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  1. Jamie Cook

    Only reason I clicked on this video is to go straight to the comment section I cld honestly care less about what she has to say

  2. Dean Anderson

    Lol am I the only one that thinks this crime is harmless? Like so what she went to a school she technically wasn’t smart enough to go to who cares

  3. jackeroo75

    Hey, LEAVE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE away after this and FOCUS ON YOUR CAREER IN SEsels! Goodluck!

  4. akina adira

    No one cared about this vid, only here cz of the comments lmaooo

  5. Swimfan72

    Screw this girl. You have no talents, it was all handed to you, just like your parents. I want to go to USC. You take up a spot. Your not smart enough to get in so you pay to play and take away opportunities from actual people like me who actually need an education. You and your parents are horrible people.

  6. Cadberries Official

    Come to Alabama

  7. May Sal

    I miss my fame wa wa wa

  8. Scarlett T

    I think she was a great SEselsr and everyone blacklisted her over a controversy. Just cause people do something “dumb” or wrong doesn’t mean you immediately blacklist or “cancel” them she just wants to get back into her hobby/job 😂

  9. Alex Wolford

    Remember: she is still human, we all fuck up and make mistakes. None of us are perfect. God forgive us.

  10. Stephanie Hart

    Nope. Youre not coming back.

  11. jessie parsons

    I don’t understand. If people don’t like someone or something why do they take time out of their day to care about what they are doing or posting on social media? You people obviously care enough if you are here commenting negative comments that are a waste of time. You all are just making yourselves look stupid.

  12. Tieia Middleton

    You did return to social media before this-by flipping the bird at everyone. Try showing some humility. It’s not our fault that your parents paid to get you and your sister into school and it’s a federal offense. That proves that you’re a spoiled child with no sense of gratitude.

  13. Steve Phillips

    She is a prime example of kids these day's, only cares about her self, and is oblivious to everything and everyone around her! Her parents should cut her off. Introduce her to the real world.

  14. L G

    that thing in the background says "talking to freedom myself because i am my own." but you're not your own, you couldn't get into college on your own, you and your parents had to lie and steal. wake up.

  15. Brandon C

    Dumb little bitch, only job opportunities you have now are working the streets lol

  16. mike reyes

    Disgusting pig

  17. daniel LEVY

    Shut up meg.

  18. Alyiah W

    I literally don’t know what the point of this video was

  19. Aidan Daniels

    This means about as much to everyone as the butt log my co-worker left in the commode that wasn’t flushed.

  20. Kassandra Robles

    FINALLYYYYY I LOVE YOU💗 we all mess up some worse than others but you deserve another chance your supporters have been here & we are excited🤧😭🎉🎉✨

  21. Cameron Rowe

    This is NOT a good rowing video. I was hoping she'd at least tell us the best makeup to wear when you are rowing. Row, row, row your boat!!!!


    I honestly forgive her

  23. Android Mods Tv


  24. Dawia

    bye again

  25. Jake Shuman

    You need to apologize dude. I don’t have a doubt in mind that you don’t realize or understand what you’ve honestly done. It’s not just about how you used your money to get things in life like getting into college, it’s that you don’t have the brain cells to apologize for taking away opportunities from other people just because you wanted something and could illegally buy it. You are such an awful person. Do you really think making videos about clothes and crap is any more important than what you’ve done? You’re an immature girl who needs to start using your brain. Grow up! Sure you can’t talk about the case specifically but that doesn’t mean you can’t apologize for what you did! You’ll live a worthless life with no meaning. Even with 8 months of no internet you still haven’t understood what an awful thing you did.

  26. Diana Ayllon

    It's funny how you and your instagram friends think your 'comeback' is a whole ass catharsis 😂 pathetic g0rl

  27. Sara Lastra

    I admire youu i think you can get through anything and keep doing what you lovee, people will never know what its like being you or your situation so dont let people’s opinions to hurt you. Everything will be okey.

  28. Yeezy Police 1⃣

    Haveeee mercyyyyy Becky! How is your hubby uncle Jesse supposed to take care of the boys by himself when you in prison?! Smh. Hopefully Joey and Danny help him. I’m delusional 😂😂

  29. Jughead Jones

    Poor little rich girl...👎

  30. Chinenye Igwe

    Omg look at the dislike to like ratio😬

  31. brenda poole

    This was really boring.

  32. desire

    i hope i don’t see you soon

  33. Tommy Kiesner

    You and your parents can leave the country now, thank you

  34. Lauren Kaczynski

    Don’t come back to SEsels. Accept your responsibility in what has happened and do the most respectful and decent thing you can do in this situation and just walk away.

  35. Doll Lillian

    If you want to come back, you should have started with an apology.......

  36. Su Jones

    Well thats 2 minutes of my life im never getting back!!!

