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  1. Taiden Grace Roberts

    how the hell do u find out ur rising and setting signs

  2. Ashleigh Bashleigh

    This half of this isn’t Japanese it’s Australian

  3. sad and impromptu covers

    Eugene just made himself into a cake: Asian, Gay and drunk

  4. Katy Purry

    I made a profiterole tower just for myself 😂😂

  5. Evangeline Harding

    Zach and simply nailogical should be friends

  6. GameStoffsxD

    This gave me chills

  7. Piney_ Studios

    I like how Eugene just cooks shirtless in an apron XD

  8. love koizumi

    You should include Eugene's bae!!! That would be sooo cuteeee!!!

  9. TheForestFamily

    Yo I think Keith needs to be taken down a peg 😂

  10. Elayna Terrell

    Okay but this is adorable af! I can't even get my husband to make scrambled eggs and toast for me. If I made him do this he'd burn my house down for sure! 🤣

  11. dudeitsme333

    I love the field roast sausages

  12. gracie horton

    You vomit durning the first stage of labor and the first stage of pregnancy

  13. Sakura Chan

    The automatic toilets are a thing in US.. arnt they? I live in Japan and I have that too and I’m not crazy rich..In japan it’s not luxury but a necessity.

  14. mango

    you’re new target demographic is the philippines keep shouting us out

  15. small bean

    I love how Eugene acts with kids after after a few minutes, it's so cute!


    Why the heck is no one talking about the voice of the waiter at the last place???!!!!! 🤤🤤❤

  17. Parfait Angel

    Did anyone else see someone walking in the background while Eugene was pouring wine

  18. Ambi H

    Oof somehow I never saw this but I’m glad because this is the content I didn’t know I needed in times like now. Thanks for all the work you guys have done!

  19. Victoria Lyons

    Eugene's bf is really hot :0

  20. Evangeline Harding

    Woman: "you look a newborn." Eugene: ".....ew...."

  21. Hrishita Patil

    I love Eugene's boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Issy Abu-Joudeh

    im so disappointed that lizzo wasnt in this

  23. Sugar Fly Cosplay and Minecraft

    This video is amazing and it has such a great meaning to it, I’m literally crying right now I don’t even know why, it’s just so beautiful

  24. itsgonnabeokk 1

    LOL Pesto in the blanket

  25. Azriel Plays

    *laughs knowing that they had to read some inappropriate fanfiction of themselves to create this video*

  26. All in All

    I was a nine pound baby, f*cking red alert blared when I was being born. I wasn’t even able to be held by my mom, they immediately took me away to make sure I was breathing and doing okay. Well, I’m here

  27. The77person0_0

    10:25 = CORONA

  28. Piney_ Studios

    *Zack gets stabbed by needles in his head probably more than 100 times Also Zack: *this was totally pleasant!* That’s Zack for ya 😂

  29. Kiku『菊』

    Why is Maggie so cuteee xD

  30. GachaPotato KPLANat

    when ned was performing, all I thought was: hes a dad, he's a dad, he is A DAD!!!!

  31. Sydney DJ

    Everyone should do a mystery box to cook during quarantine. I think this creativity is interesting and entertaining to watch every day.

  32. Grace Kellman

    Why the hell would someone grate an onion Eugene????

  33. Mat. Aggers

    Here’s me sitting here craving something spicy, yet I can’t even put the whole chilli sauce in Mi Goreng noodles😭

  34. Hisui

    peerler beads, i call them melty beads

  35. Ruby E

    "What if you make Latkes... for Passover!" I died laughing

  36. Flower Vang

    ❤️ to Zach.

  37. Mikaela Silo

    I love how the people in black are the supportive people and the people in white is the “ haters “. When Eugene stares into the camera at the end had me in 😭 tears...

  38. xpaintitblack7x

    Obviously the only correct answer now is Try Guys try Barbershop Quartet

  39. angela baylon

    Zach is most of us during this lockdown hahahahaha

  40. Bek Waters

    I’m starting to think Keith just can’t cook

  41. Gabs Flood

    I love how classy Eugene is... covering his mouth instead of being like the other guys ahahhaa

  42. A Khan

    ned won lmao

  43. Emma Lansdowne

    Wes is giving me LIFE!!!! When he asked for the raisin and then tried to eat the box I DIED

  44. theycallmejodamo

    Why is this kid just Eugene in a tiny body? lolz

  45. Karin Powell

    anyone else want try guy aprons?

  46. Sophia Hill

    Ummmm my house hold hangs out shoots BB guns and fishes on are property down the street

  47. jng hseok

    I love how Eugene calls the baby "it" but calls his dogs "my baby"

  48. Poulami Laskar

    Keith reminded me of slender man

  49. Chezzka R

    Does Maggie know she’s probably contracted lycanthropy now?

  50. Mackenzie Descant

    I do think Belle should have been higher and it's because she didn't necessarily have Stockholm Syndrome, but she learned to love the Beast over a reasonable amount of time. All the other Princesses except for Mulan and Anna (in relation to Kristoff) claimed to "Fall in Love" overnight or in a few days. Belle's relationship is more believable in a way because she takes time to get to know the Beast and become friends before actually really falling in love with him. I do believe while you can have a crush on someone, it can take a while to truly love someone.

