The world is going mad, just sharing my opinions on how to avoid swirling the drain
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  1. Nigel Kipling

    38:40 you’re welcome 😂

  2. Stelmaria


  3. Clayton Wiffen

    SEsels "Why Beauty Matters" by Roger Scruton. RIP

  4. FAMM 1776

    Veterans, civil servants and land owners

  5. FAMM 1776

    A nationalist meritocracy would only emerge in a post catastrophic world

  6. Salt Of The Earth 69

    Who is Jessica Yaniv? You mean what the fuck is Jessica Yaniv?

  7. Joe

    It's normal and expected for the left to act crazy. They hate "old" and love "new" unquestioningly

  8. Weuyn

    oh so thats why she shouts burning love

  9. Matteo Pellegrino

    I really really really really missed a wilhelm scream at 5:28. Apart from that: fine work, chap!

  10. William Deacon

    Enjoyed the video. Re: what happens if there is too much attachment. I believe Bowbly touches on possible outcomes of overly attached relationships by differentiating upfront in The Secure Base between 'attachment' and 'reliance'. The idea of the 'good enough mother' comes into play here along with Jacobs(?) thoughts on the mother's experience of her own capacity to hate her child ("hate in the countertransference" is the name of the paper if I remember correctly) Looking forward to the next part.

  11. Rhubba

    The Britisher: Si vis scire quid sit

  12. TopHatProductions

    I wonder if any of the panel have heard the radio show "Cabin Pressure.."

    1. Not So Obvious

      Douglas! Martin! Benedict cumberbatch and lashings of john finnemore, great show

    2. Stelmaria


  13. Chris Roger

    Sarkar is illegal and ill also she BE grateful that her kind live in UK IF so bad she piss off to Saudi Arabia Qatar and others Middle Countries Take their bull shit

  14. captainmaim

    The tortoise should be named Ramses III. Ramses II had a legendary number of children from his harem.

  15. Muck006

    Concerning the "move to Canada" reaction ... a) the country is already effed by leftism and b) it will be far cheaper to carpet-bomb the country (after they turn full blown communist), because the USA is right next door ...

  16. Current Comentor

    That Japanese kid atchieved what Jeremy Corbyn could never achieve. Boris didn't barrel through him but was felled by the little kid.

  17. Stelmaria

    Only an hour and a half?? Shortmen

    1. Not So Obvious

      Britisher was ill sadly, so just a short one this week

  18. Saaa

    as a new father this is very, very interesting. very much enjoying the apolitical content too!

  19. captainmaim

    try not to get attached to this series...

  20. Ryan Stewart

    This is weird, I'm learning this at college right now

    1. DJ 7 StringGuitar

      Perhaps the pair of you are on the same curriculum

  21. T-Bag

    Great video... I'm giving my kids a hug when I get home from work.

  22. sros6

    Insecure resistant, or what I call, being awake.

  23. Andy Mac

    Why, just why.......?

  24. Mr Gently Benevolent

    This is a great video NSO look forward to seeing more of this sort of work on the channel. I’m not versed in attachment theory but this certain has made me want to do a little research of my own. Good work.

  25. skadi warrior

    I hope that experiment isn't repeated with the same child.

  26. plaubel28

    The Biological mother needed for an infants mental and emotional health. Adoptees have many issues. This is because the infant cannot be soothed by anyone else. The book “Primal Wound” by Nancy Verrier is a good resource on the subject.

  27. David

    When do we get to the SJW's ?

  28. Meh

    "Attachment is the source of all suffering." - Buddha, circa 500 BCE

  29. nickyiil

    Fuck! Who are these retards? The blank slate assumption ,under which they operate ,is wrong. God damn it! We do not come into the world empty, we are programmed at the genetic level for some things. Also.. there is not mention of scent here ,just visuals. Totally out of the question !scent is the primary sense for all young animals. It takes time and experience for the eye to interpret what it perceives. Attachment theory my ass. Attachment hypothesis,with flawed methodology and assumptions from step one! You cannot ignore the non human parts of the brain and hope to make sense of human behaviour ,nor can you discard genetics like they do not matter. Everything is part of who we are and who we become . Environment only can not give useful answers. nor can it create a truly predictive model. If the scent is close enough, or it is mixed ,a baby will respond to a stranger. Hell, it will be comforted by an article of clothing that has the right scent. Socialist idiots and their interchangeable parts narrative! They will do anything to"prove "it .Even discard essential parts of the whole!

