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  1. Lorryn SilverSpike

    I love you 😘 I love Jinx If it’s true you’re both Together That’s epic I love that

  2. B L

    Out here looking dumb dumb....but had some kids with the bum bum....no pity

  3. overcoffee

    The first one was shit and this one probably will be too especially with this guy in it

  4. khumtoya debbarma

    Already done watching s3 😌🔥

  5. Alan David

    JLO was snubbed, Awkwafina was snubbed, and Lupita.

  6. Merilee CARREON

    Damn Lana’s the luckiest person in the world 😍😍😍 I’m so jealous 😭😭😭

  7. Selina Acosta

    I hate this guy! He finds any chance he can get and the worst thing of all is that he does this for clout!!!! It’s sad how he doesn’t take women seriously and social media glorifies him😒

  8. Jocef Jose

    I dont watch this family, but im rooting for Rob... glad he's finally turning his life around. BUT DAMN KRIS FACE IS ERODING SLOUGHING AND ALL DATTTT 😱

  9. RA

    I call bullshit. If she had such an addiction, you'd have heard about it before now. But since she has a book out this is just a way to drum up sales.

  10. Samantha Button

    I'm obsessed! Should I read the novels before the movies?

  11. jessica j

    Talking about choosing the right people while she is so so shit and mean . Lol

  12. Samantha Button

    I am in love with these two 😍 I had no idea that is Ralph Fienne's (Voldemort) nephew! And Jo is absolutely breathtaking! I hadn't heard of the novels or movie until a week ago (late, I know) I am completely obsessed with this storyline and want to read ALL the novels! I don't want the movies to be ruined for me though. Should I wait to read the books until I've seen all the movies first?

  13. Tanvi Shetty

    Father of the year !!!!!!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣 Yeah the royals owe me too 🤪 For sitting through this shit !!!!!

  14. Denise Eason

    Why don't you make songs

  15. G S R okok

    It should be cart pool karaoke


    Love how articulate his older daughter is. Nice.

  17. BLINK's MUSE



    Jaime how many kids? How many baby momma's.

  19. Sunitha Kk

    Her marriage is tragedy only.

  20. Liberty Forever

    Well, she and her daughters are sure keeping the rumor alive........

  21. Irina Perujo

    Nabrina endgame!!!!





  24. AntiMe GO


  25. wiggy jones paddington

    This is the type of dirt & low life Harry got himself into. Even in American standard, it's pretty trashy. Such another embarrassing, tragic history written for the royal family. This is a new low.

  26. R_Nattawut


  27. Lola's Life

    To hear that Lexi wasn’t going to a dark place after Daytona really took a dark weight off my shoulders I was so worried about her. So proud of her 😘

    1. CC Rider

      Same ! I’m so relieved.

  28. Mathias Kent




  29. BH

    He looks good though

  30. R_Nattawut

    Is the 3:33 minutes clip intentional?

  31. Aron Nasib

    My king 🤴 Jason derulo

  32. Nicole

    I can’t wait for people to see this. I think people who take the chance to watch this are going to have a new found respect for her, understand her more. Taylor is one of the most humble artists out there and I am glad she’s showing, not only her fans but people her life, the trials she’s had to face. She has never deserved the hate that has been dished out on her.

  33. Alex Czenkus

    😩😓😖if jug is dead then I will literally die

  34. pina

    if part 4 doesn't have nabrina, i'm suing

  35. C R

    I guess because I’m in the medical field but I am surprised they just now found this out. The signs have been there for years. This guy needs to look up and think the Lord that this is all that he is dealing with. This man has abused his body for years and years and years.

  36. Mike Mike

    Respect the white ranger but I was 9 so my fav is original Jason, the red power ranger!

  37. Mike Mike

    Respect the white ranger but I was 9 so my fav is original Jason, the red power ranger!

  38. Che Layla

    3 hungry G for G busters movie stuff wtf 😜


    Omg you’re liking

  40. joyce Hamilton

    Just a scrounger!! No way will Meghan talk to him now, he's going about it the wrong way trying to reach out to his daughter. Disgraceful !!

  41. MrDeal2012

    The remake of magnum is awesome

  42. nemezzz

    Corey's right

  43. RetiredSpyKid


  44. Magda Wrobel

    Am I the only one that wants Harvey and Sabrina back they were so pure


    Itd be fun if their wives were always in the videos!

  46. Katt Mars


  47. Che Layla

    How’s u bloke, u funny , I’ see shit everyday & I think people that chasing to see shit r funny it’s like there looking & desperate for something they would hate if they seen it , had it , it’s not fun I would rather be like you

  48. diana suzane

    I would love to see Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston get back together. Justin is sooo adorable and Jen is super sweet

  49. Terrell Massey

    I'm be faking it too, if I dump someone that I took advantage of for sex for times!!!just to get fooled by the one I really wanted,so yeah I will be fake with smiles cause she knows she lost a man who has women that wants him enough to do the same thing she and that's whip it good.I like Peter he's sexy as hell!! Hanna used her seductive ways to manipulate this man and of course what man don't like that,but those women know what they have to do to put Peter out of his misery.Whip it good ladies!!!!!!!

