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Supervising Producer: Phil Esposito
Senior Directors: Christian Mazza, Vjeran Pavic
Directors: Becca Farsace, Alix Diaconis, Brennan King
Producer: Felicia Shivakumar
Audio Engineer: Andrew Marino
Design Director: Will Joel
Senior Motion Designer: Grayson Blackmon
Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori
Social Media Manager: Dilpreet Kainth

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  1. Gamer reeep Yt

    I am quite curious about that because the effect to the environment is quite important!

  2. Gamer reeep Yt

    Is the flexible laptop better for the environment?

  3. Strange Musafir

    Facebook has been in so hurry that's it has lost trust in order to earn more income

  4. Merged Gamer


  5. Deniz Baran


  6. Дмитрий Глуздов

    К сожалению, настоящий без СИЛЫ не сделаешь:(

  7. Captain Draeger

    Team Raddish

  8. ƵiRro

    This doesn't stand a chance with JerryRigEverything

  9. roouit patan

    Elon Musk: Maybe that was little too hard. Someone's career ended.

  10. I comment JoJo references

    3:16 that's what he said

  11. adudenamedDave

    I'm not sticking my finger in Alexa. That's where I draw the line.

  12. Andre Amelo

    All too expensive dont buy any of these unless u win one

  13. MindManifestator


  14. Landrew MacKinnon

    I thought he would just complain about not being able to use this on your lap. Much of the video showed it on Laps. But, it was actually a really accurate review. I just bought one for half price with free keyboard and pen. Would 100% return it if it had not been half price. Lags, shut off. But I like the screen and speakers and large size. Still undecided. What's a better choice guys and gals?

  15. Sippin Wid Sharlele

    Seems like everyone here has upgraded from the 6s to this 😍😂

  16. Jeremy Ko

    Wtf. apple! Get all these ports back to my mbp !

  17. CHARLES 13X

    This story is like 20 years too late, lol

  18. 春人鈴木

    We have created the new Armor Cybertruck Toyota: Are U Sure Bout That?

  19. Schalk Smit09

    I subscribed and looking forward to see more

  20. Inno Mks

    1:20 *Glass shatters Elon Musk : U R FIRED !!!

    1. roouit patan

      I want to mount a General Dynamics Heavy Plasma gun on the back and roar it across the nuclear wasteland of L.A. 2029

  21. Schalk Smit09

    Nice video

  22. Cunt

    2:12 them nails tho

  23. Úlfhéðnar Viking

    Is that HOMER SIMPSON project car?

  24. Jasurbek Aminov

    The new leader of Microsoft is super cool!

  25. Jasurbek Aminov

    Microsoft: Reborn...

  26. yuuto144

    B O R N M O B I L E

  27. Death Painful

    I think that ash tray on you're head is causing loss of brain function and intellect.

  28. Workstation we


  29. Hi Boi

    This reminds me of a roblox car

  30. X3RUBIM

    damn, thats an unlikeable chap

  31. yoann larignon

    0:17 this guy barely hit the car

  32. Greg ZorkenNacon

    The design was horrible to be honest

  33. Farhan Utshaw

    I want a phone with Type C port, water resistant feature, sms, call, google maps, uber and settings apps. Nothing else

  34. Tha BeatBoi

    Elon: Takes flintstone, gives it wheels, bad windows and a battery. Elon: This is the CyberTruck!

  35. Forglie

    The new Minecraft Horses.

  36. Pașca Alexandru

    Ebikes are the *present.*

  37. Herman Robles

    I want to be your guinea passenger

  38. Herman Robles

    Yes I'll volunteer

  39. Lukas Merlin

    Did you guys really copy the Palace Clothing brand Logo?

  40. John Bux

    Does where it set remind anyone a little of humane labs?

  41. no name

    Serious question : how reliable are the battery's and how much to replace one if they fail??? A friend of my dad bought a electric smart for 20k and after 5 years of around town driving ( no long distances ) the battery failed and smart wanted 15k for a replacement. That means 3k a years for battery use

  42. Aakrit shahi


  43. B4D-W0LF

    I like that the fact that this truck split an audience. I want one Wish I can Offord it, though.

  44. John Cee

    That steering wheel is cancer.

  45. Caleb Conde

    Thank god the Porshe Taycan's screens didn't short circuit and come into contact with the rest of the system!

  46. jan leos

    Esta chingona

  47. Peeper Creeper

    i actually would prefer this over a lamborghini

  48. Xavier Dennis

    LOL. Dating app notifications. Nice way to put it out there.

  49. Sandy Amaral

    This is an INCREDIBLE idea. Of course I would love to pick a house and have it built in a factory!!! Such a simple process!!

