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  1. Jonas Hansen

    Great episode! Please invite Brian again in the near future, he fits very well into the show and has some interresting inputs! =)

  2. dr death pranks

    Imagine being such a badass that your in the ad of your own video 😂😂

  3. Joe Love

    there are denying the singularity when self replicating nanobots are a real thing

  4. ' Bert

    Chuck Nice is the only person in recent memory I've heard use "anthropomorphize" in a verbal flow. Clearly, I've been hanging out with the wrong mofos.

  5. Jake Hoberg 1983

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is the Mike Tyson of scientific information. Guaranteed to knock you out.

  6. Anomaly

    I'm dying 🤣. *Hands a bowl of chilli* "welcome to Mars"

  7. Bite Me

    1. How do you invent away around the .38 g force? 2. What about living in the Venusian atmosphere? The temperature is more forgiving about 50km up.

  8. Kőrösi Botond

    Yeah but I dont think it's true. If we created an exact copy of our world woukdnt you control even the thought of that race to become selfaware. Preventing that action to cause that would make the race supersane. Which could lead do extreemly harsh outcomes.

  9. Terrence Hamilton

    Who'd want to see Neil's reaction to some of the Rick and morty eps? That'd be fun right? If love to see him potential brake down the science to some of the from the series or just listen to his take on some of the episodes

  10. T-Wrecks

    Even we dinosaurs knew the earth was round, silly humans.

  11. John Donovan

    When one is used to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

  12. alex ibarra

    I fell down on the concrete the other day and scrapped my knee... the earth is not smooth 🙃

  13. Pun Master

    16 seconds in, and they shut every flat-earther up like that! Thank you!

  14. Serpentine A.

    Had a weird sense of déjà vu I think I watched this in 2015 but don’t recall why...

  15. Jesus Jesus

    Kneel “Touchy Touchy” Da Grass Tie Son

  16. Luis San


  17. Fred Sanford

    Visualization is old news....its like you are actucually stealing ideas, Heather.

  18. Vick

    His podcast with joe Rogan was bizarre

  19. Fred Sanford

    Ya Neil, Bruce Lee taught us to Visualize in the 70's... Nice try folks old news.

  20. Fred Sanford

    Who is Heather Berlin and what has she published? Whats her Efficacy Research history and proof of the Efficacy?

  21. Steven Dario


  22. Fred Sanford

    Its ok Neil, I have plenty of theories.

  23. Aragorn Strider

    Earth could be round AND flat, but maybe you mean a sphere

  24. Paul G

    Neil, when can we see a StarTalk with Dr. Jordon B. Peterson?

  25. Fred Sanford

    Everyone is getting over stimulated quite the opposite.... its lack of eye contact and human touch that releases Oxytocin that we are deprived of.

  26. Jørgen A

    I actively avoid human contact for my survival. Especially now!

  27. Elton Luk

    I love how there’s no flat earthers in the comments LOL

  28. Fred Sanford

    HAHAHA.... lack of stimulation? Evryone is watching and getting stimulation. Its lack of Oxytocin

  29. Humphrey Nyaisisi

    I just saw his masterclass ad 😂

  30. Fred Sanford

    Depression is overcome by Exposure Therapy. Period.

  31. Fred Sanford

    wow Neil, deleting relative important theories? weird

  32. SooperToober

    Neil - As a voice of reason you've got to stand up and make your voice heard on the killing of George Floyd. Every great scientist like yourself, has stepped up to the plate on matters of state...your time is NOW. You speak with grace, eloquence, clarity and most of all conviction. I am not a black man, but my heart bleeds as I see how black men are being decimated.

  33. byteme9718

    Eddie Murphy of physics and a general embarrassment.

  34. csaitruth org

    Public announcement. Pl watch videos of the first ever practical experiments conducted by CSA which prove that the moon does not rotate on you tube channel Anyone who can prove that the moon rotates around its axis can win 10000 US dollars.

  35. ProPettybooGamer23

    Maybe talk about science and racism it’s affecting me and you my brother

  36. csaitruth org

    Don't Miss watching the first ever genuine practical experiments conducted by CSA which prove that the moon does not rotate on the you tube channel We have even announced a reward of 10000 US dollars to anyone who can prove that the moon rotates.

  37. Motivation From 7:30

    8:50 the cat is dead and alive. Perspective matters. Perspective anti-matters

    1. Motivation From 7:30

      Imagine the earth is already in a black hole and our universe creates a galaxy in a next layer of the continueverse

    2. Motivation From 7:30

      Reasons why the videos have so much energy

  38. Real Surreal Music

    Chuck said BeelzuBoson. 😂😂🤣🤣

  39. Prabin Mishra

    So that explain why you can’t see or feel gravity

  40. Kim Jong Un

    I’m sick of this jive talking shyster... booo

  41. Gerwulf

    So basically watertowers are water-batteries.

