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  1. Zambam bo

    Piccolo is truly the Anime Christ Hansen. Hates pedophilia so much he developed the clothes beam technique.

  2. Griffen Gibson

    u did some runescape grinding shit irl

  3. Neville

    tHaTs NoT vEgAn

  4. 句丹句句と 尺ヨ尸卞丹尺

    Pound for for pound the hardest slap would probably go to the mantis shrimp. Look that shit up they're cray cray.

  5. Stoic Diligent Persistence

    "Slashing tires and slitting his throat" epic 🤣😂

  6. Madison Gosnell

    1:42 did anyone else notice how they just edited the screen to shake

  7. mac_II

    Watch out guys, he might just say FUCK

  8. Chris This

    Damn, the joker has so many quotes i didnt even know about

  9. Josh Franklin

    Omg that was a lot of no no powder!

  10. TwentTii

    i ate a whole scotch bonnet once, stem and all, Charlie you pussy, I was only 12, and now im 14!

  11. RaptureScore

    Sexy Pete won

  12. PappiFrog

    Quackity: Hey I have a bad case of Raycon Tech support scammer: Raycon? Quackity: Raycon these nuts

  13. Macaron Glitter

    Those sandals look painful lol

  14. dwolf

    This is what matriarchy fucking looks like.

  15. Krunched_YT

    If I ever see Gorden Ramsey, I will go up to him and ask him to tell me to fuck off.

  16. dillon

    0:17 best part

  17. Jo Covo

    "Is my dad getting his ass beat"? Hahaha

  18. Domidoodoo 07

    You know somethings wrong when Charlie taps his feet alot

  19. Alejandro Rivas

    You can argue that the reason why kids aren’t responsible with money, always looking for attention (ex. High pitched Dominic screeching, earrape, etc.) and being really responsible with money.

  20. RPMD

    3:05 i used to live their 👀

  21. Jetty

    I feel like we’ve gotten to the point where there will be a pseudoscience major in some woke university soon 😔 I know too many new aged wackjobs... they are out there in droves.

  22. Rub198

    Don't get it, just complain. If no one ever does, nothing changes. I've had a burger with shards of bone, you bet I complained. I've been to a restaurant where we ordered 3 times in 1.5 hours and we still didn't get any food, despite making the waiter laugh a few times when we came in and he was a really friendly person, you bet I complained. You would complain about an order being wrong at amazon, you would complain about food at a supermarket being spoiled within the expiration date, so why not complain in a restaurant. Doesn't make senses to me. If I pay for something, I want what I pay for, nothing less.



  24. Proud Het White Man

    WTF is the bad boy universe XD ?

  25. Gb Main

    I watched it while i was 12 lmao i loved this movie so much i got a poster

  26. Aaron Tan

    Charlie finally got a sponser

  27. ComiXProvider FTW_02


  28. Dan Chan

    i am male (sorry for terrible english i started learning it 4 weeks ago and i dont really practice alot im also learning other languaged like chinese or french i enjoy your content even though i cant understand anything cuz english is something i havent fully grasped yet)

    1. Dan Chan

      dont worry bro your english is great

  29. Connor Cheyne

    He's a good Christian cop

  30. logana320

    Fuck Mike. Theres no law that someone has to disclose firearms in GA, should retire to the local mall

  31. Zero Omega2100

    Its actually done on purpose to avoid IA or get accused of excessive force.

  32. Jozi

    I just need a poo in my life is that so much to ask

  33. JCG

    at dave n buster's the best ticket grinder IMO is the flappy tickets machine, the flappy bird knockoff arcade game. I havent been in years but once i grinded that shit so much i got past 1000 and the machine would only give me 999 tokens

  34. kira hearts

    whobis tjis

  35. Mirnoye Volkodav

    Clearly Charlie isnt familiar with food service codes, gotta burn stuff to prevent food borne illnesses. Sorry, but if you want good food, dont go to somewhere that covers their asses legally. Cook at home, or try your luck with food trucks.

  36. You living another life

    Alright, it's definitely more than 8 percent. The comments are just female.

  37. Jay George

    Thought the singer of pierce the veil grew a beard


    This is what happens when you play God.

  39. jameswalker199

    Are we just going to ignore the fact they are washing this futuristic innovation in a washing machine from the 1960's?

  40. Cat Santos

    Dang that cop with the sleeve tattoos & the hat.... if being an officer doesn’t work out for him I can see him being a pornstar instead Lordy

  41. Marble & Marble


  42. Jasper Deal

    Can confirm mike is a local hero in gwinnett

  43. Non Player Character Number6

    Lol. I see you were reached out to to help with the spreading of these ass cheeks.

  44. OjaAjo _

    I live in Gwinnett county I’m gonna start shooting up heroin and drunk driving just for the chance to meet him

  45. NoXxYs

    Imagine that Erin was the meat eater the entire time

  46. Puyo Player 64

    this guy has more eye shadow than yugi muto

  47. Romeo Santana

    Is there going to be a "2020 guy"?.

  48. MR. BLANKO

    This game really makes you feel like loading screen

  49. Peter_The Booty_Eater

    Damn its a shame that Nick's channel got hacked...

  50. ZikonjaLudi

    So they made a big deal out of a skeleton knife?

