Welcome to JonTron! Hopefully laugh!

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  1. Zberwald53

    Why tf is this video demonitized

  2. Z Man

    Cardboard The game

  3. Adam Lucas

    A regular Mexican odd job

  4. Kurtis Deakin

    How have you fucking nerds not told Blizzard where to stick it by now??!!..... Seriously.... How much longer do you keep spooning down their bullshit??

  5. RedStool

    the reason why its spelt as Jerry instead of jelly is because in japan they cant use L so they use R instead.

  6. Chimp

    So i scanned the QR Code ITS A FUCKING DANCING PICKLE

  7. 1 ES


    1. 1 ES


  8. Double Slash

    I thought MAPs was Minor Attracted Peoples

  9. Dakoya

    How did he feel when he missed out on 20,000

  10. Spiffy

    I don't like the way Jon's eyes sparkle when he sees Simba hang himself

  11. Rudol Von Stroheim

    How can China do hol horse like that

  12. ME N00B


  13. Rylee Galvin

    This exposed a part of my memory I forgot was ever there lmao I used to love playing this game

  14. TopherWaln

    We need Jared next

  15. Cryptic Bëast

    Kool-Aid man: Punch me in the fucking liver! Jon: *ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA*

  16. MrCynicalOptiMystical

    The singer in the first one sounds like a drunk Persona 5 vocalist

  17. i dead

    "Now the dungeon mistress is prepping the girls."

  18. The Frost Leader

    This video made me realize that we have a bag in my house from Goop.

  19. Freddie Fulham

    That gamer sounds suspiciously like psychicpebbles

  20. Curtiss131

    54m views wtf 😂😂

  21. John Denix Sy

    Poor Jimmy

  22. Quinnton Lee-miller

    10:40 you know Jon, we wouldn’t need flex tape IF YA DIDNT KEEP BREAKING SHIT

  23. A Temperamental Octopod

    0:26 OF ALL THE PLACES where i tought i would hear ''En los años 1600, by joe aroyo'' It 100% wasn't in a jontron video

  24. Seth R.C

    This can’t have been two years ago

  25. Aiden Konig

    The fatal half inch is the guys who created the video’s name for his weiner

  26. James Stanton

    Moral of the story: use guns

  27. turner pike

    When I heard about this show I actually wanted to be on it. But like my parents weren't that willing enough to at least let me try. I would've actually been the youngest kid on the show if I did get on and since Jimmy didn't last long I'm thinking yeah maybe it wouldn't have been fun.

  28. Seth R.C

    A chicken nugget in some duck skin sitting on a turkey’s body cavity

  29. Mamodokod

    I wonder if he still uses that email

  30. Edward Clark

    It went from working together to king of the hill


    You don't fucking know how manny memes were made with this video.

  32. Daft Dog

    We need Jarred (the three years guy) on the next interview!

  33. Gabriel Ketchen

    Surprised there isn’t a Jesus joke

  34. Logan McKibbin

    Holy shit 2 grand

  35. Sosasees

    I didn't expect what I thought was a throwaway line coming true.

  36. Idk Whattonamemyself

    I want a whole jontron video where his demon side and his ragular side just swich on and off.

  37. phantomghost431

    13:39 that’s illegal

  38. Vol100000

    They grow up so fast

  39. sam west

    2:34 What is that piano song? I've been wondering gfr the longest time.

  40. Oliver Moore

    Lol Simba hanging his self is the funniest thing I seen in a while

  41. Have a banana productions

    I would end up having a revolution because i did not elect these guys and they are trying to segregate us.

  42. ToxicGhost

    "i'd bring world peace to africa"

  43. Jay Phoenix

    13:48 maybe the bat was supposed to be Count Chocula but they couldn’t get the rights?

  44. ZenPlexius


  45. Atsa Nez

    I could do all this shit easily

  46. Michael Kearney

    Why is Jon after pretending to be hit by a wrench such a mood?

  47. SubSandvich

    this gives me life

  48. Justin Perry

    the thing that Jon tron thinks is a swastika inst actually a swastika. the edges go to the right on a swastika but on this one they go to the left. its basically a symbol of peace.

