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  1. Roberto C. J.

    🇺🇸very proud of such accomplishment! 🚀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Max Glaser

    Jim IDK if you read these comments but you need to stop telling people to invest in big US companies. All your doing is making the rich richer. You know these companies are risky and the only reason the dow is up is that the FED pumps taxpayers money into the equity markets and gives big business bailout loans. You're a good guy but stop using your platform to tell people to invest in securities that you wouldn't.

  3. Myra Rideout

    Shut up LIAR!!!

  4. Erik Ooi

    Over the last 50 years, we admired and learned from the Americans,. So sad today, the quality and integrity of leaderships crumbled, so fearful our generations follow the American Way. So so sad

  5. Melvyn Heard

    Are people really dumb enough to think this program just started under the "Don the Con" administration? Great job SpaceX and NASA for over a decade of hard work.

  6. R

    Thank you President Trump for bringing America and NASA back to space. MAGA2020

  7. Karol Jo Kappel

    Who financed this musk deal?

  8. Mike Pelligrino

    I never saw a President lie so much

  9. Anaconda Protection

    Orange Idiot

  10. Brian Lehmkuhl

    Fun to watch Bob and Doug take off, hosers.

  11. Jared B

    Can I stop people from entering my business if they are wearing a hijab? Same thing...... it's just starts benign, then gets dirty real quick.

  12. Trent Petersen

    The PRIVATE BANK known as the FED (NOTHING FEDERAL ABOUT IT) has printed it's paper backed by NOTHING into oblivion !!! All to prop up the companies that the owners of the FED also OWN !! Not a SCAM at all it is "FREE CAPITALISM ) =)

  13. Erik Ooi

    New Diversion Tactics the stupid WH strategists, blame on the violent rioters, looters and angry mobs. Blame the Governor, China and Democrats. Republicans leaders are hopeless goons, rich and richer

    1. Erik Ooi

      With the world wide open with internet, a old uncle can criticized WH from a village in Malaysia. Amazing

    2. Erik Ooi

      Waiting for the arrival of King Trump the Liar, American History

  14. Geoffrey Hodies

    Thank you for settling in America Elon Musk! You could’ve chose South Africa or Canada. Thank you for spending all of your money and taking so much risk perfecting The rocket industry. I can’t wait to see humans colonize Mars! May our future be happy knowing that we are out there, among the stars.

  15. Trent Petersen


  16. Karol Jo Kappel

    Like needs to be lrctvas a choice. Cnbc

  17. Sam S

    If you look forward at 2065 earning, the stock and the market are very cheap. The market is very, very, VERY forward looking I’m hoping my grandchildren can reap the rewards.

  18. Karol Jo Kappel

    So pres thinks sad other cops not charged is ok.

  19. 인포니어TV

    Kudos to the Rocket engineers!!!

  20. Dustin Nguyen


  21. 19 DIVOC

    stfu,,,, puppet


    Declare a war already! End CCP! Free Chinese! They deserve better.

  23. Hevis Kola


  24. CatalystOfFire

    Way to ruin a really great launch with a speech from The Respected Leader and his Vice Podunk.

  25. Mango22

    Our seas are overheating, full of plastic; our climate is causing massive storms and destruction, wildfires, etc. Massive droughts destroying crops, pandemic deaths reaching over 100,000. Riots in the streets, burning buildings and cars, unemployment reaching 40million and here we are celebrating money being wasted on a moon trip, that we've supposedly done before. SMH... Has it been 4 years yet? Ugh... I'm exhausted.

    1. Seraphim Meinhardt

      Most plastics and pollution is actually being produced by other countries, mainly China, but also many African countries and areas in India.

    2. BD

      Do you know what tech is being developed with the help of the space station?

    3. BD

      Do you know what the space race did to americans during the cold war? It inspire generations of scientists and engineers to do even better.

  26. JIm Ahrem

    Sounds like tedros will be applying for unemployment insurance

  27. Dutchy

    *Strange fruits hanging from Trump's poplar trees*

    1. Seraphim Meinhardt

      Ah, yes. The fruits of the labor of every American who is fighting this virus and working towards improving this country.

  28. Eddy Suwito


  29. IrishBiteGirl

    Other reopened states show a decline. So maybe it just doesn't matter. In that case, just open everything up and let people work.

