Red Letter Media is responsible for the 70 minute Phantom Menace review as well as Space Cop, Half in the Bag, and Best of the Worst. Full time frauds.

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  1. Arthur Morgan

    When Big Ed/Rose dies, Mike will talk about their ghost

  2. sommer camp


  3. krunnky

    RLM knows how to pick visual effects artists. Based on their ability to host an amazingly fun ReView episode!

  4. evilbetty007

    "What kind of stupid asshole would make a pg13 robocop movie" ... best quote ever

  5. TomRad1

    This music sounds familiar.... like it was used in Star Trek Generations.

  6. Plastic Rat

    What happened with this movie? Paul Feig did some OK stuff in the past. Arrested Development? The actors did some OK stuff in the past. It's like they made all the worst choices and there was no oversight, or they just had absolutely no idea of what made the first movie great. Granted, it would be very hard to replicate the lightning in a bottle success of the original, but it's like they had no idea at all. It's like they weren't fans and didn't undefstand it at all. Fuck Sony for tainting the name of Ghostbusters with this absolute shitstain of a movie.

  7. Ionic457


  8. jacksrandomadventures

    i thought this was gonna be a video about the afterlife

  9. Sad World

    Damn Jack looks fucking creepy.

  10. lutfi hilmy abdullah

    who's here after robocop's MK11 dlc?

  11. Stimm Behr

    I just wish Rey was a nobody.

  12. Thomas Kittock

    Ngl, it's a pretty solid formula.


    lol, there were flowers in space? i thought people were exaggerating. 6:11. yes i didn't watch the series, i heard it was terrible and this time i listened and never bothered.

  14. WatrDragn

    Rich struggles to pronounce English words correctly. How can he be expected to say any of these alien nonsense words with clarity?

  15. Keeleon Ohms

    "You gotta wear pants in the bar." - Mike Stoslaska

  16. RatingsMan

    I knew exactly who he was talking about when he said "that other guy who isn't Jesse Eisenberg"

  17. Justin Ainsworth

    I laughed so hard I kissed

  18. Herbert West

    oof that last 15 minutes hit me right in the feels.

  19. Goon

    I love GWAR. I don't know why some people really love Phallus in Wonderland though. I didn't find it really entertaining - way too low-budget (I could barely make out anything on the version uploaded to youtube). It was the only time I've seen a man with a prosthetic penis jizz into a cereal bowl for someone dressed like a child, though.

  20. kcsnipes

    I’m one of the few people that enjoyed the action scenes especially that giant samurai fight I’d watch 90 min of that

  21. Pooh Bear

    I enjoy these guys

  22. TrekII

    Alex Kurtzman is literally the worst the worst showrunner or producer of Star Trek or even a TV show in the history of the business. A cat licking it's ****s would be more entertaining than anything he makes for Star Trek.

  23. Collecticus tv

    This is my all time favourite Best of the Worst episode.

  24. CM3.Redeye

    "Ah need y'ur boots, y'ur spurs, & y'ur hoarse." Or something...

  25. OCT POD

    27:35 and vacations

  26. Keeleon Ohms

    The line between Half in the Bag and Best of the Worst is blurrier every episode.

  27. Nehsres

    That dude's laughing while the guy is reading is pretty annoying, I actually want to listen to what he is saying. Why make the video if we can't hear?


    Mel Gibson prick or not, should have been Max in Fury Road

  29. Jean-Paul Lane Valley

    Wouldn't have been much more emotional and entertaining if 3PO's memory wipe would have returned him his prequel memories instead? It's such a no brrainer desition that would have worked as easy fan service.

  30. Steve Bryant

    Sad Wisconsin quarantine is over because this probably means Mike and Jay are going to go back to half assing Half in the Bag

  31. Griffin O'Connor

    This is postmodern art

  32. Reyla Games

    Honestly watching Midsommar just made me appreciate how much better the original wicker Man is. Still a decent movie tho.

  33. tachikoma805

    Star Trek Picard : Death of Mike's Innocence

  34. kingiking110

    That laughter is earpiercing

  35. anakinfan8

    Thank God I'm not the only one who thought this horrible excuse for a show was insulting to everything Star Trek actually stands for

  36. Jessamine Thursday

    ugh then they destroy the set like the movies they were talking about lol... yaaaay!

  37. Nick Bennett

    Thanks for exposing these hacks. Luv ya guys

  38. synclavier123

    Captain Corelli's Mandalorian

  39. Eli Cash

    You guys don't understand The Martian because you never read the book. The film looks gorgeous. But is in truth a travesty of the source material. You can't criticise Matt Damon for cracking jokes when that is an intrinsic part of the character of Mark Watney. Criticise the script writer for making it unbelievable. The Martian is an incredible hard sci-fi story of how a human could realistically survive on Mars in a disaster situation (and barring solar radiation). The film does not do justice to the novel.