  42. Fred Sanford

    I do have to say, Neil and Chuck are exuberantly funny and informative. I am happy to have found this PodCast.

  43. Fred Sanford

    On Chucks commnet on drinking, its called "inhibitions", The introvert becoming and extrovert.

  44. jsalas013

    One thing I don't get is that whether the earth is flat or round or any other shape or no shape, why are people debating this topic? It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. There are so many more important things going on to worry about. Although, it is interesting how it used to be science vs. religion and now that religion no longer seems to be up for debate, it's time to question science. I do feel it is unfair to say that flat-earth believers are people who failed science in school. I'm sure there are plenty of flat-earth believers who did well in science and just decided to keep an open mind by looking at the world from a different perspective. Not everybody sees the world exactly the same way. I always had A's in science, but just because I don't shut down the perspective of flat-earth believers, doesn't make me ignorant. I know and understand science well. However I feel it is wrong to jump to conclusions about what people believe in because there was a time when a lot of claims by scientists were considered absurd that are now excepted by a majority of humanity. Sure the debate of a flat-earth is not new, but why is it all of a sudden a topic up for debate again after nearly half a millennium? If the world you live in makes better sense to you by believing the earth is round, flat, some other shape, or no shape, then don't worry about what others say. Believe what you want and live life to the fullest. Do I believe the earth is round or flat? My answer is yes. Yes to round? Yes to flat? Yes to both? Yes to neither? Doesn't matter. Just believe what you want to believe, but always keep an open mind to tolerate the feelings, thoughts, and beliefs of others. Whether you are right, they are right, both of you are right, or neither of you are right, it shouldn't matter. As Shakespeare stated in his play Hamlet, "To thine own self be true." Just be true to yourself. At least that is how I interpret that phrase.

  45. Nicolas Navarro

    Based on the law of conservation of energy and conservation of mass? How does anti-matter + matter create energy? For my basic analysis of the chemistry involved how is energy created? I figured it’s either based on kinetics or other methods and not to be created by the unification of anti-matter & normal matter? Then where does mass go if the particles become energy?

  46. Ms Mom

    "I TOLD YOU!" Very true, I have ocd and been saying that to everyone. LOL I don't feel more relaxed though, if anything my ocd has increased.

  47. Fred Sanford

    Does the COVID pandemic influence the consciousness of the influence of quantum mechanics?

    1. Fred Sanford

      On that notion of coincidence, in Copenhagen's" probability density in quantum mechanics " how can we assume or even accept that the entire theory is remotely accurate or even applicable on a finite understanding? Thus making it jibber jabber, based on a poor demographic size and current brain functions.

    2. Fred Sanford

      So if lucid dreams present as consciousness and reality then the memory of these dreams can be assumed to be the "de ja vu" effect? Or the sub conscious and consciousness merging and mixing reality and dream? Where as you think you remember an experience but you are actually experienceing reality that resembles a recent lucid dream and it is merely a coincidence?

    3. Fred Sanford

      If quantum mechanics relys on consciousness, how can the sub consciousness and lucid dreaming be explained? Where as lucid dreams are dreams that make you feel awake and they can seem to be reality and in the realm of consciousness?

    4. Fred Sanford

      When does validation become confirmed or perceived? Or does denial become validation?

  48. Charlie Forster

    i swair that it was well know knoligh at the time of columbus that the earth was round he just thought that it was smaler than it was becasu he mesed up his conversion from otomen to castilian miles

  49. Obi Wan

    Don't teach me over a wall. You even don't believe your theories you coward scientists. You had to take the lead and guide the people through this pandemic. But what I see is big mouth scientists moled up in their homes and preaching me of science cowards

  50. Jon E

    Future sounds very communist

  51. Peggy Trawick

    The Multiverse? There were many galaxies

  52. No thankyou

    I do love these two:) Great show.

  53. Obi Wan

    Neil is a coward just like his fella scientists. He is hidden scared and avoiding people like lunatic. But at least his sense of humor is intact

  54. daniel velez

    hey niel id love to hear your thoughts on this. The very small looks like the very large. an atom the say is 99.99999% space when you look in space it is 99.9999999 of space. if i was a atom would i was on the surface of the nucleolus and i looked out away from the surface what would i see? would it be black with stars or just as bright as it is to me now?

