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  1. Trickymarc

    This is the best game, you guys should play this waayyyyyy more!!!!


    That one on a plane is normal everyone sleeps on a plane

  3. Merkz

    Ethan feet looking like deadpool baby feet

  4. Isabella Barton

    play dodgeball

  5. Ethan Halliwell

    play gary’s mod murderer!! that was so funny back in the day

  6. Phoenix Rae

    I love that you guys are bring back all the best stuff

  7. Titanz FrtFc

    You could try and do a blind date thing on quarantine

  8. Carla marshall

    3:33 am I just being thick or do I not understand it because I’m not a big sidemen watcher ??

  9. Noah Malloy

    1:17 not the first time simons got talia wet 😏😉

  10. Seiler Thompon

    Sidemen poker

  11. AAR2305

    Ethan plz shut up don't ruin the fucking game

  12. Vivaan Kaushik

    Now that they have nothing to do, they should start to posting daily

  13. nick difabio

    JJ’s laugh sounds like scooby doo

  14. Magnus


  15. Rory Frickanick

    6:54 this clearly states that JJ is a top and Simon is a bottom.

  16. Ethan G

    Ksi needs to look at dax doing poppin challenge

  17. Connor Southerton


  18. Nightflyer1

    Quarantine is good for us boys

  19. angel emilia

    Cards against humanity?

  20. VibrantFN

    did anyone else hear Ethan say the n word

  21. Duck Spotter

    Why JJ’s hair look like Renji’s from bleach

  22. YourNonExistentAnxiety


  23. Connor Smith

    Am I the one that realised that Josh kept saying the last race was in Miami yet had Austrlaian flags around the track??

  24. Flow Jay

    Idk why but the Merry Merry Christmas has more views but less likes and this has less views but more likes.

  25. KoniXo

    is it dog?

  26. Yousuf Asghar



    Has knowledge in his name and he can Smell corona.... Lmao

  28. Mount Triage

    Josh: Fuck faze clan *2 seconds later Josh: *scores* Josh: i own faze clan

  29. Steven croucher Speaking

    Taint Stomping !

  30. Kakushi


  31. Nx Paradox

    Josh is trash

  32. JAKE DWD

    Yall ready for quiplash 3 doe

  33. Can’t think Of one

    I feel like Simon and josh have some type of bond When u comsider jj and simons bond and tobi and josh’s and how long they’ve known each other it makes u realise their friendship

  34. Dove

    wait ksi has a gf

  35. Jesse R.

    Why does Simon have such a feminine way of sitting lmao

  36. Kai Platt


  37. Natasha D

    surprised no one did “taintball” for the last round

  38. Justin Clovis

    bring back sidemen playing cod game modes

  39. black arrow

    Jake pual just appeared in front of you Like to get a shoutgun!!!

  40. Lodz

    Harry’s looking fat u know lol

  41. Ed Ford

    Simon was so shit

  42. Lachlan Scott

    Petition to bring back sidecraft during quarantine.

  43. Timi Militante

    Vik is the most unfunny sidemen period

  44. Ed Ford

    Simon shit banter

  45. Beau Sokolski

    Harry's is the best disstrack

  46. simon morales

    Do Moo off 3 2020

  47. Timi Militante

    Why is harry so shit

  48. ryanator_109

    More of these plz!!!

  49. Deeping HaWK98

    Jj was good but I expected better, this made Tobi stand out 🥰

  50. Jesus Mendoza

    you guys should play rainbow six siege

  51. SSJGodD2

    Harry's the type of person to get robbed by a kid with a squirt gun

  52. SirHydro

    song at 1:01 ???

  53. Thrawnio

    19:00 it actually is still 8 features cos he forgot JME

  54. Jada’sCrunch

    Harry’s outfit is banger

  55. Frate cheru

    Sidemen: Let's play quiplash and tell harry

  56. Skye Fisher

    Among us is a good game

  57. Twenty Sugar

    vikk has no family

  58. RAZOR Allen

    You guys are amazing at this game

  59. Eric Trumbull

    Why don’t they make a shield

  60. Coronavirus

    Ksi when anything happens: OH... MY... GOD...

