA and Apple channel I know that bacteriophage are viruses. I was just wondering if we could do the opposite and use bacteria to kill viruses.

    3. GTA and Apple channel

      Hayden Hoodless and bacteriophage is a Virus ( Bacteriophage is literally mean Bacteria Eater)

    4. GTA and Apple channel

      Hayden Hoodless not yet

  62. realvanman1

    Nucleus. The “core” of an atom is it’s Nucleus. It’s OK to go ahead and call it by it’s name. Nucleus. Sure, it has a couple more syllables. But folks are here to learn, and terminology is a critical part of learning. Nucleus.

  63. ルーカスアルタリク

    Psshh...hearing this crap about marijuana being so bad makes me grumble like an old man 😒

  64. mahdi mdh

    Religions were good ideas when the world was a zero sub-game; now it only affects a little negative on the crime rate effective negative on innovations and makes some people feel not alone.

  65. DIY Crafts

    If you feel lonely you are lonely

  66. siang yu

    why are you sort of copying starcraft

  67. PurpleCatWithC4

    I showed this video to Karen, and out anger she made all the accounts that disliked this video.

  68. Unlucky Shoe

    Nobody: Humans in 5000 bc: write that down! Write that downl

  69. dittbub

    What if strange matter hit a black hole?

  70. Guada 2020


  71. faraz frd

    This virus is very dangerous..

  72. Михаил Старый

    Perfect, thanks for information.

  73. Jan Oadrie Flores

    6:37 I would like a cloth made out of soap

  74. Epic Reaper Levithan

    "If an alien species tries to take over, it would be religion over economics" *The Covenant Intesifies*

  75. Elias Stouraitis

    I wish I could find a good source on the actual livestock farming efficiency. This means taking into account both meat and byproducts and the actual needs of humans (protein and fat requirements mostly). Sure grain is better energy wise, but it doesn't have a high protein content. Is meat less efficient than other protein and fat sources? Also what about insects. How they play into this. I don't think that the point is more calories per square meter. It's more of "what a human needs" per square meter. PS. Your content is amazing.

  76. Chris Young

    GoOd mOrning! You have been in quarantine for 9, 9, 9, 9, 9...

  77. Elliot Tian

    For everyone talking about Coffee Break saying things, they also made a follow up video.

  78. TaBaRu MARou5

    Only thing to say fuck you vegans again and again

  79. Румен Радев.

    Eating steak and found it for delicious.

  80. dittbub

    Great. Now i'm worried about coronavirus AND strange matter

  81. SynthesizeComplete

    so ur saying there are 8 types of matter? solid liquid gas plasma dark matter quark matter anti matter and strange matter?

  82. I Don't Care

    Thanks for that ending.

  83. Ananimoselty

    The actual reason galaxies are getting farther apart is because they are trying to isolate themselves from the coronavirus

  84. null -

    That makes sense

  85. drkmgic

    why are things always coming from china

  86. Juliette Sun

    0:01 magnetton in the bottom

  87. Join Du

    Earth: *AAAAAA* Cockroaches: **vaporized** Too powerful Bedrock vaporized gamemode 2 Humans: *Nope*

  88. A poor Torchic whose comments are never looked at.

    April 2020 when it sees this video: Write that down! Write that down!

  89. Elliot Tian

    nothing would happen because the bomb would be crushed before detonation

  90. Alie Djauhary

    Kurzgesagt can it be stopped with bacteriophage

  91. Rocket Bunny

    More people will die of anxiety than the actual virus!

  92. Autistreviews

    Yea we are on the fast response

  93. Vrexo Plays

    if this gets 100 likes i will eat a block of cheese

  94. Ethereal Nightmare

    Does it get saved in CRISPR ?

  95. Andy Yonaz

    @kurzgesagt .My Order K-50330 is not received yet after a month, UPS tracking number is not changing, "In Transit by post office" no changes have been made. Please check, thank you.

  96. Daggy162 YT

    I thought this video would also show how the coronavirus got on the loose...

  97. KrisspyKreme

    looks like we got the fast pandemic. well damn were all gonna die 😔

  98. Elizabeth Plunkett

    I liked the worms reference

  99. Marcelo Palacios

    LOL Mosquitos actually kill more people per year than actual humans do.