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  1. Ariana Bellchamber

    Love is so underrated!!!!

  2. Caro S

    Stay strong, most of us are feeling the same way, just lacking the usual, general drive and finding it hard to find joy within your same old four walls while literally all days blend together. I'm not writing that to say that you shouldn't complain, but to tell you that you're not alone girl 💓 Also, I thoroughly enjoyed this video, hearing your thoughts on all those shows was really thought-provoking. Thanks for brightening up an otherwise rather bad day! :D

  3. Why Do Stars Fall But Birds Don't?


  4. xrainbowmintx

    okay, for one i literally just finished watching Gone Girl after avoiding it for so long and goddamn why didn't i watch it sooner, it's incredible!! Also, netflix have just started releasing a Snowpiercer tv show, so would be interested to see your take on that :)

  5. Why Do Stars Fall But Birds Don't?


  6. Camille Vincent

    I felt tired just watching that, that multitasking tho


    come AZ

  8. Why Do Stars Fall But Birds Don't?


  9. Why Do Stars Fall But Birds Don't?


  10. Siiri

    It stressed me out that she didn't account for the different weather 😭 Ashley ily but how do you travel to another side of the world with a drastically different climate and not think twice about packing those miniskirts and spaghetti strap tops sjfkdkdkd

  11. María NONyabidness

    There's these soft discs, or flex discs that you can put inside like a diaphragm and they allow you to have sex during period. Sorry too many PSA's “the more you know" *

  12. María NONyabidness

    Have you been assessed by a doctor? Always get checked if you have intense pain that interferes with your daily life. Also watch out for hip and groin pain, as they might be signs of ovarian cysts or other issues needing ultra sounds. This just from my personal exp, so please go to your doctor and make sure you're healthy

  13. bon

    You owe me nothing ever

  14. bon

    I officially applause your choices

  15. The Default Guy

    ''Second step of editing take off this sweat shirt'' Me'' Hmm very intresting tips''

  16. Mingyang Wang

    I’m a single man who is about to start uni, watching this was both weird and educational, I think it’s absolutely vital for a dude to know the female side of the struggles, I personally prefer girls that are virgins around my age(19) I just think that the casual sex is abit too much for me, since I’m a devoted guy and have a slightly more conservative culture (I’m chinese, from Macau) but this video helped me open up a lot and I’m starting to see the hardships a woman face when making this choice since their virginity is more sacred than that of a man’s since we can always lie about it, even though most guy’s would be proud of not being a Virgin.

  17. bon

    Make your experience about you at my expense... I dare you

  18. Rio Rio

    This different. Someone's coming into my apt stealing clothes and shoes from my apartment. Ugh boo hoo

  19. Julian Bevc

    "It's my little escape from this world :)" Relatable

  20. Ginger Wawrow

    this aged poorly

  21. chang nie

    When she talks about how she has 2.4M followers I'm like girl you have 3.2M rn and it's like I month after u posted the video.

  22. NMB

    I don’t get the LA hype.

  23. nessievc777

    Probably the most relatable quarantine vlog on youtube.

  24. Gilda'sDoingStuff

    Wearing a too that's slightly bases off of traditional garments from other cultures isn't cultural appropriation. Y'all chill

  25. Vernie Plummer

    why do you say pastel like a Brit? You skip the E and most people I hear in the US say pas-tell. Weird, random question for no reason. I love your channel, you remind me a lot of myself at your age (35 years ago LOL)

  26. Karolina Nowak

    This intro is 🥰🥰

  27. Deborah Meikle

    the cutest fucking human honestly

  28. Emily Spires

    Will this be suitable for a 12 year old??????????

  29. Mélissa Chan-Cheape

    i've just submitted my final assignment for uni and i had this in my saved so that i could watch it post-grad so that i could relate to ashley's feeeeels

  30. Drew McMahon

    hi ashley i love you that is all ok bye now

  31. Hardik Chawla

    Great judgement there about boys being nerdy and surrounded by beautiful girls..pure bullshit

  32. navi!

    on this episode of how ashley teaches me how to do stuff no one else taught me but i needed to be taught so i can have a pretty insta feed

  33. annabelle.0308

    "all black is a really simple way to make a basic outfit look more put-together" cool so wearing leggings and a black sweatshirt every day was, in fact, the move

  34. David Smith

    i wanna breed u badly

  35. Rowan A.

    I also have a mind-blowing relationship advice: “If someone gets to know you and chooses to leave , how can they be right for you ?"