  37. Moey Youssef

    Woah hey that thumbnail of you looked cute Edit: just searched her situation, just get off social media, take a break and sort everything out.

  38. Selvaway

    Instant dislike crew checking in

  39. Mark Baxter

    You are as intelligent as a very small sliver of soap covered in pubic hair. Hope your folks go to prison. Enjoy!

  40. Dank Nugs

    There's poor intelligent kids that will never go to college this bitch don't deserve to go to college maybe clown college.

  41. Шер

    She's still a Child. She literally just turned 20. Of course she is going to trust her parents when they tell her it's okay for them to pay for her to get into a college, just like most of us trust our parents who are grown up adults and usually want the best for us. Give her a break.

  42. Bebas The King

    You welcome

  43. Skyler Jackson

    No matter how you Feel Olivia is a human with feelings............ so please spread love and positivity

  44. Drea Latulippe


  45. Infamous Stax

    Look I don’t forgive her parents or anything because that was just fuckin stupid and they should know better, but I don’t really think Olivia or her sister should be hated/judged for it since they’re kids, I’m sure their parents told them it would be fine or maybe they actually didn’t know, at the end of the day it all goes on the parents, especially since they’re famous they should know the government don’t fuck around with that stuff lmao, I don’t get why everyone’s like shitting on this chick when it’s most likely not even her fault, if she just wants to make SEsels videos then why shouldn’t she🤷‍♂️

  46. Paul Michael

    *swallows pride so she doesn’t have to get an actual job*

  47. Makeup ChitChat with Lucy

    I definitely think u should NOT come back to utube! No one can relate to u or trust u for that matter.

  48. ah-in-nist sipes

    This is what missing fame looks like

  49. ghost 305

    Oh go away you vapid, boring dummy. Nobody missed you. Clearly mummy and daddy's lawyers are trying to garner some pity PR.

  50. Ron

    Shouldnt you be practicing your rowing.. oh wait..

  51. Stephanie Hernandez

    I hope she stays gone and off SEsels. This whole family is full of people who think “normal” societal shit (and the law) doesn’t apply to them and they’re above it. This girl is so narcissistic she doesn’t care about anything other than herself. All she wants is her fame and money from SEsels again and to show off her rich fancy life that mommy and daddy bought her, just like they bought her college acceptance!

  52. crissy4445

    Regardless of wether she knew she fucking disgusts me. Treating college as an exclusive party you have to get into and then you can enjoy takes a place away from someone who really NEEDS college to get a better paying career to end up with a good life for themselves. She stole someone else’s education, their career and their life. It’s horrendous and I hope she’s jailed too. She deserves nothing.

  53. Mike Knight

    Do porn!!! Let's see that butthole!!

  54. watchingthecrazyworld

    No question that many, almost all celebrities were born into privilege. What she does and becomes from here is on her. Who knows, maybe she will grow into a compassionate person. Not likely, I get that. But it is possible.

  55. Liz Bu

    When you're known because your mother is known lol. Oh spoiled as unseasoned kids

  56. Nick Hamill

    Did mommy get fitted for her prison blues yet?

  57. Amber H

    im pretty sure the only people supporting her are her followers who are all probably under the age of 13🤷🏻‍♀️ & im also assuming they dont fully understand the situation.

  58. Grainne Molloy

    Who is she again oh ya that stuck up spoiled brat with 0 brain cells cheating her way into college 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Omar Rodriguez

    This is what people fallow?

    1. Liz Bu

      They only follow because of who her mother is

  60. Chris C

    Get a life. Better yet, get your parents to buy you one. Sad.

  61. elizabeth7sj

    You deserve to go to prison

    1. Liz Bu

      @Ryan Zad plan her mom murder

    2. Ryan Zad

      what did she do exactly?

    3. Liz Bu

      For? Since she wasnt the one who did the slick shit

  62. OrangeGameCinema

    There is not enough dressing in the universe for this word salad.

  63. Michael Ortiz

    You should probably stop doing videos and go do some studying...just saying.

  64. ozzy

    In the words of Van Sama...... "♂️fuck you♂️"

  65. Sasha B

    This was so brave of her but no one wants the “sweet talk” they just want her to apologize

    1. Liz Bu

      It's her mother that suppose to apologize not her. Shes just loving in the spotlight of her mom being famous.

  66. Cara Spratlin


  67. Gengar Gaming

    Why does she kinda look like Kendall Jenner

  68. John Majeski

    DISGUSTING little girl

  69. jeffrey sisti

    I hope the feds decide to press charges against you as well, you knew what you were doing. You screwed someone else out of a good education so you could party and brag that you go to USC.

    1. Liz Bu

      She didnt know but she knew something was fishy when the guy asked for photos of her

  70. gabester

    Olivia Jade: Iv’E mIsSeD yOu GuYs Me: I’ve missed you, too......... Oh wait I thought you were talking to the comments section.

