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  1. LuXuriouS

    God bless that bear.

  2. Fatpumpkin78

    0:56 the real life voldemort

  3. Nick Torres

    Pretty sad that we’re just murdering the earth to find out more stuff about the earth for us to kill

  4. Aglaé Sidonie

    I'm 57 years old and Grinch gives me nightmares... I can't watch this movie, so what about the children !!! Adults are unaware of the devastation this kind of film can do on children who can be tagged for life... Plus more parents get rid of their TV and that's a very good thing...

  5. JiNgo

    people who buy 1.5 liter cola are crazy

  6. Cyan 242

    2:59 Mosquitos in a nutshell

  7. clowned herself

    His titles always confuse me.

  8. Chengyao (Yao) Tan

    plot twist: The bear was trying to prepare for his dinner

  9. Manosthemonster 8364

    Nobody: My dad eating: 0:48

  10. Rose

    Mum does NOT get anime. But she tried, good job mum.

  11. 『Rain』

    No shes just didn't understand She thought it was her shit but it was actually her babies

  12. Kroneexe

    1:19 Tell everybody I'm on my way, with new friends and new places to see.

  13. sharko punch

    That ain't a rat,that's master Shifu

  14. nathhekzz

    That old woman is stronger than me? I could kick her over and she would turn into dust

  15. Thaxasaurian

    The seagul: damn it Phil stop eating my feet!

  16. DevilDuck

    0:58 voldemort

  17. Pyrotechnic 17

    When you're just minding your own business as an Eagle, but then a turtle started attacking you.

  18. RopeyPolecat 540

    1:45 is this edited? Something about the dog feels really unnerving

  19. That One Guinea Pig

    That deer tho he just S l o r p e d

  20. El panadero Supremo

    Turtle: Omae ba mou no shindeiu Eagle: NANI?

  21. napstablook

    1:23 one of my dreams IN VIDEO

  22. Remeo Kits

    Must be an old turtle, get off my lawn.

  23. Denis Sladek


  24. Jack Stang

    When your going to your gf's and you have to practice 1:46 🤣

  25. cutiepie 15

    That guy really went 🐽🐽

  26. Ryan᪥

    Was it only me or was the thumbnail stuck on grey for no reason

  27. ben

    That dog looked more like Dobby to me..

  28. AmazingKM XD


  29. LicJimenezz

    Red Skull anyone?


    That cat was as elegant as a rock in a blender

  31. John Presland

    I swear that all this channel does is repost the reddit popular page. I love it.

  32. Neon _Tiger_paws172005

    The horse is not completely wild actually, because all horses in the wold have been domesticated or raise in captiveity and released

  33. ジミンラブ

    1:37 You're welcome:)

  34. lure

    that guy is definitely from India! I approve.

  35. Lily Animates

    Ah, this is where the crab rave was born..

  36. gacha cheetah


  37. Andrej Barukčić

    0:19 thats a lot of damage

  38. Sound Runner

    Norway is a beautiful country.

  39. LovedBlood

    0:26 What are you doing step bro?!!

  40. Ben Aaron

    As a person from Minnesota, this is accurate.

  41. Roxirin

    Minnesota guy sounds exactly like that nudist yak character from Zootopia

  42. Colton Tenty

    0:20 CATS looks like a great movie might see it

  43. Incognito Mode

    Fat cat funny

  44. Tigran hovo

    That one dog is looking at you

  45. doodskie999

    Everyone bout the squid egg Im just sad when the camera dropped to the ocean, there were a lot of plastic on the bottom and the beluga was probably thinking, pls dont throw your garbage here, you can have this trash back

  46. mia k

    stretchy ice me: i wonder what it tastes like

  47. Dana Ellison

    Thats not any cat Thats Garfield

  48. Over Nacho 310

    The end make my tought that was my Daily Reflexion of Internet, :c . . .

  49. john katsoris

    Its just a pig

  50. icecreamyey

    You should actually help the cat instead of laughing

  51. Nara 97

    1:28 Them: "and once they're finally done, they destroy it" Me: "heart bursts in 1000 pieces" Them "they learn to never be attached emotionally to anything" Me: "well 😅😅😅 woops" Edit: they're right, eventually Everything will be destroyed one time so it's much better to not be too emotionally about a lost of just THINGS.... when something broke down my Granny always said "honey don't cry, it's not a human life" (she Lost many ppl bc of war) well she was right.

