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  1. ro crafter

    This man is literally the irl iron man

  2. PossibleDreamer

    Gonna need this for the riots. The police won't see what hit them

  3. Boaz Weeber

    Why not just make your own like steel pan not cast iron and then weld

  4. madcap magician

    nice work guys .

  5. X-wing pilot

    You should do a weapon from The Seven Deadly Sins anime.

  6. Nadar Y Sifcheciya

    He is the true wolverine in real life. Cuz he’s masculine, Cuz he’s not that tall unlike Hugh Jackman’s wolverine, Cuz he has this charming beard, Cuz he’s badass, And most importantly, . . . . . Cuz he’s Canadian.

  7. GrayWolf Gaming

    *Casually bench presses stormbreaker*

  8. Mikey Michael


  9. Jonathan Wallace

    Hold up bruh the movie was made in 2009 so the movie was new then.(o´・_・)っ

  10. Plazma DRUZ Inc

    How did you set water on fire

  11. Tommy P.

    11:18 when v-tech kicks in

    1. Tommy P.

      In his eyes

  12. Ben Hanes

    He's definitely going to become a bond villain as soon as he gets rich enough.

  13. Der Namenlose

    Try Fuze‘s Cluster Charge

  14. Untitled Document

    We all know what kind of interviews happen on that couch 1:46 😏

  15. Arnav Antal

    make a wattson fence, or an interception pylon

  16. prince tulabot

    ...remake iron man helmet...with that..

  17. Daniel Mestas

    Can you make hulk's gladiator hammer from Thor ragnarock

  18. Hiro-sama

    If Hugh Jackman is the wolverine you must be the weasel

  19. Cody Briere

    I swear if he could he would implant hydraulics in his hands so he could have real wolverine claws🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Alex Kreisler

    You should make try to male black panther car disabling devices

  21. Ahtsham Mohiuddin

    He should be a movie actor so he can use these weapons


    What do you need to do to make all of this, like what do you need to learn?

  23. flamin bacon

    # canadian pride

  24. MiZtEr Yozo

    Cosplay and Make it real at the same time

  25. Troglodev

    Tip: Boron burns green.

  26. Schrabidium

    hmm i should buy that

  27. Juana Jaimes

    Try it out outside at night

  28. pz epic From the DJ

    Make an infinity goblet

  29. Tausif Siddiqui

    He can become any MCU character from time to time

  30. ZFG Josh

    me: can we go see wolverine mum: we have wolverine at home the wolverine at home:

  31. Rhys Greggains

    what the f

  32. Troglodev

    I want the plasma lightsaber! 😩

  33. Khang Pham

    are we not gonna talk about Mr. Johnson's shaving styles..? 5:17 (top left)

  34. roblox gamer3003

    He really got into his wolverine spirit

  35. noob_oof_pro F

    An other actor's life ruined by drugs and alcohol

  36. Gecko Mobile

    Make the paintbrush from epic mickey

  37. Geroldy

    Statesman dude: we’ll say no spoilers 3 seconds later: shows Kingsman HQ exploding

  38. Artur Gorbenko

    IDEA: Would be AWESOME if you can get FOR HONOR, to sponsor a character recreation episode. Weapons and costumes

  39. LRBT3 Knives

    Covid-19 is a man made virus

  40. Joker El Erizo 576

    2 milion dollars that hammer well sell it and you will be millionary

  41. Steven Flores

    Build a atrial working UFO

  42. Michael the gamer

    James: im all alone here *drives a motorcycle around" The camara man: "am i a joke to you?!"

  43. Buckyblue Buck

    And make the claws from the werewolf brother

  44. Buckyblue Buck

    Make claws that descend and ascend from your hand

  45. Luki BuBa


  46. superbrian32NL

    Does somebody know the name of the girl.

  47. Shin Kuroto

    What if it was a triple barrelled gun that shot misted water, liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide?

  48. Honey BBQ Sauce

    A little Wolverine meme at the end.

