This channel is the home of crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the videos uploaded as there some of the best and most original on the net and it is TV shows that copy me not the other way round. Thanks and hope you have enjoyed the ride.


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  1. The reaction attraction

    2:50 adorable much

  2. Derek Graham

    How about a flame thrower kit for a garden tractor on the exhaust for the guys like me that dont want to spend 500 bucks on one if we can just make from cheap parts off ebay


    Man you are awesome

  4. Bertlee

    God this guy is an obnoxious dick head

  5. UnOriginalOne

    As awesome as this project is, I am still not watching said cluster f# of a movie.

  6. Stefan Schuster

    Aus welcher Anstalt haben sie den denn entlassen.

  7. bluetooth speaker

    At at more like atnt

  8. DAVID

    That looks awesome you are a genius Mr Furze ...

  9. Joen Berg

    Am I the only one that would like to see Colin Furze and Elon Musk working together?

  10. Jeremy Guerra

    Colin you mad man

  11. Star Hope

    Colin Furze needs to somehow do an episode with Jay Leno...showing some of these AWESOME projects! =)

  12. Villa VuaToAm

    Hello all the fun. All the households for their channel bared

  13. Corwin Weber

    I cringed when you put the vegetables in that early thinking 'What are you DOING they're going to be horribly overcook- oh wait. You're English. Nevermind.' :D

  14. DOLO BROLIC bad the movie is gonna 💩

  15. hipnoninja

    now you need a Butter Gun!

  16. Immortal Fool

    This is the coolest man!

  17. John Smith

    The new Star Wars movie SUCKS! The Millennium Falcon EXPLODES and kills Chewey R2 and 3PO. The Emperor just waves his hand and BOOM! No joke.


    U Colin are a lovely jubilee

  19. PyroChemMiner

    imagine pulling up to school in this

  20. Sunny Day Cavalry

    *Drives in streets of London* 80-something year old grandma *IT'S DOODLEBUG SUMMER ALL OVER AGAIN!*

  21. polkapo

    windshield was too small even in the movie, so i guess it's to scale.

  22. Trilla Killa

    TRUMP 2020

  23. hipnoninja


  24. ScrapWagen

    Kids: when the Teacher cancels the rest of their classes 2:39

  25. luqman hakim

    I prefer to you use pcp hand pump

  26. Jeff J

    Nice retro footage of a young Jeremy Clarkson before his hair started to curl

  27. Whiskey Bear

    Imagine being so rich you just made useless things and got paid for it.


    Hey Colin I’m sure we are equally equipped but you are sooooo much more amazing than me. Can you thrust thrust my wife for me

  29. LordDante

    The look on those kids faces.... Priceless ❤

  30. William Yester

    “What’s that noise dear? Sounds like a jet engine”. Oh, it’s the Furze’s boy again!

  31. I like pineapple

    This guy sure wants to get robbed 😂

  32. jerome 2 duphay


  33. Just Driving

    The most American thing performed by a British.

  34. monika laosi

    1940: Well have flying cars in the future 2019:

  35. Sagar Janjarla

    fuck you idiot please think about environment before doing stupid things

  36. ekvictory007

    If you can get your mitts on two of them, the PBS TJ100 looks like it might fit inside the nacelles. Or just replace them with a pair of Microturbo TRS 18? Either way, brakes would be smart.

  37. Mike FiktBias

    пипец тарантайка!!!

  38. dexter Samuel


    1. monika laosi

      This is certainty better than some dude putting on makeup

  39. Gage Canestrino

    Pulse jet powered landspeeder

  40. jinkiju

    can you make it on top of 2 giant drone engines and have the jet propulsion?

  41. Show Me Sasquatch


  42. Bichoni Electrico

    Estas muy grande para estar loco

  43. Canned Peaches

    little einsteins car.

  44. Happy Torrentt

    "Myselves and eBay" Is Colin implying he has a bunch of clones that help him build these projects 🤨

  45. Mind Yours

    If he used the fan concept for the bottom with the jets it probably would of fit the look but think he was scared of crashing and damaging it. While hurting himself n the process on the windshield or worse.

  46. Weretyu7777

    "HOW COULD YOU MISS? IT WAS THREE FEET IN FRONT OF YOU!!!" Like if you get the reference.

