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  1. Kelly1999

    I just found out less then a minute that she’s British 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. i stoled Jimin’s jams

    *tbh she’s just living.*

  3. Kierra Antoine

    Same Billie I HATE the color purple XD

    1. Kierra Antoine

      I vote PINK

  4. Nat The Rat

    Why is nobody talking about Larry he's so freaking adorable💓

  5. Kyra Miceli

    When she was talking about avocados I was just thinking about how her head looks like an avocado- she literally matched

  6. Raylenne _Lysm

    Wow and they get takis and snack𝒔😂😢🤯

  7. Brylan Helepololei

    I didnt realise it was so hard for the haoles ti pronounce Hawaiian

  8. Aia Ross

    Hailee is a ball of sunshine <3

  9. Matt D

    Omg Ariana Grande Being Billie Would Be Me Being Myself Collab U Twoosss!

  10. jnie swartz

    Go Maddie!!!!

  11. fryends

    Listen I love everyone on this comment section who gives positivity most of this is a beautiful place of positivity and those aren’t positive comments I hope you live a long life so then you finally get to learn some things that this little GIRL knows if you don’t have anything nice to say shut your trap

  12. roxanne lim

    The way billie said the horse was pretty 🥺

  13. Cayden

    14 is normal?! I'm 20 and have never truly kissed a girl! Well at least i'm not a virgin (just casually putting that in so i don't look that bad, not that anyone cares)

  14. Norah Cockram

    X mas

  15. Norah Cockram

    Dear Billie it is almost x mad and my friend really wants to meet you and I have a disease that can hurt me badly we are huge fans and it’s my wish to meet you before I find out if I hand brain cancer this is my x mad wish please make it come true your biggest fan Norah love you

  16. Andrew Baumann

    Nobody: Emma: *you might be onto something*

  17. Emalee June

    16:29 hope she kept that sign 16:52 hope she kept that one as well 18:37 and this

  18. Emalee June

    13:35 “cause can you believe A$AP Rocky gets to look at himself in the mirror everyday? That’s fire”

  19. Emalee June

    She’s mad at the avocado answer but her hair is an avocado

  20. Gacha HUGS

    So cool when i was 8 i did half purple half blue and then half blue and half pink i loved it <3

  21. Macey H

    This makes me love them so much more than I already did

  22. GONZALO Palomeque

    callense cabrones que ustedes se tienen que callao por que si ustedes se rien yo me rio

  23. GONZALO Palomeque

    amo la risa de chris

  24. Erin Schmitt

    i can not be the only person that thinks josh is trying to be in the spotlight too much

  25. idk

    Billie is like the best she is like family xd

  26. L.A.S

    I feel like this should’ve gone more viral.

  27. maria alfeiran

    i need that recording of her covering garbage by Tyler The Creator

  28. Alanny Del villar

    When Erick tried to say “I’m nervous” I can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. erin7780 erin7780

    ok so this really doesnt have to do with the video but are there certain types of trypophobia? Because like i dont have the fear of small holes and like it doesnt bother me until ITS ON SOMEONES SKIN!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE AHHHHHH!!!

  30. Alexander Bryant

    Love her in the black wig, but here (there’s really no other way to say it) she’s not that hot. Who let her be filmed like that?

  31. Aleksey Pälm-Leeis

    Notice the lack of white people

  32. Stephanie Wood

    Her spanish is beautiful ❤

  33. Natalia

    She's so cool and so genuine 😍 Naomi is the best ❤️❤️

  34. Savannah 123

    I love her outfit!❤️

  35. Cadie Blanchard

    falling slowly is so beautiful but i really, really love “the moon” by glen and marketa, its just so amazing

  36. TikTok Girl


  37. Emilia Leppälä

    Nobody : Not even Young K : Jae : BUT WHYYYYY

  38. Casandra Leah

    The lama part got me HAHAHAA

  39. shin blank

    2:57 a evergreen tree

  40. Rikke Villseth Eimhjellen

    OMG! She sooo cute!!

  41. Wolfy Twilight

    Shazam’s sidekick doesn’t break his arm but Eddie does 😂

  42. Whitney Schutte

    These memes were not funny. Well, some were. The first 2 she had to fake laugh, sadly. As Millie quotes; 11 would laugh at this, Millie.... No..

