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  1. Trimi_XD

    well, let us trust them......

  2. James eastwood

    Matpat: the scariest game of all creation Me: okay... Who's gonna tell him about the 8 other games, 7 books and the movie??

  3. ASCII Skull

    Za warudo

  4. Youtuber

    First they take away youtubers swearing (which was what made a lot of them FUNNY). AND NOW THEYRE PROBABKY TAKING AWAY THE ENTIRE CHANNELS. Y’all I can’t take this I’m gonna cry

  5. Kiarra Bannon

    Get the dinosaurs out of office and put people in that actually understand this century and aren't stuck in the Industrial Revolution reminiscing about "When I was a boy we ate dirt and were happy about it."

  6. I C

    Lets raid FTC

  7. akakom 3yyy

    Hey mat patt! U should make a theory about the fossils (giant bones) in minecraft

  8. Lex Nuqui

    Mr.beast not reaching 20million in team trees, youtube essentially dying because of some lazy parents, youtube rewind 2019 is the 3rd most disliked video on youtube, yeah... this is the worst year

  9. akram 25

    Thats cool

  10. Groves productions

    hot wings

  11. Oreo Sushi


  12. Random Vids

    Hey Ftc Why do you hate us so much?

  13. Griffin Garrett

    kylo ren did this in one of the movies forgot which one

  14. KindlyMood

    I would like to the music that was used in that cool little intro with all the the older FNAF games. By that I mean the music that was used from 0:00 to 0:32 if anyone could please help, that would be great. Unless someone composed it for them like how Ahoy makes his own music for his videos, but I highly doubt it. I’m not sure if it’s on singular track or if it’s cut, but nonetheless, I would like to find this music somewhere please.

  15. david6412

    This explains why he can respawn. Because he is a good roleplaying as a mortal. Roleplaying as if he can die, but respawning so as to not get bored.

  16. Tankbusta

    literally the entire basic of Force speed in every place it's mentioned is "making the world around you slow down." Jedi Academy, Kyle says basically that exact line.

  17. Alexander Udbjørg


  18. Raed Khanani

    I always find it interesting when someone is not a Muslim to repeat everything I know about Islam. You are on point MatPat

  19. Maestrul Gamer

    10:22-Well,guess i will die.

  20. The Fact0ry :o

    7:59 *that woman is beutiful*

  21. Kevin Anderson

    Eh, Grey Goo is a slow terrible game

  22. Brianna W

    Since I have watched this video, every new world I create is 90% water. Cursed, I think so.

  23. Lazare Nadaraia

    I posted this on the previous vid too but imma do it here too Guardians in minecraft witch according to matpat are robots Attack a lit like guardians from legend Of zelda that are also robots COINCIDENCE i think NOT but hey thats just a theory A fan theory Thanks for reading

  24. The Fact0ry :o

    *these fnaf theories dont go together to me* *i need* ............... *FLEX TAPE*

  25. Yellowstorm452

    Ha ribosomes. I still remember something

  26. Julian Baerhold

    But , in they were above the water first, then why did they build the guardiens, who are completely useless on land?

  27. Miss Dire

    My JVC earbuds picked it up. It was a nice little rumble/purr.

  28. alexnord

    i donated 5 trees

  29. Darkforce 675

    can you do a theory about Ark survival evolved?

  30. MJ Unterberger

    What if the drowned are allowed to go in the ocean monyoment because the old humans (the enderman) though that the drowned are bound to the gods. The ships and the treasure maps are under sea because of the whither. The drowned weren't pirates because normal zombys are also attacking the villagers, wandering traders and baby turtles. There wasn't a great flood because the guardians are fish like and every thing I said earlier.

  31. JamesF

    What’s the yellow for in the intro

    1. JamesF

      On the logo

  32. Roseanna Emery

    If mat pat is a single child how does he know sibling fight? Wait mat pat knows Death Battle

  33. Hayden May

    ooo I gots chills

  34. Dwayne Adams II

    Matpat: higher difficulty in games isn't authentic. Fighting games: ..... hahahahahahahahahahahaha sir

  35. Guilherme Marcoff Simão

    sea-quel... you almost got my dislike...

  36. Jayden Fuchs

    No one : God;”: Noah get the monument

  37. All Might


  38. Munch Kin

    Just wow. 28:32 Susan tries to use him as an example for what's common on SEsels and he just turns it around as to why he's one of the exceptions. Then she tries to deny what he just pointed out about being an exception. If you've watched this channel long enough, you know he lives and breathes SEsels trends and algorithms, even advising other creators, yet she essentially claims he doesn't know Jack. Too friggin much.

  39. Big pp gang

    What is the weirdest thing you have heard about star wars

  40. Paul Hofreiter

    When laws are made because parents can’t parent. Be right back, need to go plug in my daughter’s iPhone while I do whatever adult stuff I am doing.

  41. Akkarin 99

    You didn‘t explain, why they turn hostile, When you Look them in the eyes.

