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  1. simoart

    Everyone thought bella would be the popular one but turns out it didn't work that way

  2. GudEvening Bois

    Nether rite after 1.16 snapshot:

  3. Ocean Breeze

    Can you make zombies 2 in the cinema

  4. HalfLifeExpert1

    The only thing wrong with this is the title. It should have been officially named The Kessel Run

  5. Froy 2001

    Instead of release order or story order, here's another viewing order I made for you if you want to binge watch all the SW movies: #1 Solo #2 Rogue One #3 A New Hope *go back 32 years* #4 The Phantom Menace #5 Attack of the Clones #6 The Clone Wars 2008 *go to next chapter set after #3* #7 The Empire Strikes Back *go back 22 years* #8 Revenge of the Sith *go to next chapter set after #7 & go from there* #9 Return of the Jedi #10-11 The Force Awakens/The Last Jedi #12 The Rise of Skywalker

  6. Bre Moore

    Everyone from this show is sooo talented especially Olivia

  7. Elementary School Dropout

    This is the same guy who played Vladislav, let's not forget.. I would never be able to tell.

  8. Bella Ryan

    Some of the movie was cringe (particular the cheerleader stuff), but the werewolf songs make up for it omg

  9. Henry Valdes

    Fuera genial si en la tercera película pusieran vanpiros

  10. Yes


  11. Marcia Mor


  12. Death Angel1231

    i Cried at this... I found it so heart warming The fact from the beginning a part of me knew it was her mother who saved him.. My children will know this lullaby off by heart, I wont forget it , im going to learn it off by heart I cant hear it without crying for some reason...

  13. iBubblin

    No one: Literally no one: EVERYONE IN THE COMMENT SECTION *gIvE uS sHow yOuRsElF*

  14. TheOutsidersPost

    If you want someone to butcher a classic song. Just hire Ariana and John to do it. Stop remaking these movies Disney.

  15. Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark

    Okay but why does Seb remind me of Timmy Thick-

  16. Cecily Erker

    True story: Evan Rachel Wood would sing this lullaby to her son at bedtime while the movie was in production, and when it premiered her son was like "hey, I know that song! My mom wrote that song for me!"

  17. Sammuel Palmer


  18. Queengaga

    Literally crying. Takes me back to my childhood 😭

  19. Earth Prime

    In animation volcano sing “i lava you” all are happy and in love.. but in reality, please dont lava us..

  20. L & Co.

    LOVVEE Addison when she sings that high lullaby bit

  21. dafid 25

    jojo memers : ZA WARUDO! TOKI OH TOMARI!

  22. R D

    (Hades) Cheyenne Jackson singing 'Say Something' - ft Jackie Evancho: sesels.info/video/video/joqma63b06uQoqY.html

  23. FizzBee

    Almost everyone: Everyone: Show yourself Disney: Into the unknown

  24. ''/ad

    why did they pitch it down?

  25. S.

    one day I will learn Spanish and understand this ps: I already learned English before, so it won't be that hard for me xD

  26. American sports Network Podcast

    Actually at Taco Bell when a song comes on the radio we all start singing while we’re working

  27. ༺ Lennest ༻

    Mom: Get off that phone and go sleep Me: i can hear you, but i wont

  28. 장동건

    어제 저녁에 1790만명이였는데 지금은 1800만명

  29. Stephen Heesch

    Why am I just finding out aurora is in this song. I love that bitch!😫

  30. Gt Renovante

    Tamatoa is my head during exams and I’m Moana at 0:09

  31. Tyshenya Tyler

    Anyone else wanna hear a version with just Julia?

  32. paul warren

    We are out there.. somewhere..

  33. Yuneyris Peguero

    If they are werewolf, they need be vampires

  34. hakim extft


  35. のはらけんのすけ


  36. Kayla Thompson

    One of Disney’s greatest fight songs

  37. Yuneyris Peguero

    So Adison it a wolf🤔🤔

  38. Chrissa Hagwood

    I love this song

  39. Cathy Vega


  40. Sanji Kun

    Backbencher: miss i have a doubt Teacher: I can hear you but I won't

  41. Полина Шубина

    Вечная песня, как и мультфильм

  42. Roll Like A Buffalo O_O

    Chad and Ryan flirting in this one song is better than Troy and Gabriella's entire relationship. Fight me.

  43. shyannah atwater

    I can relate to this song so muc much.

  44. Ruffles Jbh

    Everyone: OMG her singing is incredible Me: OMG it’s Paige from Bizardvark

  45. Samadhi Chandrasena

    American girl doll.

  46. ELLIRA_147 Official_Dreamer

    Im so happy they made a new song for elsa cause this is my favourite disney movie

  47. Viper Sniper#2


  48. Purely Genius

    Legit broke the replay button. This song just cuts deep in too many levels

  49. Kitty Grimm

    I wish Aurora were in the foreground.