  61. ShinyUmbreon#197

    Report the channel Sosoyoung

  62. Jordyn Nexus

    Vik’s passion for red pandas is funnier than JJ’s “is it dog” comment tbh 😂 “they’re fucking unreal and they just fuck around😄😄😄”

  63. Emily

    Vikk has a vendetta against someone in his personal life’s mum 💀 I’m convinced

  64. George

    Want moreover this!

  65. Gvn_ Bandit

    Quiplash is so funny

  66. AnticsDesigns

    Poor Vik isn’t made for games like this

  67. Obzear

    Why are so many moments like this related to golf

  68. Jordyn Nexus

    To the confused people in the comments who don’t understand the “is it dog” reference: go and watch “who is the richest Sidemen” which is also on this channel. (And be ashamed of yourselves that you didn’t watch it when it came out😄)

  69. Valdemar Lærke


  70. Nanno

    I was laughing so hard when Ethan fell off 2:07

  71. Froczi

    Fuck youse have the easiest job.

  72. Andrei Palma

    45:01 always gets me

  73. Will Richardson

    Monster dating one?

  74. Faraz Mannan

    Petition for the Sidemen to play GTA again

  75. Lucy Powell

    If you think that guy was jj you’re not a real fan

  76. Laura Gullery

    omg the intro lmao 0:00

  77. Vincent Graz

    Did anyone else get a kfc commercial right before jj got nutted by ethan

  78. Yung Slimzy

    I want to see gta v get the boost boyz

  79. Jordyn Nexus

    Prop hunt and cards against humanity need to return. I will keep commenting until it happens😅

  80. Nathan Smith

    A red PANDA “is it a dog” 😂😂😂😂

  81. Fast Class

    JJ why u itching ur junk I get it I do it to

  82. WeOutHere

    anyone else feel bad about enjoying golf? also did anyone see that bomb at 6:35

  83. cooper uqjb

    love quiplash need more of it

  84. Cyanite

    Play monster seeking monter

  85. Archie Dickson

    1:32 everyone completely aired vik's joke🥺

  86. Rizahri

    Why the votes Corona lmao it doesnt have a smell guys....

  87. Ryan the RainWing

    Phil is like a curse to me, every time he comes on screen I get a blood nose

  88. Kostas Tsiplakis

    I'm gonna say it, They are on a fucking lockdown and still aren't playing GTA5😫


    why did no one think of taint ball ...

  90. Eli Thompson

    I don't think they know what a taint is...

  91. Jaspreet Bhatia

    S-X is underrated hes coldd💥

  92. Joshua091600

    Play monopoly plus agaiinnnnn

  93. Ruknee10

    Steven tries for cards against humanity and quiplash

  94. Ashton Mcg

    That was short

  95. Anudeep CVS

    4:15 'Is it dog' What is that a reference to?

    1. Anudeep CVS

      @Jodi 001 oh yeaaah 😂

    2. Jodi 001

      Jj was showed a picture of a red panda in a more sidemen video and asked if it was a dog 4:53

  96. Ethan Barnes

    Who’s wants them to actually finish pro clubs

  97. Blizzard

    Damn I remember when Lachlan would play this with these guys..... Why Fortnite why

  98. unreal gamz

    I like the rapping games its funny as

  99. Vapxr

    What Christmas tree knockdown Mince pies Knockdown! Brussel Sprouts Knockdown!!! Santa Claus **Knockdown!!!!!!** GREG PAUL **KNOCKDOWN!!!!!!** **KNOCKDOWN!!!!!!!** ** KNOCKDOWN!!!!!!** **KNOCKDOWN!!!!!!!!!!** aight aight

  100. Tom healy

    Played this during a sleepover with the boys on the same TV , enemy’s were made fr