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  1. Roxanne L

    I’m honestly so glad they made this video because I had no clue what DND was like and was always curious about it.

  2. Sage Green

    Lol the art for teifling is tibalt

  3. Samantha Ko

    Omg I just realized that kilometers = miles :0

  4. Julia Lockrem

    Please make more episodes of the guys playing D&D

  5. Emily Richardson


  6. Gabrielle McKeon

    I didn't think I needed this, but now that this has come out, I need a 100 more episodes of this.

  7. Jean AnQi


  8. Sage Green


  9. 1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    Ned: Sounds like Seattle Me: looks outside at the 20 inches of rain dumping down Seems legit.

  10. Nightmare Moon

    I think one of them is a holo sexual..

  11. Ace 6494


  12. Lauren Lynch

    ok why did zach kira pose at 7:23

  13. Shreya Thacker

    "My name is Kilometers" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Popato Chisps

    *they say a pure Eugene laugh has extremely powerful healing properties, known to beseek only the most stylish witches and warlocks with titanium hair* And am I the only one who read this in a narrorator Keith voice?

  15. Lolly Leyva

    Every character I’ve made were always emo and died in the first five seconds

  16. Sophocles

    He’s home

  17. Person That exists

    Okay the time I have been waiting for this is terrifying and now that it's out I can die happy

  18. belle

    played my first dnd game this week and i'm a little bit obsessed so i was really excited to see this video

  19. nadia !

    if we don’t get a regular podcast i’m rioting

  20. Crystal Thunderheart

    So she made the red mist go away.... What was she trying to tell them exactly? Maybe she made the Red mist try and fish out the real bad guy?

  21. J B

    Can we talk about eugene's nails for a hot minute

  22. Sarah Verhaaren

    0:46 Ned stole Shaggy's outfit. ❤😂

  23. Kaitlyn Roberts

    "It's covered in toooeess!"

  24. David M

    Stop appropriating my culture!

  25. BoomB4ng

    the try guys should try magic the gathering for a vid!

  26. Corbin Brier

    "I can't wait to get hard from this game." *That escalated way too fast.*

  27. Mollie Clare Callahan

    Yes. Please more dnd content

  28. Faded Purple

    Please do more of this I laughed my BUTT off

  29. nadia !

    love the nerd representation here 🥳🥳🥳

  30. gusti lis hidayah


  31. Pluto Illusionary

    Zach really just hit it... 4:43

  32. Sidd oo

    Hi gay I’m dad

  33. Jules

    My husband can put his whole Nintendo switch in his pocket and that makes me so viscerally angry everytime I see it

  34. ChikaChika

    They made ref. in videos posted after this...was the surgery a success? WHERE'S THE PART 2!!!???

  35. Neve Bienefelt


  36. Amanda Moys


  37. isis1261

    As someone who works in animal reproduction welcome to my world. I have spent many days pulling piglets and calves as well as AI. I’ve been up to my shoulders helping them out. If you don’t get the baby out you’ll lose both mom and baby. I’ve been covered in all of these fluids and had them All in EVERY orifice.i should also mention I’ve been desperate enough to suck the mucus from piglets with my own mouth. So yeah. Anyways. That’s my life.

  38. Homicidal Luna The Killer

    I love D&D! I was half dragon-born and half werewolf along with op strength

  39. Aja McGill

    When we played dnd it would last from 9 in the afternoon to 4 in the morning I miss playing it

  40. Justin Gudiel

    Do a soccer vid

  41. Violet Evergreen


  42. Jolenta Bishop

    This is everything I didnt know I needed.

  43. gaymerboi

    Lol I thought Eugene was going to say... Baby Ginger And Soy.... Like he’s the new original Asian spice girl... Sorry... got drunk af while watching this. I’ll show my way out. 😂🤣

  44. Chon Chen Chop

    My cleric ass is standing on edge right now

  45. Sophocles

    Keith eats Taco Bell. Not stuff on the menu, just the whole restaurant.

  46. Mithu Anantharajah

    THEY ALL ARE WEARING THIS GANG CALLED EDDSWORLD COLOURS RED IS TORD PURPLE IS MATT BLUE IS TOM GREEN IS EDD Some of their personalities match up as well Eugene matches with Tom the lazy drunk one who hates matt Ned with Edd who gets the whole gang together for an adventure ( cause he did the planning for the company ) Zach matches Matt because he's very positive but like kinda changes in he needs and annoys ppl Keith matches Tord cause he gets mad waaaay to easily

  47. Christopher Pasta

    Lol @ bridge troll-Miles

  48. my goal in life is to be roasted by frank iero

    did mcr use clips from "the audition" in honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us or am i getting something confused?

