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  1. Davide Cancian

    when is the china video comming out?

  2. Tyrone momoa

    welp there goes my skins

  3. ShlonkeyDonkey1

    Painful? Selling skins an be painful?

  4. zszs22334455

    Apparently, they're pink chinese.

  5. Liam Andrews

    I just got hacked by Anomaly.

  6. Sacrifice Gaming

    Shit i logged in bunch if sites with the log in menu

  7. Misi3k124

    Young multi used to be polish minecraft gamer

  8. No

    Who's going to take my 500 battle scarred P250 Sand Dunes anyways?

  9. Rachelle Barranger

    6:50 Bruh that facial expression of the girl by the door. 😂😂😂😂

  10. Andrew Sementilli

    I was almost api scammed literally in the same day as I watched this video. Papa bless anomaly

  11. Banana Phone

    Anomaly damn your videos just a little late. 2 days i got scammed this way and lost around 5 bucks but that's okay atleast you make video about this and share this to everyone, thank you

  12. Mania_ Mitsakoski

    11:37 Omfg look at papa's right eye

  13. fr_ostyyy

    Thank you anomaly

  14. Nemesis


  15. brYbery

    Victor looks albino

  16. PX2

    im curious how many people clicked the api link in the description and logged in because that could easily be a fishing method

  17. Walky OCE

    Anaooomaaly i want to sell my AK Safari Mesh,help me sell it securely 🤷

  18. Shout

    "Oh f*ck my asshole, fist me senpaii" -Anomaly, 2015

  19. Joruchi CS


  20. Franco Pesce

    You can’t get scam If your acount was stolen by a Russian 😎

  21. jemand gemeinsam

    Now i can trade my 0.5€ skins safely 😎

  22. James Mason

    12:57 you wanna explain why you were at the lezbian prison?

  23. Shizu黒

    Damn losing 2.3K just for more 75$ so sad :/

  24. Maq

    My Steam account was compromised a few weeks ago, I managed to get it back but had no idea about the API Key. I just checked and there was a key set up so I removed it and changed all my passwords again. Thanks for saving my skins dad 👍

  25. Rasbisk 08

    Gimme knife

  26. Big oof

    This was a month to late(for me I got hacked)

  27. Yeetusfetus Hh

    This exact thing happened to me ages ago

  28. Goggle S

    Slowly eats can of beer

  29. Adrian Brum

    Did anyone else smell that at the start?

  30. SynTaco

    Don't worry I had enough experience on growtopia and I won't get scam

  31. Shakazing

    Very informative Anomaly. Thanks for the video :)

  32. therealbluwes


  33. inukeforfortune

    How I dont get scammed: I dont own anything worth scamming.

  34. Generic Canadian

    I don’t even own a PC lmao

  35. Faith Jones

    Apple imac's have an intergrated password manager, hack an Imac and you'll get all the passwords saved onto the imac. Hence the iCloud password could be used to access the imac and boom you have all the passwords. The booty is in the form of all your in-game items.

  36. Rodrigo Jimenez Canepa

    no one: minecraft drowners: 0:01

  37. Taro Yamada

    fat viking in 21century basic edition.

  38. Mr Chlorine Man

    I literally got API scammed two days ago. I wish this video came out sooner.

  39. kazw

    Who else is watching while being a scammer? 🤣

  40. Geotrooper

    What kind of laptop do you have

  41. The Fister

    it tells me "You will be granted access to Steam Web API keys when you have games in your Steam account." does anyone know how to fix poor ?

  42. Dima

    Yea well i got scammed at ~130€ and its cause someone hacked into my accoubt and sent himself a tradeoffer, steam said its my fault and they cant give it me back. Very nice

  43. Cammyyz

    do it without gloves they are distracting bc i like the gloves so much

  44. louis capan

    You can afford every single skin u pimp

  45. Adam Taurus

    Unless it’s a friend who you’ve known for 5 years who scams you...

  46. Nate Davis

    I might have done this many years in the past could I still be compromised?

  47. skeletonar

    I recently got scammed by bitskins on my knife :(

  48. Imglad Notu

    8:05 laughs in android

  49. Viggo

    In my api key it said "local host" should I be worried. Never been scammed by api key so it doesn't seem to have affected me but still. I should be good thought

  50. DEADmods

    How has Anomaly not gotten exposed for using perfect bhop on 64tick?

  51. bれと

    I’m just not going to accept offers that seem shady or like a scam.

  52. Mason Williams

    anomaly can i have a knife?

  53. Vespà̃ Ren

    7:12 ,,немає кемпінгу"

  54. Fleexyy

    i lost to this api thing a 80 euro inv but now i have a 20+ inv nad im making slowly profit :/

  55. peke peke

    Anomaly! thank you for this video! This exact api scam ALMOST happened to me! This guy was afraid that my skins are ''bugged'' so he ask me to send a pending trade for some of my friend who i trust and screenshot it to him so that the skins are legit. So there i was sending a pending trade offer when steam app said ''This account is not on ur friendlist, even it had the same name and profile picture. i called the guy a scammer and he just deleted me from friends, i also reported him. it left me wonder how he could do that. So thank you now i know better. This was almost a year ago and finally I KNOW!!

