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  1. badbeatking80

    Is what she did deserving of death? That's what all these comments can lead someone to do. Think about it

  2. KC Lorenz

    Where's "cancel culture" at when it comes to people like Olivia and her parents?

  3. Madeleine Sullivan

    she has a good heart, she shouldn't have lied to get in and all. but I believe in her and think she's a good girl

  4. Diandra Cocco

    a lot if people saying what she did was terrible but like... if im a 17 year old kid whos parents are saying they can get me inti a great school i feel like i would have done it too... if u can honestly say you would stand up to your parents at that age and say you are taking the spot from someone who is more deserving you are a really mature kid

  5. aFaceInside

    Beautiful young woman, but her bf looks like a straight up drug dealer!

  6. mairead73

    Is there a prison edition?

  7. Jules

    She has webbed fingers on both hands. She should have gotten into swimming instead of rowing.

  8. Jules

    She has webbed fingers on both hands. She should have gotten into swimming instead of rowing.

  9. That_90’s_Chic

    Oh... I thought this was a video on rowing. Pulled out the rowing machine during quarantine and need to perfect my form.

    1. Troy

      @That_90’s_Chic Rowing jokes are overused only idiots who laugh at them are the ones who come up with them.

    2. That_90’s_Chic

      Troy it’s a joke. Like the hundreds of other responses on here. Trust me, your the moron for not getting it. 😂

    3. Troy

      It's a make-up tutorial stupid.

  10. Emily Vangsness

    Love you Olivia!! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. General McNuggets

    Row row row your boat

  12. Where Money

    How much money did your parents give to the judge?

  13. An Ma

    If you are asking for acceptance and forgiveness I would suggest the following: sign up for community service, nothing too easy though, let’s say 250-500 hours roadwork litter removal. That’s how you regain credibility.

    1. Troy

      @An Ma Ahh so you have no desire helping your community but you advise others to do so.. Typical one-way moron.

    2. An Ma

      Troy didn’t ask for your opinion, go kick rocks

    3. Troy

      Since you like to give people advice, how good are you at taking your own advice. What's good for the goose is good for the gander or are you one-way.

  14. Lisa T.

    This girl and her entire family make me so sick and furious! My daughter worked her a** off to get into college and studies constantly to get through nursing school! She has EARNED her place and CONTINUES to do so! We are a middle class working family. My daughter has never received ANY kind of federal money and we sure as heck didn’t buy her place into college. Her tuition is being paid for through student LOANS! Where do these people get off doing this crap?!? Although they ALL deserve prison time, I’m sure they’ll get off with a slap on the wrist. SMH

    1. Troy

      you know this also happens in your hometown. Why aren't you concerned about that.

  15. Lara

    Get your parents to vlog for you while in jail xo

  16. Annirix

    Who’s here cause Olivia jades are going to jail 😂

  17. a j

    honestly should get time w mommy and daddy

  18. a j

    do a “reacting to my parents hearing” vlog

  19. Emily Smith

    How the hell were you not charged with a crime? You were a knowing conspirator and posed on a rowing machine. You and your sister are both entitled and vile. If a poor person had done what you had participated in, they would have served time in jail. Oh but I forgot-- the rest of us actually had to work to get into school and take out loans or legitimately get scholarships. Your mom did the smart thing finally pleading guilty. If this had gone to court, a jury would have ripped her a new asshole. We have no sympathy for any of you people. Please go away.

    1. Troy

      Using a rowing machine is not a crime. Clearly if you worked hard to get into any school you would know this.

  20. Lainey Hatton

    dont let the ppl who hate u bc of a mistake, make u stop doing something you love

  21. Lainey Hatton

    when are u going to upload another video

  22. xPixiex xGothiskx

    You stole the place from a real student, a place you never deserved. you're a l o s e r

    1. Troy

      @xPixiex xGothiskx A 17 year old girl is going to tell her parents to back off LMAO. Just by your comment I can tell you are a moron.