  40. Wade Wilson

    And you actually didn't shit on the fanbase so subscribe

  41. Unknown Firestarter

    Getting this in my recommended because of me searching his intro dialogue in MK11... Interesting

  42. Nicholas Cowley

    Not very familiar with these guys yet, newer listener. But my dude with the beard seems like he missed a lot of detail. Like why joker was off his meds, the fact that the film indicates society is on the verge of civil unrest the whole time. The decay of the jokers state of mind even though he we know he has mental illness from the jump. Seems like he missed the whole movie lol

  43. Auricom Nights

    "If you know Rich Evans and his laugh..." Oh that's just adorable.

  44. Michael Freeman

    Is it good or bad that my mind went to Tommy Wiseau when they were talking about trashing rooms before they mentioned it?

  45. Pimsleurable

    52:24 Mr. Plinkett was still in Grammar School 60 years back? Outstanding!

  46. J. S.

    Anyone know what that Robert Picardo poster says?

  47. John Doe

    Look like Conan O'Brien is the doctor in Thunderpants

  48. Alex Smith

    Your outlook on life is more bleak than that basement. I'm not saying the movie was tremendous, but you made a 30 minute video that was only 1 of 3 in a set just to whine relentlessly. Get some sunlight or a hobby.

    1. hypnotoad

      It's a character plinkett is deep in satire.

  49. Alpharius Omegon

    .... herd mutiny is the cure..

  50. SlowRiotNewKanada

    Absolutely no one saw Star Wars and asked "Where are all the black people?".

  51. cagethelonewolf

    Watching clips i thought this was the og robocop I enjoyed the acting his movement were well I enjoyed yhe lung part and everything else black robocop had me confused I enjoyed it

  52. VC YT

    REAL RATINGS FOR PICARD... IMDB Rating: 7.6 out of 10. Rotten tomatoes - 87% Critics Consensus. Metacritic User Score. 6.3 ~ Generally favorable reviews. Hah, deal with that reality !

    1. Herbert West

      And Big Bang Theory has an 8.1 on imdb. What's your point?

    2. Gabriel TS Gardner

      A critical consensus of 87 on rotten tomatoes. An audience reception of 58. One is far more important than the other, unless the shows main audience is media outlets to review it. If you're going to pick and choose what statistics to show, don't make the fact you're inherently biased this fucking obvious.

    3. Jonathan Archer

      Do you need a tissue to dry your eyes?

  53. Erich

    I have watched EVERYTHING Star Trek, from the beginning. I have forced myself through two seasons of Discovery and after watching this, I think I'm just done. I'm done. I can't take anymore of this bullshit. I never thought I'd say that. I'd say to myself, it's still Trek, I gotta watch it. I just can't anymore. I'm done. Until a Mandalorian of sorts comes out in the Trek universe, I'm out, sorry guys.

  54. Luka Lee

    Oh my God Jack's got a NADDPOD shirt!

  55. Noah

    I wish it was feasible that these reviews came out the day after the movie. Just imagine being a movie goer and seeing this before deciding to see the movie or just after seeing the movie and wondering why you hated it. Hilarious and gets the point across perfectly.

  56. Ryan Born

    I loathed this movie, but I recall my family had more of the reaction that Mike had. I still loathe it.

  57. Retro Grizzly

    more black spine edition

  58. Retro Grizzly

    more black spine edition????????????????? 📼

  59. Retro Grizzly

    I need more black spine edition please please please please please please please

  60. iluvmym4

    This movie sucked Yes I’m a 40 year old white dude 🖕

  61. Retro Grizzly

    more black spine edition? ✅✅✅✅

  62. Retro Grizzly

    more black spine edition I NEED IT NOW!!!

  63. Retro Grizzly

    Please please more black spine edition!!!

  64. Chris West

    Mike could have imagined anyone on the whole world to have a Star Trek discussion with, and he imagines Rich

  65. Retro Grizzly


  66. Jared Humpherys

    It's always funny to see how prophetic they are. If only they knew how dismissively the Solo movie explain things away. Where'd he get his iconic blaster? It was pieced together by garbage. Where'd he get his name? Its arbitrarily given to him. How'd he get the Falcon? He won it in a card game from Lando.

  67. matt payne

    BvS and JL are so obviously a 4 movie vision. They fucked it

  68. John Howard

    I want a Don Beverage sound board. Someone make this please.

  69. Dalaal Alablani

    i am now a grown woman but when i was about 12, i saw, at the theatre, an adam sandler film the name of which i do not remember and refuse to look up. during those 90 mins i saw my first ever erection and a graphic scene of siblings having sex. and i have not been able to forget about them since.

  70. MyMajorCompany NZ

    Tron is a movie that resonates with Gamers. Especially 70s and 80s arcade gamers who can "generationallylifefeel" and appreciate the soul of the movie made at a specific time of ones creative development.

  71. Apemopo

    8:08 Freddie Freaker shirt!

  72. pSyk

    Good old times when they used to film Half in the Bag in 35mm.