  42. Cookies and Cream

    2019 But I vote for TF2 because it's got more need of skills

  43. ScoopDeWOOP

    This episode makes me want to get stoned and sing to trees

  44. My penis is small, but

    2016: 2017: 2018 2019: MINECRAFT'S ENDING DECODED

  45. Golden_ MBT

    the intro feels like my computer

  46. Nintendo Universe

    What about snow golems what’s their story

  47. Aras Baliklikaya

    That was deep as deep ocean

  48. w a f f l e

    FTC: *WE ARE SAVING THE KIDS! UGH* Litterally every child: *depressed and crying there eyes out* Heavily inspired comment from Jolo Productions)

  49. merc 076

    Might just be me but i found games like dark souls bloodborne and all challenging wich pushes me to complete it no matter how many deaths i find it gives the satisfaction i desire

  50. pineybtw

    It's called Freddy in space 2

  51. Reinhart Lumbuun

    What if this was all the work of the pillagers Some evokers and some interesting backstory can make magic that forced people to hide in other dimensions and some places to flood

  52. J4CKT1C4L

    Aggresive Pat

  53. Daniel Wisell

    Clearly not, since only one thing in the world slows down and not everything. If it were really a way of moving faster with better perception, all of the storm troopers or every gear would slow down at the same time. I mean you literally played a clip that disproved the theory as you concluded

  54. AsianOtakuGuy

    "I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat and find the heart of the sea."

  55. Amshu Amaraji

    This explains why Steve is so freaking strong Just think about it...... .....really really intensely........

  56. AA17Youtuber

    Aww frick, COPPA and FTC frick off.

  57. Golden Joey

    man i missed the live stream):

  58. Emperor Vader

    Or Sister location could open When freddys 1 will “SOON” close

  59. NolaKitten32

    I know, it’s weird, but I think guardians are kinda like the warpers from subnatica, like how there part organic & part machine. Annnd they both guard buildings

  60. Michael Burrows

    look pay to win glitches sever crashes hey fallout you ever made a game like that fallout ehem nn no whats that i see oh fallout 76 lets play it i mean fallout 4 was good right 1 second i turned it on i puked

  61. star GSC

    Hmm.. that height one best according 2 me (OVERALL) 2nd place goes ________. &. Girl balance Was highlight of this vid. Main reason is confident to complete stunts.. ..senpai 👌👏🏼👍🏻

  62. Cesar Blasco

    We will never forget you Ronnie!😢😢 My condolences💔 This a bad notice...i-m crying...my heart is broken Calm mat all fans help you and pray for Ronnie and family💗 Rest in peace Ronnie “onni" All people remember you

  63. Stafford Dmonte

    That was a deep theory


    Ocean Man...

  65. Fuzy Waffles

    I'm not good at theories but I think she will resurrect william

  66. Joose Kantola

    Celeste is like the least violent video game... It literally teaches you how to cope with anxiety and depression.

  67. The Weird Doggo

    From this, i learned how to poison people.

  68. Jaden Thompson

    Rewatching this episode today is so ironic since I'm literally still recovering from my knee surgery :D

  69. Voicelesskraken

    So we gonna play this good cop bad cop or... How bout both.

  70. Mr. Warf

    I dont care, Yuri is best girl

  71. Orhun Mert Çukuryayla

    Why do you hate DanTDM

  72. Avo the Octopus


  73. Nicholas Tyler Dodd

    I don’t think that he’s speeding himself up, or slowing things down. I think he’s just pushing against or holding things in place. The reason it would still be moving, would be because he’s only pushing against it, or holding it in place.

  74. Gustav Aas

    reason why kids under 13 have gmails is bicase u cant get pass 3 grade fithout gmail . im 12 i have gmail bicase i needed it for school

  75. Captain Goomba


  76. MudmansomeYT

    The cover looks like Ryan Reynolds.

  77. Revelino Adli

    So drownd still hav consciousness? Bcz why would the build the guardians while above ground still

  78. vrep baron

    4:30 look up, it says W E S U C K

  79. Migs Satilom

    Can call of duty help me get a date somehow??

  80. Lulu Mah fam

    Matpats Mikey mouse voice at the end

  81. renee simmons

    Golden Bonnie is a girl

  82. Thabo Tshukudu

    hey matt ya know how coppa taking over can you do a speical video on youtubers but instead of it being negative it can be good

  83. Admiralbenbow123

    This theory is a good one and makes a lot of sense, but how can you explain the fact that drowned are killed by the conduit if they get close to it?


    Can you do a theory on street fighter plz

  85. Mattis Fatha

    Chloe was an asshole

  86. OtherSideGuy

    I've never been more disappointed when I saw Michael Rosen and was preparing myself, I was ready for the; *click* noice, but it never came, tragic

  87. Asker Anoma

    Matpat! I'm holding your diet coke hostage until you make part two!

  88. BaluchistanBall Mapping

    What a twist

  89. Nanu Lee

    My mind is open to this idk if I believe it though but it could make sense

  90. Zaid Kewan

    why is there no questions about COPPA ?

  91. Todoroki Shoto


  92. Six Eyes

    Doomsday commeth, and of course it’s on DAY ONE of 2020

  93. Al-Joseph Mangaya

    me a super fan of fnaf hearing matt said: this is the end me: uno reverse card

  94. Xq_Gamer 56HU

    Hello matpat I have a question Do it ship to Iraq? Baghdad?

  95. Sarri Ninja

    My favourite is baby

  96. Bounphithak Phithak

    BRO i did NOT expected Minecraft to be this dark and sad when i first discovered this game 8 years ago

  97. Migs Satilom

    I Came because of the thumbnail ; never thought this would be useful and (kinda) serious

  98. DeRobotPaul atFNAF

    That‘s sad.😢

  99. super f5

    Hey mat pat i know that you will probably never see this comment since you never made a final theory but I was hoping you made a theory on the books since their are one of the most important facts and have a huge weight in the games revealing all the names and mostly a lot of the lore so please could you please do another theory on hello neighbour? Sorry I'm not American so my English is very bad

  100. ᙅOᑎOᙅᙓᖇ

    Then what incident caused such massive rising sea levels?