    2. xPixiex xGothiskx

      @Jacob she could have told them to back off, other students whose parents did the same scam had the courage to confront them and take a stand against it. Meanwhile both celeb sisters did the rowing pics and consented with the lie their parents created.

    3. Jacob

      Sad, she never even wanted to go to college but her parents made her.

  23. Heidi Kam

    such a controversial topic. Whatever she's feeling rn, we don't know but for some reason, we feel the need to classify a victim and a perpetrator in every situation. Wrong or right, people have feelings. We may think we know the entire situation but the truth is we don't. The least we can do as bystanders is to give them space and remember that our words are powerful and it can affect someone negatively if we are not careful what we're saying. Just because someone made a mistake, does not give us the right to attack them or follow their examples. If we have nothing good to say, don't say it at all.

  24. badbeatking80

    Hindsight is 20 20 but seems like she had a good thing going on SEsels probably making well over 6 figures, fan base wealthy parents why even try to go to college?

  25. BBY. ASH

    I'm just here for the comments

  26. BBY. ASH

    Drop a visiting my parents in jail vlog 🌝😂

  27. Stephanie Garcia

    I hope she’s doing okay.

  28. M Ge

    Girl, you miss it but we don't miss you. Please go away and stay away.

  29. Candy Jones

    So you can talk now. Let's here it!

  30. Ron Elderly

    When are you uploading new content? Are your're parents in jail? Did they get a suspended sentence? Home Alone like Mcauly Culkin?

    1. Troy

      Aren't you a little bit old to be trolling to a 20 year old girl.

  31. Angela Flor

    she probably knew, that there was going to be a lot of hate, but guys if u hate her so much, why are even coming here and wasting your time just to spread more hate, and I know it was wrong to cheat but her mom was the one who made the bad decision and Olivia Jade always said that she wasn´t interested in going to a university, she just wanted to be famous and just go with her life. It was just a stupid action. so stop spreading negativity, you aren´t going to get anything out of it. I´m not saying it is ok to cheat but your negativity is not helping.

    1. Candy Jones

      Who are you to determine what is or isn't helpful for other people? You sound really arrogant.

  32. Peter O'Toole

    How was crew practice today

  33. Rodoshi

    I know what she did was wrong but seeing all the hate comments I kinda feel bad for her 😕.. Also in my country you dont even have to be rich , any middle class parents can do what her parents did if they have that kind of connection (edited : not saying this is right tho,its just common here)

    1. Troy

      @Rodoshi You do realize Brenda is jealous over this girl's wealth and the fact she made more money by the time she turned 18 than Brenda will make in her whole life. She is just using this scandal as an excuse to spread disgusting hate.

    2. Rodoshi

      @Candy Jones ok

    3. Rodoshi

      @Brenda Moreno I already said I know this is wrong.. But the amount of hate she is receiving is heart breaking to me..I have sensitive heart lol..also i will leave my country soon with a student visa , I dont want to live in corrupted country 🙂

    4. Brenda Moreno

      So you are like her parents if you don't see their act as it is. I grew in a corrupt country, but for the same exact reason I left. Not because other do that it makes it ok. You need to do some serious evaluation on your moral values.

    5. Candy Jones

      As Olivia and her family cheated in the US, your comment about how corruption works in your country is irrelevant.

  34. Rachael

    no sympathy for you. sorry lol

    1. Rachael

      @Troy clearly they will? lmfao

    2. Troy

      How will they go on living without your sympathy lol.

  35. allergic to humans not animals

    wow she looks old the backlash must've done her bad

  36. j a


    1. Kurochan

      @Troy Says the person calling others "clown boy". Haters are going to hate, you can spend the rest of your life here fending off comments from people.

    2. Troy

      @Candy Jones I hate cyberbulling which you all are doing.

    3. Candy Jones

      @Troy Why are you defending a cheater?

    4. Aves aryanna

      Troy you remind me of the “wouldn’t you like to know, weatherboy” vine.