  50. Mercedes Bacong

    May God bless you in your decision wt your wife and son.

  51. Brooke

    Kevin was the best part.

  52. Brooke

    Kevin was the best part.

  53. mari miqiani

    he is sagitarius and shes aquarius : D and we see that Friendsz no matter what!! :D

  54. amina OA

    Are sabrina and Nicholas going to be together again in season 4????

  55. Bernadette Gouveia

    Go home..we don't want you hear..

  56. Sobi ramirez

    4:59 And she does exactly that

  57. Misty is not cool

    Well jesus I'm endlessly glad she didn't.

  58. Kerline Kay


  59. Ambeta Vogli

    the strongest woman.❤

  60. skully

    I love how beautiful Angelina as Maleficent. Her wings & her black outfit is esthetically pleasing to my eyes.

  61. Andrew Goosdy

    Check out video on Winfrey' at Rev g Andrew goosdy at SEsels.com go to video

  62. Kiwi Fruit

    He Dont like black women but take black D very well.

  63. Ge Line

    Is that Jack Mcbrayer on the driver seat? 😍 Surprised to see him. 🤣😘 I love him and JBrothers.

  64. Royah Belle

    Brad will never go back with Jen! He's missing his children and Angelina. Still healing the guilt, regrets and losses. He needs caring, love and support. Wish him the best! He will learn and heal and grow. Men uno😅😅😬

  65. KPotato V

    Did Joe not cut his hair since then ?

  66. G3 vibes

    I don't understand they said nicholas was the strongest binder after Edward spellmen and sabrina is a morningstar. Why can't they be badass power couple?

  67. G Royalty YNW

    Is that the same window she left her note book and it was a big deal

  68. انا وبس

    He is 52 and i am 21 wow,really wow

  69. Boddah

    27 club

  70. G3 vibes

    You broke my heart

  71. Alice Pahler

    I love Hannah and I hate all this shade that she is getting through no fault of her own. Jennifer and Charlize should know better, since they are actresses that have to follow a script--Hannah goes where she is told to go. And, as much as I hate to admit it, the scenes between Peter and her were the best part of this season.

  72. kuldeep sabb

    Brad pitt is an most natural most funtastic most highly perfectionist he do act in hollywood like no film no acting seems to be film equal to brad pitt very highly soluble acting easily act but perfect He brad u sholuld make more films like on science

  73. Cee Pecha

    My heart is hurting.....

  74. Jasmin Pedrosa

    0:48 Idk why but the first moments here I thought Priyanka was Lana del Rey 😅

  75. Antonia Rajkovic

    For the love of God. They were just good looking couple they never had a chemistry! Everything with them was just "smile and be happy"

  76. Always Watching

    That was happy times . Great show & even better memories

  77. BR

    Everything is laughs till Mickey Mouse came to the Backstage.

  78. Sofi Brouwer

    Someone please make 3:33 a meme

  79. Deborah Dawson

    what a pig.

  80. Ma'atay Ermias

    Not super head tell me it ain't so

  81. Cricket Hop

    So, both daddy and daughter seem to be narcissists. I bet Doria’s an enabler. Shame. Harry doesn't deserve this.

  82. Daisy Mamawal

    Hahahahha joe killed it

  83. اناقة فتاة

    Selena I love you soo much 😚💓💓😚💓😊💏 because i have talen the voice 💑

  84. Marame Roa

    That is the scariest thing she ever said 💔

  85. Iggi Barratto

    What sort of father is this?

  86. stalin mangang

    All legends fall in the making

  87. Lawrence

    elrond looking daddy as fuck

  88. Nick Dunki Jacobs

    this taylor dude seems like a arrogant fuck :o maybe its just his voice

  89. Jett Brearley

    M yummy so nice

  90. Antonina Stępak


  91. li528ify

    Drugi lovoto

  92. Jorian

    i’m just gonna say it, gavin is PACKING

  93. Maja M

    Than lady. MM through her friends asways speaks about toxic environment

  94. Babysisdolls333

    this ladies and gentleman is what you call a man without foresight ...if he had played his cards right he would be living in lap of luxury...but he did not think long term...don't seek instant gratification...He girlz and boys is a stupid man..Stupid is forever but ignorance is temporary...he has not learned.

  95. Adenecia Spence

    Ummm where is this museum?

  96. xvy

    what would that be if love ends up killing joe and the show carries on from loves perspective..

  97. Chynna Pethybridge

    I don’t tend to get involved in the fandom shipping thing but I really liked Sabrina and Nick together their chemistry is amazing the actors gel so well I’m literally annoyed they decided to break them up hopefully they put them back together in season 4 because she doesn’t suit Harvey it’s too meh also not happy about Ambrose and Prudence breaking up I shipped them since day one.

  98. tmcginnis21144

    It’s a sign! Soulmates forever

  99. Nancy Nicol

    May his gentle beautiful soul rest in perfect peace ameen

  100. Andrea Nichole Guevara

    Good thing she didn't cuz if she did I would do the same thing 🙃