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  1. Ayden Mcgonigal

    If you showed more, eventually the grebes would’ve ran on the water like they were in scooby doo or something.

  2. Richard Wolfe

    KEN ONION Best Knives Ever Made

  3. 10,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos

    Can We All Just Be Grateful That This Guy Never Clickbaits Us.

  4. Caesar Galvan

    Why Amtrak

  5. Lewis

    that lizard did not look like it was moving in 16 minutes

  6. thea 123

    İ got Turkish ice cream alot and I'm in turkey right now

  7. Orson in charge

    Organ worth 1 mill , thief : "Yayas" It takes up multiple rooms ... thief : nahh i'm a'ight

  8. EddieMC

    0:28 Beerus falling asleep just as he was about to destroy Earth.

  9. Mier3D

    0:23 well i think someones wallet got hurt

  10. [FF] FIREFOX

    I thought that galaxy was a bunch of pixels

  11. did i ask

    Bulls brawl stars super in a nutshell

  12. Colt Slow Toke Taylor

    2:35 The kid missed it just so we could be looking at the camera like a cool. I guess cool guys don’t look at explosions or majestic sea creatures breaching out of the ocean surface like a kraken.

  13. tikki -vids

    Happy birthday

  14. minecreeper04

    Sorry for you loss 😢 stay safe

  15. Vahn XVI

    Dude i saw my dog doo that id probaby die of a heart attack

  16. Boxermine

    I just typed to be the 12.000 comment

  17. Jonathan Kammerer

    Employee: What can I get you today? Customer: Yeah I’ll order an espres- Bus: BUSPRESSO

  18. Colt Slow Toke Taylor

    Just like a puppy.

  19. Jazmeen Dure

    when i was in my aprtment and wind was ssooo strong THE DOOR LITTERY BUST OPEN WHEN IT WAS LOCKED

  20. Ben Webster

    1:38 I found out what started the forest fires in Australia

  21. Dissolved

    There’s only one sun ☀️ and that’s ours. The rest are just stars

  22. Seaf Halabi

    Your suns are so small , that they barley light up a full pixel

  23. So98_Milky

    Reason why TikTok is interesting: guy opens spoiled milk 2020

  24. Valeria Young

    aaaaaaww the cat is so cute<3

  25. dalusa81

    woah almost broke the SEX SWING???!!!

  26. Chinmay Pathak

    On the road


    Voice is annoying asf.

  28. daria L

    I've had over 100 doses of internet today.

  29. Anthony litt

    Animals are so smart

  30. Emeric Siebenbrodt

    That's a lynx.

  31. Jesus Suburbia

    Sounds like leafy

  32. [] * [] Faithful Luvs[] * []

    1 of the clips.. *Hi everybody* *HEHEHEHEHE*

  33. antivaxxnugs

    If the bus was going backward couldn't they have gone forward?

  34. Megasons3 Plays

    "the amazon rain forest is getting smaller everyday due to it being cut down" corona: well yes, but actually NO

  35. Boulbebazz Bouaziz

    Watch out Watch out Watch out Body slam

  36. DiamondSmootlemon 900

    Finally I can prove the earth is not flat 😜

  37. QuazaTD

    I didn’t know my dad was a tattoo

  38. cedric dekemele

    gotta love how animals always find some rediculous way of entertaining thier owners

  39. PotatoGamer 1227

    Sea doggo

  40. Lilian Flower

    Give me him,he's perfect-

  41. Dimitri

    Ir is not buffalo it is blow wille beeste it is afrikaan kry dit in jou kop

  42. Anthony litt

    Why are they bothering the polar bears Smfh get a life

  43. Madmalor

    That's a real life glitch.

  44. Voyd

    Who else watched him open the milk in slo mo

  45. Ricardo Espinoza

    Imagine trying to do what this guy did, where there's a giant, deep dark hole that enters the deep sea right below you. You fall down but can't swim up, the force of the water keeps pulling you down. Then you see as you're falling into that deep dark hole.

  46. (STUDENT)William Giles

    Your uploads may not be daily, but they’re more daily than YIAY

  47. Paikea Higurashi

    I think during a time like this, Praise Daily Dose Of Internet.

  48. Toebiwankonobi

    Can’t believe you’ve made a career of reposting videos on SEsels lmao mind blowing.

  49. Shalomi Muhia

    Hello everyone this is your corona dose of Internet

  50. perish mitsuki

    Fire Art : Fire Touch

  51. Dr1Zzy2x

    So anyone notice that 666?