  30. Eddy Suwito

    Don't forget American steak land from Indian, also American stealing oil from many country you stupid trump

  31. reid ob

    American Priorities ..... 100 000 dead in 3 months and counting and riots all through america ... UH WHAT A JOKE

  32. Brian Hart

    Any rational, critical thinking American realizes there is zero authority behind these hollow words. Republicans, Democracts and Independants alike need to band together and show up to right this wrong in November.

    1. Seraphim Meinhardt

      Okay, first off, you forgot about the Libertarian party. Also, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and everybody else can see that Trump is one of the greatest presidents ever. He has fulfilled all of his promises and more; something unheard of from most modern politicians.

  33. Jeason Mazon

    Thank you for all your hard work

  34. Saddest News

    Don't know why he complains, he is not being g blocked. Just a link below with the truth. THE TRUTH HURTS DOESN'T IT Trumpy Dumpy

  35. Aprille T

    Thanks Elon musk and SpaceX.

  36. Jay Dean

    Sending COVID-19 to space

  37. patricia lafountain

    Makes me sick that they can spend billions on that BUT they can't help the American people!!! WTF

    1. Seraphim Meinhardt

      The people are being harmed by the quarentine, created by senators on the state level. Trump had very little to do with it. People don't need government help. They need their jobs back and the United States to reopen.

  38. tuberichter

    Ich sehe hier Voldemort und einen sehr alt gewordenen Harry Potter.... I see Voldemort and a very old Harry Potter here ...

  39. Stockton 711

    I think Dr . Anthony Fauci , make a Strong and clean President this November. this guy is so smart and been around it all .

  40. iKenndy

    I cant breathe, Mr. President. BTW, nice speech.

  41. Adrianne Junites

    Trump 2020

  42. Saddest News

    Trump used his 1st amendment to fill the airwaves with his lies. What POS 1st Amendment is 1st for reason. If you fight for your 2and Amendment rights, you should also be fighting for your 1st and all the rest!

  43. The Tyrie

    So where in space are they going ? Where are they stopping ? When are they coming back ?Just straight up?

    1. Laine Frajberg

      They're going to the International Space Station (ISS).Their return date has not yet been specified.

  44. Daniel O'Brien

    our small town is booming with the unemployment pay raise

  45. Jeffrey Whitcomb

    Oh, and btw in places where stations are built that cannot access solar and wind easily they are using natural gas to produce hydrogen inefficiently and contributing to global warming. No thanks.

  46. Anders Eckstrand

    It’s a great honor and responsibility for America to help lead the rest of the world into our collective new millennium of space travel. 🇺🇸

  47. mark lucca

    With the news media giving constant air time to the actions of erratic boneheads in our country, It's refreshing to see some coverage being given to the brilliant men & women in our space program. God Bless America now & forever. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  48. Jeffrey Whitcomb

    At $1 per mile if they wrap fuel into their lease for ten years they are losing 50 cents per mile on every mile their customers run. They will build a loss of $12.5 Billion over ten years.

  49. Makaveli The Don

    Does biden know where he is yet?

    1. Seraphim Meinhardt

      Yeah. 2nd place.

  50. Ye Amazing

    Verizon was the best during the 3G and LTE days, but then came 5G and they’re now the worst.

  51. Eric Anderson

    Why is he wearing a mask while using video conference tools and no one even close to him? Besides the mask only help you not transmit the Flu to someone else. Is he implying he has the virus?

  52. Jeffrey Whitcomb

    We sign a lease for $1 per mile. I assume he means the truck lease. If so, these trucks will run 150,000 miles per year. The trucking company pays $150,000 for what would normally cost them $40K to $50K.

  53. Curt Bowman

    The race is ON! Now the competition to mars starts. all aerospace company's on alert!

  54. Carlo De La Rosa

    doesn't look like anyone is even in there. Fake audience soundfx

  55. David Wong

    40 minutes of nothing. Can't they edit it out?

  56. Uselessbanana15

    no it hasn't lmao. I live in Alabama and my family owns a business, and nothing had gone wrong what so ever. No one has gotten sick and no surface has stayed dirty for more than 30 minutes. Stop spreading lies

  57. Jeffrey Whitcomb

    Ask Trevor how much he has to subsidize the truck lease costs and the fuel costs to achieve liftoff...

  58. Jeffrey Whitcomb

    Those trucks would require 40MM Kg of Hydrogen fuel.

