What started as a home Dungeons & Dragons game in 2012 has evolved into to a bit of a phenomenon. Critical Role is now in its second campaign with nearly 500 hours of storytelling, crafted by Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and fellow accomplished voice actors Travis Willingham, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Liam O’Brien, and Laura Bailey.
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  1. Gabe Patton

    im going to be so sad when they leave xhorhas and the diablo 2 music goes away

  2. Isaac telesco


  3. I Think I’ll pass

    Fjords new accent makes me think he is related to Bertrand Bell

  4. William Brown

    I’m w Travis. I’ve worked security & stares down some scary people. But at a haunted house I’m all in & it scares the heck out of me. My gf loves laughing at my reactions. One time she got mad bc I ran through it too fast & it was the last run so we couldn’t go again. In my defense it’s one where they chase you a bit and since it was near the end & slow by the end every scare in the house was after us. I don’t know why I enjoy them, they scare the daylights out of me. Like horror movies, I like those too.

  5. T G

    What would Rammstein Do??? Rammstein would...DU! DU HAST!

  6. UncleFestersWorld

    I wish she was on the CR show as a regular. She is so cool.

  7. Evilfishguy785

    I love that they have a menorah in the background

  8. Matt

    Wait so whoever made the spells for dnd forgot what the definition of humanoid is? Because Laura is correct

  9. Proximax9

    lol this was the best one yet :D

  10. madquest8

    This is like watching Border patrol agents in training before being sent to defend the Mexican border. Superb!

  11. Jemith

    ffs Beau would of won if she rolled the right damage dice! damn it aaaahh oehfdfnkfbsjbfa!!!!fvsivsn1!!!W!cvcjvndskcjn……...….breathe.......….breathe...………..im ok............….DAMN IT MARISHA AAHAHAISFHIUDFHDOCOSDUIWOIJCOQIUHFJOIJFEO!!!!

  12. Beaver1224

    Taliesin: "You live & learn." Me: "If you live, you learn."

  13. Dennis Logan

    When is Danni and Bryan going to appear on Critical Role?

  14. Demitrius H

    Again jester one of the worst people to put in a fight

  15. Darksnake12345 mrniceguy

    50:00 another typical taliesin moment..."silence *fingersnap*"... when will he stop trying to control what other players do? thank the traveler that he usually fails even doing that ~.~ "i think the less said..." bla bla bla, let other players do their damn thing, i rather be entertained by them, even if they are busy fucking up, than watching you meddle with their actions... it dosnt even fit into cads character to interfere like that, as percy he atleast had an excuse to be an knowitall prickedeprick, but these days its obviously just taliesin trying to control other players...

  16. Angelica Reid

    haha this is fantastic! Please more four player co-op!

  17. Shenanigans JuniorPaul

    Damn bro that kinda sounds like ellie from the last of us

  18. YouWillNeverKnow

    Sleeping Beauty is definitely not 200 BC, though...

  19. Danielle TDG

    Third time watching this. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies, and this is an amazing game!

  20. Corvus

    2:36:12 Matt almost loses his drink.

  21. Maarja Malk

    I just saw her show on live-stream. I get Brian's reactions to her and her show now.

  22. Wh1tey

    I'm putting this here because even if its only 1/100th of a negative comment, its worth it. You are a fucking golden god Matt. A light in the world. To quote a beautiful Dota 2 meme, "you're a flower. you're also a rainbow and a river. you are the manifestation of all perfection and i want to i don't fucking know. i want this to not sound gay, but you are fucking perfect, Matt."

  23. TheWarGodAries-TM

    Three $2s $6 worth of bracelets. LMAO

  24. David Jack

    Best BTS yet

  25. Joruth Kayle

    Sometimes the constant off-camera giggling gets to me.

  26. Brian Fields

    Did anyone catch where babs said this music playlist is/was from?

  27. TheDragonflie

    I'm currently hearing jester talk about the idea of becoming her mom to see the gentlemen and I have two thoughts. Jesters like when in middle school your parents divorce and you spend the next 6 months trying to get them to stay together. And my other thought is "oh no"

  28. MortSalazar

    Is the Lord of Light that Kryn worship secretly Chained Oblivion? :o That'd be a funny twist.

