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  1. juelz live

    Ksi and deji wish they were tobi and manny

  2. MrYEET Laser

    The vid was good but manny had the headphone wires tangled and it is really annoying

  3. Cole Cress

    8:20 little did we know no headgards would become a thing

  4. Harris Machlik

    You were going to win the race Yes

  5. Amber Kandola

    your song was amazing

  6. Mudaber Qaderi

    Best brothers brothers 4 life

  7. Jonathan Nash

    Is it just that got really confused at the flashback part

  8. Lydon Green

    This was a banger Tobi and Manny great work #Tobi #Manny #DestinedForGreatness 🔥👊🏻👍🏻♥️

  9. Joris de Werd

    “Never gon and crumble” except for the Wembley cup

  10. 1000 Subs With 0 Videos Challenge

    You can’t hate them

  11. Amirul Islam

    Tobi,Manny and Janellé smashed it!

  12. Paddy Reigh

    Got more likes than wake up call

  13. Bcool 6699

    Great song guys keep it going and keep the videos together and great song

  14. Bcool 6699

    Tobi and manny are the best rapper ever

  15. William Hall

    Get your other brother involved if manny ain't, just a thought

  16. Bcool 6699

    Give some respect guys come on

  17. Ma Hh

    Pew Pew

  18. Sensei.Saucyy


  19. Kazi Ali

    This didn't come out by the end of January its randolfs fault Simon said it Episode 35 6:12 Whats Good Podcast

  20. flxme.

    Use me as a "make another song with the entire family" button

  21. Pryzqii

    those hoodies released yet?

  22. mubeen hanif

    Most rappers Rap about fame or money Tobi raps about getting games for free😂😂😂

  23. Kirbye

    Tobi is the most respectful person in the sidemen not saying the other's aren't

  24. saph attack

    Heard this song on the radio yesterday 👍🏼keep it up

  25. Big Cows

    This song is literally better than ksi’s songs

  26. HaniahPlayz roblox

    Toby and manny make a great rap but I think Janelle should be seen more often lay what do you think?? Like if you do. SICKKK

  27. Tom Wilson

    I'd love to see these guys have beef with deji cuss I would pay to see deji ripped apart by the g's

  28. Rahat Chowdhury

    Get this song to 6.9 million views come on

  29. CaptainOreo 999

    28 stab wounds

  30. Adam BN

    This is actually trash

  31. Kayleigh Ruston


  32. George Manka

    It's been 5 days still waiting to buy those jackets!!!!

  33. GwolfGamer


  34. Salema Bibi

    Everything they say is true this song is so good I always stop listening to it

  35. CrispyHairedSlick

    This song is still banging

  36. ch studio

    This song is honestly a 9/10 The chorus is amazing Tobi and manny are such great rappers And the motivation it gives me personally is incredible The only thing I'd say is that it could be a minute longer other than that it's amazing!

    1. roouit patan

      Tobi > JJ imo

  37. Emir

    Everyone talking about tobi i see that but manny also suprised me so much such nice voice ❤👊🔥

    1. Emir

      @roouit patan yeah 🔥🔥

    2. roouit patan

      You 3 are so talented and great singers

  38. Mohamad Soukar

    Jesus 28 million views

  39. TheBlueAce 321

    Imagine ksi and Tobi do one together

  40. Mehmood Rafai

    Fifa for sure

  41. Paterson Berko

    This song is so sick manny toby and jannele all the credit to you guys. Loving the song

  42. Simon Seymour

    Neeeeeeeed nore

  43. Afia B


  44. Lolingo

    this is the type of music that gets you gains in life, i be running to this in the morning >>>

  45. Davis Dama

    Fire 🇳🇬 🩸

  46. jack Browne

    Manny is a good rapper he should start grime

  47. Ciaran O sullivan

    KSI who this is fire😝😝

  48. Logan CoppNeill

    in the night round the bacc on the pitch the goalie blacc

  49. I'm Just Alpha

    Remember when hugh wizzy did good in the sidemen matches. Nope me neither.