  50. Ashley Vanegas

    David Dobrik fina buy this just watch 😭

  51. Darksaber DC

    Tons of Car Companies: We are now presenting the new models of cars for 2020. It’s gonna be awesome. Also Car Companies: why is there boss music?? Tesla with the New Cybertruck: * *Avengers Theme song comes in the background* *

  52. ajay shinde

    Inovation is=alon musk like if agree👍

  53. renaki_k

    after this fail test elion musk lost $768 million in a day

  54. Ashad Tellis

    Everyone who was on this project has not been seen since 🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  55. whocantexplain

    I love how the bed opens up that’s awesome

  56. Paradigm _sh1ft

    I want to mount a General Dynamics Heavy Plasma gun on the back and roar it across the nuclear wasteland of L.A. 2029

  57. Kimiwa Sadat

    or you could buy Airpods or earbuds

  58. hawkeye2728

    Just ordered 5, cellular

  59. ARMS

    someone forgot to render the truck

  60. Huguito ✔

    What??? This is old technology, im impressed now because youtube recommend this masterpiece only on 2019

  61. Paul Rice

    Don’t waste my time, my horse 🐎 can take me home while I am drunk 🥴 and it only cost $40 dollars 💵

  62. Nanda Kishore

    Elon: glass undestructible.... JerryRig: well glass is glass...it breaks... Elon: it didn't go through....

  63. Branden Perry

    Even $200 seems extremely expensive.

  64. BrianHN

    Buying myself one for Christmas

  65. X-MISMA-X

    Google Glass looked cooler

  66. schlaznger

    I think Yoda sliced his eyebrows off. Maybe that's how good his lightsabers are.

  67. CJ Loh

    Microsoft: I give what consumer wants. Apple: I give what we want to sell. Microsoft wins.

  68. John Wallace

    I’m not buying any more Microsoft ARM products. I purchased the original Surface that was ARM based. In less than 2 years they announced they (Microsoft) were stopping development for it. So the few developers that were actually developing for it stoped their work. It killed any new apps for it. Are you willing to fall into that trap? Don’t buy this product!

  69. chip599XX

    Tesla Cybertruck will be used by the Videogame Republic of 2050 to replace the Mercedes-Benz G65 6x6

  70. Константин Хорев

    Как он активируется так и не показали.

  71. Sheldon J Plankton

    What was with the glass demo? Was that not supposed to happen? Lol

  72. Gremanations

    Less bites, higher speed.

  73. FBI

    Tesla had one job And failed

  74. FBI

    Hehe came here from gta

  75. Bob S

    Better than dumping it in the ocean

  76. Tiff'sTravels2012

    Unfortunately, my drive is one hour and I would need to get on the highway because I live in the county and the office is in the city and there is no way to get to my home and the office without getting on the highway.

  77. Alex Ong

    I really like the watch face he uses in the review, any idea which watch face is that ? TIA

  78. Mee3uk

    Audio quality is actually pretty decent, mic quality is terrible and why I'm looking to replace them

  79. InfinityEdits OnDaGo

    that’s snapchat++ it gives u viruses

  80. Obi Wan Kanobi

    Do you have to recharge or change the batterys

  81. gtoss chddy

    1965: In the future we'll have flying cars 2019: And here's the car from everyone's childhood scrapbook

    1. Miguel lopez

      1980s: in the future we will have blocky cars meant for a dystopian technological future. 2019 Elon: fine then, I'll do it my self .

  82. gabriela santos

    Am i the only one who rhinks the design is awsome?

  83. Clark Adams

    Does she have abnormally long fingers or is it just me? Maybe its the camera angle? lol


    The Minecraft truck

  85. Polar Pack

    hmm they have on for 200$ at disney land

  86. KWRD

    Power of first and second hit xD


    Some random company worker: You want shock absorbing glass? Elon: I'm sure our glass can handle a hard impact Ball: Allow me to introduce myself

    1. gtoss chddy

      Hessliger stil

  88. Julia Maria

    Meu deus, que carro feio... Algum brasileiro?

  89. Arnie Carlson

    Can the GoPro Max shoot bracketed photos? I am thinking of getting a Ricoh Theta 360° camera, but the battery is not replaceable and the memory is internal only. Plus it only really works tethered to a phone. I don't care so much about video. I need bracketed still shots to make true HDR still images for use in 3D applications.

  90. R& G

    Does military use this armoured car?

  91. Pinecone Ett

    Cyberpunk 2077: pretty cool I guess Cybertruck 2019: I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW

  92. Dom V22

    My friend bought this for his two dogs, after about three weeks they just continued to bark all the time expecting treats

  93. koraleq 24

    Elon Musk failed here but I belive That he will achieve something greater in future thank Tesla

  94. SDFF

    Get the Science Guy in there... he knows his stuff

  95. Vladimir S

    Она же и стелс мобиль.

  96. Andre Cvijovic

    Customer service is HORRABLE. My laptop is crushing and service did nothing. I sent laptop 3 times already and every time is the same thing. GOOD LUCK with their service. I am disappointed

  97. Isabella Hansen

    I need this

  98. YahJoshua Riley

    Lights: High-graphics Frame: Low-graphics Interior: Low-graphics

  99. Mohd Hazim

    He didn’t hit it that hard bruhhh

    1. Miguel lopez

      Try hitting you car with half the stregth and see what it does to your door.

  100. Torin Lupo

    2025: squares with wheels