  55. a username

    I'm for sure in love w/her. . Janna's mind is everything ⚘👑 2nd.. think we can all agree Matt held it down with the comedic relief ✊🏾

  56. T Michael

    A copy of the book “The Lighthouses of the World” and a calculator are enough to prove that the Earth is not a globe, but an extended flat plane. The distance from which various lighthouse lights around the world are visible at sea far exceeds what could be found on a globe Earth 25,000 miles in circumference. NASA and modern astronomers claim we are living on an oblate spheroid 25,000 statute miles in equatorial circumference with a curvature of 7.935 inches to the mile, varying inversely as the square of the distance, meaning in 3 miles there is a declination of nearly 6 feet, in 30 miles 600 feet, in 300 miles 60,000 feet and so on. Therefore, if we wish to prove or disprove the validity of their convexity claim, it is a fairly simple, straight-forward matter of measurements and calculations. For example, the Dunkerque Light in southern France at an altitude of 194 feet is visible from 28 miles away. Spherical trigonometry dictates that if the Earth was a globe with the given curvature of 8 inches per mile squared, this light should be hidden 190 feet below the horizon!

    1. happy muttonchop

      mike Do you think 8 inches per mile squared is spherical trigonometry?

  57. 6lue Already Dead

    21:14 to be fair the guy that Buzz Aldrin punch that wasn't just accusing him of lying about going in the mun he was literally getting up in his face putting his finger and func's face and calling him a coward and that's what actually pushed him to punch that dude in the face and I do not blame him at all for doing that cuz I would have done the exact same thing💯💯💯🤷‍♂️

  58. edd aimes


  59. Ernesto M.

    Life Programmer watching this: : |

  60. Muqtada Hameed

    He’s Morty’s math teacher

  61. Peggy Trawick

    2 men on the moon with oxygen tanks attached

  62. Kevin Schreiner

    the energy in this video is inspiring

  63. Peggy Trawick

    There are many Galaxies

  64. yodafannie

    Anyone take his master class?

  65. seouldragonyt and have have a good day

    Petition to get a Citadel of Tyson

  66. Eric McDowell

    I think water is wet. How should I test that?

  67. elaine goad

    I had measles, mumps and chickenpox as a child because vaccines weren't available/invented yet. A school friend's mother had measles when she was pregnant and the child was born with low IQ. My friend's mother had polio and was in an iron lung for a year and ended up with a shortened, weak leg and mentally, was never the same. I've know a number of people who have had polio and must live with the incurred disability it left them with for the rest of their life. I had family and friends who have had shingles and called the pain "suicide pain" so I've just finished my series of 2 shingles vaccinations.

  68. Mean Bean Productions

    These two are so much fun! 🤗🥰😁👍🏻

  69. Shraddha Vishwakarma

    If we are in simulation than what's outside it

  70. Audrey Dunham

    spend money on creating a safer humanity between black and whites.

  71. Joe Sunder

    What about Graham’s number or tree(3)? They’re way bigger

  72. William Edgar Perrigo

    The Earth is flat. As we go out into space. Are you following me here? The Earth starts looking like a blueberry, right? Keep going outwards. Now it looks like a blueberry in a flat pancake, right? Keep going out and you’ll see the pancake on a plate with bacon and maple syrup. It’s relative.

  73. John DePaolo

    She is so cute.

  74. Sean Moore

    Oh man I can debunk easily everything they said and I don't even care

    1. happy muttonchop

      sean So you can't really debunk anything.

    2. Sean Moore

      @⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ I never claimed to be a Flat Earther don't judge what you don't know

    3. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      ​@Sean Moore Please, remind us if you do make that video; otherwise, you're just talk and no show like all the flat earthers I've talked to.

    4. happy muttonchop

      sean "I can debunk easily everything they say" Chickening out already?

    5. happy muttonchop

      sean It's entertaining when irrationally confident people fail.

  75. Meme Lorde

    Someone comment on this comment and comment on that I know this is a weird comment

    1. Meme Lorde

      I’ll do it

  76. Ikinararangal kong ako ay Iglesia ni Cristo

    37:41 He's dead now. Maybe he already know the truth.

  77. Shubham Hansda

    "The real source of science literacy, is not what you know. But how you think about the world."

  78. mica davis

    I'm more impressed by trees. Using hydrogen bonds to the water evaporating from the leaves to literally pull the water from the ground up the roots through the trunk to the branches? Whaaaa?

  79. Sushant Kumar

    How about warping spacetime? It would make you appear like you're flying/floating/accelerating

  80. Ikinararangal kong ako ay Iglesia ni Cristo

    What's hawkin contributions to humanity? Just asking.