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  1. Sirius Black

    Repeat buttons 0:36 0:36 0:36 0:36

  2. Saitam Leonidas

    Would be a time when I don't fall for the Snoop Dogg piano intro?

  3. Skiddly dongdongdong dang

    Fuck, he's super attractive

  4. Varda Atiqasophia

    The indonesia subtitle I-

  5. Guille :v :v


  6. Penguin King

    ill never see pokemon the same again

  7. El Rén0

    Inserte adolescente emo con falta de atención*

  8. Disgusted Kermit

    Ah yes my favorite instrument, *couch*

  9. That Random Guy

    The fact you made the top 10 is just amazing Seth, but.....I am disappointed. You should have been at least top 3. SEsels has failed again, they'd better not disappoint next year.

  10. Unknown Rb

    Calvo <3

  11. No Se

    Lo que cada niño hace 0:37 El unico comentario en español xdxd

  12. HotBurger122

    He missed the October2018 phase

  13. Zari

    My upstairs neighbor at 2am:

  14. ObesoPendejo

    You are very bald

  15. Fake Nation

    Owhh this guys the comment "iam bald guy"

  16. saharok375


  17. Tian Olsen

    This man looks like an egg

  18. Melissa Foht

    He needs to sing more often, agreed?

  19. PiecesOfAndrew

    I would sell soul for christmas album or perhaps non denominational holiday songs. thank am love you gnight.

  20. Punpun LS5201986

    Literally no one: Seths eyebrows: _ ~

  21. Colin Carr

    This is the only reason I liked the rewind this year.

  22. Suspicious De

    Extend this. For the love of god, please.

  23. sergery102

    1:08 Every MLB Stadium

  24. Fernando M J

    Damn! 🤣

  25. Katelynn J


  26. Emma Mathewson


  27. Bruno Nardy

    0:40 could have been Big Smoke saying

  28. Joao Vitor

    SEsels rewind: almost 7 mil dislikes Bald man plays we are number one Appears on rewind Instant 2.7 mil likes Success formula

  29. Tiger Lilly

    This is beautiful

  30. Ryan Lopez

    Always goes the extra mile for our entertainment. Thanks Seth :)

  31. Diego Menchaca

    Apareciste en el rewind 2019 La verdad que genial Pero a la vez que vergüenza haber salido en un video con tantos dislikes xd

  32. payphone chan

    Can u edit this and complain how a fan stole your $1.00 costume jewelry?

  33. Fireball Dude

    Hey Seth

  34. drkinferno72

    It’s the bald guy duh

  35. Francisco Gomez Flor

    Plot twist, Seth actually wanted to show off his Pokemon collection...

  36. Marky 360

    WTF is this wack ass shit why would you do this horrible shit to cool ass Pokémon themes?

  37. Israel Mejia

    Que onda con los subtitulos en español 😂😂😂😂

  38. shorifull ole

    you're the bald guy

  39. Jay jay


  40. Yahel Torres

    Los subtítulos son lo mejor

  41. McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

    Where the duck is the full version?

  42. Jay jay


  43. Brenda Fluffy

    i've only just discovered you from the SEsels Rewind video but i love your videos ! *eyebrows eyebrows*

  44. Ramachandra Nk

    Now i definitely want to hear the full version .

  45. hank j. wimbleton

    Me, in the grupal school photo 0:16

  46. Arfius 19

    Aw maann..

  47. Mike G

    Can we just take a moment to recognize his singing?

  48. YeetBoiSkeet

    You look like a Hitman, my guy.

  49. Brandon_neneix

    asies el calbo lo iso otra ves

  50. Chrystal Sircely

    I just wanna take time to state that I’ve been here since 2015 way before you became the “bald guy” so


    Jajajajaja amo tu cara que seria

  52. Joe and Raelina Miller

    Aaaaa f

  53. Joe and Raelina Miller

    Ahh yes my favorite instrument: YES

    1. Joe and Raelina Miller

      And PAIN

    2. Joe and Raelina Miller

      Can’t forget. DEPRESSION ethir

  54. N J

    That transition at the end was just perfect and got me laughing so hard xD Such a savage move hahaha

  55. Lauren Chon

    This my 1 hour left of my day.

