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  1. Arcarctic

    I AM IRONMAN 6:20

  2. ABYSS

    2:03 papa, do you eat ass?

  3. Richi_Boi

    Anomaly: Fucking dies Papa: *YES*

  4. Phlapp

    Now im just waiting to get the news Fat man killed a whole family for toilet paper

  5. Arcarctic

    Police was called.. 1:49

  6. brother _momentum

    Anomaly is legitimately an ogre

  7. ABYSS

    "Imma take this.." "Nooo"

  8. Just1n

    I really wanted him to head smash the beans... not disappointed

  9. Sebastian Rhodes

    Achohol And Gambling Addiction in one

  10. Arch Everything

    f1 was downright ready to kill someone throughout the entirety of the video XD

  11. FLMZ Music

    Anomaly | Scar Fatty (Battle scarred)

  12. Matthew Serback

    2:46 looks like shturman

  13. Potato Man

    No one: The r/beans community on reddit: 11:44

  14. Octave_Btw

    Who is the girl in the background

  15. Genji SHmada

    Haha Mr.Analmolly

  16. LokeroRD

    13:05 when i have taco bell

  17. ORCA

    anomaly sounds robotic with the tin foil helmet lmao

  18. Michael Comoli

    u guys should try romanian food

  19. Xyrrm

    0:29 now malta is very close to hitler

  20. Michael Comoli

    you guys should do romanian food

  21. LokeroRD

    Since when did mrbeast get fat Im joking xd

  22. Tim Schuchhardt

    Ehren Papa

  23. LokeroRD

    Want to do a prank? If someone asks u to get thr yogurt just put that powder with milk and wait for them to taste it.

  24. LokeroRD

    0:02 papa looks like a dollar store roblox character

  25. hemn darvizeh

    6:57 is so funny

  26. LokeroRD

    Replay buttons cost 1 like: Me when im about to go to sleep: 1:47 Me when i eat pu$$y for the first time XD 3:15 Bears in the forest be like 4:21 Me after i blowed my dusty NES cartridges 5:56 Cows 6:59 When i bite my tongue 8:10 When anomaly wants to make another food review with papa 9:02

  27. LokeroRD

    5:07 *M A Y O N - A S S*

  28. Nexus

    When he bashed his head into the pizza I actually pissed myself laughing 😂

  29. Proxymods Re

    The Plane Name Is Jeez Oh my God Is Jeez Jeez Is The Taxi Lest'Go

  30. Lucron

    Anomaly: I've built my helmet his mind: now it's dirty

  31. Lucron

    Anomaly: I'm camoflage (literally dying inside and outside)

  32. Dr Deathless

    the v neck shirt makes me wanna die

  33. Madhyastaツ


  34. kyr0nx YT

    Anomaly: Malta is a small country Also Anomaly: *like my penis*

  35. MisieqYT

    Go to poland bydgoszcz fordon we have fucking custom e a in poland

  36. Oliver Fornite

    Who else was expecting him to motorboat the beans bowl

  37. ZooxFox

    Voicecrack at 6:27

  38. ZigBo

    Your dad is such a good artist

  39. Adelio Budi

    6:19 best jack the ripper cosplay

  40. Isaac Levy

    Anomaly's autism alone will keep the virus away.

  41. Skullys

    200k for skin yaes

  42. • JFeemH •

    Anomaly is thicc af

  43. Minetora568

    0:33 gang gang

  44. magnus Dahl-Spangby

    This video is apoocalypse eksdee Edit: thanks for all the likes

  45. Emiros Hadzinjos

    6:17 i love the way he says *CHIP*

  46. FuMeS

    Shakespeare by hamlet

  47. Aakoo

    I wonder where the fuck did he dump all of those beans :D

  48. Angelo Salvo

    6:18 send to someone without saying anything lmfao

  49. Zohaib Ahmed

    Time to put that flamethrower to good use

  50. Zohaib Ahmed

    If I’ve learned anything from plague Inc Islands are endgame

  51. incorrectly positive.

    11:45 When u love eating ur gf ass but she's having a diarrhea.