  56. NicholasA127 A

    So i just uncased a revolver grip with a float of 0.009. How much is it worth because of the 0.009?

  57. CrimsonN0va

    Bro, literally on the 18th, I got scammed for this very reason. If only this video had been out then :(

  58. forighecti

    "so I can buy more cheeseburgers" **Shows quarter pounder Know your maccas bruv

  59. Tex _

    Actually saved me, csgolounge had one on me!

  60. Mystic ShXdow

    Doolan dark

  61. Evo Mate

    bro cs money has a chrome extension that tells you if someone has your API key

  62. Daniel Arnold

    "Joji offered you a trade" I wish

  63. Frost Icycle

    I play krunker on my computer lab in school lmao

  64. Shadow 42

    I don't think you eat eat beer

  65. Nuno Mesquita

    After having my steam inventory public for 1 day, the thing i noticed is that scammers steam levels are incrising usually they are around lvl 20-30, They have a lot of hours on csgo but a quick check on csgo stats and they have 0 hours played and some ridiculous amount of win rate.

  66. Hudgy Pudgy

    Or Steam just fixes their fucking shit

  67. Llama the Rama2

    What phone do you have my boi

  68. Trip

    alex looks like post malone

  69. Ninja Hyper

    My Inventory isent even worth 10$

  70. reaper15th

    Is skinbaron a site where i can sell my skins and get that money into my bank account? I know Anomaly said about a hundred times that it's safe, but i want absolute confirmation that it actually is safe, because not only am i jeopardizing my skins, but also my bank account. Please reply XD

  71. Zi Chen Hu

    About they API key scam, you can also enter the wrong password on purpose. If it says you have logged in, then you know that shit ain't legit.....

  72. Staticz

    i got scammed for my bowie and assimov :(

  73. Xushe

    0:00 *sea monster appears*

  74. Superkelow

    Steam has a few ways that they keep people from getting scammed through trades that you missed. If you are trading with someone on your friends list, it will let you know if you do not have them on your friends list and in the trade confirmation, Steam tells you if a user has recently changed their name. This doesn't always apply to scammers but it's something to look into.

  75. Atmoz

    wish i've heard of the api scam earlier cuz i got scammed on 200 euro knife like 3 months ago by it, and it was the highest priced knife i've ever owned and a gift from a family member :/

  76. Sasha Pines / Nguyễn Hiền Hòa

    You cant be scam if you cant even use trade to begin with

  77. Jaxson Browne

    I scammed a scammer for a a awp st hyperbeast fn

  78. WHISKY

    I may lose my skins but I wont lose my foreskin

  79. Liam Knight

    How do people contact anomaly to sell stuff?

  80. Pogodny

    I want this one with french fries, yes?

  81. Kujala

    How do I use your code in skinbaron? I've used it for a while but I still don't know how to use a code

  82. Quentin Artis

    my man you really arent that fat pls be nice to yourself

  83. Beijing CS

    thank you soo much anomaly

  84. Tim Puggioli

    Lol I got scammad by the guy ”hns”

  85. Syed Abdul Halim

    That thick Arab accent tho

  86. the breadnought

    My friend sent me a link and i instantly clicked because we do this regularly. The link had a premade message and a bot sent the same link/message to all in my friends list and all my items got a trade offer that's already accepted but thank Gabe 2fa saved my ass. Had to tell everyone in my friends list that it was a bot that sent them the message

  87. ColcatzGaming

    skin baron is based in germany you know what else was, the nazis

  88. Lt Wolfz

    1:20 “basically we’re fucking LOOSING” Are we just not going to talk about this or?

  89. DaMixon

    Make a big opening Roblox case's xdddd

  90. Vincent

    Mister analmy where is stun/jack?

  91. Viky Leman

    4:06 🤔😂

  92. LeSbIaN HoBbIT

    plot twist they are fake scam links

  93. Wohard

    Thanks for letting me know this, this exact thing happend to me and this is how i lost my first and maybe last knife, i didn't know this was a thing and i really messed up, anyways. Watch out children

  94. Gaming Cuber

    API scam more like A-P-P scam(spell it out)

  95. KcK AK


  96. ItsOhMz

    can you do a video you prank scam ur friend to show us the scam

  97. Karol Tomczak

    Yep I got scammed this way for my talon knife blue gem back side ffs I had no idea this was even a thing gutted that got scammed but fuck it can't do anything about it

  98. Miika Saarinen

    That's really good that you talk and warn people about all of this scam shit. YEEEET

  99. GameKat

    Buy my Kara Doppler anomali. :)

  100. TheWereWolf001

    i got scammed like 2 years ago, not a good meme