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  1. Demarco Freeman

    Alllll this tension 😭 Geeeeshhh

  2. J_g

    The energy of this video was so chaotic I-

  3. ༒Ḃȯḃȧ༒Ḃu̇ṅṅẏ༒

    Austin has a sister?

  4. Tracey Smith

    RIP to Mikey's pants because he was working it and the fit was clean 👌

  5. Dye Kookie dye

    Mila skyy and kylie moo cakes are gorgeous

  6. The MicroPenis Maniac

    holy fuck her voice is annoying

  7. claire the bear

    Such bullies, where is the wisdom?

  8. claire the bear

    Such bullies, where is the wisdom?

  9. KangarooBackpack

    I aspire to be Mickey's level of petty lol

  10. L ex

    that was intense, in a good way

  11. Cowboy Bebop

    Someone please find Mikey’s instagram and let me know what it is

  12. Taznam Mary

    1:34 I wish I was a baller

  13. Vm888

    Why did she say sikh like that 😂

  14. The Cutie Melancholic

    The resentment is strong😬

  15. lochlan ralph

    I hate the black bars

  16. idk ___

    The girl that asked if she looked gay is really pretty 😊😊

  17. serenityq26

    Justin must be verse.....bottom

  18. Keith Kekezwa


  19. teegs

    okay but the dude who eliminated himself is so wholesome

  20. Laura N

    I want Mikey's legs

  21. serenityq26

    The asian can be my current. Mmmmmmm

  22. Mona’s :

    The tension was radiating off

  23. Ragnarocked

    Can someone turn the light on because there is TOO MUCH SHADE IN THIS VIDEO

  24. Madelynn Hayes

    What's wrong with the second guy he is crazy

  25. Rômulo Dias

    The Asian guy is really annoying

  26. Eko Hermiyanto

    I am already smoke free for almost a year now. But, sometime there is a great urge to smoke again from time to time. Cigarette... Ahhh

  27. Good Krypollo

    How dare you assume my ethnicity

  28. Mez Kennedy

    Definitely a lot of homophobes in these comments. It's like you haven't watched Cut videos before lol. Y'all are late to the party 🙋🏾‍♂️

  29. Piorun DiP


  30. annisam

    Daaaamn MANS waxed his brows off and LOST

  31. Jea Lynn

    That white guy half Asian is annoying along with the chick with the very wavy curly fro hair. Like how can you assume everyone's black... Or just cuz they have nice curly hair they have to be half black. Like it's 2020 there's non black folks with curly hair. Then that short blonde hair lady saying Muslim.. . Muslim really? The only one I like was the tall older lady with the rainbow shirt. She had guess most right

  32. mohyim02

    Damn the dude is mad af.

  33. Luanda Pereira

    I haven't decided yet if I believe this is all true, because who let's their eyebrows be shaved over nothing, by its ex bf?

  34. Azat Alimov

    OMG 🙄

  35. Kyle Bezemer

    Nobody's taking about the half Asian guy saying "So you could be half Asian, or you could just... have bangs" 5:03

  36. Elijah García

    The couple on the left giving of chaotic vibes and e couple on the right giving of..... murder vibes 🥴🥴

  37. Mr Brexit

    Pathetic, in the uk this would be 13-15 year olds

  38. Obummer Bum

    The black(?) Girl with white printed blouse is soooooooo pretty oml

  39. Lorenzo Lazzarini

    The Asian guy is actually more woman then most of the woman , he is gorgeous !

  40. mohyim02

    Huh gayyyyyy.

  41. Josh Maher

    Does America even have a school system? “Muslim” are you serious?!??

  42. Patricia Malorie

    i feel soooooooooooooo bad for im she overreacted with he big as forehead i lowkey hope she dies in a hole

  43. Kiara 1001

    Loved how they didnt refuse any dares, that's the vibe !!!

  44. Jyoti mehta

    Watching you both so stressful! Thank god you both not together....that eyebrow!! Omg!! In starting I thought you will respect each other but Asian guy 😓 that was revenge of past life!!

  45. Sebastián Morales

    I love that at one point the presenter (I don’t remember your name) just stop talking

  46. Lai Robinson

    8:39 idk but he sound like Tyler the Creator to me

  47. Drumzh

    i need a break for myself...... so yeah last year i jumped out a plane

  48. Patricia Malorie

    this girl needs prayer tomorrow is church can we go and pray for her please

  49. Mira Nurjannah

    I love Fatima 👍🏻❤

  50. Victorianne Castle

    One last for 2020 Pero off shoulders lahat???