  49. Benjamin Watson Fisher

    This was the first game I played as a child

  50. Gavin Anderson

    Jon, Microsoft already has 2 O’s

  51. Mon Petit Ubik

    15 minutes until I have to go get my wife. Just enough time for some ol' JonTron

  52. A To Z

    Nobody: Jon: Dr. Ho, I dOn'T cArE aBoUt YoUr ChAmOmIlE tEa, Ok? I nEeD sPiNaL sUrGeRy. 😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Brandon Edzerza

    this is good

  54. hen ko

    The first couple minutes played out like a Eric Andre sketch

  55. Fievel Grass

    This is a scam. Jimmy is eight years old you got the wrong guy

    1. hen ko

      Respect man, keep it up!

  56. Communism!

    Clash of Clans Villagers be like: 1:32

  57. Nicholette Salazar

    The part where he said I am the rarest kid missing had me laughing to death

  58. 3villdestroyer

    9:35 schools explaining how to do anything

  59. Daniel Holland

    Hey he maby played pumbas voice in the 1980s lion king

  60. Grego

    6:15 did the music get removed??

  61. VetNotes

    I only just passed my poultry module, but I don't recall any of these symptoms being present in bird flu

  62. Ravioli_boy99 7

    27:29 "Don't Smoke..." Yeah, ok. But's it's ok to escape to a foreign country on the other side of the world to do something that is classified as far worse than smoking. Yup.

  63. PopShox Gaming

    Alderaan is pretty much just Star Wars 9/11 at this point

  64. Xavier Camacho

    Ridwallet @pokimaine

  65. Lumbr

    this vid is very edgy

  66. Emily Marsh

    😂😂 the end im dying

  67. itsAriJustAri

    “Have anyone ever been nice to you?” 😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Swarley751

    Jon why did you have a picture of George Harrison in your house

  69. Emily Marsh

    why is no one talking about how hot jimmy is? what the heck man

  70. whatsername

    This movie looks terrible. Where can I get a copy?

  71. LBD Evans

    This is more historically accurate than the history channel

  72. K20p9

    11:11 jesus christ, that delivery was really ominous.

  73. EasternBlocRobotCowboy

    thats an ewok glider lol

  74. Jose Carrera

    What is the epic joke with the two guy Jon puts flex seal on?

  75. Dulee Beecham

    Out of Jon's list of harmful natural things, the only thing I saw for a moment was "Children"

  76. Nick Johnsen

    Yall crying about the pandemic has never gone to county jail or dealt with any real isolation and it reeeeeeeeeally fucking shows.

  77. Rivka S.

    These kids parents must love them

  78. vasilis theocharis

    sound like an experiment on the socio-cultural approach of psychology.

  79. Kevin Mair

    Dude...Jon, that bird shirt is fucking awesome

  80. Dalton Balusek

    I loved this show when I was a kid lol

  81. Joe Hand

    Man that Japanese one make it seem like you come to America get ready for a mugging,raping, and the worst case of the shits.

  82. Zap :p


  83. Shawn Lyall

    LOL Nameophobia😂

  84. Dio

    4:18 looks like Will Ferrell

  85. Darth Sidious Reviews

    14:16-15:10 This shit actually raised my heartbeat and was quite unsettling, disturbing and out right weiird jesus FUCK

  86. Dragonboat Nation

    “Combating world wide plagues”

  87. Dragon TV

    imagine if this was 2020 and the large gnome would say HUU ( the gnomed meme noise )

  88. derpy alien

    Fuck ethan

  89. Dr. Philosoraptor

    John: I know how being hot works Me: *childish snickering*

  90. Max Condra

    Oh my god what was that

  91. Mini_Benny12

    Anyone here during quarantine phase 3?

  92. ThaBestAnimations

    Plot twist: William actually is her dad

  93. Jem Fergie

    Man I remember enjoying this show 😂😅 things you dont realize as a child..

  94. Green Gang

    His intro hits different now

  95. Wicked c

    John tron Phill has a new product its flex paste

  96. Alexandre Martins

    Obama had something like a turducken for his inauguration banquet. They called it an American Bird Cornucopia. Of course what John made is terrible from the lack of seasoning and all the bones left in, but despite finding no sense in making stuff like that (the several meats have different cooking times, so you will end up with either something undercooked or overcooked), it's not bad per se, just pointless, IMO.

  97. XuzyAc _

    Kratos and hercules are half brothers

  98. Hishurak

    1:59 Bootleg HOL HORSE!!!! Bootleg JoJo!!!!


    For a moment in the intro it looks like the bird (I forgot how to spell his name) is wearing shoes

  100. Linear

    Does "Surviving Edged Weapons" give you resistance to Slashing damage?