  30. Po the Person

    Very interesting, especially since I can relate this to my own experience as a child and a mother. I was very clingy with my mother when I was very little but I find her presence now much less comforting than my husband's. I find it very awkward to hug her or kiss her cheek, as with pretty much every one else I know. Nothing dramatic happened to sever our connection, I just grew up. Kind of sad, I think.

  31. blam gam

    Will this answer EFAP's orphan question? We shall see

  32. franknotes

    Very interesting, thanks.

  33. Admiral Belzediel

    You know, I saw the title and was expecting this to be a break-down along the lines of Part One: Glue. Part Two: Buttons and Poppers. Part Three: Nails and Screws. Part Four: Magnetism. Part Five: Vacuum Welding. Par... you get the idea. I mean, no, obviously, not really, which I mention only because there's always someone who'll take everything literally. Also, possibly, first. And this is a nice speed, NSO, and may I recommend using images of monkeys in as many videos as possible. There's rarely a reason not to show a monkey.

    1. Admiral Belzediel

      @Stelmaria And in Tijuana where they 'love' animals.

    2. Stelmaria

      Especially in psychology where they love animals

  34. Anime Boitiddies

    24:00 i disagree

  35. Shaun Mantell

    We need people like Ash and Owen Jones in politics as an example of what dangers are lurking out there,they are an asset to the right and they cant see it themselves,these types are a clichè,its easy work occupying that little media space.

  36. Tim Cornish

    New Coldplay music ads..monetized utopia! You’re welcome

  37. Enigmatic

    I think this is who Nakalebe (or however it's spelled) was talking about:

  38. Torasan

    What was the dating show called Britisher? I'd love to see the 'unattractive' winner.

  39. East

    What is the name or link to that asian game show where a westerner picks an 'ugly' girl?

  40. kokofan50

    Saying no other navy has ever been as daring and aggressive as the Royal Navy is just un true. The US Navy has its fair share of craziness, starting with the raid on Whitehaven to the antics of the USS Barb, which to my knowledge is the only sub to have killed a train. Then there’s the Battle off Sumar, where the Samual B Roberts fought a heavy cruiser to a standstill, earring it the title of the “destroyer escort that fought like a battleship”, and that’s not the craziest thing to happen.

    1. Not So Obvious

      Perhaps the better phrasing is "up until that point in history"

  41. Grey Blades

    Heh, its funny, one of the survivors of the hood only lived because he was in the right place to be propelled into the air by the explosion, apparantly he ended up clinging to wreckage with another man until a stray german shell took the other man's head off.

  42. Current Comentor

    Jaguar is now owened by the indians.

  43. Current Comentor

    The only see iran doing in the imediate future is activate more proxies to cause more trouble in hommouz. They can choke the flow of goods through the suez as they have a strong presence in yemen. If homouz and the water between somalia and yemen are blocke saudi becomes effectively land locked when it comes to the trade of oil and natural gas.

  44. Saerain

    I don't know if I can agree that women being "the more beautiful human animal" is really "undeniable". Try making that claim in the direction of Justicar... or ancient Greece and Egypt, for that matter. To the extent that people who believe in "the fairer sex" see males as flabby and lumpy things, there are those who see females as more guilty of these aesthetic sins, especially as the beautiful clothes come off.

  45. Muck006

    1:43:13 I am disappointed ... none of you mentioned the smash hit "Goodbye Labour" as something to sing:

  46. Muck006

    1:23:30 @NSO Russia backed Assad ... because there is a RUSSIAN NAVAL BASE in Syria. Guess where else there is / was such a base ... Ukraine ... which - just by pure coincidence - got destabilised at the same time. The words "noggin" and "joggin" come to mind here.

  47. Muck006

    1:20:40 @Britisher Maybe you should look into "Operation Ajax" for a change ... which was the cause of all of this AND it was a consequence of the british Empire and how british companies dealt with "natives". The bottom line is: a little more humility would be advisable ... even though the iranian government / regime is shit ... but with tit-for-tat violence this will never end!

