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  1. Fenestrane Ladderane

    Even my bloody kidney's can't $600! No thanks Dolby

  2. 五二一

    2020 how was today~

  3. Harry Burroughs

    amazing the old design of the fastback can hit 170 +

  4. Giriraaj Tiwadi

    Blak hedlain newar

  5. Bat Liam

    To control he and turn him off

  6. Regina Powell


  7. Marcus Bürger

    So we'll just wait for good flip phones

  8. CesAlvz

    Motorola should drop the price ASAP

  9. felix conde

    I don't know if the screen is made with glass but if you watch jerryrigeverything's video on this phone you'll see that it scratchs like plastic, he even scratchs it with his nail(don't know why he said you couldn't). So sorry people but it isn't glass. I too wanted it to be real but it isn't.

  10. bola shop

    gula campur tempe..

  11. cyrilio

    To bad the glass screen is a lie.

  12. filip leporis


  13. Eric Stiles

    Who tf said it’s free you have to buy membership to watch movies

  14. Jay Krishna Kamlekar

    The hate the RAZR's been getting recently is unprecedented when compared to January or december. I think it's something to do with the galaxy Z flip coming out. I know the z flip is better in almost every way but the RAZR wasn't made to compete with it. It's a commercial prototype and something to bring out the early 2000s nostalgia. It's targeting a niche. Treat it from that point of view

  15. Luka Grenon

    Well uh hello 2016?!? Oculus quest is out.....

  16. RFID

    I think the bendy part of the glass is plastic. Maybe a glass-plastic-glass fusion material

  17. lindalewendling

    It’s funny because they said it was a supercomputer but there were no actual compute nodes aside from the RTI controller

  18. FIGHT TIME prod.

    what is the message exactly ? that cameras are bad ? Yea, they are if it's some crazy weirdo sticking it into your face for no appearent reason. In other places they have a purpose that is clear also they help when solving crimes, so f this guy

  19. Mohit Agarwal

    2020 ? Please upload new video regarding this

  20. pollotuerto

    The conteoller uses a PS4 layout, on the XBoX the left analog stick is over the Dpad.

  21. FIGHT TIME prod.

    he sticks the camera right in your face, he acts like a crazy person that's why people don't like it

  22. Niop Tres

    I hope newer versions are better

  23. sandy hunter

    its not folding glass its a plastic polymer

  24. Polar 115

    Best way to play ds emulator

  25. Numero Uno

    Hi ..Sony when do you guys want to produce smartphones?Lets compete with Iphone,Samsung,Huawei....I believe you guys can produce better....

  26. Kasra Kh

    In mansion and Benz's givin' ends to my friends and it feels stupendous

  27. Paul Lawrence

    It's coming........👽👽👽

  28. Christian NGUYEN

    Still have my pebble time

  29. AO4

    cheap… $300 is cheap? ;-;

  30. Social Media Lich

    WAAAAAH my job controlling people's thoughts makes me saaaaaaaad WAAAAAAAAAH

  31. Waynos Fotos

    The Z flip DOES NOT have a glass screen.

  32. Quinn Palanuk

    Why did that all seem so weirdly uncoordinated and like unprepared?? Isn’t this supposed to be a presentation to like investors?😂 lmfao if this is what it takes to be a billionaire nowadays

  33. Oren Xoom

    Glass scratches at level 6....but not this glass:(

  34. TheDorianTube

    Well, this video just saved me some money. That's the field of view??? hard pass.

  35. Jayden Chow

    Elon: This car has windows *Crowd*: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  36. ܐܵܕܵܡ ܒܘܼܟ݂ܪܵܐܐܘܼܓ̰ܵܓ݂ܡܠܸܟ݂

    This is not new, I recorded my EP on my iphone 😁

  37. Warrior 4 God !

    Why he name his factory Tesla and not Eli ? Why copy and old inventors, he shouldv gone with Musk

  38. Sandra Hicks

    Let me know when Mercedes roll out a MB- Transformer 🤗🥰 me and my sisters🤔 Battle Bots!!! 😏

  39. Sandra Hicks

    The screen shouldn’t be a problem if the EV vehicle can self drive 😎 Elon, that’s what’s missing in my Model X 🤔

  40. Aaron Amaral

    I was really digging it, until the price came out for the flip, rip.

