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  1. miniman747

    That bottle contains 17.5 shots, how many did you count?

  2. [ CHOGNAR ]

    That was literally the funniest shit ever

  3. SaITaMa

    january 24 is my bd give me gift

  4. Butch Ainsley

    This is actually the most special ed thing i've ever seen

  5. Red Horizon

    I can’t tell if fueling your dads alcoholism is your excuse to open cases or if opening cases is an excuse to supply your dad’s alcoholism at this point

  6. Isaiah

    Jan24th my birthday send one over 🤦🏽👌🏽

  7. BJ Plays

    Anomaly gas heart problems while papa has liver problems

  8. Moostash

    The closest thing I have had to a knife is a VAC ban

  9. Logan Kim

    The karambit Doppler’s finishing catalog tho...;)

  10. Lance Martinez

    So heartwarming to see father and son feed both of their addictions in the same video

  11. AR-15 M4-Carbine

    The thumbnail looks like scuffed santa clause

  12. Fleexyy

    Pls show ur room

  13. YungtiddyBoi Osito

    My naga

  14. YungtiddyBoi Osito

    I live this place

  15. Sparkle Pawz

    Papa getting drunk=good luck forever

  16. Darwisy Zharfan

    Can i have one of the kneiv ples?

  17. finna ewok yo cheeks with no audio

    *whatever kills you makes you stronger*

  18. Desa Waerd

    This is a very long ad for Jägermeister.

  19. Incursion


  20. Zane Walls

    2:19 just has wall hacks

  21. Guitarpunkmasta

    my man wearing crocs respect

  22. ahmad raeez hassan

    look my arm I changed it

  23. Ponsas

    14:26 Papanomaly: drink Autistic boy from Sweden: Look Papanomaly: *yes*

  24. Fiji Watter

    This is actually disgusting how dare you do that to your dad take care of him stop abusing him and using him in vids

  25. TheCatGaming

    8:35 Jävlar

  26. Raghzor

    These videos are going to kill papanomaly

  27. Logan

    next video be like : papa die from liver failure

  28. Someone

    The H in anomaly's autistic mealtime means healthy.

  29. DENNIZ_________

    10:04 i love papa

  30. HighKingDeimos

    Ludde literally watches papa drink an entire bottle of Jaeger then is surprised he is drunk already

  31. moves

    wasnt that a black pearl????

  32. wen

    why is your dad taking these huge shots and youre not? lame fucking video

  33. Zarzy

    15:17 omg thats soo nice content

  34. Minim

    Me playing 5 years and not getting one knife Anomaly:

  35. Danijel Meseldzic

    Its 5 in morning

  36. CV.9

    Me any giveaways knife Anomaly : no

  37. babedont

    Not accurate representation, anomaly need more fat, false advertising, boycott this pls

  38. DaRam17

    Imagine if anomaly drank...

  39. You’ve been Gnomed

    Papa anomaly knows all cases with knifes

  40. Redux

    3:35 i choked

  41. Collat

    I hate how lucky you are

  42. Raza Gaming

    Anomaly *doesn't get grotto* angery Papa noises

  43. XD Ismael

    Wtf I’ve seen this before

  44. budlaaat

    Obi, how's your case opening now?

  45. Sspeedy-Z

    He has a drinking problem. Maybe go and See a Jägermaister Docktor. Shipp🤢🥳🥳

  46. lil WebToe

    5mill subs face reveal

  47. Ivan -

    9:30 me and the boys before our autism meds kick in

  48. Neftaly Giovanny Navarro Delgado Ariy

    You know what would be cool an youtooz with anomaly holding a dragon lore or a howl

  49. Neroッ

    2:50 anomaly fking happy af while his father “can we change the rule?” XD

  50. hartzz

    u eat this and act like its surströmming fucking shit fake shit!only fucking idiots look more than 2 minutes

  51. hartzz

    how can someone like u make money with that shit videos

  52. Astian

    Papa: We are doing this for youtube. Anomaly: No I think you are doing this for yourself.

  53. valentino

    "whole bottel" xD

  54. xvrzs

    2:45 ur here for this

  55. s mac

    Why does papa always wear devil worshipping shirts lol???

