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  1. Hector Miranda

    I really like it

  2. Gonzalohinor

    #ReleaseTheAyerCut <3



  4. Andrew Flood


  5. Andrew Flood

    great magic mike 2012 - tv spot ii !!!

  6. cleooo marie

    joaquin did so good as the joker. and i feel like bill hader could have played the part as well.

  7. Erik Waterson

    "Imagine if Todd Philips' film 'Joker'was reshot and recut because it was to dark. This is exactly what happened to 'Suicide Squad' - David Ayer

  8. Elijah Daniel

    voldermort still looking scary

  9. Ibrahim John


  10. Maria Therese

    I think it would be better if "The Hobbit" was actually about THE HOBBIT. It's more like "The Dwarves". 🤐 Martin Freeman's such a good actor.

  11. Dk Nurul

    omg!!!! clint is scott's father! their last name 😵😵

  12. Guy on the internet

    We have been tricked backstabed and quite possibly bamboozled

  13. Dk Nurul

    Clint Eastwood related with Scott Eastwood??

  14. Carlos Nieves

    0:19 - 0:20 a little detail that I appreciate from this Zack Synder scene.. The Audience is being told subtlety that Bruce Wayne already knows who the hell Aquaman is and looks right at him. Arthur Curry turns, acknowledges that Wayne is aware and replies: "Talk" .. bam.. simple.. effective.. no jokes, no Bruce Wayne being made to look like a bumbling clueless fool. Straight to the point. The way it should've been.

  15. The Joker

    I'm still the best Joker

  16. Xtra Terrestrial

    Ohhh, kinda look like a mandela affect theme

  17. Widia Shintia

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  18. Widia Shintia

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  19. Betty Mejia C.

    Es mentira estúpidos nadie nada en lo profundo tarados

  20. Random Rangoon

    Nolan did it again

  21. Steve Gallego

    The Dark knight set the bar TOO high & caused the 3rd one not to deliver

  22. Giltley Rage

    Apparently this trailer represents David Ayer's original vision of the movie. After Batman V Superman sank (which was also heavily edited, check out the Ultimate Edition) and Deadpool succeeded they decided to turn it into the comedy. Same thing happened to Justice League after Snyder left the project. They hired Weadon to basically make this the next Marvel flick and it turned out to be this Frankenstein's monster of a movie we know today. Warner Bros, man. What a joke.

  23. kratos power

    i'm gonna cry

  24. stylo pilipinas


  25. Aryan Dubey

    Well Nolan really Loves Batman according to his selection of cast

  26. SoundWaved Forever

    When he grabbed at me I died I’m actually a ghost now

  27. SoundWaved Forever


  28. Gracie James

    I think Heath Ledger would be very proud of this movie.

  29. Widia Shintia

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  30. Sage Martin

    such a good movie and it makes u think about some shit

  31. Steve-o 316

    I wanna hear this theme in the Snyder Cut.

  32. Aegon Targaryen

    Always Russia why not China!? Oh yea they own hollyweird!

  33. Reed Birmingham


  34. Hector OMalley

    My parents didnt like the music but I thought it went great with all the action

  35. James W

    So this was the movie David Ayer made? Not the crappy reshot comedy we got in theatres 🤔

  36. Scott Manns

    One of my favorite trailers of all time. It still gives me goose bumps even thou I saw the movie a year ago. Great Trailer..Great Movie!

  37. The Motherfucker

    This film is really going to be crap, Jesus DC have lost the plot

  38. Jason DSouza

    Can’t wait to see this movie. 2021 can’t come soon enough.

  39. Ja'Mari

    See, bitches in Hollywood ain't doing it like her. They really ain't. Well, maybe Scarlett Johansson but that's it!

  40. erick mendez

    i just realized TENET is ten front and backwards. Is that the point of the title?

  41. Kudzai Sean Huni

    This is the reason why I started skydiving in April 2017. So I can learn to fly my body in a Wingsuit, after completing 300 skydives. I have done 164 skydives to this day.


    Harry Potter Movie

  43. My Memories

    Can you feel the intensity building up in the trailer. DCEU would have had multiple movies darker and better than winter soldier & civil war in their lists. All the people in WB that failed DCEU, a fuck you to all of them.

  44. Jonzumaki

    About that Ayer cut......

  45. cubanstud7777

    Viewer: But wait I still don’t fully understand inception and interstellar. Nolan: Well try and keep up

  46. liттlelosiто

    The Ayer Cut is coming folks.

  47. Rob Rose

    Release the Ayer Cut!

  48. Keisha Marseille

    This movie was incredible. Can’t believe it took me so long to watch. Had me on edge.

  49. Jesus 'Rotting' Christ

    0:51 As a HUGE Flash fan ever since i was a kid, i am happy that there isn't gonna be a fucking k-pop music video playing on the screen behind Bruce in Snyder's movie. And, as Zack Snyder himself wrote on Vero, there aren't corny lines such as "i've never done battle, i just pushed people and ran away". Hopefully we will see the true Flash, the true Batman, and the true Justice League as a whole. The one that Whedon can't destroy with his mcu mindset.



