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  1. Math Marilyn

    Can’t wait love this documentary best on of the year. Love you Lele pons

  2. Patricia Spellen

    So sad but it ok to Tellus don't be afraid.

  3. Patricia Handley

    Lele pons in the house big fan

  4. Yurgurl Chloe Symone

    It’s so sad that people are saying so much bad stuff about and she going through so much but it’s amazing how she has accomplished so much!❤️

  5. Schlorgusborgus

    Shut up

  6. Kaelyn Sholl

    Lele is so strong. :(❤

  7. ItzMehBri !

    1:41 that gurl be like wutttt

  8. orbitXm yt

    Im going to be honest im not the biggest fan of your comedy but i can tell your a good person. Im not a fan of you i stated that all ready i never met you before and alot of other people havent met you either those people are the ones that talk shit they judge you on what they see on the internet. Thanks for listening to my ted talk🙂

  9. Jasmine Lola

    I had anxiety since I was a child, I grew up never knowing what anxiety was until I was an adult. I’ve had severe anxiety as a child where my thoughts would run into the night and they’d turn into nightmares and it would keep me awake at night. It just haunts you, it ruins the quality of your life. The only thing that has helped me is allowing the Blood of Jesus Christ to cover over my life; it will break you free from that bondage and chains. Yes I still get anxiety some days, depending on what’s happening but now I have overcome my thoughts because I am a child of God because he allows inner peace and calmness in my life.

  10. Emily Paige

    I don’t have ocd but my grandma does. My dad and mom have bipolar depression. I have depression and anxiety. Oop- My mom corrected me and said she had sleep disorder mood disorder and anxiety and depression.

  11. Jaclyn Herrera

    you still arent funny

  12. Christian Thompson

    2020 anyone?

  13. nailsonchalkboard


  14. QuiFx - Roblox

    I knew there is something but not this much I know she has a life outside of this

  15. Русский

    Very sexy mole in this girl

  16. Manal Asif

    One like= a ticket to these movies ( free popcorn )

  17. berk mermer

    Türkiye'den selamlar 🙌🇹🇷

  18. nour ahmed

    1:25 this look got me crazy💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Analise Hernandez


  20. Petagay Willis

    I love you sooo much my idol

  21. Mere Mead

    I’ve had OCD since I was in Kindergarten, so over 25 years, and it’s a constant struggle, but ERP (exposure response prevention) has helped me immensely with certain aspects of my OCD.

  22. Melina Santos

    Love you lele so much you can do. It

  23. Furqan Khan

    he was use to have sex with his daughter before he become gay......

  24. Gregarious Gonzalez

    i dislike you but i can respect you

  25. Furqan Khan

    he was use to have sex with his daughter before he become gay......

  26. Ariana Ibarra

    Lele pons I love the videos that you make it just makes me happy and I feel sad for you that you have OCD just try to take care of yourself I love you so much okay take care

  27. Emma laura Pino gonzalez

    Dictadura sheriff rieysri rs👭❤👏

  28. Darsy Erazo

    This was the first Lele Pond video I saw

  29. Darsy Erazo

    That little baby was cute

  30. Ismail Osman

    If he is gay he is not your father find out your father

  31. Yeya Music

    I literally never would have known omg

  32. Pamela Scribner


  33. Charlotte Aguila

    Lele pons is AWESOME OCD or not

  34. Minipoods

    I may not like lele pons and her content but I’ll give her my respect. I’ve been in psychology class and it had a change in me the way I see people with an mental disorder.

  35. Paul Silver

    Well, at least she's hot.

  36. Peachy 101

    It's so good to have parents that are willing to be open with you. I couldn't always express any negative emotions I had because I would be so badly scolded no matter what the subject was. That made me learn to bottle up emotions from a young age and resulted in me having very severe clinical depression as a teen (not just for that but other serious reasons) and it even took my mother a while to accept I was going through a psychological disorder before a psychologist got involved. But to be fair, I had mastered masking for so many years. Communication is so important and parents say "you can talk to me about anything" but most people don't always feel comfortable or even secure enough to talk to their parents for fear of being judged, lectured or yelled at. People forget to just listen and comfort eachother and not actually give advice.

  37. Christiana Mitchell

    Your perfect just flex on thoies haters 🙅🏼‍♀️

  38. Jose RIOS

    Dont be depresed you si cute beautiful young woman

  39. Ayana Chatterjee

    This helped me so much ty lele I have always looked up to u and it’s nice to know that someone like u has ocd too

  40. Oriana Araque

    Such a cool dad :(

  41. Mitchell Kmatz

    I'm sorry she has to deal with this, but it still doesn't make her funny .

  42. Honeybear 01

    Seeing LeLe cry at the start was so terrible, its ok LeLe, no one’s judging you ❤️

  43. Azul C

    Yo también tengo toc, depresión y disforia física, trato de estar bien y aveces me ensierro una semana en mi pieza, pensaba que estaba loca y me sentía mal, no recuerdo cuando fue la última vez que estuve con gente a mi alrededor, no me gusta que me toquen las personas, un abrazo para mi es demasiado fuerte y siento que me duele el cuerpo, salgo tarde a comprar 🛒 porque anda poca gente y salgo con mi pareja, me da miedo ir sola a donde sea. Lele es muy fuerte y quisiera esa valentia que la llena de vida, algún día podría yo también poder ser sociable y tener amigos y olvidar el miedo y ver que este mundo es una aventura.