  48. Muck006

    1:14:20 Nah ... just swap the "plain red coat" with a coat that is basically the Union Jack. Oh and while we are on that topic ... AND because you did a bit of singing a while back ... how about singing the "Major-General's Song" for us?

  49. Cai Lewis

    1:49:00 Buggati are/were a French company. Not Italian, unfortunately. Hate attributing anything good to the French.

  50. DrunkShovel

    During the Great War, German officers would, at times, ditch their handguns in favor of rifles, as it became known that NCOs and officers were more likely to carry them.

  51. captainmaim

    Sargon video on pornhub was possibly uploaded by him at one point, when subscribestar was getting blacklisted I believe pornhub offered to create a politics subsection.

  52. Bad-Girl Bex

    Britisher, the Ft Hood was indeed sunk by the Bismark. Out of a crew of somewhere between 1000/1500, I think only 3 Brits actually survived. So if you were there, that was either the luckiest day of your life or the unluckiest day of your the dude who got hit by both nukes in Japan, lol. Good show tonight guys. Had me laughing out loud along with the two of you, throughout. Good times!

    1. Muck006

      I think there were more than one who survived both nuclear bombs ... "we" (the media) only talked about the last one.

  53. Nathan Perquin

    is it strange that the only reason i know hood was a long range bombardement ship is through weebish degeneracy

  54. Da Wall

    The only ones I have found that are taking about the golden globe Awards is (SEsels'S.)

  55. ColinP Smith

    Now that was weird, considering the where this stream started.The first YT video I watched after this stream started with an ad - for radiators! I knew the word 'sabaton' was familiar - sabatons were armoured upper footwear for medieval knights.

  56. Empyreal Cultist

    Can we do without frothing loins and Angela Merkel in the same sentence please 😅

  57. Max Maria

    Too bad the shithead Sargon is just as dishonest and hateful as the Buzzfeed scum.

  58. James Gorman

    I'd speculate that they believe their opponents to be so evil that this belief can countenance almost any act against them as a lesser and justifiable evil. After all the good guys can't be evil can they?

  59. Sage Bias

    Normalize the audio next time. I can barely hear it.

  60. KorporalNoobs

    The feel into the *tHeY dId A 12 HoUr vIdEo oN X* trap. It's between 3 hours for a video and 8 hours for a break down of a movie. Episode Formats like for the Batwoman series are around an hour (more first impression/reaction content). Go Ewoks.

  61. Valiant Woman

    He's wearing a tie! How often does that happen?

  62. Robert Creasey


  63. James Middleton

    I have only just started listening to these podcasts but I must say the British hits the nail on the head @ 36.00/42.00 Well put sir

  64. James Middleton

    The problem with long Bailey and labour as a hole is that everything revolts around one out came power I find it very difficult to take anything thay say seriously because of that she is bescly do the classic if you can't beat um join um and it’s fulse

  65. brian rodney

    How odd that one can lose one's job for having a relationship with a member of staff, but not for being related to the CEO.

  66. Robbi373

    Daughter of "I'll be on", a tale of broken promises.

  67. Muck006

    2:06:40 Oh come on ... Jeremy Clarkson has explained how you are supposed to do this years ago: - go to the Pub and get drunk and then - have your teenage daughter pick you up to drive you home! (This is why they lowered the driving license age ... you ARE fulfilling the requirement of "an older experienced driver is in the car"!) This serves as an incentive to HAVE KIDS!

  68. Muck006

    1:27:10 @Tailed As Sargon suggested ... make the Braveheart Party to enable people to vote for real nationalism instead.

  69. Muck006

    1:21:00 Not really ... the media are SUPPOSED TO ... "inform the public" of what the government is doing badly so the public could hold the government accountable, but in the last two decades the media have become spokespersons for the government (when it is left-wing). At least here in Germany that change was obvious, once you start noticing how bad the policies of the government really are ... AND you come up with alternate approaches within a few seconds ... like "not spreading the refugees across europe but instead keeping them in Greece, Italy and Spain ... and the other countries pay for the things necessary to house them". What we got instead was the FEMINIST APPROACH of EQUITY.

