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  1. logan

    nick diaz is one of the best fighters to never have a blt in the ufc, its sad how the ufc basically fucked his career over

  2. Tightan

    Man like Eddie

  3. Danny Kyllo

    Mcgregor is a blown up fighter that took Ronda Rousey's role after she was knocked out an ran to the fake WWE! UFC and WWE are getting similar and staged like never before! Quite calling Tranny's women UFC! These freaks are men not women! This is ruining any chance for a women to compete in any sport and it is just getting worse!

  4. Fuzzy Ewok

    Joe is wrong here. If you view life this way then you’re just materialistic and you are a sad individual

  5. 54N714G0

    Even at basketball Stephen A. is a useless blowhard.

  6. Bio Hacker

    Let his side down and lost simple as

  7. ryanrealNOvillian

    What man is stupid enough to get married in 2020?

  8. Arbiter Elegantiae

    Be young is cheating. What are you gonna do when you get old?

  9. luke hattingh

    This idiot still believes the Putin nonsense

  10. MajorDstruction

    Now THIS is the kind of stuff I DO believe in. No anal probing, just buzzing around and checking stuff out. Its exactly what we would and sometimes do.

  11. Darcy Barnes

    The only Politician I trust is Bernie Sanders!

  12. Mag Ma

    Joe - Have an ***authority*** on the podcast clarifying this utter madness, like an actual doctor : Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. James and Chris are chumps: James is fanatical and Chris is pathetic.

  13. Mag Ma

    Joe - Have an ***authority*** on the podcast clarifying this utter madness, like an actual doctor : Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. James and Chris are chumps: James is fanatical and Chris is pathetic.

  14. Rigsby 1

    Maybe listen to his podcast first.

  15. M Nuttah

    No land should be claimed by religion. Don't you see what is going on? We should not endorse zionism or any other religion to rule any part of the universe. Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism should be forbidden. Nothing good comes with these religions, and they al idolize fake gods.

  16. Richie Bhoy

    This type of fucking nonce should never commentate in MMA every again.

  17. sejtbrugernavn

    Eddie is pure ego

  18. Alejandro

    I don’t think sports broadcasters of other sports don’t understand fighting yet and it’s harsh cause the fighters deal with the issue more

  19. OP

    Joe is actually 5'5" MAX. Anyone who's seen him in person without his lifts knows this.

  20. rimbrenda

    og communist

  21. moe407259

    Stephen A. is healing his shoulder not learning how to box guys 😂😂😂😂 get the info first before making a video , and he’s played in basketball in college gotta get ya facts guy lol your basically doing what he did tbh lol

  22. Tyler Durden

    Fapping to this shit

  23. mike green

    This man is a dame hater

  24. Aleksandar Lukic

    dana is a huge trumper. that tells me something about the man. my way or the high way. i really stopped watching 3-4 years ago. i enjoy mma, but i watch things for free few days after.

  25. 3ncrypt3dgoos3

    This chick has no clue what's shes talking about that's not what anti zionism is

  26. Left on third base holding a catcher's mitt

    Damn it's surprising to hear Josh Thomson talk so well after all the damage he's taken

  27. Doe Johnathan

    The Vatican most are Gay half I think then 3 Pedoaphile. Yes there garments no difference really to a Satanic Mass with their Rituals. I live in Dublin strict catholic family except me .1980S Dublin dark don't you say stuff about a Priest gladly it never happened. But Vatican supposed to Help the poor plenty of poor in this world. They have a bank ? Pedoaphile city should tore down .Pedoaphile protectors and the big Hat hiding them .Vile


    Marital Arts have always been based on respect and doing the right thing. There is no reason to cheapen it with negativity and finger pointing. Stephen A. Thompson is an amazing broadcaster and dick puncher. Maybe just not for MMA?

  29. Darth Terminates


  30. Ken Fulkerson

    Just another display of intolerance....................SMH

  31. Mike C

    This woman is horrible. Opinion "journalist" who takes her OPINIONS as fact. Has no facts to back up any of the opinions shes spewing and when she is stumped she goes back to her "anti-jewish" safe space.

  32. corey kevin

    Free Palestine <3 <3 <3

  33. Problem Slayer

    If Mcgregor fought Khabib ten times : Khabib 10 - 0 Mcgregor

  34. enrique ordaz

    Doesn't matter what happens to the Mexican cartels, the drugs market is so appealing that are produced all over the world and some others will take over if they are exterminated in Mexico. The war on drugs in Colombia did not end Colombia's or USA's problems at all. As long as the USA and other rich countries demand drugs there will be someone producing them.

