The Key & Peele channel is the place to watch comedy sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose Comedy Central show took on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as far-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  1. Warren K Bell Jr

    Key&Peele are off the charts funny.

  2. G3NTL3

    I would love to see these guys come up with something not race related.

  3. Angel Anna Prophecy Watcher

    Key and Peele are 2 evil Nephilim demons.

  4. Jerryfira Hall

    Look like Obama 😂😂

  5. David T

    When you know the answer, but the teacher wants you to explain how you got it.

  6. Angel Anna Prophecy Watcher

    Key and Peele are 2 evil Nephilim demons.

  7. realrinat

    its gonna be me after my 30es

  8. J L F III

    Woke black people be like

  9. Atara HaShirazi

    I felt every bit of that last 25 seconds. The emotional pain, the soothing feel of your mouth filling with creamy sweet ....let me stop before I cry a little.

  10. cerulean sparrow


  11. Benjamin Mairs

    1:17 when a sexy nurse asks for my height

  12. Franklin Franklinson

    Cedric forgot all about Ratatouille.

  13. kaliuchis stan

    Peele's acting is immaculate

  14. MisterTwister

    I’m like 90% sure they got this idea from MBMBAM

  15. Ashley Keane

    Weakest life support ever lol

  16. Abdenour Kouadri

    Basically mcgregor vs khabib fight

  17. Jangus Roundstone

    Tackle and grapple!

  18. Horulus Dalius

    Fake *ss dude acting like a OG

  19. Mr. Q

    There a good comedy duo. Hey big man...

  20. returnoftheredeye

    Was that Uncle Ruckus (no relation) at the end?

  21. Xavier Xavier

    What a good study technique

  22. russell zhu

    Brothers, brothers, brothers; that’s why you got to wait before you jump to conclusions

  23. Zétanta

    Didn't want to sit down and got shanked, then died shortly after. CONSEQUENCES

  24. nakeeya howard

    homies are black white asian and mexican

  25. Das atmende Klarsein

    Most soldiers in the Civil War died from diarrhea.

  26. Mikayla Wysocki

    Literally the Star Wars fandom

  27. Tony McLaughlin

    When you have absolutely no idea about middle eastern culture and don't give a fuuuug.

  28. yeetus fetus

    I just finished watching Balls of Fury like 3 weeks ago and Jordan is just flinging balls in his mouth, what a nice coincidence for me

  29. Brittany Wright

    😂🤣😂 And the painting on the background.

  30. Das atmende Klarsein

    If you come from the Balkans, this hits close to home. :D

  31. W report

    When I see this video im realy not proud to ne french.

  32. Brittany Bilbrey

    This skit never gets old.

  33. Randy Bobandy

    Did Stanley go to that Alicia Keys concert and get high wtf

  34. Nice.

    Babies are demons but the mothers are kids

  35. Jesse Collins

    Nut eating ASMR.


    Bruh I'm confused

  37. Suhrob Urokov

    I'm actually surprised how they haven't already thrown you in here with me😆



  39. Oliana Kamoto

    Why this video make me upset though?

  40. Alison DiLouie

    This is pretty much me looking at pics of myself from a year ago before I started Drinking.

  41. Budder Doge

    They used the halo 3 sniper rifle sound effect

  42. Oliana Kamoto

    Bro I thought we was going to go all the way back where the only music there was, was wind bro?

  43. MOOD Films.

    That wig tho.

  44. M1Anut

    How about ignoring the whole button pressing brainwashed mindset and cross the street using your eyes and common sense.

  45. Lucille Francois

    Actual story: I forgot where I parked so I just kept looking into people’s windows if their car looked like mine. During christmastime.

  46. OscubaSteve g13

    Imagine this in dubstep

  47. Kaizo David

    I felt this in my soul

  48. Talim Palomino

    Janitor: “bagels are for sales associates” Him: “you dare use my own spells against me POTTER”

  49. jane hyden


  50. David Mendoza

    In a manga called Golden Kamui a character who is in the military does literally this same exact thing but they play it off pretty good. I recommend it.