    5. Troy

      You would know lol, clown boy.

  37. Ahmed Çetiner

    Shut up scammer

  38. 4Dangert

    So now will you discuss the fraud your family perpetrated on the college admission process? Now that Lori and Moss, after a year admitted that are indeed guilty as charged? They could have admitted guilt right away and been much more sympathetic figures. But they thought they could use their privilege and buy their way out.

    1. Candy Jones

      Well said!

  39. sparkle singh

    The fraud that her parents committed was supposed sentence them 20 years and they are getting away with just 2 months. Disgusting.

    1. Aves aryanna

      Troy I found you again, surprising

    2. Troy

      No one ever got 20 years for this before. 20 years is for a violent criminal not for a spot.

  40. Daphne Moon

    Do a livestream cavity search. Or an orange jumpsuit OOTD.

    1. Candy Jones

      @Troy Dear, please find yourself a better role model.

    2. Troy

      You're a pervert.

  41. Hermina Grace

    What an Ignorant person.

    1. Candy Jones

      And that's probably the least of her problems.

  42. Mars Michaelis

    Olivia, give me a break, hold my paddle!

    1. Candy Jones


  43. Gaby Fernandez

    I miss her videos so much she should start posting again

    1. Candy Jones

      You should raise your standards.

  44. Drew Jones

    The funniest thing I find about this whole situation is that white people really became more hurt about this situation than any other race considering we are more disportionately excluded in higher education. When this happened there were some articles floating around about black mom's being jailed for using false addresses to enroll children in better schools and some other things, but I can't recall any college related articles. The point I am trying to make is that the education system has benefited mostly white people in the US and none of your comments recognize that. Her family did something that that is somewhat common among the wealthy. I personally know ppl who have bought themselves into top tier schools. Being apart of the elite gets you very far in this world, and even being just white gets you far. The access and how systemically schools favors the white race. You have to look in the mirror to understand that privilege that was handed to you. Most higher level courses in middle, high school are predominately white. Never to negate the hard work students put in, but their environment is one of the key proponent for success. In summation, her parents were wrong, but it is nothing most of you guys have not (minutely) benefited from.

    1. Ysabelle Santos

      @Candy Jones Why are you even mad about this. What she's saying is true and trying to outsmart her does not allow the fact to perish like it's some sort of fairytale.

    2. Candy Jones

      This is a lot of over generalization. For one thing, I'm going to assume you're talking about Blacks and Hispanics when you say "we", but not Asians. Second, I guess you forgot about how affirmative action benefits Black and Hispanic students, with regard to college admissions, to the detriment of whites, and now even Asians. Lastly, no one is talking about Blacks and Hispanics because not everything is about Blacks and Hispanics.

  45. Stephane Pena

    miss your videos <333 !

    1. Candy Jones

      You should raise your standards.

  46. Stephane Pena

    missed your videos !

  47. Kasyap Chakra

    How does this video have more likes than dislikes.......all the comments are negative. Is she buying likes?

    1. Candy Jones

      Given what she and her family did, do you even have to ask?

    2. Aves aryanna

      Troy do you reply to every comment ? Lol

    3. Troy

      I liked her video and I'm sure others have as well. Sounds like you are disappointed.

  48. Brooklyn The KatyCat

    Like if you’re here after her parents pled guilty

  49. Kylie Reinhart

    I honestly feel so bad for her. Obviously what went down was very wrong, but everyone deserves a second chance. I hope she is okay.

    1. Candy Jones

      I guess when you say, "what went down", you mean she and her family engaged in illegal activity that made a mockery of anyone who has worked hard and sacrificed for an education and / or to be a student athlete, as well their family's sacrifice. Yes, that was very wrong.

  50. Josie Archer

    Voice is gone from all her partying at College

  51. Abdur Rahim

    Why in the world does she have 1.9 subscribers?!?! People let’s get real here shes FAKEEEEE.

