1. Merlyannrose

    A true Christian wouldn't judge Kanye for his service to the Lord our God Almighty. God knows his true intentions. 🙏

  2. ClickTrollz

    I’m liking this new type of Kanye wave

  3. superielts59 superielts59

    north is so cute!!!! I can see the footsteps are starting to be paved by her.

  4. vit net


  5. Michael de Tremaudan

    Tired of all these "woke" Christians exposing Kanye for working for the Devil. That was blatantly obvious in his previous work and he even addressed that in his big boy interview. You all act so righteous but you aren't. You act like Kanye is somehow exempt from salvation. That's twisted and wrong. Paul wrote that whoever confesses and believes that Jesus is Lord shall be saved. It doesn't matter what you did in your past. In Ephesians Paul said that we all used to follow darkness before we were saved. So who are any of you to come and tear this man down when you're a sinner like the rest of us who needed redemption? Fake woke. That's what it is. I'm disappointed in you. We're supposed to be the light of the world. Not a bunch of judgmental keyboard warriors spreading hatred on the internet.

  6. The Dorian

    Heavy cringe. Eew.

  7. Yahya Elbahi

    2:00 is the most epic scene for this year

  8. Kyle

    RIP Juice Wrld 🤧🤧

  9. OhmBoy T.X

    Kim is a hobbit

  10. Yadont Say

    Zaxbys cuhz

  11. malachi walker

    Revelation. He is going about it the right way this time.

  12. Pepa Baruch

    Maybe he can tell his Jezebel to lay off Instagram since he's preaching abt family values yet he married the greatest cloutchaser this world has ever known. Ugh

  13. Ice Bear

    Jesus 1st 🙏🙏

  14. Dwight Taylor

    JESUS IS KING!!!! This song is 🔥💯 Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, I hope Kanye’s conversion is real, but if it isn’t; nevertheless, Jesus Christ is being glorified (Philippians 1: 15-18). It’s not about the vessel, none of us are worthy to be used by God, and yet God uses us. I believe God is using Kanye, demons can’t stand the name of Jesus; therefore, I do not believe that the evil people who make up the Illuminati can authenticate a move of God, or dispense salvation, only God has the power to do that! Furthermore, if we do not believe that God can save Kanye then we shouldn’t call ourselves Christians. I personally believe that God can save anyone, because He saved me. I was a wretched mess and Jesus Christ came into my heart, filled me with His Spirit, and now He uses me to share the gospel every Sunday, and to model His word everyday. What a privilege and honor to be called by God and used by Him in the world. Time will tell whether or not Kanye’s conversion is genuine, but at the end of the day, I believe God is doing something phenomenal through him. As always focus on Jesus Christ and obey the Word of God. The Bible is the absolute authority of the character and nature of God. God is love, and we should always do everything in love, not judgement or condemnation. Judgement and condemnation are reserved for God alone. In conclusion, remember “with the same measure you judge, it shall be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:2)

  15. Hilary E.

    I hope and pray to God that He gets more and more with God than with this world fr, God is not something to be played with nor with your salvation.

  16. Betty Thomas


  17. Baran Baran

    ممكن أشتراك بقناتي قربان عيونكوم

  18. Jokezz

    This that end of the movie type song

  19. Mona Ghadirian

    I love the song and all, but their outfits make them look like the doppelgangers from "Us". I can't unsee it..

  20. Charles Hall

    This is ice cold btw

  21. Stanley Fleurissaint

    Love it

  22. h u m a n I t y

    Yo kanye is good to listen that ur now working for god jesus Christ but be true not for publicity pls pls be true and tell the truth whatever u found in ur life by Jesus and praise him through ur talent. May God bless u and ur family a preacher from india

  23. Liddo Raskal

    Kanye is a big fat joke . I can't take his music serious

  24. ziyad gargoum

    I love it 🔥🔥🔥

  25. ås6ro vībês

    When I saw this I immedialty thought of chick fil a

  26. vbddfy euuyt

    Imagine hating on Kanye for deciding to follow his faith.

  27. obakeng moripe

    I needed to hear and see this.

  28. coradog28

    I am looking for the vest

  29. lilfazecranc


    1. vbddfy euuyt

      The big vehicle drifting looks funny haha

  30. Toon She

    It's weird seeing Christians hate on Kanye. If I was new to a faith, I would want people encouraging me and wanting me to succeed.

  31. Toon She

    The video is giving me end of the world vibes.

  32. Stephen Quinlan

    When a cult leader is musically inclined. Fire though. :-0

  33. Numb Feelings

    North made me laugh out loud i am 68 years old i have been praying for kanye since his mom physically left him i know her spirit surrounds him and hid family. I love them too

  34. پروین رضایی

    Fuck you kanye you are like a shit

  35. Ariel Ramirez

    I'm praying for you Mr. west.

  36. Vern Fields

    Follow Jesus. Listen AND obey.


    U cnt tel m nothing bitch


    ESSE HOMEM É LOUCO, caralho

  39. Jerry G

    Kanye inspired by Jokers scene when standing on cop car & everyone's cheering him on. 👏👏👏

  40. Frankie Wylde

    This is the worst air pollution I’ve ever experienced

  41. MightyReckless 6

    Drop Jesús walk pt 3

  42. Kurrupted Data

    When you drop your pen while recording 2:09

  43. m. x.