  73. aeopmusic

    9:47 - Question 26:06 - Answer

  74. Sam Dog

    Stewart resents Picard, figuring hes an actor worthy of Shakespeare..Picard was a job, and he hates the fact that it was Star Trek that catapulted him into the stratosphere.

  75. Mark Morris

    " Hi, I'm Wesley. I'ma whore now cause I need to make a cushy living."

  76. John Doe

    Re watching in 2020 a waiting for new episodes ,go me 99 episodes too see

  77. iluvmym4

    What? The inspector got hit by a car? F*ck yeah 😝

  78. Costadinov

    remember when everyone hated half in the bag and was always "WHERE'S MUH PLINKET VIDEO"?

  79. Lisa O'Reilly

    The important thing to remember is that "ST:Picard" is still set in the '25% Different Bad Robot Star Trek Universe'. The "Next Generation" series (along with all the pre-Bad Robot Trek series) as we knew it is still ultimately safe. That said, just imagine what an absolute dumpster fire the theoretical Bad Robot's version of TNG must be to lead to ...this.

    1. The Purple Meanie

      Lisa O'Reilly Yeah I’d love to see these guys pull a plot twist like “Psyche, this is a 3RD timeline!” But I think the writers are too proud of themselves to do it, this is their “vision” for main Star Trek.

    2. Lisa O'Reilly

      ​@The Purple Meanie I honestly don't buy it actually being Prime Universe. There's way too many contradictions and illogical twists to follow TNG and the other series, much like the other Kelvin stuff. Mike's reaction is still perfectly valid though, because Picard is exactly what was described here; an ugly, deformed wreck crafted by a bunch of no-nothing-know-it-alls for their own amusement from an originally solid, good story. Like a lot of pop culture these past few years.

    3. The Purple Meanie

      I’m pretty sure they said STP is in the Prime universe, hence it takes place after Voyager and Nemesis, so it’s in the “original” timeline? If it were meant to be in the Kelvin timeline I don’t think Mike would be reacting so badly to this.

  80. DradthemercenaryXV

    lmao this video back when it came out got me so confused that for a really long while i thought mike and mr. plinkett were actually two different people

  81. Alex Spadge

    This movie is now set in the past

  82. Eduardo Pena

    I've heard that background music on that Mankillers car chase scene in another bad movie, I just don't remember which one.

  83. Jack Bone

    20:07 warning: this is pointless

  84. Premeris Gloria

    If we accept the premise that Disney producers wanted a chunk of profits to be from China, the story reveals that a western style authoritarian villain can be vanquished by glorious member of youth leadership force (at least that's my take)

  85. goblined

    6 hours of an autistic man trying to pretend he can become the next Orson Welles has to be the most grueling experience in interdependent cinema.

  86. Nicolas Olivieri

    Best WTF! i know. Tx Jay

  87. Mr. Orange

    Stop dancing! Stop talking! brilliant :D

  88. aBoogivogi

    There is literally enough footage of people shooting lasers in grey corridors to make a DOOM trailer from a Star Trek show. Man how the mighty has fallen.

  89. Chore Boy

    I disliked because Jay was on the left. Not cool.

  90. C C

    finally caved in and watched it... my god, that sh*t was horrible. it is quite clear that this was yet another "Girl Power" bullshit from the 2015's.

  91. Su sanne

    I haven't watched the show after reading up on it and I have no intention to watch it. From the clips you show I can not tell the difference between this and any other somewhat sci fi-ish more or less dystopian show currently running and doing a better job at being itself. This is not recognisable as Star Trek. Thank you very much, even though it is very sad.

  92. Devin Burton

    Remember that time you called us “weird release snyder cut” people? Well it worked! WE WEIRDOS WIN!

  93. H R

    That's why people, YOU need to hit them where it hurts, their wallets for they will keep on destroying franchises and pop culture. LEFTIST WOKENESS KILLS EVERYTHING!

  94. Zach Gray

    People assuming Africa and presumably New York are on opposite sides of the planet. Even during winter, they both share several hours of sunlight at the same time. Wakanda and Hawkeye's family both being daytime is a non-issue.

  95. grt002

    Ok, real question, the snow effect was added digitally, right? That's not real? Kind of hard to tell a little eyes are seeing it as digital as it looks like snow is not collecting on Jay or Mike. lol...

  96. ColonelZoren

    What?! A Ben-Hur remake? Now? In 2020??! Wait... this video is from 2016!? WHAT THE FUUUUUUUCK?!?!??!?

  97. Steven Loving

    It's pronounced 'IHOP Villeneuve'

  98. Harry Stotle

    You have a flickering Plasma-TV? Omg, I hope that's no longer the case. Flickering backlights for flat monitors were one of the most boneheaded industry ideas.

  99. 1:00 PM

    I have never watched Star Trek and now it seems I never have to.

  100. goldmagistrate

    when's the plinkett review