  51. Bianca Brooks

    Quarantinis 🍸

  52. Kenshin Nguyen

    REALLY in my asian family theres way more pressure on boys

  53. Jerry Osborne

    It feels like Zach and Eugene have been the closest friends out of the four of them recently

  54. WhereTheTacosAt ?

    Why would NeTHerlands turn to neVermans??

  55. Asha Samuel

    I feel like when Wes grows up he's gonna be SO HOT

  56. bluepoems

    ok but justin is so knowledgeable and awesome??

  57. Aleczhandra Romano

    Kimbap is just chilling

  58. Twinkle Amihan

    *knowing zach's lactose intolerant* Zach: "Miso broth and Yoohoo! I love miso broth and yoohoo! Yoohoo. Also. Definitely. DAIRY. I DIED 😂

  59. Onion skin 1,00

    This is calling me single in 30 different ways

  60. Ro Sutton

    Watching Keith enjoy high end luxury meat. 😑 sighing at the stale vinegar chips that are the only thing keeping me from eating the raw ground beef in my freezer. 😑

  61. Ruby Holsted

    team zach for sure

  62. Lalah James

    Zack is now lord of the flies 😂😂😩

  63. Anisah Ann

    I want to see Julien Solomita do this on aries kitchen, somebody tweet this at him I dont have twitter lol

  64. WiredDragon7429

    You guys were in Singapore!?!? Oh I should have tried to find you guys

  65. AhoyItsKaitlyn

    Based on ideas Keith wins, Creativity Eugene wins, Best Sounding Zach wins, and most surprising is Ned. This is just in my opinion, but high key I wanna try Zach’s sandwich

  66. Hannah See

    placenta and amniotic Whatever’s, imma stick to aloe thanks 😳

  67. Sushanta Dasgupta

    Jamie is for sure going to be popular for his sense of humor ☻☻

  68. SheLovesLacquer

    Bowie thinks Zach's freakout needs more weed ;)

  69. Gabi Reneé

    i would actually be really interested in this being a series tbh 😚

  70. Mikaela Hull

    I deserve to be last I’m right your wrong shut up

  71. J C

    Kids... Please... Don't do drugs... 0:02

  72. Xaviera Dobson

    How is this the third video with latkas in it that I've watched today??

  73. Isa The Gacha girl

    Where is my squad at? The trybophobia Bois


    who's here from the start when TRY GUYS worked for buzz-feed now they've grown I love u guys❤️❤️

  75. Kitsu Vampyria

    I know I am late but I love you Eugene! Not in a romantic way but I love you and admire you for being brave enouh to be you, for showing us your insecurities, for being such a sweet humble being and for your beautiful creativity. And I love the other Try Guys for how much they support you and one another. A love like the one in this group is amazing ♡ And I love your video. It had such an impact on me! Stay awesome!

  76. Coconut ScienceGirl92

    Are we not gonna get an explanation of who this gorgeous man is in eugene’s video?! Sorry...I know. I’ll stop! I’m just saying...well done.

    1. Oliver Pers

      well Eugene mentioned in the Australia zoo video that he's Matt, his boyfriend

  77. sireh brown

    crys in taurus after calling me pretty dumb lovely

  78. Abigail Wilson

    I've been wearing glasses since I was 14

  79. Arwen Quintos

    0:49 look at the lady in the pool below Ned LMAO I just noticed it xD

  80. Becci Sheerin

    “i wanna popsicle please!” ahahaa!!!! i cant!!!😂

  81. Marielle Batislaong

    Eugene's gonna steal your girl and your man.

  82. Sofia Albrecht

    how does zach literally get crazier with every second that passes in this video???

  83. Kresh eheks

    I had the biggest crush on Eugene and I am balling my tears out because I am sad but I will support him no matter what.

  84. Eva Grace Fowler

    Maggie is literally so cute

  85. Lana C.

    Not a single soul: Me being a germaphobe *cringes anytime they share food and swap spit*

  86. Salma Sanchez

    honey smacks and french toast crunch should’ve been in this video

  87. Wholesome Rin

    Is no one gonna talk about how big Ned’s kid, West is?

  88. Nicole Thwaites

    11:05 whatever you do maggie, do not put those in the beautiful ceramic bowl Zac made for you

  89. Sofia Albrecht


  90. Chelsea Dougherty

    once we are allowed back into the public, you should eat everything from the small fast food court at Costco. They have really good pizza and frozen custard hahaha

  91. katies unicorn

    Zach has gone slightly crazy.....

  92. Julien Mason

    Wait. Eugene is LGBT? Ooooohhhhh he’s the guy of my damn dreams!!!!!!

  93. Kyelee Walters

    So we’re just not going to talk about the beautiful transition at 22:18

  94. Nexxy Van Note

    Zak you do realize the opening that could let more flies in right

  95. Ooops ItsSpirit

    Kimbop falling off the bed was so funny but I feel so bad for finding that funny

  96. Sophia Gott

    I want Jonathan in more videos

  97. Tyler Gilliatt

    Fgs 😂 luxury vehicle?? 😂

  98. K Fly

    If Ned was already making tuna meatballs why didn’t he just put the tomato/zucchini sauce on orzo with the meatballs and he could have even mixed in the seaweed to either the sauce or the tuna balls? Like why bother with the sushi rolls?

  99. Chicken Nuggets

    I need more videos of Wes!

  100. Matthew Antonio

    10 years from now TRY GUYS TRYING TO SWAP KIDS!!!