The Key & Peele channel is the place to watch comedy sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose Comedy Central show took on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as far-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  1. Hamad Khan

    Wand with the silencer ?? lmfao

  2. Pardon My Grammar

    Actually, I'm interested in the number 2 of the top wizarding schools. Mahoutokoro? Cause that's Japanese LOL

  3. Jeff Killer

    "tyrone is that you ohh its an actual rat.." Had me real good

  4. Merle Pedersen

    Best one yet 😂😂😂

  5. Lygartz

    "Mahoutokoro" NANI!?



  7. Ysia Pitts

    "M- maybe he got the PSD"

  8. JAffacakeSON BLAHA

    13 50

  9. Darren Chen

    Make this shit a movie! This premise is worthy of the big screen

  10. Abigail Williams

    “You saw ankle bone” how he says it kills me everytime 😂

  11. Rodney

    Way to reinforce those stereotypes 👍

  12. PicaDeGalloChu Jr.

    I'm getting a cat & a rat & naming them Jamar & Tyrone.

  13. Chris Cruz

    Who would have thought how much of a cult classic this show is now. Its amazing and to prove how talented these men are one has won a Oscar and in the running for another these guys are top tier talented

  14. SiyaM Ma

    Now every time I come across a person by the name of Tyrone I will think about a rat...

  15. Gagan Deep

    1:40 Headnodes says that they score HELLA LOW



  17. ben nikoro

    Imenez would have hit that

  18. ARCANE

    Whoever wrote this script was high on some good shit :D

  19. Alvarado Cristian

    Bro I want a show over this

  20. Boy Aditya

    This could be a great "the office"-esque serial

  21. Celeste Jacquet

    Watch it long enough, it starts to sound like “ moist “

  22. Yeager Mcbipper

    THIS NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE. Someone call Mel Brooks ASAP.

  23. ben nikoro

    Racist Cop 😂

  24. JoseM

    I really have to stop drinking milk while watching these.

  25. Nik110512

    2:05 that's Keanu's predecessor

  26. Romeo Silversword

    Would pay to see a TV show about this

  27. dell cruz

    "Here's a wand with a silencer,why?,why?" that was hilarious lol

  28. Crystal Isler

    That cat Jamar had me rolling

  29. Hitokiri Battousai

    What's the punishment if you call someone a mudblood? 😂

  30. Matt kearney

    That swiffer comment had me rolling 😂😂

  31. patty pbc

    love to see that lol

  32. Chris Cash


  33. Hitokiri Battousai

    Can we get a whole movie of this? I'm Serious..

  34. Mike H

    Class :)

  35. Katherine Boquin

    Art Basel 2019 🤣🤣

  36. Ivan Duarte


  37. Bran Dy

    Playin' Quidditch on Swifters. #dead, I just can't. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    I’d watch the fuck out of this movie.

  39. Dick Longflop

    Lmfao he said we got two little n words on swifflers

  40. Anime ZOID

    Evils baby's father. .. The principal

  41. magepunk23

    W I Z A R D P E P P E R

  42. Christian Bass

    Dame that googly eye 😂

  43. LN20129

    They have Swifer mops to play Qwidditch 😂

  44. Ninja Foot

    I’m Vince Clortho, the key master, I must find the gatekeeper!

  45. Ariel L


  46. LordDeraj

    This is what Bright should have been about!

  47. Uncle Spook

    I am not gonna look forever through the comments....everyone gets the Rick Moranis thing, yeah?

  48. luisspj7

    No, thats actually a Rat ._.

  49. Trent Robey

    Isn't that Dr . Murphys bitch.....

  50. Frank Mid

    And then he wants everyone to take him serious in the twilight zone lol not after this lol

  51. Kris Raq

    The swiffers took me clean out 😂😂😂😂

  52. saleha malik


  53. kenrick

    Whole time I'm here like it's a real person in there. Then it's a mop and I'm like "Ohh wow, it's not a real person." You got me... then the mop thing with issues turns out to be alive o.o" You got me again.

