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  1. ColdrenPlayz Yt

    Why your voice sound like the tekkit realm?

  2. Terry Cruz

    That transition into “We Are Number One” is cleaner than my head.

  3. oonaLov3r


  4. WinterTech Gaming

    I wanted full complicated puzzle music

  5. TheNoob Playe

    Love how he turned it into we are number 1

  6. LilliMew

    Guy: "I'm the bald guy." Everyone: "* Like! *"

  7. Herlina Herlina


  8. L Nguyen

    I like this comment so I'm gonna revive it: "That transition into We Are Number One was as smooth as his head." :v

  9. MTT

    Congrats song of the year😂😂😂

  10. lol beginner

    Y u want anthrax?

  11. Kayden Mo

    his comment now has 2.2M likes

  12. Du'ul Maat

    for a second it thought it was ghostemane

  13. ominousmecha

    that is most definitely a threat

  14. Someoneヅ

    It's at 2.2M now !!!!

  15. Debora García

    Doctor: now, you have 47 seconds left to live Me: no promblem, * how to recreate billie eillish bad guy *

  16. Codes320

    Worth every penny.

  17. Codes320


  18. SaberMcTaber

    Nice mugshots

  19. Marissa West

    Haha I remember seeing that comment and I was like wow that’s a lot of likes 😂😂

  20. Esme Esparza

    Like por los subtítulos :u

  21. Makoto Niijima

    I forgot Labo was a thing.

  22. JUSTASISTERover9000

    Let's surpass 1M ON THIS COMMENT YAYYAY


    I hate the way people beg for likes

  24. Gacha is my life


  25. Nuria Chan kawai owo

    Creo que te vi en Brazzers

  26. Brattick 123

    I’m the bald guy 😂

  27. Tofu_GameZ Z

    imagine if a comments with a curse word on get more than a million likes so youtube has to carve it onto a badge lol

  28. Itriyum


  29. Una Free

    some replies has more than 100k likes hahahah

  30. KenBeNooby

    *Billie : *Deletes the Comment**

  31. KISELKA o_0

    I'm the good boy

  32. Jarek

    1 million likes...that’s cute.

  33. SkyPlaysGames

    I'm the bald guy.

  34. basti carvajal


  35. basti carvajal


  36. basti carvajal


  37. Tribeber Playz

    I'm the shady guy

  38. Justin PAINTER

    I’m the ok guy

  39. basti carvajal

    Nobody: Auronplay: baldddddd

  40. Goldie Rose

    *Billie Eilish: I’m the bad guy* *Seth Everman: I’m the bald guy* *Google: I’m the bed guy* *SEsels: I’m the ad guy* *Me: DUHHH!*

  41. trainfart

    I'm sure I `ll never make a visit to your house LOL

  42. Kbros1215

    I’m the bald guy

  43. trainfart

    I love videos, then I have to lough, even read the title! :D punkt punkt

  44. Alyssa Clavelli


  45. Jazzy G.

    Im the guy DUH now go give me likes people :)

  46. TheMaTeoxXgamer TheMatEOXxCracK

    I'n te bald guy

  47. Mythical Gamer

    im not the bald guy (dislike)

  48. sticky.rice. cake

    Indonesians turn on the subtitles / caption its hilarious😂

  49. V G

    2:46 Oh...

  50. Lily Gaming

    I'm the bald guy.

  51. UndRscore

    "Let's go upstairs" "Okay"

  52. Mc spectrum345

    this is better, but we need an extended version to make it good

  53. Mathius Guerrero

    It should have been a susano

  54. Julia Flores-Ayala

    I'm sorry but I can't help but say his head is shiny

  55. 》Akey 《 ;3

    Kd os BR

  56. *EAGLE* a c e

    How can someone living in such a shit hole be so creative?

  57. Gotham Studio

    I'm the guy with messy hair

  58. CamoPlayzRoblox

    "Hello, what's your talent" - Simon Cowell "Playing Depression" - Seth Everman "Uh, what do you do on 'Depression'?" - Simon Cowell "Play Crippling Depression by my hatred of cookies" - Seth Everman "WHAT!!? YOU EAT COOKIES BEFORE I PUT YOUR DEPRESSION ON SOMEONE ELSE!!!" - Simon Cowell "Cool. I'll play old town road instead" - Seth Everman "Da flip is wrong with him?" - Simon Cowell I just made this up xD

  59. daniel smith


  60. Leo Rodgz

    Captions ahaahaha

  61. ritr00

    make my comment most liked

  62. Leo Rodgz

    The fucking captions!! Hahaha

  63. CamoPlayzRoblox

    When you feel like the best man in the world but this guy shows up with a SEsels award...


    I'm not bald.

  65. Jarae Pearson

    Billie Eilie should of did this (Cheap to)

  66. BreadandButter

    SEsels is funny

  67. Ledge

    DON'T STEP ON THE COUCH WITH SHOES ON MAN!! also would like to request we are number one on different genres :) you made me want to listen to it again :/

  68. Uytrhf

    1:15 pewdiepie tuber simulator song

  69. Down_ Shift__

    I want this extended

  70. Brae Jordan G-CDJK

    This dude has a hairline but he's bald at the same time...

  71. disgusting rat

    im the bald guy

  72. Hooty Hoo It’s Alana Sue

    I love your skinny jeans seth

  73. Hooty Hoo It’s Alana Sue

    Seth make more content pls this is like my 4th time watching this and I don’t have any other coping mechanisms

  74. Santino Bochatay Herrera

    im the bald guy

  75. Enzo Rocha Santos

    D A H

  76. Emilia Nilsson Norretullskolan 9B

    I never got any likes so let's see how many I can get now lol

  77. ScizzorCut Animations

    I'm the bald guy

  78. angelvibesss

    The puzzle was the real final boss.

  79. Llama 1122

    Your comment on billies vid has over 2 million likes already 🤗

  80. Yarik Kryarik

    0:14 rare moment He's smiling


    I'm the fat guy.

  82. e

    You're the bald guy

  83. Navzy

    phone's on 1% don't give anyone my vbucks

  84. Banana Republika

    0:36 nice slap bass mate!

  85. De León

    I don't understand anything, and I think it's what I like most, bro -I would put a comment in Spanish but not(?)- * insert billie * DUH

  86. Callum Cunningham

    Let’s break his record and like

  87. johny cohn

    His comment has more likes than this video

  88. I ate 2 vitamin gummies


  89. Daniel Linares

    The fire level theme brought me back to a Paper Mario memory that I didn't even know existed

  90. Bouya

    Oh he can talk :0

  91. ms Jena

    Вау ви это же русские субтитры

  92. tj ay


  93. Sanic Fast

    my favorite

  94. Itz_ cookie paw :3

    Omg I saw that comment on bad guy vevo

  95. Layzaal Khan

    I'm the bald guy

  96. Greasyb 19

    in the span of 5 years we will get another variation of this, but with 2 additional seconds

  97. DariusGamer136

    SethEverman: Has the most liked video on youtube with 3.2M subscribers PewDiePie: So you have chosen to challenge me?

  98. JoyStick Plays

    Episode 3 of why is this in my recommended

  99. Soar Isaac

    im the bald guy XD