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  1. Galaxy Wolfie

    Who watching dis in 2020?

  2. Kylie's 403 first they at around malls Good

    Like if you know LeBron James from basketball 😂

  3. unicorn island

    She said wow

  4. My youtube


  5. PandaET

    I never got a chirstmas present :")

  6. GerVinChel Misajon

    I Love cakes always

  7. 《November_Brace》 jackson

    I would like and comment on ur videos SSSniper :D

  8. Kae S

    yeah nobody cares that shes only 9 years old we know you've said it 100000000000 times

  9. Alex Walker

    Her:have you even ate a avocado 10 years ago Kids 10 or under that never ate or seen avocado before: wtf is an avocado The smart ones:im not even born yet

  10. Jamie Poopey

    The red number sounds like there eating ice with water In it😂😂😂

  11. Super Slimey

    I don’t have the worst parents I have the best!

  12. Peyton Chester

    Teem GIRL

  13. Shri Vekaria

    We need more vids with your sister Lia!!!!

  14. Janette Amogues

    9:45 if i was lia Imma scream out of the room

  15. Alice Maguire

    I eat when I'm bored and sad and hungry

  16. Galaxycat gamer Gamer

    I did k

  17. Kassandra Anne


  18. Carlos Rios

    KIDS MENU?!?!

  19. Lyci Brady


  20. Julian Cabrera

    I have a vending machine

  21. Seyler F

    2:54. I SEE SOMEONE

  22. Genevieve Bogad

    When I get my first tattoo and it’s going to be an egg. Don’t ask why.

  23. maureen king

    I mean 32

  24. iamDirtyWater

    If I did that to my *asian mom* that flipi flop will go up my asian but

  25. carol or sunshine


  26. carol or sunshine


  27. maureen king

    At 5.32I saw the glitch

  28. Nicholas Pohorecky


  29. Melvie Magno


  30. Kathy ME Harings

    I think that girl is bullshit

  31. Katie-Corrine McCormick

    We're related

  32. Ellsie Flowers

    I rate the dress: 0/10

  33. Matthew Nunez


  34. Jessica Pacheco

    Oh yes I have eight kids

  35. Julian Cabrera

    I have a lie sky

  36. Ace games

    Are you a (: person or :) person?

  37. FloBotsInc

    "this is they type of guy girls cheat on" thank for making me lose faith in all of you...lol

  38. Mae Mitchum

    4:07 I can kinda understand taking some food home with you but what if the person who ate it was sick when they ate it or they have some illnesses that you can get from eating after them then you have to pay more for medical bills. He probably has some sort of ridiculous solution for that

  39. sara stokely


  40. L's Family

    If your dirty minded like me you know what balls she ment

  41. Eric Pickens


  42. Todd Christensen

    ~SSSniper wolf- NO NO NO NO NO NO AHHHHH HAAAAAA~ Me watching vid a second time says with SSSniper Wolf-NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

  43. Purple Seagull

    If you put the actual dorito in the microwave you would burn your house down Bc Doritos are flamable 🤠

  44. ChocoAngel

    This makes me scared of that time I stole a single chocolate peanut 😟

  45. Alice Maguire

    I like jeggings the best.

  46. Derek Mcguire

    Iron man

  47. Ahlam ita

    Nah lia you are 100 prettier than those who are pencil thin lip

  48. paige&kiki

    The baby dropping through the slide made me laugh

  49. Terry Timlin

    Spoiled girl:I need a new mac book please mom Me:....."..........brat!,,,,!

  50. kristen carson

    I have 5 cats 2 at nanas and papas house and 3 at my house and if something happens they run to my or moms room

  51. Justice Thacker

    1:47 ur freind did this hack

  52. CreeperCoder1234

    I have an ex and I’m I. Texas is I have an Texas exes

  53. Marlene Genovever

    Pink is cool 💗💗💗💗💗💗

  54. sxndxee

    she *atacc* she *protecc* but most importantly... she lead *wolf pacc* 💞

  55. Isobel McManus

    Tomato Trish sounds a bit like an entitled parent. 😂

  56. Lily Street

    I'm English This girl is so dummm

  57. KarriMom

    Tomato trish: she did more than my parents did for me Me:UM she is not your mom or dad dummy

  58. Tommy Ducadu

    I say zet or zî

  59. Rashid Sheikh

    the water bottle was empty at the start

  60. Nelson Chen

    Lil Tay stop your just an little kiddo learn not learning how to become rich

  61. Cats Fly

    Free tiger

  62. Nadra Humaira


  63. Salty Noodle

    Hi Olga

  64. Nyath Maxwell

    I'm in your wolf back

  65. John Snow

    4:44 is that the John Wayne Lady Gaga is talking about in her John Wayne song?

  66. Beibhin Yadon

    You named her Dafny after Dafny from Scooby Dooooooooo

  67. Ava Lombardo

    5:20 I’m getting rake vibes is anyone else?

  68. Mae Mitchum

    3:24 He is a firefighter don’t they get paid a lot so why does he feel the need to be cheap. Also why have kids if you aren’t ready for the responsibility of paying for them

  69. Funny Fun


  70. Ali Dildy

    And that’s how they ended up on dr Phil

  71. Sabrina Douglas


  72. Todd Christensen

    When its like a month till april ~Jimmy-YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BUTTER NOM NOM NOM NOM~ parents-YOU GROUNDED SON

  73. Estomiaツ

    You Are Never Going To Know The Nicest Person In The World Is Read the first to words

  74. juan deag

    Lol pause on 4:06

  75. Ben XD

    wow your house is beatiful

  76. Eliana Mctaggart

    sausage LMAO

  77. maureen king


  78. summ7000 summ7000

    Damn she is really stupid

  79. s1_R4ven 123

    When that kid got stuck on the play ground I got Rlly scared And it gave me chills

  80. Ali Dildy

    Can someone say spoiled

  81. Journey Len

    15:15 lia: "5:15" Me: honey it's 3:15🤣🤣🤣

  82. maureen king

    I would step on the Lego and not the puppies I love puppies

  83. ItsJaycat

    I cracked up already when Lia did this 👉👌 there is something wrong with me

  84. Baylee Ortiz


  85. RhiGirl

    “You don’t think like a human would” YOU AREN’T A HUMAN SO HOW YOU KNOW THAT

  86. Jasmin Orfiano

    Why is she so dumb

  87. whit

    Girl where is your bathing suite top from ? It’s super freaking cute !

  88. imaellahi, imaellahi

    I was in aquaria in dubai there were sharks and i saw that slide but from that water

  89. Ali Dildy

    This is so funny

  90. CoolMiner68 _YT

    Yeah congrats lia she reached 18m subs.

  91. clove kentwell

    Hi i just wonder I have wated more than a year for Overwatch I miss you+Overwatch.

  92. PekaGames

    Imagine she accidentally called this number (065)-475-6968

  93. Nylah Nelson

    Omg something simmer happens to me that happened to you omg we were talking nap time and she spit on my blanket so I spit in hers and I got in trouble

  94. Chantel Gurnhill

    I love it

  95. The_Unknown_ Girl


  96. Eve Robitaille

    The dog is SO C❤TE! YA!😻

  97. Chita Yandere

    i cried and my mom came in and was "why are you crying?" ;-;

  98. coprica 123

    Her at 14: "I started having sex about a year ago" Me at 13: still watching cartoons and sleeping with night light

  99. Mel Callie

    I love your puppy noise😍😋😛🌼🌈🌸🌺🤣🌷🌹🤣😂🙂😍

  100. Gacha Girl

    Was I the only one watching the doggo the whole time??? 2:15 - it tried going under the bed 😍😍😍