  35. Jeffrey Loskoski

    Bill "Get of my lawn." Maher.

  36. Boojay Maximus

    Joe "working on a jobsite, hammering nails" Rogan. 😂

  37. Young Bullard

    he may not know anything about fighting but welcome to mainstream sports...if you wanna act like a pussy when someone gives their opinion then go back to making shit money for fighting, get off ESPN and complain about that.

  38. Timothy De Meûter

    No personality

  39. SCP-096 With internet access

    Thaths really crathy, 😂 he wouldn’t be the same without his voice

  40. Terry Thompson

    It's a barrier against forming healthy long term relationships, especially ones that result in child bearing. It's a dating game where no one wins, because no one finds a mate. The idea that "everyone can have everyone" is foolish, because people have scarcity of time and resources.. and again.. those who wish to have children should supply a child with both parents.

  41. R. William Comm

    Not enough head mooment 😂

  42. Private Club Members Montan Bitcoin Services

    start highschool or Start High School black ops USA SUCK!

  43. KJ HX

    Your dick is not your friend. He's a real prick. Remember that and you won't do something ridiculous like get married.

  44. Thomas Blackburn

    Being is becoming.

  45. LifeOfTy

    Never fucking heard of kurt metzger. Get your ego in check buddy

  46. Baddast mofo in the Cul-De-Sac

    Joe "Some cunts thinking of a stupid fuckin nickname as we speak "Rogan

  47. Randall Goulet

    Tony the type of guy to sharpen his elbows on Khabibs head only to use them for a sushi chef competition

  48. Tristan Griffitts

    I hate pills

  49. Folfie Lukather

    BE AWARE vegan cyclists are spreading out of australia

  50. AndTechie

    Douglas lima is one of the most humble guys I know.

    1. Daniel Kinn

      Do you actually know him?

  51. Danny Kyllo

    I haven't seen a Cowboy getting pounded that hard since Broke Back Mountain! Mcgregor fought an old beat up has been Cowboy that fought to many fights and needed to retire!

  52. Sage Master

    damn everyone forgetting about Ferguson in April let him prove the doubters wrong again

  53. Chris Balfour

    all protein comes from plants. you don't need to eat meat. there seems to be just a constant negativity with regards vegan athletes or strong men/women. all meat and all animal products are bad for you. I mean look at gorillas or elephants they only eat plants and they are super strong. this whole you must eat meat thing is just BS. it's just state sponsored propaganda that you all swallow.

  54. Nicholas Tanso

    Joe "The-Sensitivity-of-Your-Inner-Asshole-is-Amazing" Rogan never disappoints.

  55. JB

    Nick vs Masvidal

  56. Jamal Aden

    Conor better be sensible before that beat fighting beast turns it up a notch and retires him for good smh

  57. PIS187

    I’m on dmt it’s dynamite 🧨

  58. Hurtstar362

    After watching the post game interview this entire interview means so much less.joe had are agenda to cockblock Steven.A from his sport

  59. Freddie Riboni ghj


  60. Diego Alejandro

    Being uncircumcised means you are automatically at a higher risk of getting infections due to the fact you have more mucous membranes exposed than a guy who is circumstanced. Diseases like chlamydia and HIV are very attracted towards those mucous membranes and that makes it a lot easier to get infected. If you fuck someone that has HIV with a “turtle neck” dick your chances of getting it is like 1 in 150 or something while if you had “mushroom” tip, the risks goes to 1 in 909

  61. Taanvira Jai

    Joe looks greasy and tired....hows that carnivore diet workin

  62. Jaqen H'ghar

    It's annoying when people talk about weed on this blog. Just because you smoke the shit doesn't make you an expert Joe.

  63. Ksquad3000

    I actually like Conan. Especially when he brings bill burr in.

  64. Chá e Porrada

    Eddie called it... govt fakes these ufo sightings to keep us distracted from real issues

  65. Vladimir Testof

    I like 🐟 sticks I am a gay 🐟

  66. Ramon Herrera

    Liz used to be a Republican? So what? Liz used to be a Cherokee. And she was saying "right-wing" things? WTF does that even mean?

  67. Kyle Szarzynski

    James Wilks is doing the Lord's work.


    When he said that shit about Cowboy, everyone in the room was confused and pointed out the great ESPN partnership.... they shouldn’t be commentators of MMA.