  52. rickolarse

    The debt forgiveness video

  53. Ashley Joseph

    I get that everyone makes mistakes but you are gonna have to acknowledge it at some point. I have no hard feelings for felicity huffman since she came out and apologized and took ownership. But Olivia keeps on hiding from it. Own up to ur mistakes.

    1. Brenda Moreno

      Yes, she even took selfies flipping the media. She was so arrogant

    2. Candy Jones

      Well put!

  54. xopeachyplays

    In my honest opinion you should just quit youtube have you not been shamed enough ?!

    1. Brenda Moreno

      Troy, get a real girlfriend.... Lol

    2. Candy Jones

      I think she's desperate for the money.

    3. Aves aryanna


    4. Ysabelle Santos

      We love the opinion but no one asked.

    5. Troy

      Why would she quit SEsels when she makes money from it?

  55. xopeachyplays

    Uhmmm no offence but ur parents are in jail & ur talking about makeup and sunscreen oil like what about ur priorities no one cares about your skin 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

    1. Ysabelle Santos

      @Candy Jones Then or now can't change anything. What's done is done and whichever way I choose to bludgeon this argument is not your problem but mine. We have rights to fight for sides you and I may not be able to agree on, but I'm allowed to debate an argument. I'm allowed to focus on the minutiae but we've "conversated" before and I've made great points beyond the that.

    2. Ysabelle Santos

      @Candy Jones sweetheart for a 12 year old im sure im years ahead of my league. don't big girl me please, because sis ive already outsmarted you numerous times.

    3. Ysabelle Santos

      @xopeachyplays you :)

    4. Candy Jones

      @Ysabelle Santos The crux of the argument is relevant, then or now. How about being a big girl and debating the argument, rather than the minutiae?

    5. Candy Jones

      @Troy Not really the point. Bit slow yourself?

  56. xopeachyplays

    You only got ur followers because of how famous your mom is if your mum wasnt famous you wouldnt have 1million 🤣

    1. Richie Richardson

      @Ysabelle Santos She was good at posting videos every week. Hopefully the haters and trolls will stop posting their hurtful comments so she will get back to posting videos every week. Life is not easy for her since everything she does could be in the public spotlight .

    2. Ysabelle Santos

      Richie Richardson yeah. she looks for dupes because she’s actually a very humble person. and she never did expensive hauls before. she only did it when it was requested because i remember she would always do hauls from forever 21.

    3. Richie Richardson

      @Ysabelle Santos I noticed when Olivia does a clothing haul video and an item is out of stock she will look for a similar item usually at a lower cost so her fans can duplicate the outfit in the video. I have not seen any other beauty/fashion vlogger do that.

    4. Ysabelle Santos

      xopeachyplays nah. lori barely mentioned Olivia’s youtube channel. that’s why so little people actually knew about olivia before the scandal. she’s worked hard don’t throw it all away saying her moms fame did it for her.

    5. Richie Richardson

      Actually Olivia had almost 1 million subscribers before her mom mentioned Olivia's SEsels channel in interviews for television shows.

  57. Zachary Ellis

    Spoiled brat.

  58. Leanne Mulligan

    Just curious, did you have some work done on your face? you look very uncomfortable. your spray tan is way too dark iMo, honestly, you don't need all that. All those brands are way too expensive for the average Joann. try using some lower priced. I really do think you are pretty... I feel like your mom and dad taught you to be way too much into your looks. you have some really good tips though. advertising at it's finest. does Kylie pay you to promote her products? Your brows are so so big!! what about light color skin?? NO WINGS!!! The powder gets in my eyes! ouchy tug tug cute outfit

  59. Subscribe to me

    And here goes her future.

  60. riery allen

    Why people still support this criminal?

    1. Ysabelle Santos

      @Brenda Moreno Well really she’s not a criminal unless her parents charges have stopped pending, which they have. In this case, Olivia and Bella are still vulnerable until they investigate further. If Olivia knew about the crime, she is considered responsible for criminal liability. If however, they were unaware of the crime then they would be innocent. I know Lori is a very lenient mother and as opposed to Olivia, she wouldn’t want to go to college if she knew about everything going on.