  56. Subscribe or I will eat your cookies

    this got more likes than SEsels Rewind 2019

  57. ruben

    Jajaja los subtitulos

  58. R i c h a r d

    Watchmojo XDDD

  59. catur sanca

    Ini translator nya soaps, anjir gw jadi ngakak

  60. Liam Parker

    I’m the bald guy

  61. Random Person

    Funny yet so accurate

  62. juanes garcia

    iam the bald guy

  63. ꧁ Who? ꧂

    Esto es una especie de Auronplay

  64. Gabe Crouse

    Q: "what drives your creative process?" A: "my suffering" Now I know who Peterson was really taking notes from.

  65. Will Ambrose

    1:38 i used to watch them,

  66. Matias Sanchez

    This guy diserves a price for making the same song with a thousand part pf the cost of the original song

  67. Vforfettuccine

    Seth, Billie, Her Bro, and Her Bro' girlfriend... double date in Disneyland People: Wow, those siblings are really close

  68. rsnerd008

    Infinitely better than Billie

  69. guiussepe tola

    JAJAJAJ , está bien pelón , lo amo xd

  70. Efrain Aguilar

    Que pedo 3 millones de línea :0

  71. Baljeet Rai

    Vining hard now!!

  72. Vick uwu


  73. Fabri :l

    Espera que ahora me suscribo

  74. Alceon

    audibly sighed "oh my fucking god" when the video started. Fantastic, would subscribe again.

  75. sirly macedo rosario


  76. Isabella :v

    Can you do the shop theme of the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time?

  77. The Mystic Fez

    An absolute slapper

  78. Dandy Prinsloo

    Thank you

  79. Atriniity

    i thought your shirt said anus

  80. Owen Crosby

    Bruh he shleep

  81. Pot Roast

    I agree

  82. Vicstone GR1

    Turn on Captions, you won't regret it

  83. Worm Hole

    😳 very similar 😳

  84. Anzi Dong

    Really like how neat and clean your house is, just like mine. Ok the above comment is for the your dinning hall and kitchen. Your basement looks like a hell :)

  85. Fleebot

    Seth: Nintendo Playstation, it could be a thing Nintendo Switch: Introducing our latest development

  86. Amir Howard

    2:01 Ahh Yes!

  87. No.

    when the rock's spray tan wears off

  88. Steels 375

    You know I really appreciate the deep fried meme filter at the end of each of Seth’s videos

  89. Moon Kid

    I hardly hear this fucker talk and he gives us this??? And I would pay money to hear more????

  90. Walter 41

    Esta es buena

  91. Steels 375

    Seth ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Stats Strength: 69 Speed: 13 Charisma: 2 Defense: 22 Equipment: Random Giant Mario Figure 7 Damn different types of a single console All 151 original Pokémon Cards Piano Abilities: Pianist: Character has ability to play the piano in a way that it will have healing properties to teammates Big: Character an extra buff to their offensive abilities but greatly decreases speed Swedish: Character has heightened defense but limits their diet to IKEA meatballs Shmexy: Character has easier time finding a match. This will however increase the event of fan mail Bald: Character’s attack is increased beyond boundaries, and can temporarily tap into the 6th dimension De-buffs: Lonely: Characters charisma stat decreased Dead inside: Characters charisma stat decreased Huge Geek: This will decrease the chances of potential partner Special Attack: If character reaches requirements they can tap into there 1% power allowing them to, warp space time, use telekinetic abilities such as floaty phone, and gives them knowledge to all the secrets of the universe

  92. Esmeralda Castro

    Spanish :V Saludos compas xD

  93. Yeetusツ

    I love how he says duh.

  94. Adriana Alvarez

    No importa cómo fue creada, está cabrona, más que la basuras de reggaeton o trap.

  95. Linch

    Chills didn’t say number_ did he?

  96. Zil :v

    Jaja los subtitulos

  97. Donald Trump

    you know he’s happy when he talks in a video

  98. Michelle Isnt Awesome Williams



    0:22 It's super DOPE I need more

  100. John O'Reilly

    Gonna vibe now Vibing hard now