  49. Madigan

    Yo my I know a band called Snowdonia

  50. Rae357 Lol

    Low key this is a better campaign than mine

  51. Laura Engel

    Great video

  52. Meep Morp

    Wait... snowdonia is from the cheese video

  53. Laura Engel

    Watched in first twelve hours

  54. bee p

    I need more

  55. Autumn Sultze


  56. prlnsl

    Honestly, I think the food that Eugene makes gets drunk on all the alcohol and forget that they’re shit and get courage and become pretty bomb. Just like how people are. Imma go get a drink

  57. Jodi Smith

    Why hasn’t anyone told Zach his hat looks like a rolled up condom on the tip of a penis??

  58. loner.

    *putting scorpio on top of libra* Wow we’re not even that cool man.

  59. Hobbit Girly

    We definitely need a part 2

  60. TheBeowulf

    Does it bother anyone else that at 2:43 the stats are just all jumbled up... and not in: Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha?

  61. Anny Paola

    Is Miles finally getting a raise ? Poor thing deserves one after everything you make him do haha

  62. mintyglitches

    watching this after spending ages planning my dnd campaign im dmming dshkfh

  63. Makayla Lyoness

    I’m a Leo and my last name is lyoness, a lyoness is a female lion, so..........

  64. Tiani Coleshill

    More. More. More. More 😍

  65. Sierra Posey

    *keep it going* “You like d&d....”


    Of course Eugene is a dark elf wth😂

  67. Jellykid

    make this a series

  68. Phoenix Amaro

    Love the end with zack running around with confetti over his head😭😂

  69. Khalisah

    dungeons and dragons seem so fun thank u for this vid

  70. PinkSparklyGamer

    Why is Eugene's character actually me when I play dnd

  71. Wren Darling

    i just did my first ever campaign as dm the other day! how fitting 🥰♥️

  72. Andeh Potato

    *Eugene* OH GOd

  73. Mr. Adina

    Man, I've always wanted to play D&D.

  74. Ella O'Brien

    I love i'm not too fickle. Its stuck in my head forever

  75. Lisa Snowflake Doan Shadow

    2 words...... 🌈⭐ *G A Y R I G H T S* ⭐🌈

  76. NicolaiAAA

    Eugene: "How much alcohol is too much alcohol....?" Me: "EUGENE. STAHP." xD

  77. Claire Sparkes

    this video is good. nice job

  78. GradeA_Humor

    I loved that Hamilton reference

  79. PinkSparklyGamer

    Eugene is the sort of person who brings dice to the bedroom to roleplay

  80. Katie Elliott

    Please make this a series, I loved watching this. Pleaseeee

  81. Kristina Rae

    i love Becky’s reaction

  82. craziecarrie9


  83. Jae Gabatino

    Ayy Philipinessss

  84. Kristina Rae

    wholesome video 🥰

  85. Spitfirerose 17

    When I was 14 I was home alone and our goat started giving birth but there was complications and so I ended up sticking my arm up her and repositioning the baby so she could have it! It was kinda traumatic and now I never want to have kids of my own, lord help anyone who decides to marry me but wants kids BECAUSE IT IS NOT HAPPENING!!

  86. Why do I Have subscribers

    I'd watch another 20 parts.

  87. Barbara Wallace

    I spotted something majorly wrong with this: where are the bottles of Mt Dew and bags of chips? What kind of campaign can it be without the players being all wound up on caffeine and sugar????? 😂😂😂

  88. ariel


  89. Sakura Ki

    Try guys should try to attempt Visual Kei 🤣 Japanese rock music and style or react to it

  90. SatanIsAMillennial

    The fact that i played my first ever session only 2 weeks ago

  91. Greys Anatomy

    “Look at all those chickens”

  92. JacobLZP

    Its based in science and is not about cracking

  93. Lu


  94. Ginjaninja Chicka


  95. Autumn Sartain

    I love that guy that was explaining D&D he was so nice like he let yall express yourselves without getting bet out of shape

  96. beansisit


  97. BoysOnAquaticTransportation patreon.com/fwob

    I assume Carol had a rapier, since daggers are a d4, maybe she crit or the deception roll was good

  98. TheRarePinkSheep


  99. Morgan Stansell

    Please do more of these 😂

  100. KatarinaDreams

    Carol x Witch OTP