    2. Brenda Moreno

      @Santos, so because she was not charge, it does not morally exonerate her from the crime. She still went along with the crime. Legally she was not charged but morally does not change anything, she is an arrogant criminal.

    3. Ysabelle Santos

      @Candy Jones yes but she was not charged to any conspiracies but fraud as a registered student which her parents did. she was engaged in a fraud, yes, but she was a minor and therefore her parents had done everything. it’s like saying there is a group of three. two cheated off of the third, and the third one tried to stop it from occurring, but did not have the ability to. Olivia did not have the ability to stop the crime from happening, because she was only seventeen years old at the time being. No student involved in the scheme was charged because they did not do anything wrong without their parents’ help. Again with the three students, they get sent to the principals office for cheating off the third student’s test. the two students who cheated should get punished, however the third student whose answers were used should not have to get punished, even if they were part of the scheme.

    4. Candy Jones

      @Troy The FBI believes she committed a crime and have pretty clear evidence. They just aren't pursuing her. You do know that minors can be arrested and jailed, right?

    5. Candy Jones

      @Ysabelle Santos Still a crime if true, even if she was a minor, even if not pursued by the law. So while she is not a criminal on record, evidence leaked by the FBI indicates, beyond reasonable doubt imo, that she engaged in a crime. Let's say you steal something from a store, don't get arrested but video of it gets leaked to the public. You still committed a crime and you will likely be considered a criminal in the colloquial sense. At a certain point, parsing words just becomes silly.

  61. Dee

    Looks like your ma' and pa' aren't going to jail after all. The only reason you have a YT channel is bc of who your mother is. Another spawn of a celebrity that has privileges and nothing else going on. Loser family.

    1. Troy

      @Candy Jones You should really set your standards higher. You don't want to spend your life trolling on complete strangers.

    2. Candy Jones

      @Ysabelle Santos You should really set your standards higher. You don't want to spend your life defending people who don't deserve your time.

    3. Candy Jones

      @Troy You should really set your standards higher. You don't want to spend your life defending people who don't deserve your time.

    4. Aves aryanna

      Troy you must really love Olivia bc I can’t find one comment where you’re not defending her

    5. Ysabelle Santos

      Her mom barely even mentioned her channel. That's why you see so many comments on here saying they had no idea who she was before the scandal.

  62. Roblo K

    Anybody else come here from Lori Loughlin?

  63. Karen Kaminski

    They are going to have to step up for their parents in a huge way. They are going to have to pay the important bills of the house including property taxes for their parents. They are going to have to have courage now and when their parents are in their 90s

  64. arie xioa

    well my sister all gonna say is, Olivia Jade your lips are very thin and small.............then our reaction is 🤔😂😂😂........i dont know if you just pretend or you just do not care about what people say haha.........

  65. Maria Ordonez

    Lmfao shes really going to say that her and her sister didnt know anything that her parents did , yeah ok 😂😂🤣 oh darlin thats sad your parents had to pay your way into college

  66. aliciam.alupo

    idk why you guys are still being mean to her, her parents are serving their time for their mistakes and you all need to move on. Period.

    1. Brenda Moreno

      @candy well said. They just did it since it was the best option, not because they recognized their wrongful doing. Both daughter seem to have the same attitude

    2. Candy Jones

      People are "still being mean to her" because her parents only admitted guilt 5 days ago, and only because of a plea deal. They did not demonstrate contrition or humility throughout this process, which is what has made them an object of hate. They brought this upon themselves. Period.

  67. ava lobdell

    ily... it was a mess, but you will get through this bb💗

    1. Troy

      @Candy Jones Stalking? lmao. I love how you people would say anything just so you can get it your way. Never fails.

    2. Candy Jones

      @Troy There are much better people in the world than Olivia. If you stopped stalking her comment sections you might discover some of them.