  70. Hikari Manekineko

    The problem with the independence is that you no longer have a distant, uncaring overlord to blame for all the problems and screwups. It's all on your own people. :D

  71. Muck006

    "Progressive Patriotism" doesnt exist, because "progressivism" is LEFT-WING (due to being "anti-traditionalism") and "patriotism" is RIGHT-WING (because it is a form of nationalism). - "supporters of the King" = right-wing ... and the King represents/symbolizes the NATION and its TRADITIONS. - left-wing (by law of the opposite [due to "revolutionary" being undefineable without something to revolutionise against]) = INTERNATIONALISM and PROGRESSIVISM (a.k.a. "change for change's sake")

  72. Muck006

    41:50 Hunting is NECESSARY ... to keep the population of deer and boar and so on at an "acceptable level" ... because otherwise they would ruin the forests by becoming too many ... due to the fact that there arent any natural predators around anymore.

  73. Muck006

    @Not So Obvious NO ... Cats IS "that bad" ... if even Tim Pool says "do not go watch that movie". It also landed high on Weaponized Nerd Rage's "top 10 worst movies of 2019" list.

  74. KXD

    Where food is the luxury

  75. Harley Herbert

    Never take a climate activist seriously as long as they continue to only make demands on the countries already attempting to do something about the environment while staying silent towards the countries that continue to actively do the most damage. These people don't care about the environment, they only care about feeding their ego and their feeling of moral superiority

  76. Dezzasheep

    A white hole?

  77. Kojii Naz

    If a handsome prince can find Dianne a right-foot shoe that fits her, she will turn into a wide-mouth frog.

  78. Ben Hayward

    Was Hugh Grant still pretending to be PM like in Love Actually? Also I saw him in pub toilet in Oxford once. He didn't wash his hands.

  79. Dag The Gnome

    Die Hard is a Christmas movie and Epstein didn't kill himself.

    1. Muck006

      We all know Epstein was force choked by Darth Killary ... and there is even evidence for it, because the cameras didnt "not work" ... they were re-routed to her lair, so she could do the deed. There is a historical document which shows that it is possible, which is called "The Empire Strikes Back".

  80. James Gorman

    01:28:30 that's where it really kicks off.

  81. James Gorman

    We need to take back Beethoven's IX Symphony. We should have played it on election night completely without irony.

    1. James Gorman

      @brian rodneyJohn Oliver's fuck the European Union is as good as it gets whilst still being pro EU.

    2. brian rodney

      I am still waiting for some talented lyricist to put anti- EU words to the ' Ode to Joy ' .

  82. William Jones-Halibut

    Small Revenge for Rotherham. More to revenge to come labour twats. I will never forget or forgive.

  83. LookBach

    I still use wax candles on my Christmas tree, why are these Britts talking as if that's a relic of the past o.O? It's just better looking.. More cosy instead of dead electric lights..

  84. Muck006

    7:21:20 @Dankula Using words like "Wiffwaff" is actually brilliant, because everyone will fill it with whatever meaning they think fits ... and if the message is positive it is uplifting for everyone.

  85. Muck006

    6:17:15 The thing about "the Brexit Party stealing votes from the Tories" is that ... in some cases the Tories could have "given in" and not put out a candidate ... so the hatred of Tories would not have stopped Labour from losing. It might be easier to convince the Tory voters to "vote Brexit Party" in such seats rather than the other way round.

  86. HurtChain

    Even the spiders couldn’t have foreseen this... 🕷🔮

  87. Muck006

    3:12:35 Good Thundercuck impression there ... and yes ... no socialist country is "real socialism" ... because there have been 260 different definitions of socialism in 1920 already. Werner Sombart counted them back then and he probably designed one or two of them himself.

  88. william crow

    Irish = not british. unlike Mauler, who's welsh and shouldn't be going around saying he's british, we're not loyalist bastards.

  89. Anthony Keane

    Nice one mark ,beards looking good mate 👍🇬🇧

  90. Tim Cornish

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Mark. Hope your Father is doing well.

  91. Russell Burnham

    So eating the 3rd biscuit 🍪 means you’re thicker than those who ate less?

  92. Alan Harwood

    Interesting ... I usually avoid the high queue stuff, but this was worth a listen.

  93. Tim Cornish

    These will catch on. Good length. Keep them high level Like this and fruits of your endeavors shall present themselves.