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Q: Why do you steal people's videos?
A: People submit videos to me and I also ask people for permission to use their videos.
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A: I do. I tried my best to make sure I have the cheapest prices on SEsels. The link is the description of all my videos.
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  1. Coded File

    fake, the dogs are paid actors

  2. I’m BaTmAn

    Now this is what I call wrestlemaina

  3. I'll ride carefully today!

    that diabetes box

  4. jimmy neutron

    Imagine being in jail for trying to shake a guys hand

  5. Captive Active

    That rhino has splinter on its balls!

  6. gernand the great

    0:03 "what a day! What a lovely day!"

  7. ChaesMe Xx

    I swear. This is the channel that doesn't clickbait. I love it😍

  8. Alex Le plain

    2:18 here’s a box that’s more than just a box Diabetes

  9. Mark Nicolau

    Turkey 1: your face red Turkey 2: no, your face red

  10. Michael Skelton

    Those werent nasa rockets

  11. Matson Clark

    1:35 I think I now know how all these forest fires start

  12. -AAA-

    2:35 titanic could never

  13. Haaris Ahmed

    if you have asthma you know what that is

  14. Yaboi Drunkie

    That Australian guy with that weird bug on his head tho Edit: I’m saying they’re Australian as joke for their big ass bugs. Saying this for anyone without a sense of humor

  15. Gronk

    If only the water thing was true Plastic wrap underneath

  16. Mark Nicolau

    0:32 angry cashier. 0:40 cashier's face.

  17. Soggy Nuts

    lmao this is just a simulation- 3:09

  18. -AAA-

    For a moment I thought the dog was real and I got ready to throw hands and tears-

  19. Mobkun sama


  20. Twenty Juan Savage

    1:10 Africa getting mad

  21. Plague_arsena l


  22. Authentic Cover

    Sorry for your loss men

  23. Matthew DeLuca

    You know it’s a true Australian when he says “ AYE FUG OFF” to a kangaroo

  24. Supreme_ X

    1:33 where is that That looks so mythical

  25. MrsoaR

    My dad in the toilet after eating some spicy food 0:59

  26. Swift4Sweeper

    This is one of those videos whose title is one that you scroll past on the main page but then have to scroll back up to just to make sure you aren’t crazy.

  27. Lewis Allison

    It’s pronounced Lego NOT LEGOS !!!

  28. lil uzi vert

    I said Jesus when the helicopter flipped

  29. Meme Meme

    Teacher: OK kids, what sound does a cat make? Kids: Meow! Teacher: What about a bird? Kids: Chirp! Teacher: Great job! Make the sound of a koala! Kids: *The laughter of a demon that has asthma with the pitch lowered by 50%*

  30. Vanessa R


  31. Maro

    3:05 gta 6 online servers lookin pretty cool

  32. eva marie sam


  33. eva marie sam


  34. vinasu maaj

    Trained my rabbit to stay still, hasn’t moved in a couple hours

  35. Videostar

    "Dapet fotonya nggak"

  36. CrispyCampFire

    Title: the worlds smartest paper clip Me: doesn’t sound smart

  37. Minx Gacha

    2:16 when you walk to school on the first snow

  38. ItsJustGrady

    Turkey : OWO

  39. xingxing123425 :P

    I like cheese

  40. Darth Plagueis

    Kangaroos are super dangerous.. the males are super defensive and their claws can shred you up in an instant.. so if you get attacked by one cover your throat and head!

  41. Hey

    Gorilla:moves Camera guy: aight ima head out

    1. vinasu maaj

      Dang no JoJo references

  42. Sam _

    i'd shit myself if i saw my dog just fall over like that

  43. The REAL most obsessed Julie of the arts Fan!


  44. Fake____fan /

    I like how u say BAX bro , cheers

  45. Space Trooper

    No S on Lego...