  29. Theodore Minick

    What I want to know is how Matt comes up with all these names for stores.

  30. xTbaby13x

    Inky WHIP Watch me nom nom!

  31. achim Sinn

    "I'm going in the epicentre of faces"... If such a quote happens in the first some minutes, you know it will be a good episode.

  32. Isaiah Izrailov

    2:28:13 *immigrant song by led zeplin fades into the background*

  33. umpus

    So what I'm hearing is Ellie gets a happy gay ending

  34. LowQualities

    Caught up!

  35. Bradley Golden

    after 5k hours mat finally gets to ask himself "the question"!!!

  36. SamuraiPanda201

    In the build to what is one of my favorite moments ever, the HDIWDT?, my other highlight is the casts' nicknames for HDYWDT? Ashley - Howdydoodydoodees? Marisha - Hurdurdurdurdo?

  37. Tboneallstar

    I have done it. Hundreds of episodes, all of season 1 and finally caught up on season 2. Bitter sweet though, gotta wait for new episodes. And finally I say. Is it Thursday yet?

  38. RazielSin

    i honestly cant fathom looking at these 2 glorious examples of human beings and then hitting the thumbs down button. if they got thumbs down hell, id probably be tar, feathered and forced to run through a cornfield naked and backwards

  39. Dan in a Can

    Wow, they're so stoned...lmao

  40. Yellohbrick Gaming

    Hey, Critical Role team As an avid fan, I've been doing research into the FTC rulings on SEsels and I'm concerned about finding your content in 2020. I am wondering where me, my family and friends can find you because we really love your channel.

  41. Alex I

    as a Hufflepuff, I agree with Tal

  42. xTbaby13x

    Are the hacking intros gonna take on yeehaw game ranch level lore now? I'm into it.

  43. HyrulesOverlord

    Watching Marisha was so painful

  44. Sybre Wolf

    14:50 I work at Infinity Ward, and yes I was watching. :)

  45. Shasta Bell

    Will, thank you so much for sharing your story, its a blessing to hear other peoples' journey with anxiety.

  46. Solaria Willow

    Marisha freaking out over the menorah moose is the purest thing I've ever seen

  47. rebma

    Travis is just a big kid. He’s so precious

  48. Bob Ellis

    Pretty Damn Epic!

  49. cert999

    basically fighting alt-right and isis matt is a genius

  50. Thomas Scratch

    nord vpn has had their encryption key straight up yanked from one of their servers and not only that but they found out 3 months later of viewing peoples data in that server and not only that server but they don't even know what other servers the hacker got access to

  51. rebma

    13:04 Matt’s dose of encouragement: “regardless of technique, you still suffer along with the rest of us.” Thanks, Matt

  52. Cody Miller

    Liam is a god for that dnd beyond spot

  53. Vaughn Filby

    Ashley, I inspire me so much, I want to be a writer and actor, and it means a lot to me that you never give up. I fell in love with life is strange two years ago and you. I have so much anxiety about everything, just thank you so freaking much!

  54. Doez Roo2

    This was the best groupal Master Debating i ever i saw. And i have seen liam sam Master Debate at each other.

  55. Amanda Ahoko

    ... Sam needs a hobby lmao

  56. ______

    101 is his AC

  57. ThatTromboneGuy

    Her voice is so fricking amazing

  58. Mortred

    What is the name of the song around 4:00 minutes? I have been searching for months!

  59. MyUsualMe

    Nott's Charisma tattoo shoulda been a tramp stamp.

  60. kapten awesome

    Why was this in my recommended to me? I have never even played D&D

  61. Kevin Howard

    I got all of what you said from reading it in the book, you just retold it. I'm gonna say thank you but, no thank you.

  62. Mikael Hultman

    Woop, all caught up from starting with campaign one under 3 months ago, now what to do? Dx

  63. Mediocre Yak

    and that ends the mighty nein gets a dragon experiment

  64. marqueA2

    This was a lot of fun to watch! Thanks! Ia! Ia!