    Am I the only one hearing North screaming "Dats all a liiiiie !" ?😬🤷🤔🙄

  44. JODYE

    The big vehicle drifting looks funny haha

  45. J. Byas Vevo

    Chick-fil-a closed on a Sunday. True facts

  46. Narek Nick Mkrtchyan

    You guys what is "chickfules"?😂, its already a 2 weeks, I cant understand what is it mean😂

  47. Zen Life

    His wife WAS a Jezebel - is she reborn? 😂

  48. Tayani Clark

    Imagine loving Chick-fil-A so much you make a song bruh 😔😖🤣❤🐔

  49. Ostkiller

    I want this to be the original version, god damn the ending of the song is so good with everyone singing and Kanye in the middle looking cool af

  50. Nicolás Gómez

    el intro suena a Guardarraya hp

  51. Lcooper 32

    Plz just make a good song

  52. Kevin Solis

    Es hermoso ver arrodillarse ante el Rey de Reyes, luego esa vista hermosa😊👐👌

  53. Riley Dunbar

    2:31 me in the car every time I see chick -Fil-la lol

  54. Mrb Salim

    NO NO, IT DESERVES MORE THAN 2 minutes 35 sec..

  55. Scott McCall

    Jesus is king. Thank you kanye

  56. random person

    omg the kardashians lol

  57. Julie Lafont

    No one: That one truck: YEEHAW BITCH!!!

  58. 5starMommy Greer

    Why they have they badass kid scream tho 👊

  59. Merlin Pendragon

    This person isn't what we know as "Kanye West" the real person died a while ago, this is a genetically modified replica that they control.

    1. Michael de Tremaudan

      Lol interesting theory Merlin. I suppose all the birds are drones too? And Paul McCartney is dead as well?

  60. Sven de swerts

    sample much? still that was good.

  61. Vintage Science - Beatmaker


  62. Angela Grant

    We see you Satan.....those who have ears....let them hear.....those of us who have spiritual ears and eyes. Truly born of the spirit of God. Those falling for this.....ask the Lord to show you His truth. Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    1. Michael de Tremaudan

      What's satanic here?

    2. meaganxrose


  63. Brian Haskins

    Carhartt got a nice plug in this video!!!

  64. SheeZyEz


  65. Angela Grant

    This is Satan singing.....wake up people....repent. this man is working in Satan's Kingdom. Bringing in the New World order.

  66. That's a Vibe

    this is giving me jonestown massacre vibes

  67. roy boer

    Really sounded like say you will

  68. VIC-20

    "My Pleasure"

  69. JayZtunning


  70. Jazzy D2m

    2:30 😂

  71. the metehanbaris

    This is just about protecting your Family etc. about everything bad in the world. For example the line „Don’t let them Vipers indoctronate“ or „Put the gram (Instagram) away“. Even things we dont see as a curse or something bad could be/or is something like that (Instagram). It hurts our society and the typical view of most people. And most people like Kanye now seek this help in their Religion.

  72. S Y

    I loove Kanye , he is Amazing .....

  73. Wilnerd Hara

    Them: at least tell us how the car looks like Me: eeeehhh, a tank

  74. Staci


  75. Room Shenanigans

    Why does this remind me of The Handmaids Tale?

  76. D Boddie

    Sunday ain’t the sabbath.

  77. Youssouf Keïta

    Jésus is king like

  78. Vinoothna peruri

    love that group choir. such a vibe 1:56

  79. Three Seasons

    Mason at 1:20 Is such a mood

  80. Hawk S

    Kim looks like can’t walk at the start

  81. Mitzy VL


  82. Katherine

    This is so weird

  83. kixgod

    I wish this song was longer

  84. Terry Martin

    Kanye is a genius ! First song he made that got my attention was the song he did for the Godzilla movie(first one)

  85. URHO

    Follow God, not Kanye.

  86. Adonna Rowe

    You my chic fila?!

  87. Clara Delore

    Great message, just before entering this new decade.

  88. Rashaun B

    Chic-fi-layyyyy 😂

  89. FatFemPinUp

    we can only hope for a backslide

  90. Matilda Sundberg

    Kanye has left us.

  91. Christopher Cabrera

    Maaan wtf was running through your head...this is some dope music😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥😱😱💨

  92. FatFemPinUp

    lmaooooooooo join the cult 2020 this is a silly mess

  93. thestreetjammers

    Jesus Walks PT 2...Lit AF!!!


    As much as i hate to say it, but the song lowkey badass

  95. Koty Douglass

    is there a behind the scenes footage of this? I am super interested in what lens was used for that long focus. I don't believe it's a drone but I'm really curious

  96. visionaire wear

    God good Mr.west keep moving mountains brother much love!! AGAPE LOVE!!! VISIONAIRE WEAR

  97. Inna S

    Amazing 😉

  98. Yune

    1:19 that grin to serious face is what i like to see

  99. As above So bellow

    2:30 pig

  100. Полина Шишкова

    Шедевр просто 🔥