  56. Kareem Al said

    I got motivated from anomly case opeing and then i got a knfie also!!

  57. Ch33ki

    13:25 papa, sips jaggermeister: hmm, 15 to 16% finishes shot: yes, i taste *50-52%*

  58. Sdx

    *KNIFE: WHOLE BOTTEL* Gets two knives

  59. FleN :/

    7:36 чёт этот чел знакомый

  60. TheRobinIsGood

    Where are the Japan and China vlogs? Thought you were there to film a bit aswell

  61. R1ptide

    I drink with papa Yes?

  62. Brad Whinthorpe

    “Bottel” ............

  63. Ryan McIntosh

    The chroma case has my two favorite skins in the game: dragon king & chatterbox

  64. Mago Pekka Nigthmare

    Anomaly: Grotto Subtitles: Geralt Oh

  65. Pablo Avila

    Next video: papa gets liver damage

  66. Raul

    Papanomaly still alive?

  67. failure

    They should've put the tricycle seat in his ass for the youtooz

  68. le chonky boi

    Ludde do you have blue hair??????

  69. Hyper K

    Why the fuck are your eyebrows blue.

  70. Donuts

    Anyone else just feel like these reactions are always the exact same? like go watch his 2015 videos of knife openings, its the same reaction.

  71. THe97LoRD

    I cant even watch this becouse im drunk as fuck and im gona puke as i see paps drink thast jeger

  72. Bananaminer 15

    imagine opening 2 knives in 100 case this post was made by opening 0 knives in 100 case gang

  73. Billyus

    Dude I think he’s drunk.

  74. elisa varga

    I have one p250 hive stattrak (MW) with Sticker ..... Clan-Mystik | Katowice 2014.... 324 euro , This p250 is cost something ?

  75. pig cow

    Anomoly: dies from diabetes Papa: dies from alcohol poisoning Momma:

    1. ahmad raeez hassan

      pig cow dies from medical bills

  76. Cody Blackwood

    Anomaly: Papa, Can you name the two knives we got? Papanomaly: Ummmmm... Float?

  77. X NA

    2:54 KONTOLL LOO!! kwowkwowkwowk

  78. CutUrGut

    Does anyone know why anomaly doesnt drink? Im pretty sure hes of age right?

  79. unknownbla

    9.16 Bruh

  80. Warau

    1 shot = 10 shots

  81. Gargi Lino


  82. WhyIM2Gram

    Bro, imagine inviting over Charlie Sheen... Better get ready to snort coke and get STD's from pornstars 👌

  83. YT ACC

    swedish traditional aka what the entire world have been eating already x)

  84. Let's Game Boy

    bruh. he rly be getting knives everyday

  85. Chillager

    Anomaly these ads make me suicide stop with ad fuck biych

  86. Demented Robin

    Papanomaly's King Diamond shirt tho

  87. Hinez__

    Stattrack Grotto should be 5 shots ngl.

  88. Audiotricz

    the papa YouTooz looks amazing

  89. M3G4M1GH7

    Ur Funny as hell

  90. Opgamer2789

    Wish you could send me any weapon skin 😂😂😭😭🔫🔫

  91. DEMOND

    I uploaded a video of csgo, who tells me how I can improve?

  92. Atherasia Endou

    This video is brought to you by Streetman

  93. FrankieOnSBSIn144p!

    im hungover as fuck and watching papa drink hurts me

  94. Mindaugas Mazrimas

    Anomaly-" We moved to Malta because of Papa's skin condition " Also Anomaly- *Feeds Papa a ridiculous amount of alcohol* RIP LIVER

  95. Mönkey

    Sooner or later you need to save up money for that liver transplant for your dad. Even though the video is awesome, I’m really concerned about papa’s health

  96. YourBoi Reaper

    I'm gonna be on an episode of Deaf Reality Shows if Anomaly finna open another knife

  97. The DoodakS

    me: opens one case * game crashes *

  98. David Lisca

    Papa is alcoholic yeah

  99. Xle6yWek

    Time: 4:21 Me: *searching for relaxing and chill video* Anomaly: wait a minute *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

    1. EpiK

      You should have made it 4:20 but ok...

  100. JoinFeedRAGE