  50. Harvey Munday

    I would just like to point out that this video has nearly as many views as KSIs wake up call which featured a very big main stream artist Trippie Red

  51. Leah and josh Sherwood

    This needs to be on Fifa 21 soundtrack

  52. Honor Clips

    Ok I'm sorry the song is amazing but you talk too much in this video just get to the reactions

  53. Jubbz

    💥💥💥Tobi Is Just to ard imagine if he did music full time?🙄

  54. Adil Adil

    Your sister is a good singer

  55. Daisy Saxby

    I’ve actually watched this like 10 times

  56. The red devils

    2 4 kobe

  57. Ara Pshtiwan

    You 3 are so talented and great singers

  58. Not Dummy

    More skits

  59. DDayz

    Tobi > JJ imo

  60. Liam Kelly

    Love the song

  61. Zeix


  62. Dinodragon 9

    I’ve been streaming this on my Alexa non stop, such a good song hope you get top 20!

  63. G2

    the track was acc cold

  64. Timotej Hrovat

    This song is amazing cant stop listening it

  65. reeni 07

    I like how other rappers say there for a bad family and bad home but this is different

  66. omariplayzHD

    Rappers: I’m gonna shoot u leave u in heaven Tobi and manny: destined for greatness back in school days I was known for my lateness

  67. e2s

    im going to be honest. The song really good and alot of the word matches but the beat isnt really good its just basic and you guys need to rap not talk fast.

  68. Ollyplayz_yt

    Im a fox person

  69. ツagdriel

    is this drill?

  70. FatDog543

    Who ever dislikes this is racist

  71. Gisi

    Am i the only person thinking this isnt that great

  72. David Bowen

    Text me...Text me...Text me... "SLAP"

  73. slump ed

    “controllin the game is what we do , started off with nothing you can do it too” hit different

  74. Devastator Doom

    Where is JJ

  75. Football Freak

    When professional footballer doesn't come up on the 'Types of Careers' list at school, this song is the one teacher that is listening to me. Tobi and Manny are inspirational #dreams

  76. xd_ refa

    Tony is sped

  77. Sliq

    So we ain’t gonna talk about how this has more likes than wake up call?

  78. TheLegitNetwork

    whose that black dude giving the gift to josh

  79. Davidson Owen

    Tobi wen are you going d

    1. Davidson Owen

      Jed and tobi !!!!!!!!

  80. Ahmad Azeez

    I trident

  81. Biagio Broccoli

    This song is so fire

  82. Sumaiya Ahmed Ridi

    Very deep meaning

  83. MUFC TV


  84. Keo

    More of Janellè and this will be absolutely perfect 👌💯

  85. Odai Internet

    what do you mean

  86. Odai Internet


  87. C Hammer

    Mad flow

  88. Ste Jay 史杰

    I'd love to see someone try doing a diss track on tobi he would destroy them!

    1. bssni touir

      I come to see this every day

  89. Rohit Pandey

    imma cop this on spotify real quick brb

    1. bssni touir

      Hopefully he makes more songs

  90. KIllSwitch

    1 year from today

  91. AJM

    This is fire🔥

  92. Gavin Wolf

    Lil Yachty wrong it’s lil uzi vert

  93. Bradley Allen

    already his 8th most viewed vid and its justified so far. probs will end up being his most viewed.

  94. ur mom is the bomb

    this goes so hard

  95. ur mom is the bomb

    so fire

  96. games fun

    Let's get this to 10 mil

    1. Galaxy Gaming

      Before logan

  97. Bossman 786

    Wait is that manny i know him from uni WTH didn’t know he made it this far

  98. HyperMashood

    Every one be sayin tobi and manny were great but what about janelle, she is amazing

  99. Zul Zeacon

    What does mafoychiea mean? Idk how to spell it but jj said it alot

  100. 김도윤

    what did it say at 10:35? Did it say "Taking a piss out of depression"?