  52. Paula Calkins

    My 2nd grade teacher makes those candles that spiral

  53. Puma Bear

    ✨First.. I truly love you're channel. I've been a subber to you're channel for many years. I've been very loyal to you😊 "BUT".. I've noticed you're videos lately.. have been not as good as you usually do😬 I say this out of love, and not out of meaness. You're either distracted, or maybe you're heart is not in it anymore? (Or maybe just a need to small vacation?) Either way, my friend, I will keep watching, "hitting that like button", and leave a small comment! ✨-with love and loyalty✨ Puma bear💛✨

  54. FallingBarii


  55. Aabevs

    Is that leaft talking LMFAO

  56. Anthony litt

    😂 so cute

  57. Jfreek5050

    Satan: Bruh, you think I let fire burn where I sleep? Do you shit where you eat?

  58. Karina Lissi-Du Bois

    That baby is so new that it looks like an animatronic. So cute!

  59. mckenzie kenny

    Daily dose of internet always makes da best content

  60. Anne den Tex

    So we are just gonna ignore the dog buried in sand eating some bread

  61. bXw

    When your mom says pass the controller to your brother 0:09

  62. BIG HEAD tiny body Productions

    Those Russians...

  63. bXw

    2:38 me when I feel a cobweb waft in my face

  64. Hannah Jenkins

    That dog was on x games

  65. Vysion

    Why did they even film this?

  66. QuixHunter

    Don't be shy, put some more 😁

  67. Sean LaBarrie

    The coffee shop is like my mind. The bus is my anxiety.

  68. Fishy 1000 subs with no videos

    I love your work

  69. Luca Dinu

    thats a aloe vera okey not catcus

  70. Joan Way

    Imma say this again this guy never click bait us. We stan

  71. Weltenesser

    Boy, how many years will it take until you realise the first couple miliseconds have an audioglitch.

  72. Dill Dough

    That wasn’t a deer that was a hitman. The guy must’ve ran over his cousin.

  73. 2028 Keeler Lubrano

    hi jason

  74. Andrei -Aj


  75. Corona Radiata

    Nemesis dog?

  76. WgoodT - with good taste

    0:28 - She really wanted bacon for breakfast. LOL

  77. Particle Falls

    Me:looks through bus Kids:LET ME DRIVE THE BUS

  78. DroneSPARKY

    1:52 Can we just talk about how that guy in the back is just casually sitting in his sky chair?

  79. Errons H

    You are the most honest non-clickbaiter youtuber that exists on earth

  80. Dark CleZa

    I dont know if yall know he stole this content from a spanish youtuber called "un poco de todo"

  81. JDW2

    that cat went:oh shi a dogg

  82. woAHH -


  83. Sebastián Carbonell

    3:10 nooo mi pana manuel

  84. Cheryl


  85. SuperPlush Bros YT

    Poor kitty... Im glad she lived a nice and fun-filled life

  86. Jack Friend

    Dog: takes sock Me: so you've been framing my washing machine for all the missing socks?🤨

  87. Martimus Prime

    So glad they took the time out from destroying the world with a deadly virus to jump rope.

  88. Kawaii Ravenclaw Princess

    Roses are red, violets are blew, I did not search for this and neither did you

  89. KareBear

    I swore youve uploaded this video before...

  90. zahraa alsheukh

    You never took a bite so I could see if the bread is real not

  91. Skull Spade

    0:38 LABRON!!!

  92. Reuben O'Connell

    2 : 16 my dog does that! ( only she makes tiny hiccup noises instead ) also sorry to hear bout your cat

  93. Scarlet's Unicorns

    1:40 me after quarantine (i know this was a year ago but still i feel that)

  94. Damen, The Soviet Engineer

    ''Luckily the dog was not hurt'' IS that the thing that only MATTERS?

  95. Sebastian Cavazos

    Fire cant go through doors stupid, its not a ghost!

  96. BigNooshGaming

    Welcome to the drive thru cafe!

  97. Anuj Vashishtha

    This video makes me smile

  98. Rom Augustine

    I lost it when the poor guy lost the world's most expensive sandwich 😆😂🤣

  99. UwU senpai

    0:03 daily dose doesn’t even mention the rubber bands just that it’s milk

  100. Kristy Cabral

    I was expecting the cat to have an Australian accent