  47. Joseph Likes Soup

    Building a LEGO set How it looks like: (literally just looking at instructions and putting pieces together) How it feels like:

  48. DrFox

    4:30 Either Colin exfoliates a bit too much or that's a fake hand

  49. Crimson Cringe

    This looks like something you'd see in bioshock.

  50. Cmonkey230 green

    Crop circles never mind it’s just Collins

  51. Wolfich

    Приветствую всех любителей турбо-реактивной тяги! Greetings to all fans of turbojet thrust!

  52. J AG

    I want one !!

  53. Brook Valliant

    Make it a hover

  54. Danny K

    Free Flamethrower Wedgies for Everyone!! 😂😂😂

  55. Yoda

    Where does he put these things, please tell me he doesn’t just scrap them cuz that would be extremely sad to hear.

  56. William. Clark Sr

    Ur the best!!!!!!

  57. Nick Howland

    you r not american right? if u where you would have scaled it biger :)

  58. C & C Reviews

    Make it street legal

  59. Just_ Feknzz

    What is Tfue doing here?

  60. Entity #002 {Formerly Mr. Anomalous}

    Colin and Styropyro are my dream collab

  61. seatheous robloxian

    Technically, he can make his own actual speeder if he reworks his hover bike

  62. Crucial Muzic

    I'll take 1 JET power starwars landspeeder for 500, Alex :)

  63. Antone TM

    This is certainty better than some dude putting on makeup

  64. Crucial Muzic

    [4:07[ YOU SAID NO WHEELS! I CAUGHT YOU!!!!!! :P

  65. Addison Scholl

    How did I not know who the heck you are?

  66. Christopher Taylor

    I was wondering why youtube felt bland for a year. Just realised I hadn’t been keeping up with his vids

  67. Felix Riley

    I can only think of how scared his neighbors must've been seeing that peeking over the fence lol

  68. Dominic Crimmings

    They didn't put a mirror across to cover the wheels, they used vaseline on the camera lens to blur that part - it's in several documentaries on the subject.

  69. cummch712

    What else can you electrify? Well how about doing something like those tractor pulling competitions they do? instead of top speed, how about top torque and pulling power? Pit it against increasingly bigger and bigger vehicles?

  70. Ytp Bleach

    I want to be an engineer but my brain can’t handle it

  71. Matthew Kaiser

    75% scale?

  72. Iiu Yew Tham


  73. zoro zoro

    Is not thousands it was only 970

  74. 大舘譲司


  75. •_••_•

    What an absolute mad lad

  76. Zayin Qi

    how simple a man‘s joy can be:

  77. Radagast

    Can you team up with Tesla for mass production? I’m sure they’d be onboard with a jet powered consumer vehicle

  78. Leonardo Torres

    I bet an egg roll this will not get a like

  79. Leonardo Torres

    I bet an egg roll this will not get a like

  80. ForgottenMemeCat

    Imagine seeing this on the highways...

  81. Chitragupt Ki Duniya

    For your five minute joy you are creating enormous polution ...😒

  82. romanmarcus

    All I have to say is hovercraft?

  83. Benjamin Lefebvre

    Impressive. Most impressive.

  84. Barry Manilow??

    Anyone seen George Lucas's sister. Bloody hell stick a fake beard on her and there twins!

  85. JA’s Fun Channel


  86. Jeremiah Sayan

    You should make a tesla truck with doors that work and a roof like if u agree

  87. Yes No

    When Colin creates the oppressor mk1

  88. Simone Scozzari


  89. Nick595y

    This man is ready for the apocalypse for the rest of his life

  90. 1234 k

    Giggety 1:25

  91. da79fordan_ gaming

    4:28 When you see it.

  92. Simone Scozzari

    F A N T A S T I C! You are fu**ing crazy dude, and I love it. Great job 👍

  93. Red Static

    Me and the boys on our way to find the CEO of racism

  94. T. Skye

    Where does he put them when he's done? Does he have some kind of a hangar or mini themepark thing? That would be cool

  95. Madlads gaming

    A true madlad.😬😲😵

  96. Mathieu Bang

    Ok Boomer, Are you gonna fix the game too ? thx

  97. Kevin Rustles

    Thats one way to decapitate yourself i guess..

  98. Coba-coba TV

    Can not fly

  99. LanierCASA

    This is a recipe for disaster..🙄