  36. Sadie Pedley

    Thank you for being so genuine and down to earth, it’s so lovely to see💛

  37. Hailey Cho

    She’s so sweet 🥺

  38. Hailey Cho

    What’s your horoscope sign, Ashley?

  39. HoneyBee

    Did you ask your landlord if you could make changes to the apartment.

  40. Lena Chung

    im literally 13 and i already feel the “pressure”, as weird as that sounds, to start dating and get that ✨experience✨ its so weird but i feel shitty about myself because i haven’t had my first bf yet and that my friends have had their first kiss. its weird because i’m aware of the fact that i shouldn’t feel like this and that its fucking okay to be single and that nobody gives a fuck if i don’t have a bf as a 13 year old. so watching your videos as a 13 year old (ik i said that like 4 times i’m sorry but i’m trying to prove that all of these standards start as young as like 10) makes me realize that its OKAY to be single and its okay to be myself and show people what i’m worth. so go Ashley!

  41. Taylor A

    I was watching this off my crappy wifi and all I can see is you all blurry, this got me up and moving and doing something productive for the first time in 3 months and I was doing it for my self and not for my family parents and others, thanks for being here blurry and all.

  42. Jay King

    Actually I was going to follow her, but she didn’t had to used all those 🤬🤬🤬 I think she feels pretty cool, which really is a turn down!

  43. camille

    reasons I will move to NYC instead of LA: ^

  44. Ansleigh Hamby

    bruh i went to 3 thrift stores and the only thing i found was a one direction tee

  45. xiara


  46. dizkais

    ashley: *3 hours and 28 minutes* me: **laughs in 9am to 3am on my chromebook daily**

  47. bon

    Just discovered your channel...lovin' it.

  48. Brooke Ryan

    he looks like a hotter version of Thomas Middleditch

  49. Katherine Beal

    you should watch community!!!! it's my most favorite sitcom ever

  50. Ruth Tapper

    ‘Back when zoella was still popular’ (I cant remember what she said exactly) ‘They will last...unlike hollister’ The amount of ._.shade._. in this video 🤣🤣🤣😅😅🤣

  51. Laurianne Brisebois

    you would loooove jane the virgin!!

  52. pumpk

    I need to ask you this: have you ever watched “Bacurau”? It’s an amazing Brazilian movie, I think that you will like it

  53. Stephany Quinto

    Little fires everywhere!

  54. Lara Govea

    moved to Barcelona just before Corona!! thought i was the only one with bad timing

  55. mezmerized

    You look amazing without any make up. So naturally beautiful

  56. Confidently Beautiful

    Plant hanger .... Wow

  57. Pumidi

    The first 30 seconds, were the hardest thing in the entire video, to me. A German that has never spoken to an American in Person.

  58. MariaEduarda

    Next time you should try visiting BLITZ in London, it's also a good opportunity to visit the Bricklane neighborhood. By the way, you've done nice choices!

  59. Juliette Ciullo

    I would reccomend Russian doll!

  60. Julia Fattorini Sackmann

    I can't believe I watched this video just now but it couldn't be at a better time. I started collage this year but because of the pandemic going on in my country (Argentina) the universities are closed so I never had the chance to experience my "new life", I didn't even have the chance to meet my classmates or professors. Watching this video made me realize the high standards I had for this year and now they are, obviously, completely dead. Thank you for shearing this with us, it made me think about a lot of stuff I have going on

  61. Ria Lie

    i Love you so much for putting all the links of those clothes in the info box❤️ you inspired me a lot, thank you!❤️

  62. Rahul Singh Yadav

    How the fuck I get here from pytorch and software engineering videos to here. SEsels also these days. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  63. Nikol Nachtigall

    "I hate myself a little bit less" i love it haha

  64. victoria b

    I can't believe I watched this entire video 😂 congrats

  65. Mia Subrahmanyam


  66. Veronica Zavel

    Jeez spoiler alert for Flea Bag real quick, it's much better if you learn the information of her friend while watching the show.

