Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. Adrienne Meador

    Simply mauve-ogical

  2. Username

    i have really thick and curly hair and i cut my hair this way but it takes sooo long to cut through the pigtails.

  3. SayHelloToOblivion

    This was flawless! You stayed in character the whole time, omg, I just love it! And this is seriously the kind of husband I’m praying for, lol. So very happy for you guys. Congratulations! ❤️

  4. Done with it

    Just casually has all these famous youtubers at their wedding

  5. kate

    how much do you think she spent on lipstick from all the bad science videos

  6. Grace Jurgs

    We could name the nail polish moveling simply

  7. Megan McCarragher

    My mom has been file folding for like 40 years now! Her name is Marie and there is Marie Kondo so she stole my moms ideas and names!

  8. Mas Salman


  9. Rebekah Willes

    i cry without fail every time i watch this video😭

  10. Jaclyn McCosker

    A&W candy is not mainstream for anybody outside of the US

  11. Michelle Fan

    Rip Forever 21

  12. Kylie Mills


  13. Laura H

    Saf: I don't think I'm going to be doing this again. Me, watching in 2020: riiiiiiight

  14. ashlaynes

    Star wart... I have been lied to

  15. Ande Ycal

    You remind me of Audrey Hepburn.

  16. Sophia Villa

    So sawy

  17. ChippyChin

    You looked amazing in your outfit!

  18. Ansley_ Loves music

    Who else is the Scorpio gang?♍️

  19. • 【 t a m u i i 】• m e i

    When getting the bags the guy as like uhh I think he was making up prices.

  20. Ava Costa


  21. Kevin Carciare

    I’ve Been at that beach!

  22. Kevin Carciare

    You wear way to much black

  23. Hanna.banana

    Mauve berry

  24. Nana Urbano

    9:05 tyler is tryina dance a kpop song 😂

  25. Lisa McDuffie

    after Dave said "it will be 69 inches tall " or something like that the first word that FREAKING popped in my stupid brain was and I QUOTE " nice"

  26. esthxXxtique


  27. ÄwkWàrdmĖrpfåÇe

    There’s a book with an sarcophagus. That is my current art history book!!! It’s super old though.

  28. kate


  29. irockthepentacle

    I love this so much. It was perfect. ❤

  30. Olivia Ortiz

    I love you and Tyler so much!!! I hope the best for your marriage🥰🥰🥰 you guys are amazing! love you guys!!!🥰💓✨

  31. Nia Achieng

    Omg your so pretty !! (Not even just in this vid) keep rockin bbg! ❤️❤️ P.S. I’m now a fan / subscriber lol🤩✦♡

  32. AM - 08SA - Castle Oaks PS (1496)

    I can eat 40 chicken nuggets easily in like 20 minutes and I am 13.... DON’T JUDGE MEH

  33. Tito Ortiz

    Me:Clicking on this video *McDonald's ad comes on* Also me:lol

  34. Nevaeh 123

    was anyone else shook when the side pony tail appeared lol

  35. Charlotte Bierle

    i was born in 2007 but i still wear all of these currently 😂

  36. Mireya McGuinness

    "it's Unde'baked."

  37. Lena C

    The same weird poem is on the zaful webside

  38. • PixelChu! •

    The height difference between Ro and Safiya is phenomenal

  39. RM is my princess

    WOW I didn’t even know they had makeup But to be honest the only reason I’d go to 7-Eleven is if I was in Japan or Korea

  40. bb Hart

    I am crying

  41. Jessica Lynn


  42. Dino Saur

    9:00 ew, that looks like bugs Lel.

  43. Mellchiril

    rewatching all of these videos leading up to the wedding :D

  44. Maya Miller

    For some reason, pulling an all nighter just to take lipsticks out of their containers sounds like something I would do. 🤔

  45. Jennifer Adams

    I watched this a few minutes after it posted, and I must say I am extremely happy for you two, but I was mildly disappointed that Safiya didn’t wear any of the Frankenmakeup other than “FRED the FrankenRed so FRED for short” for the reception and “Mrs Norris” for the wedding

  46. Bunny

    The 1940s look is amazing on you!

  47. Jennifer Adams

    Why is she destroying Mrs Norris?

  48. kate

    who else went to the website

  49. Taylor H.

    👏 Brava! It was so much fun to watch.

  50. theworldisamess1


  51. XxLittle keziaxX

    Can u mix all hand sanitizer

  52. Ruby Dabesta

    Nobody: Not a single being on this earth: Safiya: Shark bait oo ha ha

  53. Jason

    CANCEL THIS REALLY CREEPY GIRL, CANCEL HER!!!! She is the epitome of what us popular people do not want on this planet .... ughhh she makes me physically ill, I want to go to a hospital and her pronunciation is so dramaticccccc you aren't so unique and chic and cool your a joke and disgusting. Men hate this kind of women ! Don't ever let go of that Asian or eastern man you have.. or wherever he is from. Blocked channel! STOP RECOMMENDING ME SEsels THIS TRASH!!!!