  51. Poppy Joy

    Seriously the last three chick are brutal. The girl literally needed teeth and they said she can get them in 3 years smh 🤦‍♀️. A basic need to a human is to be able to eat and she can’t bc she AINT got no teeth.

  52. cassidy


  53. NyNy's World

    They could really all be friends

  54. Indra Nemty

    It's so weird that Americans keeps confusing ethnicity and nationality

  55. Bren Rylee Pollfer

    6:02 I know I'm not the only one who yelled their House. I screamed: Ravenclaw!!! 😂

  56. muhica

    1:28 bro this lady is best mom ever ply her more pls!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Chloe Jackson

    reading the comments i knew it was the white girl who said muslim before,,,,,,i even got to that part of the video

  58. Ali von Cloude

    They speak about India like it’s not in Asia

  59. zg blanche

    If 0:47 is a 4, I'm in the negatives, holy shit


    Wtf am I just watching? Both are dude right....? This world is getting insane day by day, disgusting

  61. Bakie


  62. Ayati Dobhal

    6:15 that dramatic fall was a whole ass mood

  63. Alfin Kemal

    Lmao this is still monetizable?

  64. Jerry Hutchison

    It's the Huffington post putting on experiment.this whole experiment is null and void

  65. sophiedoggz

    those two men and two women were the kindest and nicest compared to the three lunatics

  66. PowderxAsphalt SJ

    Glad people finally starting to realize Maddi is an Asshole, I thought I was crazy for the longest time for not liking her.

  67. mee mee

    1:16 the thumbs up she gave. Small gesture yet so sweet.

  68. Andrew Campbell

    Damn Mikey is fiiiine

  69. Catherine C

    their style is everything

  70. Bangtan Btsloverrr

    This is soooooo unjustly

  71. Manuelita

    How the fuck did he guess Gaelic is beyond me lmao

  72. a t

    I like Asian guy, I relate

  73. Brandon R

    Those pants were way to cute to cut.

  74. Amanda X

    Im so suprised he actually let him do his brows after saying dont touch my brows in the previous dare 😆 🙆👀

  75. jamal ali

    Bruh, that Asian dude living in Hawaii with the Asian ex deserve so much better than cheating ass hoe regardless of her fake tears. She cheated & moved on. Stop being so moist 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  76. Haut Strange

    3:03. They’re so cute 😭

  77. Li Rod

    Estoy aquí para Sarvani :)

  78. Omar mneimne

    ayre bel lowat

  79. BeautyCreep

    Oh god, this was horrific :(

  80. Ki Murakami

    Omg the dance of the winner was cute at the end

  81. VampireGirl8772

    Ah omg I’ve never seen his face before, he’s always been a voice omg. He’s beautiful.

  82. Zilt XO

    bro why that dad sound like tyler the creator

  83. Salem Selevante

    *"Are you ready for some truth?"* *proceeds to awkward scene cut*

  84. Jim Hamberg

    Damn. They are gay. 😂

  85. Miguel Dejesus Contreras, Jr.

    The possibility of a breakup is the reason I don’t date. I rather not waste my time on something that isn’t a guarantee won’t last.

  86. Alex

    what a terrible choice of people guessing lol (except the black girl)

  87. Hansi_LFA Lifi

    Mikey gives me LIFE

  88. Carrie Junior

    where’s aries people at?

  89. Scypherion


  90. FF A

    This video was a RIDE

  91. Manuelita

    Lol I’m really proud for guessing the Italian one even tho I don’t speak it (ahre que es una boludez)

  92. negin osmani

    She really said Muslim babes are you okay Muslim is religion Islam not an ethnicity set 100

  93. Haut Strange

    Ah man the couple at 3:32 is so wholesome. They seem like they’re really just super crazy about each other.

  94. jewelyio

    murphy’s family tree said 🤚

  95. AlexTheGreat

    That thumbnail is a traffic stopper. Either turned on or grossed out - they will stop.

  96. prerna rawat

    No offence to both Indian girls here but if I was them I would directly be like I AM INDIAN. Nothing else matters. Since when do people started putting their states above their nationality. Also, I am half bengali, my mom's family still lives in Calcutta and her grandparents were migrated from Bangladesh to India during the independence period. But if I was there, I would have straight up told I am Indian, Hindu/sikh/bengali - Like man we aint judging religions or which state you from.

  97. NyNy's World

    They ain’t move on

  98. Alyssa Gryson

    I just cant stand people that feel the need to be as "present" (lets put it that way) as the asian guy

  99. Ooga Booga

    Dad: know any young girls😂😂😂

  100. емилио

    asian sissy annoying as heck, papi on the left can get it