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  1. duane groenewald

    I have coconut milk in the fridge can i use that instead of buttermilk and maybe Thai chili sauce in place of the Serrano?

  2. B-rocka 4life

    Really breakfast guy.

  3. NegroJonesStrikesAgn

    Wish I saw this before I started my lasagna sauce. Dang it man! This looks SO much better!

  4. Pixx Gokou

    I love Molly's energy so much, boy

  5. Who Wants Cookies

    can they just do girl scout cookies

  6. Optix 100

    We need Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and Danny Devito

  7. Phil S

    Sorry but that brick cooked chicken was undercooked , look at the drumstick next to the chef knife when you see blood collecting in a little pool in the groove of the chopping board, I'm a chef and been cooking for 25yr I think your cooking timings are on the slightly undercooked side.

  8. Lynx Vlog's

    for the crumbling maybe a sugar coat with flavoring for the crunch factor

  9. Lakshita


  10. Abraham Hernandez

    Yes like magic.... BLACK magic... 5:50

  11. Doge GH0STLYYyY

    i’m a big fan of the test kitchen at night it looks nice

  12. Jiehan Aldicho

    The sound of this video is so good and crisp that my dad thought I was cooking in my room

  13. Catherine S

    15:31 What in the world s going on in the background?

  14. Nataline Gloriana

    Take corn 🌽 for the next episode, please

  15. Josh McConnell

    Clair starts complaining at 0:50

  16. Daniel Montoya

    Who gets to eat all those chickens?

  17. Shelby LeAnn

    She named her kid Cosmo....

  18. M Ad

    Share house tip: If you’re rostered to cook and someone you don’t like is rostered for dish washing and clean up, make lasagne. (See also: moussaka.)

  19. Валерия Здорикова

    Find yourself a bff who loves you and trusts you as much as chris morocco does andy baraghani

  20. Virgo Heart

    I almost want to make this for my roommates just to impress them. I never cook so they'd be very surprised. But when I do cook, it's always good

  21. andre rocha

    Chris's goth phase was the most wholesome thing on this episode. Totally relatable

  22. Mountain Dew

    I Wonder if Markiplier tries to Keep Up with Gordon Ramsay

  23. Cj Foust

    Jimmy needs a SEsels channel 100%


    Tuna fishin in Nova Scotia!!

  25. sara

    brad: goes noodling for catfish also brad: has a deathly fear of spiders

  26. Joshua Lee

    BA Drinking game: Everytime Chris says "um" drink 1 shot

  27. Peyton Simpson

    6:05 dont touch my cocaine

  28. Stephen Struble

    We say that it has negative gaussian curvature.

  29. Full stop

    I was recommended this. PULL OUT MY SPINE DADDY

  30. Yukito Tsukishiro

    Dear Bon Appetit Team Would it be possible in the future, to add measurement in gramm and ml? It would be a big help !

  31. Peyton Simpson

    The outside of jellybelly are wax!?

  32. Joe Merritt

    How on earth can a chef enjoy diet coke?

  33. dolphbbe

    i get the vibe claire doesnt respect delaney. look at her demanor at him and when she was with chris, suddenly more open to criticism

  34. Roberto Riggio

    I am sure it is a great dish, it just is not Carbonara.

  35. jasmine lust

    Serious question : I've never cooked my lasagna sheets in water, I literally put them raw in the pan. They still cook

  36. Muhammad Rafi Abdurrachman

    Can someone please do a “you know” count?

  37. Hester W

    Chris, lasagna Chris, lasagna

  38. Erin Peterson

    sohla is a national treasure

  39. tokyorosa

    shut up and get to the cooking. jeez.

  40. Damiana Cole

    It’s episodes like these that make me realize why we lost Claire for a little while, tbh.

  41. Lewd Lolipop

    Why does that jewish amiel guy wear the same outfit every video

  42. sinkbeneaththeline

    She is starting to get negative so early in these episodes now 🙄

  43. A. Fox

    Tried this recipe to a T minus the copious amounts of salt. And it was still too salty for me and my fam.

  44. Chloe Natasha

    Claire make baked beans

  45. Joseph Dempsey

    Is this just a response to Paris Hilton's lasagna video?

  46. Gh0st S3c

    He really just drink the water he poached the chicken in..

  47. Àñńý Ly PîķåÇhű

    Thanks for SEsels recommendations

  48. Zoe Lauren

    I really love watching and listening to Brad Leone

  49. Todd Sloan

    Takes money for that... that so so trial.

