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  1. Mally O'Cally

    The test kitchen definitely needs at least one bakery grade mixer.

  2. Blitz Attacker

    Ok, no arguments now. Zero bar, I gotta see it. Love those things.

  3. Amelia Harrop-Davies

    Gourmet Jaffa cakes please!

  4. Sabrina Valenzuela

    Totally not related with the milky wat bar but in 10:19 Brad is drinking yerba mate out of a bottle ? That's so weird

  5. Kawaii Jem

    a watched pot never boils a watched pot never boils

  6. lemon socks.

    Gourmet dunkaroos anyone

  7. Tiffany Pettis

    brad is the human representation of dad jokes I adore him

  8. Mari and Bree Club

    I dare you to walk by Claire and grab a Milky Way that she made and take a bite!

  9. Pamela Squires

    I would love to see a favorite salsa challenge

  10. Jizelle Rios


  11. abluemug

    Sohla, Delaney, then Claire. Honorable mention goes to Carla. Very abstract!

  12. Kumar Biotech

    Do Swedish fish!

  13. Michael M

    Surprised Claire got so cold in the fridge. That's basically the same temperature as the air conditioning in any American restaurant I've ever dined in.

  14. WickyWhybs Gaming

    Without fail, Priya takes 10 seconds maximum to bring up someone in her family. So wholesome

  15. McKenna Weller

    Does anyone else kinda ship brad and Claire... no just me

  16. Mica James

    Wait how do you know how bribes hair fast like?????🤔🤔🤔🤔😒😒😒😕😕😕😕😫😫😫😫

  17. Bruno Colleoni


  18. Brogan Mcvey

    You should do a gobstocker/jawbreaker one

  19. ChinnyChinChin

    32:00 It was at this moment that Chris went sicko mode

  20. vote4freedom

    These were my favorite as a kid.

  21. ellenisbooboo

    Who thinks Clair should make Mike And Ike’s next | | \/

  22. Sophia Good

    Did Claire get engaged? Or has she always worn that ring??

  23. rawajip

    Das schechteste Video das ich jeh gesubert hab... finds echt Räudig

  24. italiaskate25

    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet *COFFEE CRISP!* (I know its a Canadian candy bar, but maybe it can be done!)

  25. Christanna Choi

    Are Mars bars and MilkyWay the same type of candy bar because I’m Canadian and we don’t have MilkyWays where I live

  26. Kermit Just because

    Literally everyone: _Sees Him cut it like that_ 🤢🤮 Oh No He DiDn’T **UNHOLY SCREECHING**

  27. Yana Saint LéVie

    *See’s 40 minutes* Me: “Oh Jesus, Claire.” *shoots forceful air out of nose...* clicks video.

  28. Nicholas Dodd

    So pleasing in it's dimensions you say...

  29. ho chung leung

    Anyone else wants to see Claire make gourmet Haribo? Or is it just me?

  30. Emma Elizabeth Davis

    *Tuna is Molly's dog.

  31. Kaitlyn

    make goldfish

  32. Mari and Bree Club

    Someone is thirtsty??????

  33. Frankie Geist

    Omg this poor girl!! But she doesnt give up..haha

  34. Olivia Seas

    Desperately need brad to hover around during gourmet remakes more often

  35. mngbt

    Literally got a grey goose vodka ad and they're using the same exact vodka wut

  36. The Industrial Vagabond

    Loving the tie dye T-shirt claire

  37. J Robinson

    every candy is gabbys favorite candy god I love her

  38. Mark Wood

    I've made this recipe a couple times now, perfect. Also have always cut my biscuits into squares, circles are dumb and only exist because of commercial biscuit sales.

  39. Sesita

    It's 2034. Claire now has to do Gourmet Makes "Molecular polyglycerol post-cocoa bars". She's struggling, so Brad decides to tell her a story: "... and my sister went poof with the baby powder in my eyes, I thought I was going blind".

  40. Brianna Gilbert

    The natural light in the test kitchen is so beautiful

  41. Viet Huynh

    Andromeda>milky way

  42. Hakuna your tatas

    Why am I here? I’m allergic to eggs.

  43. Lord Bob

    Well this is a crossover I never expected. I've listened to Pony like a thousand times. Huge alt country fan. This is so cool.

  44. Bruno Cruz

    Claire is so precious. We need to stan!

  45. SSalvador9

    Does Chris have a black eye covered with make up? What happened?

  46. Chelsey Blankenship

    My favorite thing is whenever Claire is really struggling she always calls Rhoda in and asks her for her advice and just listens to whatever she says and just goes with it.