  54. Souxie

    Has anyone had experience with shipping expanses for Europe, for Safiya Nygaard lipstick?

  55. Tim Hyatt

    Her awkwardly walking "forwards" was the funniest thing I've ever seen 😂😂😂 I laughed so hard at that lmao

  56. Delaney Ellis

    Am I the only one who likes these??

  57. Libby E.

    idk why this suddenly popped up in my recommendations but i'm glad

  58. Emma Roberts

    Can you do a Franken frankenface of makeup. So basically like add all your franken makeups together and like face paint with it XD idk my last 3 brain cells are wrestling

  59. Claudia

    How on earth did the vet know he was 15? I’ve had my stray cat 8 years and they still have no idea how old he is and it stresses me. If there’s a way to find out I’d gladly do it.

  60. Lil Lily

    the see through shirt sort of looks like saf's wedding/dance dress

  61. Artworks By Darkice

    I got her applying the eye shadow and had to stop please don't try any makeup that's not branded properly please if you want a certain brand that you can't afford wait and save or wait for a sale, it's not worth going blind or getting an infection from a company that can't be assed to check spellings if spellings are wrong what else have they skipped in quailty control (that's even if they have quality control) 😵

  62. Telugu Entertainment

  63. Honey Senpai

    I recently had a stray adoption! It was quite odd, my dad (who HATES cats) walk in one night with this lil skinny cat standing on his shoulders and said "well, she just jumped up on me and here we are 😂😂" and since then I think shes been a perfect match for us 😌😌😌💕

  64. Brisa Barragan

    THERE TURNING INTO NERDECRAFTER(kinda, of course Christine already was her Jacky “sister”)

  65. {}

    Christine is trying so hard to be funny that it just comes of cringey and obnoxious 🙄

  66. Frida Martinez

    The intro though

  67. E.J.W-A WoAg

    Omg it’s so so good I cried so much

  68. Asia H

    I have to do this at my wedding

  69. Sinead Patrick

    “it’s 2:30 am, we are stuck in the line of the drive thru at del taco” if this isn’t the most iconic line ever said, i don’t know what is

  70. Karin fox

    The glue one is so it doesn't smudge, I've tried it, it isn't ideal but it works

  71. The Werewolf of Wagga Wagga

    Remember to have your cat microchipped and wearing a collar with a tag in case they slip out of the harness!

  72. Scarlet_Widow

    The Oden literally looks SO good

  73. Tim Hyatt

    She can pull off any outfit and still look gorgeous! 😍

  74. Brandon S

    Ok know I am waiting for kids who's with me

  75. Peyton W

    Balenciaga x Glock Balenglocka💀

  76. 2Fat4FlyHackZ

    Hahahhaa some of the most beautiful mountains... as a swiss guy thats called hills and you see those daily

  77. Rachelle McKellips

    Love it!

  78. AndTheEarthSang

    Jaja the John Lennon joke

  79. mads uwu

    11:27 I know she said it had Chandler Bing vibes but omg it's all I can think about now

  80. Tim Hyatt

    Buffy the Butthole Slayer 😂😂😂😂😂

  81. L F

    That was AWESOME!! You did a great job and what an amazing idea!

  82. Della Rúa

    Menstrual cup is the winner for me :D 12h without changing, no smell, no humidity... just wonderfully

  83. Blizzard The Chinchilla

    3 years later and I comment now. But anyways who else got an ad for custom Shampoo and conditioner for this video only me? oh it is ok. BTW it was for Prose aka a competing custom hair care company.

  84. Brittany Clark


  85. Alyssa B

    They freaking learned this dance to do at their wedding?!?? I love this sooo much!!! I’m so jealous I like want to do it now!!

  86. #1 code geass fan

    As soon as she started trying on clothes I thought to myself *she would look amazing in a black and red or black and blue Lolita dress*

  87. Nyan Potato

    i love safias disney bound so flippin much holy crap it is good

  88. Angelina Coffey

    She almost reminds me of joana cedia 😄

  89. Marie and Claire

    It’s pronounced cha mo meal not ca mo mile

  90. Katie Swingler

    Tampons are hella scary personally

  91. Coco Marie

    Ope! Your midwestern is showing 😂

  92. lafayette the baguette

    Nice to see Saf has since worn one of her fancy dresses

  93. Emily Broski

    O. My. God. I can’t even with Jessie’s outfit! It’s so amazing and I actually want that exact outfit ahhh! 💖

  94. Josh A

    On the plus side in Asia your A cups are probably a C cup equivalent there.

  95. David McGinnis

    Maybe moonlight shimmer

  96. Anna Buchanan

    The hair artist was so proud of saying "let's go"! So pure.

  97. Alyssa Earl

    im sobbing i cant stop fuck im not even halfway through god this is the epitome of love. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK i love them sm

  98. Laura_cz :D

    4:07 the lady in the back 😅☠️

  99. Jay DUTOIT

    I love when she said 'Crayan Team'

  100. Ectoplasm Coke

    You really did look like Arwen, how beautiful!!!!!