  50. David Ortiz

    And yooooo...check out Chris looking like Stewart all grown up! :-D

  51. Saika Sorano

    Brad and Julian Solomita are the same person confirmed

  52. Cady Lambertson

    If there weren't so many shorts featured in this video making me believe it's been pre-filmed, I would have thought this was BA's response to Paris Hilton's lasagna

  53. Carla Piacentini

    Chris's lasagna video is ALMOST as messy as Paris Hilton's lasagna video

  54. Mrbink01

    I prefer cottage cheese mixed with egg and parmesan over bechamel in lasagna

  55. Patrick Willis

    Who does the dishes in the test kitchen?

  56. Andina Carlander

    I have never cared more for beans than I do now.

  57. Mozilla Firefox

    Chris lasagna, Chris lasagna. Appetite ain't nothing but a Chris lasagna.

  58. Thiago Ennes


  59. Zoe Andrade

    anyone else notice claire at 5:50 writing with the pocky! LOL

  60. Iftitah Nurul

    Rick and Gaby are Claire's fairy godparents, look how proud they are at the end

  61. James Baratheon

    Imagening him with black polished nailes as a teen painting pentagrams just flares me up ^-^

  62. Ebe



    When ever i eat hole bake potato i always feel dizzy

  64. Lakshita

    *Who doesn't make any of it but is here for Chris ?*

  65. Mumu Bear

    ah yes...the fan service duo😌

  66. babyem

    As soon as I saw her do three at a time I’m like oh god

  67. Success Is King

    I absolutely love her

  68. Rahena Khatun

    So this is basically a curry but a more mild version that's palatable to people who can't handle spice.

  69. aisha eqbal

    I’ve never had lasagna without ricotta or mozzarella?!

  70. Die Ritze

    no pepper? no seasoning at all besides salt and the stock? and a bit of cayan in the sauce?

  71. Adelaide Young

    Is Claire wearing an engagement ring????

  72. David Ortiz

    I love this girl

  73. EllenEmOHPea

    Hi Brad. Have you thought about fermenting the Koji granules with salt in water and using the resulting liquid as a marinade solution? It seems like there would be more experiments to do. :)

  74. Determined2bDetermined

    Did Clare get engaged? I see a ring.

  75. DarkVortex97

    38:32 Claire makes Ben and Jerry's?

  76. AaronAlso

    What kind of entitled Jersey shore rich girl has never had a Hot Pocket?

  77. mnmlst

    Omg I love Carla.

  78. Nevermind Marco


  79. BlameLag



    Complimenti mi sono iscritto al suo canale con piacere, se le fa piacere iscriversi al mio le sarei molto grato, buon weekend ✌💪🍀🥂🤗👍

  81. Thomas

    Chris just straight up put his finger into a pot of boiling water.

  82. Maxine Segalowitz

    Andy and Chris knew each other in high school?!?!? I need more stories. Did Andy come out to Chris first? Were they best friends?

  83. Frl_F

    OK. Major Hack for you guys. Cook a huuuuuuuge pot of Bolognese Ragou and then can it in mason ball jars. The sauce will stay good for ever if you can it right. And now whenever you feel like Lasagne you just open one or two jars of homemade Bolognese Ragou and you're good to go. It is one time effort but then it is really nice to have on hand.

  84. Paradoxical Equation

    hi, honest question. How many times have you had Diarrhea ever since starting this channel?

  85. Vin Kie


  86. Tijn Jansen

    Mate I really like these videos but I feel like your behaviour has changed a bit in comparisson to other videos, like every way to cook an egg. It feels a bit fake now: too enthousiastic if you know what I mean. Might be me though.

  87. muath alwabel

    can anyone tell me why didn't he break the meatballs before going into oven instead of after ?

  88. KLH

    You are supposed to slice the bannana why does it say to not slice it

  89. turkeysnot1

    Spoiler alert. Make a 3 cheese blend by putting 3 cheeses in a bowl.

  90. Neil Yaremchuk

    Any chance you can reshoot this segment with someone else. You owe pizza that much.

  91. omni king zeno

    Smokey no no no its smoookey

  92. Jalal Al-Jibouri

    make a drinking game: everytime chris says "um", "like" or "y'know" hit a shot

  93. babyem

    This video kinda makes me gag because jelly beans hurt my stomach so much

  94. Shaik Sajid Ahamed

    I wonder how many eggs it took to complete this video

  95. Sasha Fuentes

    “I didn't hear the sizzle, not gonna sit here making bad decisions” This is how I'm trying to be in 2020

  96. Maggieroselee

    Claire need to check out Hercules homemade candies on SEsels to see how they use the starch molds with candy and a funnel!

  97. Ross

    Where’s the cheese 😭😭

  98. Dafne Granger

    me: *cries in italian*

  99. Angie Brite

    Chris is my favorite test kitchen chef. Yeah I said it

  100. Ayesha Varshney

    Good idea on posting this after Paris Hilton's attempt at lasagna.