  41. Epic Rhino Films

    Samsung Z Fold looks a lot like a GameBoy Advance SP when closed

  42. c.h.r edited

    It is because they don't have any hardware to show

  43. TheBatugan77

    "Can I make a phone call?" "Sure. Use John Wilke's booth.

  44. Mike Rose

    "Hello Moto" *Samsung Galaxy Z Flip released "Goodbye Moto"

  45. Invincible Storm Films 📼

    Damn 😂 😂 😂 you've gone extra hard on moto & it's 1500$ thing...... I love it 😂 great review

  46. Jose Cruz

    What’s the refresh rate ?

  47. Tabitha Barnes


  48. Sum Buddy

    I’m just waiting for a version of this that has a lifelike personality and actually acts like a dog

  49. Metalmachine467

    It wouldn't be a big deal but it was Samsung that sold you the idea that it has bendable ( glass ) on it what a joke

  50. mangoKush12

    that crease in the middle of the screen is hideous. Moto wins

  51. high land

    aw 6 hours of sleep is all they get? by law the military has to let you sleep at least 4 hours.

  52. Ella Belle Wilson

    Anyone get one of these yet? If so, are there any charging issues? Like it continually flashing yellow for days but never going green for a full charge?

  53. Laura Lewis

    No, no GMO Billy - there's a good REASON that Europe DOESN'T use seed stacking etc. Because it makes you ill! But as much as he sounds seems like he cares - he really wants is depopulatiom

  54. jahva

    Elon: car Audience: WOOOOOOO

  55. Rich Pipia

    Not worth a 100. 00 bucks

  56. Karl Smith

    It isn't actually a glass display Jerryrig proved. Does anyone know what the z stands for?

  57. Potato13

    As per usual

  58. Michael Lewis

    This phone seems so cool, and I don't care about the camera because I don't take photos from my phone anyway. I do like the way it folds, but the specs just kill it for me. They could have put in better specs and made the phone a bit thicker and we would all be much happier.

  59. Daniel Hernandez

    I don't see how this is better than the OnePlus 7 Pro. I'd much rather have that compared to this.

  60. faraon3000

    Samsung Z flip does not have a glass screen, it is plastic. Get the information right. Just watch jerryRigEverything durability test on the Samsung Z flip.

  61. David Choy

    It's not glass, watch the jerry rig everything video

  62. Lucy

    If we lie in small truths, we will lie in big truths.

  63. bluesy92

    Other than iPhone, the Samsung Note product line has the highest user retention rate. Once someone uses a stylus, they don't want to go back, so they buy the next Note when they upgrade. If Motorola doesn't continue to release a yearly stylus phone after this, people who become accustomed to it may switch to note. If they continue making a $300 Note competitor, it will be a great product. But if they stop after this one, Motorola users will switch to Samsung. They may just be driving their users away if they don't release a follow-up product.

  64. Seungchul Lee

    what is the apple watch leather strap that he wears? it looks good.

  65. S叉V叉И xxvxx

    On the outside of the iPhone fold apple should do the old school touch wheel that the iPods had, since their tech isn't there for outside/other side of the phone

  66. Bram

    Please get your facts straight.

  67. johnmonk66

    Idiots believe anything they hear. IT IS NOT GLASS, it scratches just as easy as plastic

  68. Julilolmo 19

    Waiting for this to be real


    What controller did you use

  70. Mukda Tarnawiecki

    What happens when the robot breaks down?

  71. Brendan Javadian

    It has alot more merit than what The Verge is making it out to be. Obviously next year's model will have smoothed out all the rough edges🙏🔥🤘

  72. Oxi Clean

    Why does he talk so damn fast? 5:56 What does he mean by milli meter wave? What is all this nerd language? Not everybody is gonna know what youre talking about bro. And why is the background music always so loud in verge videos???

  73. Connie Bauer

    get a cheap treadmill + SEsels videos.