For people who love to eat.

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  1. Rizky Mubaroq

    I'm not trying to be fancy Plus there is caviar, that why we need vodka

  2. Damien S.

    Emily: Idk you look great today Me: has been eating a tub of ice cream everyday and hasn't taken a shower in weeks.

  3. Elias Nuñez

    22:43 the first time i ate the kitty

  4. TwoGirls 1Kitchen

    Manz never heard of chilaquiles 💀

  5. Gale

    can you eat langostino roe? those look kinda tasty....

  6. Johari Aez Soriao

    Owmagash people that is *not* an *AVOCADO* !!! Waw

  7. bestgreendaygirlever

    Here i am watching this video while my tasteless chicken soup is simmering in the back. I WANNA KNOW WHERE DID I GO WRONG!!!

  8. Adrian Wowk

    Oh yeh

  9. Adrian Wowk


  10. Adrian Wowk

    Yeah boi

  11. Adrian Wowk


  12. Adrian Wowk


  13. Adrian Wowk


  14. Adrian Wowk


  15. Lloydia Jackson

    Some please make Frank’s “season your food” a gif. Please and thanks.

  16. Fabyansky 05

    I think Frank grandma was level 99999 chef

  17. Rejgar

    Take the food scientist out of the video lmao no one watches it

  18. Diana’s Child

    Brad is that one teacher that everyone loved in school and is literally the only reason anyone got out of bed in the morning. Gabrielle is the sweet, pretty, innocent girlfriend who would loves everything and everyone. Saul is a awesome Mexican uncle who owns a restaurant and has a spice tolerance of 1 million.

  19. nebb

    I need sauls recipe

  20. Xavian Ramirez

    The Level 1 guy reminds me of the kid from polar express

  21. Hadarah DeAbreu

    as soon as i saw the meat grinder in the beginning, i knew it was frank

  22. Hadarah DeAbreu


  23. whyunderstand

    this is great!

  24. lovely_ yoongkai

    man where’s guga

  25. Taya

    Lorenzo’s chili>

  26. Skittley Skittle

    Lorenzo reminds me of a older bretman rock

  27. wolf rose

    There are many versions of enchiladas, each part of mexico has a different type.

  28. Khoa Nguyen

    lúc đầu nhìn tưởng bánh xèo :D

  29. nikkoJS

    I think the level two guys food looked unappealing

  30. nicolettekristie

    Saul is a treasure!! Frank better watch his back...

  31. SØLOe

    my question is...what the hell do they do with all this fish at the end?

  32. zoe not saying

    This video has some nice asmr

  33. Loveigh Ladey

    Eat it "rawr"

  34. Taya

    Yuji’s ramen>>

  35. Eli Smirnov

    5:23 potatoes... yeah right... potatoes...

  36. Hector Bustamante

    Make pulled pork sandwiches plz 🐷

  37. Three Lines

    Stephen: nobody likes maple syrup Beth and Penny: uno reverse

  38. Monduara Master

    I would love it if he made a video on How To Cut Every Cheese

    1. Monduara Master

      The smell would be terrible

  39. James Gray

    I am the eggman My eggs are delicious

  40. Willy Wong

    He should be on Sean Evens Hot One's

  41. Taya

    Beth’s pie>>>

  42. AmishRiot

    The holy trinity of chefs


    Lorenzo Maybe a level 2 chef but he’s a level 4 person.

  44. Angel Barrera

    4 levels of Sandwich

  45. LiXe freddo

    That's a nice knob Of butter

  46. Kwon Schneider

    Level 1000 chef: Okay so first I have to end the world and bring it back to recreate potatoes.

  47. Syarifah Saudah Al-Habsyi

    17:13 *talking abt the seeds "the seeds are actually edible. They kinda remind me like a bland caviar" Sir like we all can afford a little tea spoon of caviar lmao

  48. Taya

    Frank’s sandwich>>>

  49. Nor Akalili Najwa Mohd Akhiar

    Is she left-handed using the knife 😱 it seem dangerous 🤣 to right-handed people.