  54. Citizen4

    Sooo gooooooood script. I want a movie

  55. Blarf Darf

    Wait.... how does this channel just have this video nine hours ago when I seen it months ago

  56. Micahl09

    Definition of if you ain’t talking money I don’t wanna talk🤣💯

  57. Ben Bacharach

    Why isnt this a tv show already

  58. ryublueblanka

    Lol @ Jason Ruiz's School for Wayward Boys

  59. sneha kadam

    1:58 *"One kid got transformed into a Cat,and they cant afford to change him back"* lol..🤣

  60. LegalizeMyGarden

    Reupload ?

  61. God: The MISSiah!!!

    Hi My MOST beautiful Holy 3/4 God 1/4 👼 husband son❤ and boy❤ together forever eternity. LOVE infinity 🕯 thank u Key for agreeing to head My Court as Lead Court Jester: the HIGHEST position in God's Court :) i Love y'all!!! 🙋God💋

  62. Justin Feathers

    Is there any way y’all can make this a real show?

  63. Christina Luv


  64. Mouse Trap

    "We got two little niggas on swiffers"🤣

  65. ryublueblanka

    🗣️ - "World Star!" 👏🌌🙌💫🌟

  66. Too Mann

    Thee best key and peele concept pretty good video too

  67. VanishingPuppet

    I feel like Key and Peele's skits are just parallel universes of the same people always at each others' throats.

  68. Andrian Sogocio

    Oh mahhh gawddd I need to get in Academy of War Mage!!!!

  69. Moo Kitty

    Jimenez was a proud thug that took no shit from no cop, then he meet Meegan

  70. Moo Kitty

    Jimenez was a proud thug that took no shit from no cop, then he meet Meegan

  71. Moo Kitty

    Jimenez was a proud thug that took no shit from no cop, then he meet Meegan

  72. Fluffy, The Dignified Old Cat

    "The Salem Witches Institute" loool No kidding the ad to this vid is a game with a Salem trial theme lol

  73. Juan Mi Pibernus

    Guys, I think the principal might even be in denial!!! ... D,X

  74. James Prime

    1:16 red shirt guy walks through security. 1:21 red shirt guy walks through security again. Or maybe his twin brother? Wow. This goes deeper than I thought 🤔

  75. LFP Gaming

    *A wand with a silencer!*

  76. M L

    The nails are killing me

  77. Titanium Tiara

    This was a hilarious idea for a skit.

  78. Cadell Green

    A wand with a silencer...

  79. torinkyifh


  80. Tobias Hansen

    It's uncle Rucus XD

  81. Jalen Brown

    said “girl it’s me”!!!! lmaooo!!!!

  82. Orange Juice Simpson

    3:41 That's what you call a jerk-off

  83. Papi Proximo

    Jamar the cat did it for me ☠

  84. LFP Gaming

    There K&P go again... sucking me into a binge-watch of their episodes =/

  85. AsianSmartAsh

    He probably mixes and matches Job experiences on his resumes X) School: So why should we hire you? Him: Well I am a black belt who has taught students and I'm a surgeon who knows anatomy pretty well. School: ... Someone HIRE this man. LOL

  86. L333ize

    Might be the best thing I’ve ever seen

  87. Saira Garcia

    🤣😂 a mop hahahah oh man

  88. Rell BANG We got 2 lil niggas on swifters 🤣🤦‍♂️

  89. The Mechanic 7

    Wizard pepa.... lol

  90. Jeff

    "One student got changed into a cat!" *Pets cat* "This right here is Jamar"

  91. M L

    I GAVE UP THE GHOST at "maybe he got the psd" 😫🤧

  92. Squishy Potato


  93. yen xion

    1:35 wow they did their homework.

  94. Trapp Doob

    161.) Abracadabra school for special needs wizards 😂😂😂💀

  95. Texocracy

    I want to know more about academy #173. "Moomy Plopfern's High School for Dolts".

  96. Johnston Steiner

    Key and Peele: renaming and reposting content since forever

  97. Byrdman 51/50

    "Half the team back here riding mops", "we got two lil niggas on swiffers". I bout died!!

  98. Thomas Callahan

    They forgot last year their school got 4 billion in aid that disappeared. Typical Democrat run district.

  99. Desmund Tan

    "you know what?! You wanna go? let's go! " I'm been here for the past 15 years taking care of mum and dad Perfect line for this loser...

  100. onlyonepaige

    wow. this is giving me ptsd 😂😂