  52. Mr. Hoo Lee Sheet

    do you want a akkk :D

  53. TF 24

    Rip 7xbeans

  54. hiddeN

    When i clicked on this video i got an ad about getting in better shape, and he’s helped over 400.000 ppl, i skipped the ad and then i saw Anomaly in this shape looool

  55. Jju Plays

    9:20 intense agony by papa

  56. HotGreen

    anomaly scared of getting mind controlled with no brain xD

  57. Cancer Bed

    1:53 anomaly disappeared but you can still hear his voice and see the chair moving

  58. Ask to seduce Miss

    Video: how to swear in swedish Anomaly: rackarns

  59. prince bogo

    Who is Linda is she his sister or like a personal assistant or his girlfriend 😳

  60. Ted

    With the Mask it is always so much funnier

  61. Igor Cardoso

    Why u don’t put the tittle for nose reveal then u get more views

  62. knif3

    The way the foil vibrates whenever he speaks

  63. Szabii plaaays

    Meanwhile in africa : 😑

  64. Ducken The duck

    Papanomaly should do a Snus test

  65. никита кондратенко

    Best prank for anomaly xd

  66. Igorek_naek_ek

    Anomaly: finally educational video 4:20: 6:45

  67. morty

    Im SO hungry

  68. Sebby96

    How tf do u have that many things lying around???????

  69. ThomaSS


  70. DangerZone

    Hi guys i from Poland an we love vodka and bear (Harnaś) xD Ps Polish vodka kill coronavirus xdddd

  71. roblox tips

    Sonund whan I am at her place alone 8:38

    1. roblox tips

      At girlfrand

  72. ktb

    "Where are you?" "I don't know" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  73. Cherry Tacadao

    You just need kitchen knife beer stove fridge a house ak 47 new clothes computer pc keybord and a house and metal door and toilet paper Aircon and electric fan

  74. Harry Chen

    You have to cook the beans.....

  75. Triggagaming YT

    That’s where you SHIT and MASTERBAIT at the same time. (Swedish anthem) meanwhile anomaly is explaining sex to us.

  76. Luke Krts

    11:47 when u eat her ass and she has diarrhoea

  77. Magnus Edlund

    Can you and Pappa Make a new try not to laugh. Pls

  78. Mr.Tryhardguitarguy

    The irony is most of these would be so much better cold. He has to suffer through not only rushing but drinking room temp and or warm beer

  79. Benzooku

    London Kiribati/Kirimati

  80. J Gaming

    plzzzzzzzz do ‘schildwolde’ the netherlands

  81. Laime 666

    Kvitto more like vittu hahahahahah years joke

  82. lil_sheepas

    I love how papa says hello 😂😂

  83. JustAleks


  84. Gubbzii

    Omfg jag vet vem du är du e fucking stromen känns de som

  85. Kon GraTs

    In Germany we call this alman

  86. Peter Plays

    Grotto = shotto


    Original longdrink is finnish drink and it is like alcoholic drink but it is mixed with fruits. Theres also original just taste grape. and keisari is finnish beer and aura also.

  88. no

    *Anomaly is the apocalypse* 👌

  89. Miroslav Nepožitek

    You were just getting ready for your meals during the quarantine...... If you are reading this and the comment says one year ago or more, humanity has succesfully beaten the CORONA!!! BTW today it is the first of April and no, this is not a joke. Unlike the video.

  90. Kenny Lassen

    u will get a good dump of that onion, GOOODTIMES!!!!

  91. pri3de

    Papa is a duck

  92. Novovic

    poor papa

  93. sexy vegen

    Papa ”sexual abuse in the anal” Anomaly”jaha ja”

    1. Ask to seduce Miss

      anomaly: you have shit, you have fuck... me: so i have some fuck shit anomaly: you dont say shitfuck

  94. Antoni

    everyones talking about papas beer But HE HAS SO MUCH DORITOS

  95. Peggs GT

    *NEEEJ NEEEJ **OMG** Hahah

  96. Peggs GT

    *NEEEJ NEEEJ **OMG** Hahah

  97. Peter Dosedla

    Doge on wall

  98. S.J. Sokol


  99. Magnus Fransson

    22:31 Jag dricker 7.5 undrar om you make fun of mig