  47. Prismaniac owo

    Im sorry but who is the cutie in the blue apron on 2:35

  48. Sarah Cameron

    EXCUSE ME how is no one talking about that giant rock on her hitchin' finger!? It's gorgeous!

  49. Jon Annett

    does anyone know what happened to vinnie?

  50. Adara Caligo

    andromeda galaxy 👀

  51. Hasib YouTube

    Milk ways are my favorite

  52. Brianna Mora

    You should make mint patties next!

  53. Thomas Adonis

    Torchys Taco all day, every day...........

  54. Nate Blake

    Gabi giving zero fucks that it's cold in there because she wears a jacket in there.

  55. Jonas Martens

    Claire: There is no curse Also Claire: This episode feels particularly cursed

  56. chey cat

    brad: i cant do anything.... Claire: well.... HAHAHAHA

  57. William

    22:48 This is how you treat a man who shared his last Yerba Mate with you in a lovely wine glass?

  58. Aman Kalra

    is claire engaged??????

  59. Shogun

    They are Andromeda bars, bigger and better.

  60. Aislinn Sanders

    I'd love to see swedish fish or taking a stab at Dr pepper's 23 flavors next!!

  61. help me

    oh .. brad ....

  62. Hannah Shearer


  63. Elinore Wick

    9/10 times Gabby says whatever Claire is making is her favorite

  64. Jeri Henry

    Claire you clearly hates doing these, so why are you doing them?

  65. kucukkalabalik

    I've never been to the Penn Station, I do not even live in U.S. but I hate it because of BA. Thanks BA!

  66. bosefuse

    Blue nails on a I think a male. Sick

  67. Seth Jaimez

    You just know these two are great dads

  68. Brendon Elmore

    What is the song playing while he cuts the corned beef

  69. Erin Sayer


  70. David Oakes

    Mars. Milky Way. Galaxy.... You'd think the logo would be more...... _Universal_

  71. Lindsay Pagel

    whoever is filming is getting such good golden hour light shots and,,, its just *chefs kiss* no pun intended

  72. David Oakes

    I do like these but they're getting a bit too long to hold my interest. :-)

  73. Shorty Cunningham

    OMG. It really is annoying when people DO NOT pronounce the name correctly; its almost boderline cultural appropriation.. Claire - its POH-KEY.

  74. Felix  Haimson

    It's funny, with both this and the sotol episode, the alcohol makers are all chill, and Brad's as crazy as ever

  75. lefwan lowlight

    Je suis mort a chaque fois qu'il parle français

  76. napstabl8k

    i love u amiellllll

  77. The Bearded One

    Claire should have made a 3 Musketeers while she was at it.

  78. Review It

    love, more pclaire please!

  79. Nate Blake

    16:10, Claire: "I think I'll try one more version." Also Claire: About to throw up.

  80. Milli-Kate van straalen

    in new zealand a milkyway is white chocolate

  81. Josh the bro

    Claire's "Andromeda Bar"

  82. Aycha Jennadi

    Claire and Brad are the cutest couple

  83. Chelsey Lynn

    Milky Way midnights are my absolute favorite candy!! They are so yummy 😋

  84. Maura Seibert

    Ok those nougat shots are the most beautiful shots BA has ever posted

  85. bambeliful

    The coating was so satisfying

  86. Spank Juicer

    Id put it in her biznASS

  87. Jordan Beck

    i’m surprised they ain’t all fight

  88. kris ri

    I feel like Clare doesn’t like doing these anymore 😢

  89. BozoFriendly

    Clair: Pleasant Sour, Sorta Sour, Somewhat Sour, Moderate Sour, Sour Enough Brad/Everyone Else: HALF-SOUR CLAIR!!!!

  90. Bethany Jackson Video

    My question is what did you do with all the egg yolks ?

  91. Nate Blake

    Brad being a Golden Retriever for a good time.

  92. critter42

    Gourmet Make - 3 Kitchen-Aid - 0

  93. whenido

    I was just starting to think that the self pity scenes were a bit overdone. And then the music played for Brad.... oh lawd, I am still laughing.

  94. Nicole Moana

    In New Zealand Milky Ways are just the fluffy nougat in chocolate, no caramel! And it is soooo yum, one of my favs. Make Bueno next! My absolute fav!

  95. Joseline Gaona

    You should make hot fries next

  96. Danny Sawicki

    Can we get an mmmmm counter

  97. Steve Ayala

    Can you a "every way to open a beer bottle" video?

  98. Cyann Pina

    This mf really threw an uncracked egg in the bowl


    I´m a horrible person because I love the videos where Clarie struggles the most. Sorry! (not sorry) :D

  100. NolesFan ToTheEnd

    when is Dr.Disrespect coming on the show?