  44. Millie Edwards

    U are such a powerful and inspiring woman. U have always been my idol and to see what U have gone through breaks my heart the way people can be so cruel U don't deserve it. So to all the haters U should be ashamed of yourselves U have no idea how it impacts someone's life. Don't judge a book by its cover. Lele thank U for sharing this with us we had no clue what was going on I hope U keep doing what U do because ur an inspiration to all of us and we love you ❤️😊😉❣️

  45. Luciana Aglira

    Mia Mia tycoon

  46. Katia Batiste

    Lele you can do what you want its your life people can't tell you want to do you so twice as much as fan then hater but what ever you do I supporting you are my hero Lele

  47. Sua Mila

    I simply with ur situation but starting out with a shower scene 🤣🤣😹😹

  48. Someone 1hey

    5:14 was so funny😂

  49. Lcvely_milkk

    I knew she had iT!

  50. Sia Bia

    Damn... i judged a book by its cover. Only cause I knew she was funny and gorgeous i thought she was fine and had it all. I skipped any videos I saw of her in it. But after seeing this she's so brave to share her story with the world.

  51. Cooking With Valentina

    My name is Valentina

  52. Emy Espinoza

    And yu ar sou strong

  53. nadina castelli


  54. Russell Westbrook

    Lol! 😂😂😂 This is as funny as my dad's funeral 😂😂😂

  55. Pinchie Pie

    I’m living in this series


    Also sorry Lele pons you went through this :(

  57. Emy Espinoza

    Yu ar amysyn

  58. Buzz Brick

    Who’s here before the premier

  59. Megan Hassler

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! ❤️❤️❤️

  60. Emy Espinoza

    Dont wory uy ar Uicab yu

  61. R. Cook


  62. Three Amigos

    Done all of it

  63. Vyper army

    Me: what’s tourettes-

  64. Three Amigos

    I Do

  65. Justin Middleton

    This is fun when is part 3

  66. The End Of Everything

    He should have married gay, saved the world one mistake lol

    1. Vladimir

      The End Of Everything 💀💀💀

  67. Jos Tea

    Poeple say to me that I hav an extra chromosom. No, you missing one! 💪🏻


    I also stuff from this too I have to do something right or I won’t survive or my family won’t. It’s go to know I’m not the only one out there because I’m only when I see you telling your story’s I say this is me I have the same thing and I never really thought of this till now. But I don’t have severe ocd

  69. 7evengirl

    I think it’s obvious she’s had OCD

  70. C. Cayenne Wimberley

    Lele you are who you are so you have ocd you are who you are and nothing can chang that 😉😊🤪💌💖💗💙💙

  71. PAUL og

    They record her taking a shower😓😥😰😨😱😄😕😟

  72. Jordxn7

    The girls in the comments are like *i woke up yesterday* - “iVe NeVeR rELaTeD tO sOmEtHiNg MoRe”

  73. The Narwal

    Lol 😂 when the teacher was collecting the school work and didn’t need Lele’s like NO I DONT NEED YOUR SCHOOLWORK LELE

  74. Chloe Elizabeth

    i know you wont see this but you are so very pretty and no matter what is happening you just have to remember those coments are there to bring you down but every one who fallows you fallows you because you can play a very big role in there life so like you said when you just want to end it all there are millions of people that love you and want to see you or meet you so stay for them

  75. Cameron

    My dad is straight...

  76. Baby Cakes

    Being a perfectionist and having OCD are two very different things.

    1. 『samantha's workshop』

      i know

  77. TheIrishPerspective


  78. Ely

    I never imagined lele to bee the type of person to struggle with these things,but we’re here for you💖☺️

  79. Nuva Safe

    You are a warrior!

  80. Water Melon

    They go outside without mask and six a part

  81. Mayreze Freshy Fresh


    1. PhoJake

      Bullshit for views, I second this.

    2. Roblox Tea Spill

      How is it?

  82. Cristiano arrogantaldo

    Ok I didn't ask

  83. Loretta Esparza

    Im so sorry Lele.

  84. Maycee Moser

    You are so beautiful huge fan!!

  85. mindfreedom1

    *GRAB A QURAN AND READ IT* It will blow your mind, give yourself a chance to know what you ignore!

  86. Audrey Maguire

    Who would dislike if they haven’t seen it?

  87. Jeremiah Fry

    Did I just hear some capp.

    1. Roblox Tea Spill

      Dang dude, that’s crazy but when did I ask?

  88. rewindZ

    I want everyone that’s reading this that being gay and having different emotions doesn’t matter be yourself and if your down ask for help by a family member

  89. Yas How

    7:40 she sounds like marello from oitnb

  90. KmhProductions


  91. T1n1

    i thought this was a meme vid, but nvm

  92. Brayden

    Yo Read more

  93. stephanie konwerski

    Ohhh I love me some Lele Pons

  94. Guadalupe García Lopez

    Porque lene posn abla ingles