  67. Robi Rosen

    We literally don't have thrift stores in my country and it makes me so sad. Also we don't have anything like the dollar store. Pisses me off.

  68. Vivian Lie

    My bank account says I'm gonna have to stop at step 3 :)

  69. chibika moshi

    Fleabag and bojack horseman are some of my favorite shows! The characters are so relatable and the themes are also interesting.

  70. Kimmy McKimwich

    Yooo we moved to New York at like almost the same time lol. Yay worst timing crew!

  71. James Roberts

    On the shaming of girls thing, one think I heard on tik Tok was a guy proposing that we shame dude Bros who wear Reagan Bush t shirts the same way we shame teenage girls who wear Nirvana shirts.

  72. Irina M.

    if you like katherine ryan you should definitely check out taskmaster. she stars in season 2. it's a great comedy show and the first 5 seasons are on youtube

  73. dorkylust

    me having hyperhidrosis and sweating 24/7 *haha MODERATE inconvenience*

  74. Amarainie Marquez

    Ooooh you should do a series of videos for movies and each vid can be a different genre!!

  75. TheCausation

    I'll have you know the PC term is "SEX WORKER", as if that means anything.

  76. Kat Tube

    If you wrote a book, I'd read it

  77. ariesmelissa

    Estate sales used to be from dead people... is that no longer true? Lol

  78. Brihannala Harmonies

    "I have never been a fan of long intros" 2019-20 Ashley: *coughs intensely*

    1. infinity

      Ahhaaaa. Feel you.

  79. Kenna

    Where did the shirt from 15:06 come from??? So addicted

  80. iiiashlxnn

    I do not get why school have dress codes If those outfits aren’t okay just GET A UNIFORM My school has uniforms so :3 it’s much easier lol

  81. phyllaline

    No bra is also fine

  82. indigoart

    Y’all keep talking about the breakup but what about the room?! The transformation is UNREAL

  83. Effie Kee

    BoJack Horseman is a gem

  84. Fromthe TeyaShop

    You are freaking adorable as well as blessed with an amazing sense of humor.

  85. TrapVlogsss

    imma try this, shoutout lol

  86. Laura p

    Ashley I highly recommend Sharp Objects (hbo), it is very explicit and triggering but I think you would enjoy It! I cried a lot but I think it is very well done

  87. SPAGhetti

    I'm working towards being a photographer this helped me alot 😁 Thank you ❤❤❤

  88. Denver Gevero

    it's .co

  89. Painted Layers

    The commentary lol 😂

  90. Shiny Sunstar

    And this is where SEsels can get you.

  91. Bernie Smith

    The reason your hair is falling out, is your diet! I still love you though. After you clean up your use of english, we will clean up your life.

  92. Bernie Smith

    You do not need to be alone, you can comme live with me, if you are willing to change your diet, and life style.

  93. Arub

    Honestly I used to be a Tina Fey stan too but she is a white feminist and Kimmy Schmidt is the greatest example of this. From a whitewashed Native American character which drew criticism - Fey's response was doubling down on that storyline - to Kimmy's Vietnamese boyfriend's name being the butt of the least imaginative joke. That's not even including the episode supposedly critiquing outrage culture that somehow ends up being at the expense of Asian Americans. Sorry, but Tina Fey is not someone I would sacrifice any child for.

  94. Lenora Yoder

    Dead Like Me is on hulu now and it was suuuuch a cool show! I think you would really like it

  95. _just breathe_

    If you're looking for a funny show you should check out "Jane the Virgin" it is very over the top, but in a good way, because it doesn't take itself to seriously.

  96. Estelle Verkest

    *mabye 2020 will be your year* Me: Well...

  97. Raine UWU

    1. Have a nice body:(

  98. Alessia Garziano

    I love the intro😂

  99. katjaluginbuehl

    Love is sooooo goooodddd 😍😍😍😍 i am so happy that you talked about it 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  100. CaitlynMackie

    I didn't know that I needed this so thank u!! So many good ones