  46. Joyce Weng

    The drone with a flame thrower. NOT WONDER THERES FOREST FIRES WOW :c

  47. Unique Anique

    I think the sauce is hot

  48. Angela McCampbell

    Guy: *lands on ground* Kangaroos: Y O U P I C K E D T H E W R O N G H O U S E F O O L

  49. some guy. really just a noob

    this rabbit needs the world record for the largest rabbits out there.

  50. FortniteTrollslol Lol

    How do you breathe in human burrito?

  51. Elias Deleon


  52. Russian Android


  53. i ate all your pancakes and waddled away

    i’m going skiing in a week...

  54. victor gabriel turpo

    1:03 lol

  55. Pixel Bits

    That bug bit scared me

  56. hefty magic

    1:08 like we havent seen that thousands of times..

  57. Cute Little Matafaka :3

    Now this is depression

  58. Willow Woo

    Don't blame blue for Harvey's obesity ma'am that's your fault he's just tryna make em skinny

  59. Cameron Paniptchuk

    can you imagine get biten from all those mosquito's.....SO MUCH ITCH

  60. C

    "Kangaroo gang" only one even attacked him. False Advertising.

  61. Jeremy MCSSJ

    When I tried it didn't work

  62. Kevlar Vrus 57

    The way that cat's eyes dilated....

  63. Jay Will

    Sky diver: "Wassup skip" Kangaroo: "you on the wrong side of town blood"

  64. Dustie Farrell

    2:57 pfft pls I do dat on gta every day bro

  65. Vallen Villarreal

    A hop by

  66. Kevlar Vrus 57

    The kangaroo probably thought he was some flying predator going for it's young.

  67. Bruh Moment

    Fuck it Bag in da street

  68. Th!nk Høw

    Dude I don’t think he’s itchy

  69. WiftiFive

    Happy birthday, love your videos

  70. Lemon Zest Kindness

    That snake is my spirit animal.

  71. NPR Luis

    Most satisfying titles

  72. SpaceX - KSP

    1:28 ppl gonna pull a juice wrld like that

  73. Kaw Kaw

    Please get a new narrator

  74. Earth's Army

    But do acknowledge this was a lucky moment, just think about the amount of deaths/injuries that occurred from falling off.

  75. Nidal Hassen


  76. Elijah sanders

    That cashier was funny as hell

  77. Earth's Army

    Bear prepares dry meal

  78. Recheyungel Obeketang

    It looks like udon noodles

  79. Elijah sanders

    The videos are so fun to watch but short

  80. john mccoy

    "Then everything changed when the mattress nation attacked"

  81. sulfurrZ

    I guess you could say he got attacked my a *gangaroo*

  82. Denise Mohr


  83. Kerrick B

    I notice that this may be old but do you know any 90 year old black rappers?

  84. Mehdi Assadi

    1:45 who else felt the trees about to hit you?

  85. Bunleng Pok

    Tree: goes down Bees: yahoooo

  86. MP Shorts

    0:03 ZA WARUDO!

  87. Hunter Hernandez


  88. Louie Duck

    *Mission impossible: A squirrels escape*

  89. Lucas Henriques

    mini oof

  90. Der Zuhörer

    Imagine the dog do not see his owner for 5 months....

  91. Mehdi Assadi

    1:26 is that legal in USA?!

  92. sloopy productions

    1:23 Me: "I feel like eating something." *eats* My Mom: "Did you gain weight?"

  93. Brenda Luna

    Almost 2020 and people still think that going to the jungle is a good idea

  94. UltimateChoji An

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was 100% clickbait, then I saw that it was from this channel and decided to check it out, and holy shit, it wasn’t a click bait, wtf.

  95. Fox Nut

    Kangaroos are evil like really evil

  96. RaisuAMV

    Imagine you standing ON THE CROSSWALK

  97. Tin Nguyen

    So no ones talking about the sketchiness of those two dudes riding along like the thinnest cliff in the world

  98. Pyingu memeru'

    1:59 *gangbang*

  99. Dylan Hutton


  100. Domac Kelj

    Well if I saw a flying kangaroo I would go mug it too. Its all abt perspective