  52. -Crazy Ivan-

    Imagine walking in the clothes store and just see this: 1:28

  53. al videos

    1:02 holy smokes! dude is not human. dude could be a professional boxer easy, and never have to worry about broken noses.

  54. SwiftyFox

    0:07 i thought it was giving birth lmao also tihi

  55. YTK_EbYa . TTV

    Can 7 mil special be face reveal? Plz 🙏

  56. Smokey MIA

    Who else tried the nose thing

  57. Internet Explorer

    Someone definitely just sprinkeled some gelatin on there. Thats not how ice forms.

  58. SeZeKu

    It's all fun and games till you realize in India the Steering is on the right hand side and they are Driving, steering all while hanging outside the window

  59. Crackhead Of Wisdom

    That cat sure was very smooth

  60. Jakub Kutta


  61. GameTimeWoo 11

    The time lapse of the cargo ship proves the earth is not a spinning ball. As you see in the video its flat and the cargo ship never sails up or down. Its level the entire way because water always finds its level and since 70% of the earth is water....that makes it impossible for it to be a spinning ball. All of the space videos you have shown on your channel are cgi fisheye lens disinformation. Its nice to see you share something that proves the earth is not a ball. Love the channel..great job

  62. Eroraf86

    Technically, the Sun thing is coronal rain in a post-flare loop. A small flare released energy that launched some plasma up, and it slowly cools and falls back down. The corona is the outer layer of the sun’s atmosphere, within which the loop is suspended. And I could totally watch that for 21 hours.

  63. Kateregga Badru jnr

    This world is crazy.

  64. Ghost

    Insects are animals

  65. KUCHENFLO .-.

    So ein Tieger wiegt doch locker ne Tonne 😂

  66. Κωνσταντίνος Σιδηρόπουλος

    Here is a human that loves to eat dears

  67. abdullah ismail

    Is his voice really annoying or it's just me? Why does he sound girly or I might even say gay? Especially when closing the video

  68. Warrior J Gamer

    One thing about this channel is its never clickbait

  69. -Lazarus -

    Thought the title was, “some really stingy ice” Keep up the great work!

  70. Desire Mia

    Who still remembers =3 in 2020

  71. William Baker

    Indians can't own land since they don't recognize that concept.

  72. Monkeyrice


  73. islam aydoğmuş

    0:00 mean while in australia

  74. ツ Pugno

    I am so sorry for you :/

  75. OchaOperative

    2:05 cargo ship j turn!!

  76. Ana Luiza

    1:56 gamemode creative

  77. syedabdur raheem


  78. Nico.Essbach Essbach

    Daily Dose is the best

  79. jeholley 06

    Titles vid termites build colony bigger than England. Says in vid that its bigger the the uk Like wtf

  80. Styx UwU

    Dog looks like it’s from FullMetal Alchemist 💀

  81. Mr. Raccoon

    1:46"free trial" 1:51 "insert credit card number"

  82. Kolikoasdpvp

    I know where you get your videos from... REDDIT

  83. F Dick

    This is weekly dose of internet

  84. havoc xmegamech

    Nah that bear just likes his meals alive

  85. Tatatou- The fried potato

    The dear oneeeee

  86. Mr. Raccoon

    "It's over anakin, i have the higher water!" "NOOOOO!"

  87. Noatry

    0:20 took me a minute to realize the screams were Jacksepticeye’s

  88. Talha Mustafa

    *heRe's A dOg tHaT lOokS LiKe BabY yOda*

  89. JackyVivid

    Really sketchy Ice!


    Tomorrow is my science exam and I am here...

  91. A Username That’s Totally Original

    I don’t know about you but... that baby yoda be looking fresh...

  92. Jack Smith

    0:25 I genuinely thought that the cat was flossing for a second.

  93. Quacky

    I think sometimes it is fine if you play the video without stating the obvious.

  94. Ramsi Enoka

    Vending machine gets stuck Me:Proceed to break the window

  95. Eklis West

    am i the only one that doesnt see the thumbnails?

  96. seeriu ciihy

    Volcano was so angry I think he just wanted to light himself

  97. Minetic

    I don't think it scare the snow leopard, with the camera on him he was inspired to dance!

  98. Vips Vipsa

    My nose hurts now

  99. Blinks Skink

    1:13 Quote of the year *”nice”*

  100. It's Just Mayah!

    3:13 When your Mom hugs you