  50. ÄmęłiãXD_ ÙwÚ

    Zed needs to be the alpha look how tall he is like me XD

  51. Sofía Pavon

    Queen of mean Reina de la media

  52. Brandon Kawaii

    Wicked yees

  53. Sofía Pavon

    Eres hermosa

  54. Lachamasa Lucero Granados


  55. Kiki White

    I don’t know why but I get Troy and Gabriella “I gotta go my own way” vibes from this song🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  56. yesenia duran

    zombies2 is good 😮😮

  57. adontforgettowipepro


  58. Autumn Bennett

    2:21 For some reason I really love how she hit those notes

  59. grace malfoy


  60. This my favorite version ❤️😍

  61. Kiki White

    1:49 😂😂😂 *everyone howls* meanwhile Zed there on the ground going “Ow!”

  62. Siddhi Mungole

    I have heard this song so many times but I don't get board 😀😀😀😀😀

  63. Jesiah Jones

    Guys this song really hits that soft spot because this is the most beautiful song to listen to if you’re having a rough day or you’re being bullied or it just takes the darkness away and gives you so much energy and it makes you get up and dance and you can feel the energy that she’s feeling when she made this song it’s like it’s a message about don’t change the way you are because of someone else

  64. Mia Mama

    Into the Unknown is far better than Show Yourself as a song.

  65. Tit _Pham


  66. Dr. VegaPunK

    I Like utterly pointless this song is

  67. Mac Mooney

    6:24-6:25 join us mary poppins 6:26-6:27-6:28-6:29-6:30-6:31-6:32-6:33-6:34- 6:35-6:36-6:37-6:38-6:39-6:40-6:41-6:42-6:43- 6:44-6:45-6:46-6:47-6:48-6:49-6:50-6:51-6:52- 6:53-6:54-6:55-6:56-6:57-6:58-6:59-7:00-7:01- 7:02-7:03-7:04-7:05-7:06 my favorite part of the song

  68. mydogiscrazy13

    Gotta admire Zac for always going 1000%

  69. Techi Tayum

    its so satisfying

  70. Evan Reese Rocchio

    Bruh guys stop talking about Show Yourself it’s not even the best song.

  71. JazZ Harpie

    You know they’re serious when they make a singing and dancing protest 😂

  72. Deo Ram

    This movie deserves a Oscar.

  73. maria cristina gonzalez

    Hermosa la letra y la musica!!

  74. Deo Ram

    Disney deserves a Oscar

  75. XxMocha

    Hey so like is there anyway of me to FRICKING PLAY WITH THE DOGGOOZ

  76. Deo Ram

    Frozen is so much better than lion king

  77. {옌다`}


  78. Deo Ram

    Disney did a great job.

  79. Aylin Queen

    i love you descendents

  80. Grand Master T-8000

    Who's here because "The Bad Batch Theme" from "The Bad Batch" episode of The Clone Wars which is almost identical to this theme?

  81. Deshari

    1:06 Anna is secretly the flash

  82. Jammie !

    Me:...... zed: if I'm President no homework Me: IM IN!

  83. Megan

    I didnt know he can sing. omg now Im falling more inlove with him BUT hes now engaged AND im now completely hopeless

  84. Jammie !

    Bucky: Bro he eats brains Zed: if I did you don't have one so you'll be safe 😎😎

  85. Chocolate._.Waffles

    At 0:28 I hear “Pink pajamas penguins on the bottom”

  86. lexelusify

    If that happened to me......

  87. Tory Takken

    DEAR DISNEY, You’ll never see this type of success again from anything on Disney Channel you’ve lost you’re touch back in 2013.

  88. Lalalooloo Kabuki

    Everyone sang in the middle. the main singer, I don’t know her name, sang worse than anyone. Russian singer Anna Buturlina sang more beautiful and cleaner than everyone

  89. Cherry Blossom

    اغنية تذكرني بالشخص الي تركني و انا احبه، كل ما اسمعها الدموع تتراكم فعيني

  90. Cristina Ku

    Carmen Sarahí ❤️

  91. Jammie !

    Ur getting Arrested and u start dancing to stop it? LOL

  92. Anija Hendrickson

    It’s Anna And Elsa against the world!

  93. corazones rotos

    Que bonito cantas

  94. Galaxy Popstar

    Wait wait wait 😳 why does Brady have soo much music stuff but he loves to surf 😕😐

  95. Oreo Girl

    I hate addisons hair here

  96. Angeline Bena

    When is Disney plus gonna be available in my country😭😭😭

  97. stephen jackson

    I still love descendants and it's zombies not werewolves😔

  98. จิรภัทร คำอุ่น

    ทำไมปรับความละเอียดไม่ได้ โทรศัพท์ realme x2 pro

  99. Alric Man

    So the woman volcano is just staring at the junk of the male volcano for years?

  100. velina Brown

    That is 😍❤️😍😍❤️