  43. Olathia Archer

    aww she didn’t do the Huston Texas baby thing 😔😂😂

  44. Marreta killer

    o christhopher ri atoa

  45. secutejailey

    I love how pale was on there but she didn't see it

  46. Sparky My baby boy

    Me/Michael Jackson fan girl: YASS MADDIE HE IS THE BEST

  47. secutejailey

    Anyone else get sidetracked by the lava lamp in the background

  48. Lissa Arenas

    Wtf she is so beautiful it hurt 😻

  49. harley main

    billie I want you to dye your hair blue agian pleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee

  50. Hailey Martinez

    Jason u had look so cute but now I want to cry not trying to be rude

  51. Amanda Brown

    ROKET POWER -Madeleine Petch

  52. Anna F

    i wish i still danced 🥺 i quit 2 years ago but i was dancing since i was 4 years old, i wish i got to dance ballet in pointe shoes but im too old now i feel like its too late :(

  53. Caitlyn Richardson


  54. Jania Jones

    “I have to say to that- WHERE IS MY CHECK” i- I’m wheezinggggggggggggg

  55. ざわ・ざわ

    The comment section are definitely not raw denim fans. lol.

  56. Variable

    And that doesn't end well for them, *huh* ?

  57. Westbrook Russell

    So unlady like. 🤮

  58. Clara Ahlenius

    I have never think that you and Dove Cameron are actually pretty like in looking

  59. DaBangtan Boi

    Never mentions X ever...

  60. franchesca giaroli


  61. UwU Engla

    Lol i have half purple an half pink hair

  62. Nicole Craus

    Do ariana grande next

  63. TheFutboljunky

    Noah freaking Gundersen

  64. Julie Andersson

    u should do one with maddie

  65. Amanda Brown

    I miss her old hair

  66. acryonym pasta

    Fake vanessa hudgens shes not a teen anymore lie more

  67. isimsiz biri

    shes a cinnamon roll i love her sm 🥺

  68. CupOfWhiskey

    Yooooo wtf how are they all good at english?? And 3 of the 5 of them are really good!

  69. Kasia Kulej

    She look's very Karen now 😂😂😕🤷‍♀️

  70. Artist 254grafitti

    I only clicked coz Teni-Case. Love it

  71. Melvin Gonzalez

    Happy thanksgiving America

  72. Elene Mkervalishvili

    mitchell's speech got me dead

  73. Julia Moreno Sanchez


  74. Cardos

    Billy dies

  75. Marie Galvez

    Omggggg in this video Vanessa has the same voice as the merrel twins !!

  76. GhettoPenguinGaming

    Guys please subscribe to me im a aspiring streamer who wishes for a better gaming community in india i stream pc games!!

  77. Σύγχρ0νη κ0υτσ0μπ0λΑ

    Question: If aliens abducted Billie, they would say "Man, humans are really.... " Billie: Pale... 😂😂😂 That's so funny!

  78. Donna Bean

    Who thinks tyler is hot

  79. ZombieBUSTER27

    👏 👏 meme reveiw 👏 👏

  80. Demi Krueger

    4:45 yuta babie energy

  81. Mariam Shengelia

    my little kendall

  82. Luna Hollenberg

    8:53 you’re welcome 🥰🥰🥰

  83. manu lammers

    This video is one of my official Aha! Moments. This is an Oprah reference. Feminism. Yes.

  84. Plenus

    First they stole the land, and then they stole the color, look at these girls...Indian? They're whiter than me.

  85. Lyn Vallery Caes Singh

    I’ve really love Justin in that time and I’ve love him till now at all but not forever

  86. Cece & Fi Fi

    Isabella is so amazing and inspirational!!!

  87. sana patel

    This made me love jaehyun even more the fact that he’s watched hsm like I STILL listen to all the songs wow I love him

  88. Queen Patch

    I need Ezra to drop a cover of that Cardi song like yesterday

  89. fancy peppa

    New zealnd REPESENT!

  90. Radhika Dutt

    She is so cute!!! I hope she is fine now... Isabella is so strong and I loved to see her smile and jump up and down when she found out she was going to see Meghan Trainer♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  91. Lala Barbie

    llama faceu

  92. Cassey Veliaj

    Kenzie didn’t say dance moms she just said old show

  93. Tegan M09

    “Where did you guys meet?” *MY BROTHER*

  94. Gryfinnpuff Edits

    SHES 15 WTF!!

  95. Monette Van Der Sandt

    Where can we take the surwey

  96. Bajablast Yt

    Anyone else wanted to see the trick

  97. Hennessy

    Nobody: Just No Absolutely No One: Bambam: I'm love with the shape of you BamBam: Ur in love with the shape of me Got7 can't get any worse than this 😂

  98. Jade Luu

    They all have really strong personality buttt I think I'm gonna get along with Matt, Joshua and Olivia more than the rest because they seem more timid and approachable.

  99. Destiny Cunningham IG: dezr

    I kid you not... This whole playlist other than Jesus, Jesus is mine.. This is amazing 💜 im 29 and honestly, I think hanging out with billie and finneas would be such a great time..