  69. Aston Bond

    Cowboy is a Legend full of experience. Did he blow his nose deliberately in that Ferguson fight? He knew his nose was broken didn’t he? Did he just want a way out of the fight? Watched that fight about 10 times now and it worries me.

  70. Mayowa Mayor

    Stephen A is sports commentary royalty. He makes anything interesting because of his showmanship. You Guys sounding super sensitive right now

  71. R. William Comm

    Sorry but Rousey was marketing to get ppl used to seeing decent looking women fight. She was given the title & picked because she won on submissions. She abandoned that & got her ass kicked.

  72. Samuel Platts

    Wilder ko's everyone no matter how deep into the fight.

  73. Ringo Bingo

    Jimmy Dore : " It's about being white " . He , truly , is a mind poisoned , piece of shit , communist loser .

  74. Deniz

    Lmao this dude thinks that cuz he was training with Khabib for a long time. Conor with alcohol and violence issues had no chaince against Khabib, this Conor? This is completely different game.

  75. Raleighburner15 Hynes

    no matter how handy khabib is ...he's just boring and unlikeable he's got fuck all charisma. ..Forrest Griffin. Mike Tyson .Tyson fury .ALI .you name all the best and they all had charisma

  76. Johnny Strikes Hard

    This whole video is one big straw man argument. And talking out of your ass about topics you don’t even understand is also part of toxic masculinity where men thinks they know everything and dismiss concerns of women as incorrect.

  77. Dannooch

    Rogan has paid Bob Sapp to fuck his wife numerous times.

  78. Tyler Helwig

    "we're not slapping a puck or baseball here".. first of all, I agree with the baseball comment. One of the least physical sports out there. But hockey? Are you high? Hockey is one of the most brutal fast paced extreme sports there is.

  79. Another Individual

    & practicing dick punches😂

  80. Valkyrie Industrial

    99% of people will always hate on someone who goes 99 and 1 because they know they can never be a champion deep down inside....and to even have a chance to become a champion you have to compete in the top 1%. Its just human nature.

  81. P Corn

    The only time this veggie muncher asks Kreisser a question is when he knows he’s ready to shit pb all over his gross fed bafe

  82. J Shiff

    Louie is not pretty & Charlie is, Enough said.

  83. Luke

    Well said joe. There is no solitude worse than a defeated fighter at the highest leveles

  84. Hector Martin

    USA should be labeled as a terrorist giving its long history of terror. Read American history, OG terrorist.

  85. Sa yan

    This fight should be in Europe, Between USA and Russia. European doctors, because they are more cruel and can let them fight more, European judges too...

  86. mr gwanson

    Conor wins that rematch trust me

  87. David Alves

    Tony is gonna wreck Khabib

  88. tozzarozza

    Maybe their not visiting aliens, but perhaps time travelers from our own future, maybe there was a nuclear war which fucked up all the DNA on the planet and these future us are trying to retrieve lost DNA. Look at cattle mutilations, perhaps this is just DNA harvesting, same as abductions with humans... DNA harvesting to rebuild the world before it was annihilated? This is why they are not interested in contact, just collection.

  89. Jose Avila

    He’s right the worst enemy to a Mexican is another Mexican so sad

  90. Randall Goulet

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to allow joe teach him mma only to teach joe about chimps and bears

  91. OrbitingOneneSS

    0:26 ,that gulp ! :)

  92. Shamus Mcgregor

    If Conor fights khabib again he wins the Irishman is a master at fixing mistakes in the octagon the man is focused

  93. tim carlo

    Lymes was developed on an island of the coast of Connecticut and there were deer on the island that swam onto the mainland. Anything the government touches turns to S%#T...

  94. Liam Foster

    You can't blame Stephen A for ESPN making him work that fight despite him knowing nothing about fighting and working him 100 hours a week

  95. G G

    Fuck Ted Nugent.

  96. Sandy Degener

    If you want to bring the cartels to heel and control THEM, you LEGALIZE. Then you educate some consumers, so we stop seeing syringes in the street. Formal shooting galleries (with TOILETS) would be a good idea. Maybe even GIVE AWAY smack to those in need.

  97. mr gwanson

    Lima is a killer should be in the ufc

  98. The Elusive Man

    Stephen A doesn’t know mma that’s for sure, he said Cowboy was in over his head lmao. Let’s see you get in there Stephen A, I bet he wouldn’t last 10 seconds.

  99. krk1291

    Trump 2020!!!

  100. Bigbird mcdermott

    Finally, someone credible admits he got wacked out