  51. Ziron2008

    real life story yo LOL

  52. Epoinen

    So this is heaven for Charlotte Richards

  53. Kami Star

    Poor Albania and Macedonia, they really don't deserve that ...

  54. RealCrime Documentary

    God how many more videos i have to watch for you to release me from this endless loop K&P 😥

  55. Breezy Mink

    So are we just not gonna talk about that haircut??

  56. Cash Coda

    1:37 for 10 seconds he is almost bursting into laughter himself but he managed to hide it REAAAALY well

  57. Ryan Dickerson

    "I'm getting too old for this shit" Lethal weapon poster would have been great

  58. Andre Bencosme


  59. Manly Tears

    FUCK. This ain't funny for people who got into a car accident. Like seriously, fuck.

  60. Sean Naamani

    He threw in "HATED" by GG Allin & The Murder Junkies

  61. Matt Little

    Funny stuff,, we used to play care bear,, try. To pick which Care Bear,,. Share bear,, luv the skit,,. So funny,,. ". Let's sell some Crack,, Definitely a double ,,"" Like",. Krazy funny,, thanks,,

  62. IckyStickyOils

    There is no such thing as being white and being above everyone else maybe in the 1900s but like honestly, people suck and there will always be racism and some fuck took my comment down. Ain't an offensive comment its facts.

  63. topeagle7044981

    "Oh damn.. Now i see it... Now i see it."

  64. Kat Mon

    This was so good haha

  65. Watch Me DIY It

    “That’s not even a good fan.” 🤣🤣🤣

  66. Narendra Balapa

    " why would you do something that's already done"- well elon musk had one child, and then proceeded to have six more....

  67. Bwana Lawi

    When was this filmed? I don't recall Stanley taking a day off

  68. dd 2016

    He wasn't wrong about nyt being a second rate news organization.

  69. Shamim sk

    Love the way they both humiliate each other in every skit

  70. Emari Jacoway

    Sorry for the inconvenience y’all

  71. Matthew Handley

    Omg was that the voice actor from kung fu panda? The duck dude? I swear they sounded the same

  72. nandini agrawal

    Is that captain jason CJ from BROOKLYN NINE NINE at 10:20???

  73. Black Thread

    He either doesn’t have a cool down, or he’s busting dry which has to hurt like hell

  74. AWolf

    180 degree line

  75. Sam Abawi

    leia’s theme

  76. Ghezzksjshgs Sisjns

    why is this so acurate 😂🤣🤣😂

  77. Daniela Antonia

    The man behind the Director us so funny🤣

  78. Tookie Jackson

    Come on playa, we'll have the soup to start and the First main you suggested and surprise us with dessert.

  79. Daniela Antonia

    The 80's aestethic is perfect😍

  80. King Don

    so we not gone acknowledge how hard the beat is ?

  81. RoAcH812

    Sad dude would ACTUALLY wear stuff with tags still on. Ya DONT LOOK COOL!!!! YA LOOK STUPID AS HELL!!!!

  82. SorinMKiss

    Cartwright and Pretzel day, goooood!

  83. deafwing

    I ....heaaaaar you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  84. Mr.B


  85. C T

    The McMichael’s

  86. Browns Talk

    If I get to be a boss and interview people I'll be doing this 😂

  87. Poppomatic

    Haha a huge Dave Navarro, Jason Momoa does look like that a lot

  88. Pectoralis

    I haven't seen this one. HOWWWW??

  89. Ok Now

    I really want to hear his Gummo song.

  90. monkeyman monkeyman

    Ok but the buttons don't do anything

  91. Tyson Nyasha

    The detective is not his boss...He was also just using the posters to help him

  92. Musicfirst yessir

    The manly tears line reminded me of Coach Hines so much😂

  93. JFOV

    youthful commerce XD