  59. manu manu

    I slept😭😭😭

  60. J. Sagittariuss

    great job!

  61. Full Tilt Boogie

    Tesla will crush the whole car market lmao

  62. dee tee

    5 years is quite optimistic, but it's not realistic. This is economic meltdown on a global scale. Try 20 plus years to recover

  63. Anbesaw

    it doesn't have to be America vs the world. science knows no boundaries. its all about advancing civilization. we can accomplish more when we work together

  64. vince baldwin

    Attending to The important thing$

  65. K1d

    Star Trek is real now

  66. Kenneth Helmlinger

    Trump thinks this is a Political Rally .... he has no idea how to unite Americans... all he can do is blame others for his failures ...

  67. J Rock

    Y'all feel free to beg for these vacines. That's what they're waitn for

  68. 麥克屬屬

    Where the Fab location is?

  69. Jeffrey Whitcomb

    And they only take the trucks IF the stations are built and running.

  70. Booger McPhearson

    Friggin awesome job folks! Look forward to a safe return!

  71. Jeffrey Whitcomb

    It will take them 3 years just to build the trucks for Anheuser Busch. 2100 trucks

  72. Leo Zalewski

    Should have give Thump the best seat at the cape, looking straight up at those Merlin engine.

    1. Seraphim Meinhardt

      We were all looking at those engines as the rocket soared through the sky. God bless America.

  73. Michael Johnson


  74. Jeffrey Whitcomb

    This is CNG/LNG all over again

  75. Jeffrey Whitcomb

    700 stations costs $8 Billion to build. They have $1Billion.

  76. Anbesaw

    if it was up to Obama this would not have happened

    1. Mirafzal Telmanov

      Again, this was because of Obama it happened.

  77. Mr. Tako

    Was the return of rocket failed? They didnt show it though

  78. Don Mcginn

    Wanker! 😡🇺🇸🤮 Go South Africa! 🇿🇦🇿🇦 SpaceX is Elon Musk, Elon Musk is South African! 😂😂🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦👍🏻

  79. Effie Hill

    God Bless!!!!!

  80. Kenneth Helmlinger

    This was an Obama Era program... again trump trying to take credit for what the Obama administration did

  81. mrbooglesopus

    Well, sounds like we should just bail her out through our taxes!

  82. Mr. Tako

    Was the return of rocket failed? They didnt show it though

    1. Arch Dornan

      Mr. Tako no? it was a complete success watch the video.

  83. Colleen McWhan

    It's a good description trump is out in space has no idea how to lead a Country How bout a Man who can lead as President on Earth,

  84. Ammar Ali

    Few weeks ago, he made fun of Zoom and now he embraced it. Seriously, never trust this dude.

  85. margarete hetrick

    Great day. Great speech . Too bad some people can't appreciate anything..

    1. Leo Zalewski

      Gare day until, every I hear Thump talk I can feel my brain cells trying to commit suicide to stop the agony.

  86. Q B

    This so exciting! I couldn't be happier about it not to mention proud!

  87. 清德賴

    china HongKong!~NO US Hong Kong

  88. rocketscience777999

    Carl Quintanilla is a total moron. Elon Musk is Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and Jeff BeZos all wrapped into one person and all him and most of the other CNBC mental midgets can do is try to find a negative about him.

  89. Mark Z

    No mention of Elon Musk, figures, CNBC a leftist communist news organization.

    1. Arch Dornan

      Mark Z shut conservative

  90. Venturi Life

    Make America Launch Again!

  91. Colleen McWhan

    For that we need a Real Man It ain't trump

    1. Seraphim Meinhardt

      Luckily though, Trump is Trump.

  92. Colleen McWhan

    How Bout Leading here on Earth

    1. Seraphim Meinhardt

      He is.

  93. C C


  94. Sharon DELLINGER

    Go Mr Trump. Mr Pence and all involved

  95. Tom C.

    They will have to find a new name for it...

  96. eric stanke

    Who's got a lighter?

  97. Ji Wong Park

    Healthy America! Thank you! Donald.

  98. Notorious D I G

    How come no one mention Elon Musk during the interview

  99. MrPathorock

    Lauch trump into the space

  100. John C

    Yall so dumb you cant see the mind control... Think about it if its such a pandemic fr why is outside closed but walmart and sams still open??