  65. Sarah Sander

    laura: i did like that priest look babey travis: yeah,,, yeah i'll forgive your sins HFGHG

  66. Gabriel Helmuth

    20:25 Sam, Travis, and Matt share a moment of delight and outrage - Ashley looks on with an approving grin.

  67. will nelson

    i now notice, marisha sorta has a thing for OP characters, keyleth was a wild shape druid, which is well, yeah. and now beau is a monk,

  68. Steve00245

    Caduceus: "is it also just possible that we did a good thing, and now good things are going to happen?" The party: *Thinking* Beau, Instantly: "No" Classic beau!

  69. Shadowrun 626


  70. Norcal Bowhunter

    I had been looking so forward to Travis being on this just so he could be asked what it's like being married to Laura Bailey :(

  71. Elheru42

    Well that was one of the most pleasant 6 minutes of my life. Thank you Ashley.

  72. corwin Amber

    Our hero, our hero, claims a dragon's tale.

  73. Rokkiteer

    I always love it when Mark is on. I hope he reprises his role as Calianna

  74. Matt J

    Holy crap... Well done!

  75. QemeH

    2:48:50 - The name "Schreiber" is german (aka zemnian) and litterally means "scribe". So the name of the kings scribe ... is scribe :D 3:19:10 - Matt is correct here. "Ungebrochen" means "unbroken/unbowed/unfractured" (but NOT "continuing, permanent, lasting", if that makes sense). The -en ending signifies that it's a verb, the form without it ("Ungebroch") doesn't make sense in german.

  76. Malice In Wunderland

    Instantly loved gummie, I love her voice so much xD

  77. Ashen One

    matt went real bloodbourne for the punished obann mini like damn

  78. Γιώργος Αθανασιάδης

    So Caduceus’s backstory is him waiting alone in a forest for a very long time. So Caduceus is basically Spinel? Only Steven Universe fans will get this reference.

  79. TheDelfinlady

    This is my first episode and i love it!

  80. Lester Seale

    VOID TECH!? Is that a spinoff joke or an attempt at condoning lore between this and game ranch!?

  81. ari horowitz

    What arch type rouge is tally?

  82. Andrew Granger

    Marisha and Tal look so high.

  83. LowQualities

    Taliesin 'D4' Jaffe

  84. Iselmyr

    You guys. I think Travis and Laura have a crush on each other.

  85. annafantasia

    I just like his face so much

  86. Itay Dor

    My favourite character is a monk barbarian named Susan (based on the Jonny cash song a boy named Su).

  87. Eddie Speight

    So, when are we getting Will's guest character on CR?

  88. The Fake Slim Shady

    Justice is my religion

  89. ReoGnom

    can somebody tell me what are the last music tracks when they are in the kings court?

  90. Lightning Point

    35:24 We need fan art of Caduceus screaming "MERCER!" Wrath of Khan style!

  91. liu emma

    My little pony ah ah a a AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*SCREAM*

  92. Ethan T.

    Travis is the greatest

  93. Matanuska Butler

    Almost caught up, almost caught up... Soon I will feel the pain of having to ask... Is it Thursday yet?!

  94. Tanner Pace

    1:49:20 Just the sassiest robot.

  95. TheCthultist

    It’s big green!

  96. Crazy_Gamer

    When Caleb gave Jester the bean of nourishment I immediately thought of senzu bean

  97. Mad Blood God

    Man i love it these small moments. When Nott/Veck was affraid Yeza would scream or throw rock at her, Jester become really serious and actually threaten she will cut him if he so much as hurt her friend, or Caleb admitting he would do anything to save his friends if they are ever in danger, or Yeza and Veck sleep on the floor together. Can't get enough of this

  98. Trevor Campbell

    Start your turn with 3 titans in mount Olympus to win, the game isnt over and it should at least make one more trip around the board

  99. LeenInSunlight

    Did anyone else notice that when jester takes the gem and Halas says "hello jester" he just sounded like the traveler? Or was it just me?

  100. Tyler Moody