  71. Scruffy Buttons

    Can't wait for the college admission scandal tutorial

  72. Idk Jj

    Just stay on SEsels Love you so much Olivia ❤️

  73. Eddy Cruz

    I think ur a horrible person just because ur rich doesn’t mean u can do what ever u want, privilege rat

  74. Down Town

    Hahaha her parents are going to jail and this idiot is worried about making SEsels videos. Wow.


    Не чего не понятно.

  76. Masio

    Get some books in your room and earn something. Also that art in the back is fucking shit lol

  77. Brandon Moore

    This was a whole lotta nothing video with no purpose and a fake apology; completely dodging the issue in hopes that everyone’s just gonna be okay with you uploading again after a 9 month silence. And you can legally talk about this. Just admit you don’t wanna mess up again, clear the air, admit your mistakes, move on.

  78. Monika

    She was flipping people off a few months ago, she doesn't care. She's only back now because she got kicked out of school, the big companies took away her brand deals and she was shunned by society. She gets what she deserves. People like her get away with everything. She and her family are horrible people.

  79. Xx Xx

    Been reading about this gal in the news headlines. I believe she has some type of narcissistic personality disorder. Of course she'd never know it. There is absolutely no way this gal could make it in the real world. She is addicted to social media and putting herself on display like a caged animal. Is that normal?

  80. Jorden Sa'Ny

    not one helpful word was spoken for all two minutes lol

  81. Tenzin Wangmo


  82. Mooee Change

    If any one else was in her kinda situation would you really say no to free college and having the best time of your life?... 😸🙇😈

    1. Mooee Change

      Me personally id tell my parents to give me the cash they were gonna use and fk college im gonna go be rich.

  83. Monika

    People don't have to forgive you. People have the right to be mad. At you, your family, your parents. I find it hard to believe that you didn't know what was happening, but even if that is the case, you were still complicit in fraud, in taking opportunities away from people who actually WANT and DESERVE a higher education. So they can improve their lives for the better. This is not a joke. I don't care that you 'miss vloging' or 'miss making videos'. It shows that you still don't care about what happened and are taking no responsibility.

  84. Trolly Bologna

    I mean I’m not by any means sticking up for her, but all y’all that are bullying her will end up feeling pretty bad if she ever ends up killing herself because she’s constantly being bullied the rest of her life...Yes I know she signed up for it when she agreed to the scandal, I’m just saying maybe state your opinions a little better..it was a horrible thing but she didn’t murder anybody lol

  85. Conservative Bird

    Everyone is acting like she punched a kid with cancer or something. What her family did had no impact on anyone but themselves. So why does everyone care so much? If you’re genuinely mad get over it. She can apologize or not it’s really not going to make a difference.

  86. Eliana Aguayo

    Girllll.... GET LOST! SEsels should delete her channel

  87. yuukisan123

    This girl is so entitled and privileged she will probably never learn how horrible this situation is, shes probably never worked for anything in her life

  88. iman :D

    who is this girl and why is everyone mad at her

  89. setphaser

    you be you. express yourself, don’t be silenced in your life because of one thing in your life. there’s so many other things you need to explore and be in your life, so continue to grow and be. and like the rest of us, find a new way to survive, to thrive, to do better, to be better. life will always throw s*** your way. it happens to all of us. how we respond is the key.

    1. tess is hunting

      she did this to herself though

  90. Watchin' It All with Hannah and Tony

    This is like in The Matrix Revolutions: Neo (Olivia) accepts her fate as Smith (comments) consume her till there's nothing left.

  91. Stephanie Slaughter

    This little twit is a con artist just like her parents. All three should go to prison.

  92. 1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content

    Made it 3 seconds, then paused and looked at comments

  93. Sabian Sparrovski

    Another you tube star that doesnt understand..... No-one cares.

  94. Maryem Tee

    You got lot of struggling students in your Comments, so don’t expect them to be nice!

  95. Edwin Anglin

    She needs SEsels since she is know longer in school.

  96. Edwin Anglin

    She just will not go away.

  97. Hailey Ashbach

    Those of you who are liking this video and supporting her are just as bad of a person as she is. And don't get things wrong, she IS a terrible person. She knew exactly what her mom was doing and knew exactly how deplorable of a thing it was. She WANTED her mom to do it. She was a part of and helped commit the fraud. She had the final say in whether or not to go ahead with it. She could have not accepted it and not have gone to the college. If she wasn't such a shitty person she would have done that instead of let her mom and help her mom commit this fraud. She is WORSE than her mom because of that and because she was the one who made the final decision to take advantage and go to that college. She ruined the prospects of another person's life by taking the place of someone who actually deserved to go to that college. And for supporting a person like her you are just as bad as her.

  98. mellow jello


  99. kdog songs


  100. Aaliya Isabelle

    what did i just watch... Olivia, you need to learn how to apologize sis 😂