  51. Harsh Singh

    I am so impressed with this movie that now I want a sequel.

  52. Harsh Singh

    A really good movie. Loved Harley Quinn's narration. Every character was impressive and villian was also really good.

  53. Grandpa Dynamite

    Tenet was a very good movie to bad it’s box office was low due to the racism towards protagonist

  54. Pennywise

    gonna be shit

    1. Visuals For You

      @Arthur Oliveira Souza Oh my god man, I almost want to like the comments criticizing this movie because of how annoying your replies are

    2. Arthur Oliveira Souza

      Go Watch Bayformers and fast and dumb,movies for your intelectual capacity, not smart movies like Inception and Tenet.

  55. Khaotik Equinox Gaming

    They made it seem like it was going to be a movie about Harley working together with other women when really they only work together after 2/3rds of the movie

  56. Ammar Junaid

    The cast was perfect the characters were perfect David ayer needs redemption, we need to see his original work, #releasetheayercut

  57. Ivan Mamabecon qui en esta

    O está de miedo osea no ni poquito 😏😒

  58. Fernando Sky


  59. Rust Chole

    that smile tells everything

  60. Maxence Vincent

    0:54 HE GOT THE RING

  61. Fortnite News.Sweden


  62. Jorge Becerra

    Wish Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) , Dr. Vievenne Graham (Sally Hawkins) And Admiral Stenz ( David Straithrin) Were Back For Godzilla Vs Kong 2020 Or 2021 They Started In The First Monsterverse Movie Godzilla 2014

  63. Rahul Maheshwari

    You wanna understand this movie Watch Dark first.

  64. Ceneg Raph

    Wowww as always,Christopher Nolan is a genius...

  65. Axel Jackson

    Daniel Radcliffe really inspires me, he is the one who made me decide to start acting

  66. Jim Allen

    #ReleaseTheAyerCut please. I want to see this movie.

  67. Robbie

    Am I the only one that liked this movie?

  68. juan Moreno

    Es moby dick que carajo

  69. toasty

    I legit expected this to be like the book. IT WAS NOT. I could count the similarities on my fingers. That's how different it was.

  70. 3m4n

    Dick ... hard.

  71. tarice je

    I'm so happy that I finally get watched the reference of that meme :D

  72. OverLoad CRamby

    Watching this after the Snyder cut news feels the same as watching it for the first time. The excitement is huge

  73. Saif - DML

    I watched this whole movie and can’t even sleep for 5 days Last 2 year

  74. Manuel Martinez

    Happy 1 year anniversary to this glorious movie! Watched it 6 times in theaters and have a couple copies of the movie. It's been my favorite film ever since I first saw it and I don't give a shit what others think about the movie or my views on it. Long live the king!

  75. Srijal Shrestha

    Tenet backwards is also Tenet

  76. Trakoize

    Awh we just got Jebaited

  77. Thunder Echo

    But did they have to kill Eddie Really

  78. Jack Raider

    If I'm being honest it chapter 2 is better than it chapter 1

  79. Hunter

    Who's here after Crisis on Infinte Earths movie?

  80. Jack Raider

    God Jessica Chastain as Beverly, she is so pretty

  81. Black Parade

    Little did we know that this trailer would kill the movie

  82. Oliver10

    Snydercut 2021

  83. Johandry Tenias

    Why haven't we seen this movie yet? #ReleaseTheAyerCut

  84. Alex Beauregarde

    We’re bad guys it’s what we do

  85. Erik Waterson

    HBO MAX = #ReleaseTheAyerCut

  86. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    I have NO idea what this movie is about, BUT I AM EXCITED!

  87. Mario MR

    This had so much potential

  88. Erik Waterson

    David Ayer said this trailer nailed the tone they changed a lot of things because it was to dark then they fucked it all up 😒

  89. Nektro CN

    Lo q pudo ser #ReleaseTheAyerCut

  90. Mahak Sharma

    Here after Lucifer!!

  91. Missing Clip Media

    Ricky jarret

  92. Anishmator

    ആ മലയാളികളൊക്കെ ഒന്ന് കൈകൾ ഉയർത്തിക്കേ 👍

  93. Sadok

    And I am hungry

  94. Batman fangame

    We got the Snyder cut now let's fight for Ayer cut

  95. A Biker

    Dimaag ka bhosda kr diye be ye commenters

  96. Heart Of A Zoomer

    No spoilers but the twist with the black lady was done phenomenally.

  97. Lone WolfGamingPlus

    Happy anniversary to this gem of a film !!!

  98. Luisa Wallace Wallace

    Solo 🗣 #ReleaseTheAyerCut

  99. Smasher277

    #releasetheayercut ?

  100. Adam Carrington

    Release the Ayer cut!