Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. Marissa Leyanne

    Who else keeps on forgetting she has a tattoo and is married

  2. Falliing Tearrss


  3. maria ileana

    i m surprised that safiya didnt mention her sideburns

  4. ava carnevale


  5. Nits Cheetos

    Watching while under quarantined..

  6. Mackenzi Babineaux

    Who else watching in 2020 in quarantine 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

  7. Erlend Spence

    are you gues even alive

  8. a cat

    You know this is a old video when Saf has a relatively low price range

  9. Juice Box Life

    0:09 my friends trying to convince me not to kill myself

  10. Witch’n Bitchin

    “Soak their heads in hot water” Sho: *starts having a panic attack* MOM IM SORRY FOR LISTENING TO YOUR CALL!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Random Potato

    Am i the only one that wants ti see this updated and without the blueberry one?

  12. Blessing Doesntmatter

    Hilarious but Romantic at the same time❤ Great job!

  13. Rebecca Webb

    On the reds the choping bord looks like she murdered someone..... 😆😆

  14. Abby Ward

    Anyone else get excited for every f.r.i.e.n.d.s reference? No? Just me? Ok... I just friggin love that show! 💕

  15. Quentin Delaney

    Me, laughing my ass off at the Diet Pepsi as my dad drinks about 18 cans a day.

  16. Kitten Cute

    Good job 👏🏻

  17. HowDoIDoThat

    All your outfits look amazing, but the rocker outfit blew me away!

  18. Witch’n Bitchin

    That one person who falls into to many fandomsO_O there’s never enough......

  19. Oi Anony

    with the first and 3rd dress, if you get a longer petticoat for under it in a layer style or white/black boots to match the dress, you would beable to pull it off without it looking like a wedding dress. do they look like the pictures? not perfectly. are they cheap? yeah. could people on a small budget get them? sure. they dont look half bad either. if your getting married at a court house, these are already good options too. plus, you could wear the dresses for other cosplays imo. edit: the 2 dresses look really pretty outside too

  20. Elise d'Arbois

    I have watched this video about 100 times and I still love it so much❤❤

  21. Yuna Meerbeek

    The lime green outfit makes you look a little thick

  22. Yara Jasim

    I hate using contour on my nose, it makes me look like an alien humanoid deer

  23. Edson Insigne

    Ang galing naman napaka ganda imean so pretty

  24. jacquie lacanienta

    did y’all see that jollibee in the beginning? damn now i want fried chicken

  25. nariah nixon

    man why didnt you show us of you using in ;(

  26. Sarah

    The forbidden chocolate chips.

  27. Oi Anony

    i order from wish at times. the things ive gotten havnt been rip offs imo. i always check pictures, reviews and the like. granted i dont buy clothes from them so that does make a difference. though when it comes to the items, i do like the fact its free or cheap price wise

  28. R. Obias

    She is engaged, betrothed and affianced

  29. joyceĺ roselada

    Can you pls stop saying bad words what if kids were watching this

  30. Heather Woodwen

    Name the candle "Sugar Berrie" "Caramelized Treat" "Fruit Bowl" "Holiday treat" "Cinnamon Lavender" "Franken Treat"

  31. Ashxen Voskanyan


  32. Valerie Yun

    If my sibling decided to do this as a joke, it would technically be real if I were there because I am a lawyer, and present.

  33. Julie Bakly

    21:15 I know this is a serious video and all, but when I saw him, I screamed "Mat!". He also appears to be eating something.

  34. Emma Fletter

    im sorry but interesting first dance i laughed a little bit not to be rude

  35. Emma Fletter

    Fortress of frostitude

  36. Truly Burgess

    You should’ve put all the groups of colours in 1 seriginge and then push it instead of each individual colour

    1. Truly Burgess

      And yes i spell colour like colour as that is how I spell it so don’t correct me

  37. NE3BC

    I’m sure there’s a lot of us that want to ‘do’ make-up because of Saf buuuuuttttt If or whenever we try, we look like a clown. *i don’t even know how to put on eyeshadow OR lipstick*

  38. Kami Duz Art

    The icing bucket gave me flex paste vibes

  39. Terika Aguirre

    My sister wants a tube😂😂

  40. Pupper to doggo Productions

    As a lactose intolerant person, this is my dream and nightmare because I LOVE dairy, but I can’t have it :(

  41. Autumn Polus

    rise of the Frankin

  42. Julia V

    Crusty is so cute omg 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤

  43. Alexis Hodges

    You should of got the scooper thingie hot cuz it would of been a lot easier

  44. Courtney Stragand

    why did you stop posting are you still on your honey moon

  45. Maite Sanchez

    How many death beds do we need for all the lipsticks that Safiya killed?