    3. Troy

      @Elyse Victoria She didn't scam the school, she payed Rick Singer and he scammed the school.

    4. Elyse Victoria

      Uhh her parents scammed a whole school to get her in, people work hard to get in and sometimes don’t, than her parents are gonna try to pay her in 🤨 Plus she doesn’t care about school besides partying

  68. Lynds dian

    I lost respect for David Dobrick when he stood up for this brat. listening to her is making me lose brain cells. I doubt her level of intelligence is high enough to even allow her to enter any college...ugh I regret clicking on her video lol. I just wanted to see if everyone else realizes how ridiculous and awful she is.

    1. Brenda Moreno

      He really need a real girlfriend

    2. Aves aryanna

      Troy You really never disappoint do u?

    3. Troy

      Not everyone can troll.

  69. cutelittlepink

    All of the hate comments need to dig deep and realize she’s a person too. Humans make mistakes. Am I saying what she did was okay? No, but we don’t need to stone her to death with all the hate. Let’s take a good look in the mirror before we start pointing out someone else’s dirt. She’ll get hers .....she doesn’t need al of you to drag her. How about you all focus on your own short comings and figure out how to repent for your own. It will bite her some how later on.

    1. Candy Jones

      Who are you to dictate the behavior and feelings of others? Or is virtue signalling how you make yourself feel superior to others?

  70. regina vazquez

    please comeback and make more vlogs!

  71. Val .s

    Her parents should've just honestly let her be a youtuber and not force her to be a college student. If they just let their kid do what she wanted, right now their reputation would be better and a student would've had the opportunity of that rowing scholarship. Btw I'm not defending her, she probably knew what her parents were doing was wrong. She should own up to what she did a recognize more that a student who deserved that scholarship should've got it because they earned it.

  72. Duchess Lilly of the ROSE

    Who want s to believe someone who lied with their parents. Your family is a joke.

  73. Duchess Lilly of the ROSE

    Well your parents are going to prison. Will you and your sister going to for lying and stop others that want to go to college? You cheated others out of their opportunity. Your a laughing Stock to all.

  74. John Smith

    If Aunt Becky was black she probably would be doing 10-20 years in prison. Rich white celebrity? Just a slap on the wrist. A few months at a country club style prison will be a cakewalk for her. This is why people hate celebrities and rich people. They are pretty much immune from the law.

  75. Dee M

    Goes to you show you having money causes problems 🤷🏻‍♀️ trying to be a “picture perfect family” and it’s nothing but lies and everything is bought with money

  76. Natasha Hernandez


  77. Sanchiti Patil

    It triggers me when she calls the camera display screen as viewfinder....

  78. Lola Boy

    Daily routine: three squares a day, as an inmate, subject to a daily wake up call at 6:35 a.m. and must have the bed made everyday by 8 a.m. Which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the five daily headcounts for which must be standing at attention in lit quarters. Thanks for watching!

    1. inquisitor

      And those night time conjugal visits and a shank in the kidney for your troubles.

  79. Johnny Dangerous


    1. Ysabelle Santos

      Johnny Dangerous i do!

  80. sylbil6

    Go where you belong, prison that is

    1. John Smith

      The kids of rich celebs always grow up to be privileged trash just like them.

  81. Sally Walker

    no one cares about the every day routine at all, the only thing this girl has to offer is the fascinating family drama and the reveal of how out of touch these rich born kids become, products of their parents spoiling fo sho

    1. ryckewaert7

      Can u explain to me what happened? I'm not aware of the news about her but the comments are spilling some of the tea

  82. batman likes pizza

    This stuff has been going on for decades and to think...this is the person who brought it all down because she was careless. Your stupidity and selfishness is both a blessing and a curse.

  83. King Martin

    I kinda feel sad and sorry for her and her family. 😔

    1. Troy

      @Jules There were 2 spots not a hundred. Get over it.