  50. Jennifer Marmol

    I love all of their personalities :)

  51. MelonFraction

    Gold content👍

  52. Flam3zz_ RPG

    His laugh annoying😂😂

  53. Jessica Padilla

    Okay but level three looks soooo goood

  54. C U N T N U G G E T

    "i see porgees as like pigons of the see" me:swiming rats

  55. Bakebake

    Say it with me now "bo-de-gas"

  56. henry aaberg

    I think the ranks should go Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Food scientist Beth

  57. Animyer

    The pain I felt watching that geoduck get cut

  58. Auggie Ciorra

    I want to be friends with Lorenzo

  59. Esmeralda ortega

    As a latina, I offended by level 1 & 2

  60. Spirit of Vengeance

    I have a question, would you rather boil your chicken 1st before frying or do you fry your chicken directly after breading it?

  61. Jake Kozak

    Franks son :dad Frank: what!? Franks son: when is dinner Frank: in 2 days Franks son: What Why!? Frank: Cause in need to pretend I’m on tv and the mirror is the tv and i need about 10 minutes to tell what every topping is.

  62. KalbreezyBaby

    Love this new third chef! Corn gives you energy flour makes you fat! Love the change in new chefs

  63. Marcos Paderes

    This dude just laughs at everything’s it’s almost annoying

  64. Chickentornado11

    Thank god this doesn’t have the payed audience screaming in the background like in the fruit video

  65. Tameem


  66. Chickentornado11

    Me: clicks on video to learn how to cut tomatoes without stabbing my fingers Video: doesn’t show how to cut tomatoes Me: 👁👄👁

  67. Kira Yoshikage

    Too much *FLAYVAR* to my liking

  68. Yesselle Macias

    He kinda looks like logic

  69. Roqaiah Malkawi

    3:07 He used a fork on a non stick pan. Call Saul's mom.

  70. Nehemiah Perez (np1573)

    why did he destroy the magic conch shell

  71. SomeBoredGuy69

    Hmmmmm…. I do not remember seeing coffee, brown sugar and cider in the $8.00 kit!! Cheater!!

  72. David Diaz

    The food scientist looks somewhere between 17 and 40

  73. Jake Triem

    Dood I feel like anyone would have been able to guess them apart

  74. Ms Ren

    I feel so oddly validated watching a professional chef use Sazon. Sazon is awesome.

  75. Matthew Fanning

    What about my uncles :/

  76. Chickentornado11

    The editor turned an actually good fruit cutting tutorial to one of those learning videos that are made for preschoolers. I ended up turning off the volume completely. Great video, but the sound effects....

  77. JTD Gaming

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'd have Lorenzo's burger over Franks any day!

  78. Ada Benages Ugochukwu

    I'm getting drunk just by looking at it

  79. Alexander Rodriguez

    Wow why on camera. Poor lobster. What did it do?

  80. Ooga And booga inc


  81. Manfredi Cipo


  82. Jade Reidy

    I can actually smell it

  83. Conn0rized

    I hate seafood and I watched the whole video

  84. Callithyia

    Epicurious: you can add breakfast cereal Me: *leans into partner* GrAaAaPe NuTs? Partner: No. XD

  85. secretsociety

    The Level 1 guy's fake Blaccent was annoying

  86. Joseph Smith

    The little trumpet makes me so happy every time.... I now wish that sound would play every time i present something lol. Here is the expense report, boss. *trumpet sound* :D

  87. CrushingRock

    The first dude is not funny at all

  88. Reagan Ning

    G R I L L I N G S O M E D O G S

  89. Brianna Casimir

    Would prefer a link to level 2 recipes. Not many people want level 3

  90. Maud Glazbrooke

    I found the volume levels between the chefs to be really uneven.

  91. Naty Sarmiento

    Everyone talking about Saul being the real deal and Anthony being the whitest guy for this video but I'm just amused by the fact that Keith's grandma is Honduran, just like me😂

  92. Sir Cool

    It tastes delicious haha haha

  93. The Overglower

    Im glad they didnt torture the lobster

  94. Knife Knife

    The red juice isn't blood, it's myoglobin.

  95. Amaiya Swift

    Why am I here? I'm allergic to shellfish lol.

  96. Israel Vidal

    SEsels ta de sacanagem cmg

  97. jahniah samuel

    Couldn't I use ketchup for the sause?

  98. Frida Álvarez

    "There's some light buttery notes on this" Because that's butter, my guy

  99. João Maverick

    enchiladas always reminds me of gazorpazorpfield

  100. rendezvous cest.

    5:13 no io, eso se llama *_Mamon chino_* Jakdjkwbdks.