  46. kookie Jungkook

    your hair is more shiny

  47. Elizabeth G

    I was born in 2007

  48. Katie Bayles

    "Do I have to shave my legs, and can I pretend I'm snape?" 😂😂😂

  49. Hisui

    u saved those right, if so, quarantine tingz

  50. Panda_ Muffin34

    best way to stay in quarintine

  51. Maddy Herb

    color pop should just use the giant ilpstick and just remelt it to make more if u did not kiss it and get it all sweaty

  52. I dont know what to put here

    The water bearer. Yeh, that's mine.

  53. // Umbrella Master \\

    I seriously LOVE the pink shoes! They were SO CUTEEE! I would wear them, haha!

  54. Mollie Weil

    I love this 😁❤️

  55. lazy_couchpatatolol lolXD

    Frankin orly

  56. Kelilah Patenaude

    Bring me to Disneyland with you! Lol I've never been to Disneyland

  57. Tim Lempicki

    You got over 11 million views on this video. I don't think you have to worry about the $125 you spent on the storage unit rofl.

  58. Kelilah Patenaude

    But now we're less young Tyler 2018

  59. tricia henke


  60. Ivy Prince

    Where is the bronzer fankinstain??

  61. Rebecca Smith

    Why haven't you made any new videos?

  62. TheSelena2721

    When shrek came out my parents told me I look like Fiona, when she's an ogre lol.

  63. Ace Rdgz

    I like how you repeatedly said you werent gonna use the intro song and it is now, in my opinion, and iconic part of your channel

  64. royalkitana

    oh this video is a time capsule. i was only 6, but i feel like that may mean more for me since most of my early memories have people looking like this lol

  65. hvnnybee

    me having to keep hearing the word *cheese*: my lactose intolerance:

  66. Lacey Beanz

    Saf should do this in her new house 😍

  67. BananaDog 123

    6:45 Oop- 😳😳😳

  68. Im.a.cheesePuff

    Is it just me or does Safiya sound exactly like Natalia Taylor?

  69. mauro gentile

    Tyler is sooooo CUTE😍😍😍, I just cant

  70. asia thomas

    The lady with the bubba bump reminds me of my dance teacher, such a tiny frame that the bump sticks out like a bullet. Idk is it weird to notice that ? Lol anyway...

  71. Jenna Kate

    You should try using the period product Flex

  72. Doggo Squad

    Is it wierd that I got an add for a style box when watching this video from stitchfix

  73. Rei Dx

    Johnnie (idk if that how it's spelled),had such a cool look.

  74. Kim Bambi

    This is what a terrible headache smells like.😂

  75. •Linda Playz•

    Chestnut Blueberry Coa :3

  76. Maddy Herb

    Saf- i think all of them are mine? Tyler- I have never opened them so

  77. A S H L Y N N S.

    Safiya: I'm bad at nails. Everyone: i think we saw approximately three seconds ago...

  78. Mackenzie Eisenmann

    Are you kidding me? Safio looked amazing in that wrap top!

  79. •Linda Playz•

    Safiya when sniffung French Baggute (cant spell): It smells like a toasted crossant! me: iDk mAyBe cUz iTs nAmE iS a tYpE oF bReAd

  80. Étienne Breaux

    All biased. Very feminist....there were no aired public testing using men...all female options. Very Pelosi sided. 🤣

  81. Elygiah With a y

    For some reason I only watch your videos at night. Like normality leaves the chat at 9:00 every day. Every day...

  82. Christopher Geraghty


  83. Eliana Grace

    Sockfia has one superpower DISAPPEAR

  84. Holly Shane

    ....I kinda wanna do this so uh.... how do you get a little lipstick bottle like that?

  85. Angela Bohot

    Freaking awesome

  86. Emily Jean

    Wow I have never seen this video. It was uploaded in June 2019 🤨🤬 damn you SEsels

  87. MoviesByK

    That is more makeup than I will ever have

  88. Caroline Arthmann

    It's april and I'm still waiting for March's vid

    1. Isabella Piper


  89. SophieVlogs Newell

    My light pink organ under my rib cage is giving of an rubble of hunger therefore do you have any substances for thow to digest that so my rumble of hunger is less painful.

  90. Lorelai G

    She said to smooth the Cupid’s Bow.... I cried so bad.(I don’t have a Cupid’s bow)

  91. Aggie the panda And unicorn

    Congratulations on getting married 👰🏻🤵🏻

  92. peachypip24


  93. peachypip24

    I want one!

  94. Sharytzia Canas

    U should make Frankenstein hair die

  95. Ryra z

    I know this video is pretty old but I would deadass wear those to my wedding, prom, homecoming, or other people's weddings. Size 10 lol.

  96. unicornplayz roblox

    0:05 thats what happen to me when I first clicked on ur yt vid but i love ur channel now And I love how here mirror is proped up with a box of cards against humanity

  97. nariah nixon

    who else saw her address

  98. Miranda Wellman

    One wonders how you get the job of throwing coffee and wine at people ☕️🍷

  99. Eva Hahn

    This with long jacket and uggs all we need is a really long shirt

  100. Barni ali

    They're EVERYTHING🥺💝