    2. Kurochan

      Correct me if I am wrong but Olivia in the last month was taking selfies in her bathroom for a photo shoot. Now that of course isnt a crime, but it shows just how out of touch with reality she is while the case was ongoing.

    3. Jules

      how about you feel sad and sorry for the people whose college spot they stole and for the people that didn't get a scholarship because of these idiots.

  84. Tara Fontanes


  85. generalnikkerson

    And how is the rowing coming along? :-)

  86. generalnikkerson

    Either own it like a bitch, or apologize properly. And by apologize, I mean, do something good, like creating a scholarship for at least one deserving student in need, that you pay for, by yourself all the way.

  87. Ster Fry

    Why is bleaching seen as self hate but tanning isn't? Aren't they the same? Yes, they're both self hate. Love the skin you're in.

    1. Lola Boy

      Lol i agree. Tanning is bad for the skin anyway. Its ultraviolet radiation damaging your DNA.

  88. krunal11127

    Finally momma going jail

  89. ernie bilko

    She knows the price of everything and the value of nothing

  90. S Ex

    go to the hell ! or to the prison !!!

  91. honey

    who’s here after her parents got put in jail

  92. Sarah Douglas

    Ugh. Why are people like this

    1. Ysabelle Santos

      Sarah Douglas you mean her or the hate bc either way i agree i have no idea why people do this

  93. maczenks

    XDDDD post more videos i want to read more fresh comments

  94. inquisitor

    GUILTY!!!! Sentencing may end up being very light, but one has to ask will Lori and the husband face any civil lawsuits following the criminal matter. They both knew if they took this case to trial they would have lost based upon the evidence and then would have gotten lengthy prison sentences. The feds had them under surveillance for an entire year and the amount of evidence they had must have been more than compelling. These two have been lying for over a year about their innocence in a matter where around forty parents have already either pleaded guilty or were found guilty. Which means no one was innocent. The daughters were in on the fraud and the oldest has been doing the scam while in college for an entire year before getting caught. sesels.info/video/video/aIVmoGac3aeMqdA.html

    1. John Smith

      The worst part about it is Olivia Jade is escaping criminal charges even though we know damn well she was a willing accomplice to this fraud when she took those rowing photos.

  95. Sarah Duffy

    Guys she said she didn’t want to go to college her parents obviously forced her to do those things for bragging rights. Anyways she grew up in a way where she was spoiled so much that she didn’t really suffer. She didn’t realize that she was doing anything wrong. This is my opinion

    1. inquisitor

      I think it is unlikely to suggest the daughters did not have the same sense of entitlement and willingness to participate in the scam for their own personal benefit. The oldest daughter had already been lying and scamming for an entire year before the parents were indicted. The older daughter never said she did not want to go to college, only the younger one. I very much doubt the older daughter was suffering any stress from her conscience by allegedly being forced or manipulated by her parents. Sure the younger daughter stated she did not want to go to college, but there are lots of academic underachiever children that think the same thing and parents simply don't allow their kids to flounder into not pursuing a degree or a profession through college. So with the first daughter having run the scam for a year and the second daughter going through the same corrupt process, they could not do that lying for four years without knowing about and willingly participating. Otherwise they would risk saying or acting in some way that would reveal they were not rowers. Impossible they did not know about it while willingly participating in the fraud.

  96. Cassidy Hope

    You all are entitled to your opinion but from how I see it, she didn’t even want to go to college in the first place yet her parents forced her to anyways. I believe Lori wanted her daughter to have the life she never really got to have which is understandable but she clearly went about it allllllll wrong. I just feel bad for Olivia getting all this hate on something that was ultimately out of her control. I mean idk put yourself in her shoes.

  97. T Price

    What a joke.

  98. Adrian Sastre

    How bout dropping a JAIL TOUR, gonna look like a house tour but on jail haha

  99. The Cawdfather

    “Everywhere you look (everywhere you go)....You’re in prison.”

    1. Nillers


  100. April Esparza-Rogel

    Here after her parent's decided to plead guilty.