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  1. EllipTypical

    I heard the face slimmer description read as: "Use the stretcher 3 mins per day simply by wrapping the ends of the ass around your ears and placing the mouthpiece...etc"

  2. Jake Whitaker

    What the fuck is that song as fox is climbing

  3. Andrew Padilla

    I’m standing up while watching...

  4. Steel Gh0st

    8:21 Vibe check

  5. Joseph Dale

    2342 equals bush did 9 11

  6. Hugo Vasquez

    Btw the Barcelona cathedral isnt even finished. Yes they are still Building that Thing....

  7. Zachary Delgadillo

    Plot twist they flex glued the building.

  8. Jeremiah Sanchez

    is it sad that i know the whole virgin america song

  9. Eric Davis

    Me when my teacher is giving a lecture 6:43

  10. Adam Stevens

    The story of how he died was literally just "the princess bride" gone bad

  11. Hayleigh Gavaldon

    Raisins are toxic to dogs.

  12. TheSquirrelLIV

    Shout-out to Geisel Library @ UCSD

  13. Gacha_JJ_ Playz

    Its 2019

  14. Carlos Solis

    1:58 bootleg dio’s stand the world 🤣

  15. Alastair Corsair

    lol Cosby, darker than ever now isn't it.

  16. killercanadian01

    separatists = star wars.

  17. 15gladuis

    My highschool did indeed teach us all of this. But! I still enjoyed the ranting

  18. Coffee

    _died_ *_OOOHHHHHH_*

  19. Luke Heffernan

    4:22 Perhaps the raisins are a substitute for cigerettes/cigars (which these detective characters are fond of), because raisins are rumored to be bad for dogs. What a truly intellectual masterpiece this movie is.

  20. kitay 17

    One of your little brothers or sisters crying... FLEX TAPE 😂😂😂

  21. yawtsoobuh


  22. Jotaro Kirby

    15:14 Is that a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure reference?

  23. Wolfie chu

    How to keep your life together STEP 1: UsE FlEx TApE!!!~~

  24. The Ninja Figure

    I had to watch some of these PSA's in health class

  25. Peach

    12:14 I was not expecting Die Antwoord (song is happy go sucky fucky)

  26. Cameron Durham

    4:28 Spoiled kids on Dr Phil be like

  27. Z

    Yes jon, the snake convention of 1912 was the planned destination of the titenic

  28. Stickman

    Feels like Jon had wikipedia in one tab and nakeyjakey in the other before making this video

  29. David Richardson

    Stop saying "my dude" and wearing beanies. You're not a hipster. And that's what you should really be thankful for.

  30. Exotic Adam

    7:24 RAPE

  31. xblowsmokex

    Yeah not naming this the Soulja Boy was a huge fail. I would have bought 3. Edit:whoops

  32. Gio Pentangeli

    When you have to buy a advertisement

  33. tozt lord


  34. Jared Lavette


  35. Khaos Drawz

    When Yohnny started "talking" to Sylvia I actually thought he was talking and not JonTron X'D

  36. Amanda White

    Please sing more I beg you

  37. Edbeebop

    okay okay fine i won’t do no drug

  38. Mr. PUGLuigi

    Jontron you are a good man, may both sides of your pillow forever be cool

  39. Google это мусор.

    Jack T. Chick died on my birthday.

  40. Alastair Corsair

    i'll give them this, they news paper actually is real txt they show, A hollywoodland rarity xp

  41. Cake n Bacon

    when you die and someone makes a movie about your death and then spin-off games and you don’t even get money from any of the pop culture

  42. WorldWideRandomProductions

    If it makes you feel better Jon, they do discuss Jamestown in college classes, and these same college classes are just beginning to talk about Rowan Oak.

  43. Mateo Casados Velez

    ?watst he name of the song od pbg gamer?

  44. You Hit My Car Abc

    Man, JonTron. I Just love how you as an individual creator have built this amazing platform for you, your employees, and your fans. Just beautiful. P.S I fucking LOVE the animation with Jon and Ethan. Lmfao what a bunch of goofs

  45. 1,999,999 views

    He looks like rip off bill Murray.

  46. Alex Skelton

    I've watched this movie a while ago and sadly thought it was good

  47. Joseph Sproule

    13:55 I'M INVINCIBLE

  48. PapaToasty


  49. Tea Time

    That’s not work safety that work dum dum

  50. Vizibl Entertainment

    When Taika Waititi is Gandalf in a airplane commercial

  51. magical_acash16

    Flex tape is a meme

  52. I Don't Get The Joke

    That train part was amazing.

  53. Lightning Underpants

    Is it just me or was "The chick who drives the horse" fucking gold?

  54. Poached_Egg

    Jon, I don't know what you're on about. We definitely learned about Jamestown in school.

  55. Flamexpanda nani

    5:13 Buddy calm down

  56. Austin Benson

    *mash square to pay off your student loans* me: laughs in high school problems

  57. BurnSchulz

    In all honesy, i really like that game. it was strange and different from starfox 64 but i never had any problems with it

  58. Twistedspoon

    racecars dont need headlights, because the track is always lit.

  59. Mathy Don

    Just imagine for a moment if the Rock had horribly killed his wife and her friend... that's about the closest equivalent I can think of for the level of shock when it came out. We're all so used to OJ being seen as a killer but there was a time he was a goofy, likable star of Naked Gun and TV presenter

  60. Capn Danpool

    Mos esiley is on tattowin Jon u silly bitch

  61. Gosgaming

    pink guy is at the end

  62. William Floor

    11:39 it’s so bad I thought it was a jontron edit at first

  63. Dark Knight

    Mary Christmas jon!

  64. Dave The Destroyer

    Jontron, all I want for Christmas is to hear you sing some more. Currently lisrening to your Firework cover while I cook some stir fry

  65. Christopher Rosa


  66. Peter Jensen

    "The worst animated film of all time" _Laughs in Saberspark_

  67. Jimmy Ashtray

    this was clearly written by jews

  68. Peanut

    I can't wait to use this in my history class to teach it to my class

  69. Immune to Vegan Propaganda

    This video was in my recommend for so long and I just kept passing by it. Thats was foolish of me. This is gold 😂

  70. Mirmisian

    This is kinda like a less shitty version of those old Zelda cutscenes

  71. Christopher Archer

    Marv from home alone 4 was not played by jim varney he's played by french stewart

  72. Megatronus Prime


  73. Lps Boba

    Jon-has a mental breakdown in a f***ing Elsa hat

  74. John king

    Jontron flexing his n-word pass😅😅😅

  75. Tito Diaz


  76. ruben gonzalez

    I know about james town from a book called blood on the river

  77. Infinite Flight JPC

    Damn he actually collaborated with THE Phil swift?

  78. Michael Troub

    It was flavor aid, not kool aid.

  79. Ash Williams

    Huh. I was taught that the Pilgrims founded Jamestown.

  80. Detective YUSUKE

    You're actually not Jon Tron Actor

  81. التمنييك +18

    Did jon really says "this ia the deadest nigga ever seen"

  82. Sam Judge

    Man this film looks fun.

  83. DarthFennec

    This and the Ninja Sex Party cover of Last Unicorn are still some of my favorite covers ever.