  51. ᴊᴇᴍʀᴇ_ɪs_ᴀ_ʙɪɢ

    When will feminists learn that men don't want to crush their balls

  52. Shay Ó Laoghaire

    Get your friggin hands up you poo head! Or I'll use my bang bang to make you rest!

  53. Manny Padilla

    100% Keanu Reeves stole killer beans moves!

  54. NonbankMallard

    This shit bumps

  55. ShadowComix

    Whoever told Kay she can cook should be tried for war crimes

  56. Spy Fox


  57. Abcity

    I could care less if I had a kid who was gender neutral, or trans, and support them. These people are extra lol

  58. Dorito Cat

    hey charlie sorry im late i was driving back from virginia

  59. Rub198

    A frickin' bangbang of the tushy sitsit, with some don't touch snifsnif, that is a nono uhoh, you go to special daddy vacacay, so now mommy does the bangbang with a new manmang.

  60. Dorito Cat

    hey charlie sorry im late i was at a funeral

  61. jameswalker199

    I mean, its not terrible, and its not like vacuum cleaners have a bigger capacity than this these days, so it saves on electricity.

  62. Dorito Cat

    hey charlie sorry i missed this was i was driving to virginia

  63. Dorito Cat

    hey charlie sorry i missed this one i was out and didnt get a single notification from your videos

  64. GamingBros5117

    I only wanted to watch this cause of the yes theory cake boy scene

  65. ballsticseal

    it just occured to me this CD is 24 hours older then i am. small world huh charlie?

  66. than217

    Lenny fingers together meme for Cats.

  67. 「melanieGACHA」

    “You’ll be whipping up spaghetti, penne, and tri- colored fusilli like it ain’t no big deally all fast, and easy.”

  68. GrizzleFTW

    Tony’s in Magic Kingdom is the best restaurant hands down.

  69. SteviiLove

    My first experience with Gwen was Shallow Hal Also, I walk around barefoot 24/7 and I'm still depressed so

  70. Lemon Grahm

    I work at a family owned arcade and it’s full all the time though?

  71. Rin

    Lmao, the "Handgun" in the first arrest is a bb gun. I have the same one.

  72. Samuel Yasnogorodskiy

    1:48 that’s killer beans gun, Charles

  73. Meme Machine

    *Let's be real* We all know the real reason Jackson quit is because of fans reaction to his face reveal *He doesn't look like his icon at all* His icon looks like a curly haired Chad His face looks like a Jewish Chinese woman Sorry but somebody had to say it

  74. Rhianna Wagoner

    You talk through the whole video we can’t hear anything it’s annoying

  75. Righteous CMB

    That guy has hair like a newborn baby 😂💀

  76. Funny Funny Valentine

    I read this as "The Real Gotham Plot"

  77. Caroline Du

    Link the full streaaaaaaams this one looks awesome!

  78. os terminal

    PLEASE Everyone look up Best of Cops (1996), its fucking crazy and it's a whole video on its own.

  79. Sally Field

    I'm surprised there isn't a Goop Elite or some shit, a secret club where they dole out "sacred" orgasms for all women who pay the fee.

  80. Zeckrin Cuff

    I wasn't expecting that manga arc comment and nearly choked on my cereal lol If Onision did have a series though, I can imagine it would be tagged: Romance, Psychological, Horror, Drama, Police. Some good shit tbh.

  81. Ryan Lierman

    Dudes hair looks like it's drawn on with a sharpie

  82. NikkiNeon56

    The cops asked him "why is he stalking you?" He responded with "...yea...there's 6 of them in front of my house" The cop asks again "why is he stalking you?" He responds"a 18? No....19 year old is mad I didn't want to hangout with them anymore"

  83. Maria and Zoh

    I bought a flashlight just for this reason. I am a woman.

  84. Mee Wee

    The Chinese restaurant is bomb. What u talkin bout?!?

  85. Ben Buurman

    I actually liked a few of the songs on Purpose so this is fucken saaaad

  86. Pebsi Man

    I dont like the fact that it's so sticky that it fucking sticks on the wall

  87. Samuel Nelson

    I think that she's a crazy woman. But I can understand her anger. I don't like the idea of 40 year old men in wigs entering the same restroom as my wife or daughter

  88. I am Jayed

    Mike is the fricking awesome

  89. Jade D

    "The bears are held here without food or water" Can we talk about that...? What's the reason for that?

  90. enesjei

    The problem is not because his fans are growing up, but the song is horrible af. Back in his peak days, at least he used to have a catchy and easy to listen songs.

  91. E H


  92. Ar15SchoolShooterXxX360Swag

    you say that as if missionary is a bad position or sumn

  93. Rahul Hossain

    alabama high

  94. Howard Cook

    0:24 ima go shit in my d i p e r

  95. Jake Morel

    Why is that amazing spider-man tab ALWAYS there in his browser? Is this an inside joke or something?

  96. Hayden Stump

    4:19 when u try the first bud out the new bag

  97. Mr. Bronze

    0:01 Is that Linus Tech Tips?

  98. nlol, executive memer

    N.W.A.: Fuck the poli- Police: WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SHOOT

  99. Mr. J

    "f*ck you bro" *GET ON THE GROUND NOW!!!!!!"* *NO I WILL NOT SIR!!!!!*

  100. tallballa44

    And, thus, a legend was born