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  1. Rose SoyaNess

    Why is my country when I was young we have to wake up a 4:am

  2. Helen Nguyen

    Red is so hot

  3. Dulie_the _weird_one

    Bro I WAS so close to throwing up

  4. Cẩm hằng Châu

    Bill: EVERYTHINGS ALWAYS CHANGE. ALWAYS. Universe: **wait** God Of Universe: what are you saying, bill

    1. Cẩm hằng Châu

      this meme *SUCKS*

  5. Swanee_ m-m

    YESSS!!! i never knew this video existed. I love roller derby

  6. miroken le

    I liked this video just bc Inga speaks Canto 🥰 I don't hear it enough! Please more Inga speaking Cantonese, please ... 🤗

  7. Janae Dennis

    there’s a kitten in my backyard if you want one

  8. Ariel Chen

    1:25 Did Andrew yawn?

  9. N30 R3TR0 CYB3R

    Saw this was a BuzzFeed video and was like gtgtfooh

  10. Swanee_ m-m

    '"that's amber, she has problems,"

  11. clarissa fernandezz

    3:31 im in a romper , im in heels im pregnant 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Mesoes

    Is it 70 bucks for a slice or the whole cake

  13. Vanessa Cardier

    I love you

  14. Sven Ziller

    this is sooooo funny. Americans guess languages ... and have no clue AT ALL. :)))))))))))

  15. Pixi Luna

    I lucid dream naturally, every night, it sometimes feels too real spending on the mood I go to sleep in or sometimes it could be completely fine and I suddenly crash a car and wake up? Idek lol

  16. Dory

    Anyone else notice that the man looks so wise ;-;

  17. Alexander Grandsard

    “Ever been to Napa?” “I got a kidney infection there”

  18. Jeanne Perreault

    i really liked this video! i liked that inga didn't take shortcuts to explain and red rly tried to understand which words were which!!!