  49. Jonathan Yang

    He sounds just like Brandon Walsh

  50. Xavier Elwood

    if robots turn evil i would not want to be there

  51. Elliot Henry

    you should make the doom slayers arm knife from doom eternal

  52. Michelle Harrington

    This channel is inspirational

  53. Antoine Molinatti

    Love the cat moment with paper

  54. Cillmaster 69

    This happened because of flat lego pieces

  55. Panda_LordYT

    bet 100 pound hacksmith wont reply

  56. Connor Kim

    Sooo bout that manscaping

  57. XinYan Twins

    is it just me, the red line or the thingy have a sections that shows which part he is building or so why is it like that? Just wondering...

  58. TAFFART !!!


  59. Legend Black


  60. Ksp

    Try to light a cigarette with that

  61. jacob matiash

    Do a spiderman

  62. Francis Ok

    cyberpunk 2077 video

  63. Reece Heap

    Have you ever thought about making the motorcycle from priest? I think it would be an amazing project

  64. Todd Fish

    I feel like you would benefit a lot from working with some custom bike builders... They way they shape tanks and headlight housings might help in shaping your other parts

  65. Tijs Grashoff

    Uhmmmm he says the crew is working fron home.... Me: who the hell is trowing the food at him

  66. Flexbloxian Gaming

    Bro you are tony stark

  67. Nickey G.

    0/10 not round enough and not enough kilometers of wiring

  68. CHAKU

    I recently watched the spider man 2 movie and wondered if you guys can make doc ocks arms or tentacles, whatever you prefer calling it

  69. DedCorp

    Step 1: Become college student

  70. Cornchip

    Just Dustin better be glad he didn’t have this during the unbreakable box challenge

  71. Miss Jae

    His motorcycle sounds like a 125-250 at most. Disgrace to Logan.


    He said he was alone then who throw the cabbages and the other stuff to him

  73. Sky Lord

    We want an ATTAK ON TITAN live action movie starring Hacksmith as Levi 😅

  74. Omega_ The Gamer

    Why don't u make infinity blade if u still haven't

  75. Liam Baatjes

    Think you got the title wrong this should be titled qurantine student's sleep scedual

  76. Johannes Vikestad Trøan

    I thought you where alone so who is throwing the melon and the stuff at him

  77. 7fishypotato Bro

    Stormbreaker doesnt use lightning it uses blue fire

  78. Yahya Ali

    Team up with Gravity Industries and the US Military and you will probably actually make the suit in 10 years lol.

  79. 火Vinnie

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact they did cocaine in the video

  80. soiung toiue

    Year 2070: I've Become Immortal Like The Queen"

    1. soiung toiue

      Hey u can attach those Eden's glass to the iron man helmet to look real for user

  81. Gama Alvarado

    look at this mans body... damn

  82. Muhammad Taha

    Could not take u seriously with that look

  83. Harrison Lack

    Coffee maker in a pod for sleeping, what a pro.

  84. Viper Jets

    What song did you use in the build part of the video

  85. Curtis-Dean Bruce

    Isn't this what iron man did, in a cave, in like a day?

  86. Damarion Simmons

    I can lift that with no problem

  87. T Morgan

    Can I get it

  88. Dr W.D Gaster

    i would love to see the hacksmith and colinfurse make Clouds bike from Final fantasy after the lock down ends

  89. Stxinless

    I feel bad for the little girls who made it toe the end of the video.....

  90. Aiden Bagshaw

    Wow, seven years later, and now people are applying for internships with him. Hopefully, being Canadian will work out better for me when I apply after this whole pandemic is over. (I've been a tinkerer for as long as I can remember, and this would be a dream-come-true; the recent "Iron Man's Workshop" looks like Heaven.)

  91. Error404

    9:58 when you buy your wolverine at the deep web

  92. Elliot Friesen

    James: says no one is with him All of the fruits: randomly being thrown at him

  93. Kiya Dysard


  94. Dylan McGregor

    Watch out for department H, dude! They might be watching!

  95. albert barlow

    You should do capitaos cross bow

  96. ziteng su

    Can it cut through a tank

  97. Mihael Josías Mendoza Bocanegra

    In other words, they want to build something like a Zapata Racing flyboard air

  98. Thalleous' Peas

    The thing i'm most impressed by is not the hammer, But the sheer dedication to making it.

  99. Ken Kaneki

    TL:DR a lot of screaming

  100. Judah Lewis

    Spy Kids Watches